BlackBerry Takes on Lawnmower But Doesn't Live to Tell The Gruesome Tale

BlackBerry vs. Lawnmower
By Adam Zeis on 25 May 2010 04:13 pm EDT

This one comes to us from blackberryboyz, and the photo pretty much speaks for itself. Apparently a lawn tech in Florida had a little mishap with his device. It fell from his belt and landed in the path of a moving lawnmower ... and that was that. I cringe just thinking about the crrrruuunnnccch sound it made as this poor BlackBerry was chopped to bits. Some of these stories end well with the owners being able to salvage the device, but lets just say this time it was a good thing he had insurance. Thankfully we don't see too many of these "mishaps". 

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BlackBerry Takes on Lawnmower But Doesn't Live to Tell The Gruesome Tale


Why would you show this? It's a good thing I saw this @ 4pm instead of right before I go to bed. Now I have time to deny that I saw this.

That does not look pretty.. The worse thats happened to mine is it took a little swim in about 9ft of water. It was down there for a while but Im happy to say it survived and is still kicking. I learned that day that although a Blackberry can do just about anything, swimming is not one of them.

Not impressed...Ran over mine last summer with the lawnmower when I hit my holster on the fence and backed over it. Battery was smoking and I initially thought I ran over a neighbors toy truck! Thank God for insurance, lol!

it does look like there's a little more to this pile than just 1 device. Looks like theres 2 boards there...?

edit: I noticed its 1 board split in the center....

My 9630 was mistaken for a chew toy by the monster pitbull/chow mix. It's badly scratched up but it works perfectly. I ordered a replacement case (white, I think they look sharp!) and a new screen.

Screen came, still waiting for the case....

I find the neighbors consumer electronics tend to bang loud and harsh until they seperate. The shrapnel sounds a bit like hitting loose gravel. Their pets sound more like hollow thumps. Espcially Chihuahas.

Now THAT is a CRACKberry!! RIP Little Buddy...Thinking I should get insurance now...Damn..ya never know when your bb might die.. At least I backup my device every week. :D

With all the snow in my area (Philadelphia suburb) I was using my storm to listen to music while I worked, and the same thing happened but with different results. I saw my storm fly through the air and land deep in a snow drift on my front lawn, thought the worst and tossed it in the door and went about my business. Hours latter I was inside and my wife had dried my phone and it works just fine.