BlackBerry taps into Yelp to offer reviews through BlackBerry Maps

By Bla1ze on 24 Jun 2014 01:44 am EDT

Although BlackBerry customers still have a bit of wait before they can officially get their hands on BlackBerry OS 10.3, the latest developer releases have been offering a glimpse into what BlackBerry has in store for release. A lot of BlackBerry 10 involves deep integration with several different providers such as Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, Evernote and if the latest developer build is anything to go by, Yelp has now been built into BlackBerry's own mapping service otherwise known as BlackBerry Maps.

Now when you search places within BlackBerry Maps, you're presented with the typical options to map a route from your location or a chosen location to whatever it is you searched for, but tapping on your search now takes you to a new page where you're offered up with phones numbers to call if it's required, along with the option to view Yelp reviews directly within BlackBerry Maps or to load up the full Yelp site to access even more information.

As this is not yet an official release, things could change and it could potentially be removed but for now it's up and running rather beautifully and it's a pretty great option to have built right in. Previously the only Yelp integration offered came by way of BlackBerry Travel while planning trips and looking for local stops to eat from with the app. This expands upon that and makes it just a bit more feature rich. Hopefully it'll stick around right through to the official release.



May be time to try BlackBerry Maps again. Been using Google Maps on a Z30 and works perfectly.

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I was thinking the same thing, I haven't touched BlackBerry maps in a long time.


Smart. It still needs work.

"Get ready to turn left.. Get ready to turn left.. Get ready to turn left.. Get ready to.. Get ready to.. Get ready to.. Ding-dong... Ding-Dong.. Ding-dong.. Get ready to turn left..."

I wonder if the people who make these things ever get out from behind their desk and TEST their work in the real world?!?

Maps needs some tlc. It seems to find the address in the end, but getting there can be painful to listen to.

I call her "The Nag".




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You can change the voice to UK or US English.

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Blackberry Maps???? No thanks. Possibly the last reason why I choose BlackBerry. That's and watching movies on a phone.

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Bla1ze go to sleep and great work the past few days! Back to topic this would be cool. Yelp reviews are good.

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Yes, sleep. It is past my bedtime. I'm still trying to adjust to all this go to bed earlier so I can wake up earlier stuff. :)


Sleep is a crutch. Edison, Tesla, Da Vinci, Napoleon, Michaelangelo didn't need no more then 4 hours of sleep. Neither do you.

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Actually the amount of sleep your body requires all depend on your genetic make up. You can't escape it.

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crackbrry fan

I haven't slept in decades,hasn't bothered me in the least :-)))

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Is so bad that BB Maps doesn't have worldwide coverage... so this is useless for me... :(


I am sure they are bringing it. I think the latest addition to BB Maps was India.


It's a good point. The best BlackBerry maps are for USA where it's market is in the gutter. In markets where BlackBerry is still strong the maps are crap.

This is just another example of Google hegemony on what is now a key, critical service and there is no real competition. Bi.g perhaps but that won't come to BlackBerry in a while...

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Looks good. I would like like more deep integration of native apps. Like when I'm on a page and want to share something (twitter,facebook,reddit) it would open the app instead of the page.

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Like the idea of yelp with blackberry maps

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Wasn't yelp bought by Yellow Pages a few years back? Why the sudden interest now?

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Lol I'm still waiting for tra traffic information in Australia! But the fact that they're still embedding this stuff is encouraging.

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Allwyn John

I opened BlackBerry maps after seeing this post and for the first time in 6 months it's working here in India

Black Z30 STA100-2 (early bird), Android convert


Its been working off and on in India for a couple weeks now. We never posted it cause it still appears to be a work in progress but yayy for it working right now!


yay! *jumps in joy*

Bla1ze for President, for bringing the best news ever I need of 5 years with BB


It generally works good for me. have to open the maps a couple of times for it to start working. otherwise it is prompt and fast to load.


It's working always. I am using since 14th June.

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BlackBerry Maps is utterly dire in the UK. Click a map from 4sq or search for a landmark: "No Results Found".

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Bla1ze, you really are pumping out the cb articles today!! All good stuff, and interesting to read :-)

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Shannon Stauffer

I hope this function makes it to the official release! I never have any problems with BlackBerry maps and always use it when I go out of town!

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Nice! Two thing I use a lot

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Great news!
Give as also Yelp native application, that would be awesome!

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We are getting real acquainted with this updated OS. What else does it has in store? Hmmmm.....

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Osem Ma

C'mon blackberry, we need 10.3 so bad...

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Bla1ze - do you ever sleep?

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All good, I like progress. NOW - give me back the old BlackBerry Traffic features! That was TOP NOTCH stuff: gave listing of travels times / arrival times based on incremental future departure times (accounted for rush hour/etc), tap to send travel progress updates to contacts "I'm leaving, I'm delayed, My ETA is xxxxx, I have Arrived, create your own custom message, etc. It always gave you (IIRC) two route choices minimum. Gave detailed traffic updates/delays (new Maps kinda does). Man I LOVED BB Traffic!

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I think instead of Yelp BlackBerry should have tried with Foursquare as it covers most of the countries.

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Piseth Heng

Why no map for cambodia, I need it!

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Senor Wright

According to Dave Chappell, you guys have good Breast milk, so you can't have it all, buddy..Lol

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Sweet - but a displaying public transport options (bus stops, train stations) and walking directions are more important.

Also please fix the defect that although you selected an address for contacts or calendar via the maps integration, you can't open maps by tapping on the address. (not consistent as it works from time to time)

Saif Rahman

Please add pakistan to the BlackBerry maps as it not only support a good number of loyal customers but is also a growing market with 6th most populous country in the world. Pakistan just auctioned off 3G/4G licenses to four operators. One of them has already started the 3G commercial offerings while other three are expected to launch within a few months.

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Just came back from my holiday in the USA and used BlackBerry Maps combined with BlackBerry Travel and they had some areas which could be improved but both proved very resourceful. This Yelp integration if it goes ahead we be a welcome addition and makes it even better.

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When are they going to add zoom in an out buttons?!

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What is wrong with current zoom function?

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When your in navigation mode there is no zoom. I think that's what they are referring to.

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Because when the phone is in one hand and the other is on the steering wheel, you don't want to pinch to zoom. You want to hit the + or - button.


I'd like the ability to adjust for volume of the voice, like in legacy OS. It's either muted or too darn loud!

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We used to be able to use volume buttons and adjust. Now we have to minimize the maps, get into settings... adjust and go back to maps.

Changed one or two OS updates ago.

It's like no one ever tests their work...



This article gets an A+ just for the fact that it's showing a location in Haliwood :)

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Actually, my suggestion would be to make it foursquare instead of yelp

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Why not both?

I find that in Canada and the US, BlackBerry Maps' points of interest searching is getting much better. Hopefully this will improve things even more.

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BlackBerry Traffic had an option for how much navigation .voice you wanted. I usually had to on minimal, but would put it on "nag" setting if in a strange city. I loved it. Hope they do that with BlackBerry Maps.

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In time! Let's go!!

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Yelp doesn't screen what their contributors share, near well enough. I've seen too many places get negative reviews over dumb stuff. I don't trust their review process, so I don't see this as a great addition.

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Agree see my post below.

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Solar 77

Glad to see improvements for BlackBerry Maps. Also, the 10.3 ui looks good on that application.

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BlackBerry Maps is getting much better. I've noticed they have better POIS and search in Canada lately.

Yelp integration is cool. Hoping they integrate BBM+Glympse so that I can share a route from BlackBerry Maps or get directions from a Glympse share in BBM

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... and Nero fiddled while Rome burned.

This Yelp stuff is superfluous fluff. BlackBerry need to address the severe and long term failings of Maps that make it the worst of all the pre loaded navigation applications.


I would agree with you. Too many addresses I put in right here at home that come up, not found. If they do " find" it, a lot of times it's miles off. These are known addresses I put in for testing. I'd be very upset if I needed it and it messed with me like that. Fortunately I still know how to read a real map. I will give credit though. The other day in St Louis when the garmin was going all stupid and sending me in circles, maps got me straightened out. I used it out of desperation. I was driving an ambulance on a psych transfer into downtown st Louis on a cardinals game night, right past Bush stadium. I had already gotten my self 250 miles on my own without a hitch, didn't need that garmin messing up the last 10 miles. So thanks maps. If they can get it accurate here in the rural areas I live in I'd trust it more.

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Great!..maybe an actual yelp native app too? Not a fan of all the permissions required in the android app. Deleted.

From my z30


This type of integration is fine of you want to find the places that have spent the most on advertising. However, if you want to find the mom and pop shops then good luck. I want to be able to choose all options, not the options that yelp or Google or any other providers tell me to choose. I recognize that there are monetary reasons to do this, but yelp stinks.

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This all seems good and I would love to try BlackBerry maps but they don't have map data for India. So I'm using Navfree instead..

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This is useful. Yelp has a huge database of information on local places so it is a welcome addition to BlackBerry Maps. As it is BlackBerry Maps is pretty bare bone.

I currently use Be Maps to get Google info on locations or Foursquare. Don't use BlackBerry Maps much other than when I click to view a location on a map from within Foursquare.

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Maps need to be offline


I have been using the blackberry maps here in Toronto and it's been working great.

Always gave me great directions, I use it quite often. for Android apps from your blackberry 10 browser


I use BlackBerry Maps a lot and it has served me well in TN and FL. The Amazon Fire phone has Yelp integrated in its maps app too. So BlackBerry is on the right track in keeping up.

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This is definitely a feature I can use! Thanks for posting. I prefer BlackBerry Maps to Google Maps so more features the better. The integration and the smooth operation is all I need.

OT: Do you ever wonder if YELP review/ratings are contaminated by the shop owner/staff ?


Don't want to rain on the parade, but Yelp is simply mapped advertising.
I know because they keep hounding my wife to place advertising.

This is more of a value add for Yelp than it is for BlackBerry, in my opinion.

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Bilal Malick

Please redress the Indian users difficulties. Expecting Indian geographical map available on next os update :-(

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Maps is stupid with its very limited support around the world

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california governor

Good looking...I'm on a life long contract with Blackberry. BTW the BlackBerry Classic looks classically classy.

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I'd rather have foursquare since its a company that has been on bb10 from the beginning.

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I love the idea but am truly a little suprised it has potential to be fun and be non enterprise related now then Chen is driving.

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Yelp will be integrated into amazon's fire map app as well.

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BlackBerry Maps is my main driver and this feature is awesome. Thanks BlackBerry.

Using Z10, wanting Z30, eyeing Windermere

Luke Andrew

I wonder if the new Maps will include Public Transport similar to that of Google Maps

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This sounds like a solid addition to the Maps app: especially if someone's not a Foursquare user.

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DocDRM nailed it about why BlackBerry Traffic is far superior to BlackBerry Maps.

At this point I want BlackBerry Traffic on BB10 so bad I'll pay for it!! If it was coded as a native BB10 app I'd drop $10 on it without a second thought.

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