BlackBerry Taiwan Z10 ad is great but we might be a little biased

By Bla1ze on 19 Jul 2013 03:50 pm EDT

When it comes to the BlackBerry ads being run in North America, there has been plenty of talk about how they could be better improved. Now, I'm not overly familiar with how ads are run in Taiwan but one video posted in the CrackBerry Forums from BlackBerry Taiwan certainly got my attention for several reasons. 

It hooked me by playing off a 'The Devil wears Prada' story line, then got me with how many features were shown off while making fun of some other device and finally, displaying the CB10 app in an active frame made me love it all just that much more. You can check out the ad above and let us know what you think of it all.

Personally, I think it's great. A little long mind you but it was posted to YouTube and if it's being aired, it's likely shortened.

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BlackBerry Taiwan Z10 ad is great but we might be a little biased


It's kind of sad that the phone portraits such efficiency, yet, the add takes such a long time to do its job. Adds need to be in the same page as the phones. They should have 30 second adds showing three 8 second demos. Then finish the add with The last 6 seconds "BB10 We mean Business. MOVING FORWARD". The "We mean Business." line can be interchanged with "We mean FAST", "We mean NOW", "We mean FUN NOW" and other similar phrases.
I'm pretty sure they are loosing NonBB users' attention within 10 seconds. These type of long videos should be posted on BB's website and their youtube channel while the shorter adds should be running on tv, cable, facebook, imore, android central, etc, etc, etc,.
Just my opinion.

Nope this is actually a perfect ad. I get what you mean in terms of fast delivery of the message and what not, but that only applies to North America, over in East Asia things are completely different when it comes to advertisements. People like to be told a mini story for their commercials and the product (there are and im not joking you 4 minute long commercials for beer in korea) This is due to the fact hardly anyone there watches T.V, so all ads are on the internet which is why they can be so long.

So BlackBerry I actually applaud their marketing team on this one. They got it regionally perfect.

Yes, perhaps it's good marketing in Asia. But as you acknowledged, these looooong ads will not work in north america. No disrespect to other markets but north america is still the "crown jewel" market for smartphones. And unfortunately, thus far, the marketing that I've seen has not been up to par with the new OS.

I don't think there was an expectation for this ad to make it onto television in North America. As an internet video, it's perfect.


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Well it's not meant for North America anyway. BlackBerry Taiwan is doing its job promoting BlackBerry in TAIWAN. BlackBerry America should all do their job to promote BlackBerry in AMERICA.

Make sense?

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I beg to differ! As a "North American" I can see and recognize that the world does NOT revolve around us. It would be great for BB to do well here for their bottom line-but we alone are not "everything" to a company's survival.
I think that attitude sucks.
And I agree with others that the ad is brilliant!

I agree that north america is by no means the center of the universe. That was not what I meant. Having said that, It's hard to deny that northamerica, specifically the US, IS where most smartphones are sold today. Asia will probably overtake north america in 10 years, or less, but I'm taking about now.
I really didn't know that such long tv ads ran and, more importantly, actually work in asia. More power to bb asia if they do! And yes, bb needs to work on doing well in europe, latin america, africa and elsewhere, too.
My comments are more towards my "neck of the woods", the US. I've seen a number of ads on this forum, and running elsewhere online and tv. Unfortunately, they all seem to take too long to get to the point. Again, I think they need to show the cool new features and speed of the OS within 10 seconds. Otherwise, If you are not a bb fan, like myself, it's easy to disregard them.
I really think bb has a great product that will only get better. But, time might be running out.

I'm not sure what "attitude" you are talking about. BUT I digress...
WoW, Thanks for the link. Great info!. Lets not forget, however, that china's gdp per capita is around $6,000/yr so I doubt that most of the smartphones they are buying are US$400-500 phones. Before anybody accuses me of anything else, YES, I know there are some chinese doing very very well in china. But, they are the minority.
This brings me to my next point. The Q5 is a great start but it would be ideal if bb could manage to bring an even lower priced bb10 phone. Another option could be to license the os (?). Either way this is the perfect time for bb to push products that will be attractive in asia, particularly in china, india and indonesia.

Pretty sure China is the crown jewel if any market. And long commercials work in Canada for sure, don't know about the rest of North America.

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it's very different for Asian countries like Taiwan, Korea and Hong Kong, we prefer seeing ads that are slightly longer showing 'storyline' of a product. So it might be weird for the viewers from other countries. That's why you see the over the top and weird presentations during Samsung Galaxy launches, for example.

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Trying to cramp all the selling features of Z10 in a 30 second ad won't work. It will be rushing the viewers and that's been the hallmark of the BlackBerry commercials in North America so far, totally ineffective. You may be able to deliver a message fast, but to the viewers, it's like shouting at them and just get ignored. This ad, on the other hand, takes the right pace to draw viewers interest to follow the story and 'witness' the wonderful features of the Z10 . The length of this ad is fine if it is played in the movie theaters.

Agree, and movie theatres would be a great place to target the younger crowd! Short commercials won't sell the z10.

Where's my FULL BRIDGE Mr. Heins? Please return it!

Most commercials are longer than what you see on TV. That way they can edit them and make different versions of the same commercial.

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But far too long. I stopped watching it halfway through.

We don't need movies about BlackBerry 10. We need messages.

Add is definitely better than subtract, or divide. But multiply trumps all of them... ;-)

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Not impressed, too long to showcase it's strengths. Marketing is failing. They need Don Draper, maybe even Peggy.

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Keep in mind, this is long relative to our idea of advertising in North America. It may still be long for Taiwan too, but who knows, maybe it'll work for them.

I agree with you that if took way too long to showcase some features of bb10. I'm a huge BlackBerry supporter but I think this commercial is a fail. Maybe for that market/country that commercial works. Idk. For me I didn't like it that much but it wasn't made for me or the north American market so it doesn't really matter what I think

BlackBerry for life. Kick'n it with my Z10.

Nope this is actually a perfect ad. I get what you mean in terms of fast delivery of the message and what not, but that only applies to North America, over in East Asia things are completely different when it comes to advertisements. People like to be told a mini story for their commercials and the product (there are and im not joking you 4 minute long commercials for beer in korea) This is due to the fact hardly anyone there watches T.V, so all ads are on the internet which is why they can be so long.

So BlackBerry I actually applaud their marketing team on this one. They got it regionally perfect.

This is so "The Devil Wears Prada". Lacks originality, but at least it's more interesting than the ones here on home turf.

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Duh? You figure that out all by yourself? The ad was long, however, if shows that the BlackBerry Z has what it takes to solve the problem of having a bitch for a boss. Kind of the point to the parody

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As an Asian guy, I can say this mini story style ad is indeed common. The idea is to hook audience like a soup opera does. Making use of a readily recognisable story line like Devil Wear Prada will help to achieve that in short period of time.

Whilst the ad gave a very good demo in my view of Z10 features, it keeps positioning it as a biz phone. Sad.

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That was better than anything I have seen in North America. Kinda goofy but at least shows features that separate the Z10 from the competition

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That's the best advert I've seen so far. Maybe it's just the marketing departments in the english speaking countries that are rubbish.

Cannon to the right of them, Cannon to the left of them, Cannon in front of them Volley'd and thunder'd; "STORM"'d at by shorts from hell, "BOLD"ly they typed and well, Into the jaws of Death, To teach them the meaning of SELL LIKE HELL!

This was a cute commercial, obviously for online use.

BBRY needs to have a proper 30-second commercial for North American TV showing screen sharing. Another for time shit. Another for the keyboard. Another showcasing no buttons. etc. etc. There are so many options yet they keep choosing to make confusing commercials that don't showcase the features properly and by the end of 30 seconds, you really haven't seen anything.

Timeshift is a bit of a double edged sword because it's a different shooting mode entirely (and disables some shooting options), which is different than most users would assume. One of the reasons I never really use it...

The fact that we're excited by this commercial demonstrates how poor the marketing has been. The best commercial for BlackBerry but, more is needed in the amount of commercials and more needed to capture and hold the attention of the potential customer

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It is a pretty good ad, at least it is a step in the right directions. All of us agree BlackBerry need more ads and more localize ads push more local market sales. Good jobs

Pretty good ad yes it lacked originality on one sense put it was pretty original in another great job on the ad blackberry

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Not sure of ads in that part of the world so it is not for me to say if it's effective or not? I really like how lighthearted this is. BlackBerry has to poke fun at themselves here in North America. By doing this, people would warm up to BlackBerry . They're known for being to stuck up and conservative. Can't think of a better way to go in marketing at this point in time?

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Agree. Just make an English version of this ad for North America will instantly raise the marketing game here significantly. BlackBerry's CMO likes to talk about having an unified marketing campaign/message across the globe. Why not just make a regional version of this same ad for each region, like having Indian actresses to play the same ad for India, French for France and Quebec, etc.

I think this is awesome, and perfect for Asian culture without offending anyone.

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Perfect for North America too, or any region as everyone can relate to the story of a demanding boss.

BlackBerry is finally stepping up its ads / game. It has great phones with amazing features but I don't feel it's marketed the eight way. I was sold on blackberry from the YouTube videos on the blackberry channel than on the ads running.

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Why couldn't they do something like this for the super bowl ad instead of that stupid what it doesn't do -.-

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Uggg sub par again... who is working in their marketing department? Must be a bunch of overpaid guys with their MBAs.

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It's cool, "Devil wears BlackBerry " isn't that bad of an idea because most girls liked that movie it makes the ad a bit easier to relate to younger crowd. It's the best commercials I've seen yet. As long being too long that's how the adds are made in the first place. Generally they do a 15 second a 30 second and a minute edit depending on the time slot vs how much the network charges to determine which version to air.

BlackBerry North America needs commercials like this that show the features off in a story/actual usage format.

+1000000. The ad brilliantly hooks viewers' interest with a light hearted storyline and showcases Z10's selling features seamlessly and unobtrusively as an integral part of the story. BlackBerry needs to use this ad agency to produce its North American commercials.

Good ad,the camera part is a straight up lie I have used both Z10 and iPhone cameras...thats the only thing I will say the iphone does better than BB

. I love the add.. makes other phones ahahahah!! And bb sorta associates it's phone for business minded people as well who wants things organised

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Why don't US adds show off the phone this well? I get the point that it is a little long but if you subtract all of the unnecessary portions of the commercial it wouldn't have been much longer than any normal one.

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It's not long if the ad is played in the movie theaters. Some Superbowl ads are long too. If you have an interesting and fun commercial, viewers won't feel it's long and will eagerly follow till the end.

great to see some effective marketing. Probably wouldn't do so well in the states(length) but I dig it. Really lighthearted and fresh.

The length is just fine for North America as a commercial playing before the movies in the cinemas.

Very nice! The way a good ad should be built but shorter though. I doubt however that this is an original approved BlackBerry ad owing to the poor quality of the audio mix. I work in Audio Post and if this just doesn't sound quite right for something that would be approved by the marketing department, the music and dialogue just doesn't blend well and there's too much background noise....sorry to bore you all with that, but a great ad deserves great audio!

I think this is the best Blackberry commercial I have ever saw. They hit all the most important features of the BB10 that other devices cannot match. I think they did the right thing of puking fun of other devices because BB10 is really does better and faster for business people. One more thing... video sharing is really blew me away.

Is it just me or did BlackBerry hire the worst marketing agency? They need to find the best marketing ad company and let them run with it.

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Just awful. Has the look and feel of an amateur movie and takes too long to make any point and doesn't grab my attention. Looked like a 90s Asian soap opera clip.

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Why is it that everyone seems to think the abbreviated version of advertisement is "add?" Lol

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Why cant they do that kind of ad in the US? Someone needs to be promoted from the Taiwan project to the US project forthwith!

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Ok. Now get Meryl Streepto replay the part and roll the US version out!

Also, make it less than 90 seconds. That felt like forever!

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A decent ad that matches with Taiwanese culture. It shows all the awesome features that Z10 has. For example, it shows the predictive keyboard in Taiwanese Input Method. However, unlike English that we can flick up words, Z10 can't offer the same flicking for Chinese words. This is the one feature I wish for.

The ad is good except the title. It means "making business more perfect". That misleads people that Z10 is great for only business. So it may not be impressing those smartphone users for personal use.

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No, the ad works for non-business people as well, for those multitasking, like to get things done people, the BlackBerry people.

Some time people forget that there is something culture, local market and stuff. Sometime what may seem in-appropriate in west may be perfectly fine in east and vice versa.

Finally a cool ad! Too bad it just works for Taiwan.

Now only if they can get a decent ad campaign going everywhere else!

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Hahahahah....loving it BlackBerry Z10...
BlackBerry always my supported all the way...BlackBerry keep on moving forward.. well done!!!!

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My wife says this commercial is a parody of the movie, The Devil wears Prada. I am not sure, I have never seen it. The commercial looks great. If only BlackBerry could properly market more in the U.S.

Fully Agree, BlackBerry needs to get some Pro-Marketing Agency to assist them in pumping commercials and adds within the USA. BlackBerry needs to tell people why they should dump there iOS and Android phones for a Z10 and Q10, and soon to come A10.

Taiwan has been under US protection with military bases there for a long time so there must be some US cultural influence like American pronunciation instead of British.

This ad is pretty cool. Lol..
Using the devil wears Prada theme cause I believe Taiwanese are pretty fashion people (at least for the girls, I heard). So this might be great!
I agree with the length of the ads tho, a bit too long

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Not only cute... does a nice job of demonstrating differentiating features, and the strengths of BlackBerry. Assuming that long play is an Asian market thing, which seems right.

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Today I seem two BlackBerry Commercials in a row on the Channel Space. One was based on the Q10 Keep Moving and the other was for the Z10 for Rogers Mobile in Canada. The Rogers showed what the BB10 can do, but the Keep Moving didn't show as much, though it did have a nice shot of a white and black Q10.

I also seen a BELL Mobility Q10 commercial the other day on the same channel, so IMO it seems the Carrier's got the commercials right, where as BlackBerry needs to work on there own.

I love this commercial, it's long but it was good. Shows what the phone can do, and what it can do that others may not be able to do.

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Hm, I actually don't like it too much. It has a very slow build up and the commercial makes it seem like it might be a girls phone.

For the North American folks complaining that this is too long.... THIS IS AN AD FOR TAIWAN! NOT USA, NOT CANADA! Geez... the nerve of some of you.

Finally a commercial that actually shows the product it advertises. It might not be groundbreaking, but it sure as hell beats a guy flying on a magic carpet!

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That guy Thomas commenting on YouTube is a real prick. I have never seen anyone spend so much time hating on a device. I bet he lurks here too.

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Blackberry north america should hire marketer from asia to develop ads in north america. I like the commercial and I'm an asian in north america.

THIS AD IS SUPER!!!!! Funny~~~ Cool~~~ Trendy~~~~ and most of BlackBerry 10 with pretty ladies ^^ *Thumbs up!!~~*

BlackBerry should focus its future ads around this kind of theme~~~ Don't over complicated stuff and don't try to be "deep" = ZzzZzZz = ???? = lost interest~~~

BlackBerry is on its way back, new CEO, new partnerships, so give them time, eventually the marketing will get on par with their devices, but the best advertising is word of mouth, that's how the iPhone got on top.... oh, and rap videos lol. so the word for the day is... partner up with Hip Hop and Pop artists, Alicia Keys is cool and all, but is she smashing the charts right now? Go with someone who has the industry on smash right now, then you'll get your word of mouth, then the Big Bucks will start rolling in

Yup I am in asia and I thought this is so much better than the super bowl. It shows all the good thing about bb 10

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Although this advert is cheeezy and badly acted, I have to admit it is excellent at showing off the lifestyle integration of the Z10 and for that reason alone I give this advert a 10 out of 10.

It is utterly bewildering to me how shockingly bad, BB10 marketing has been thus far.

Absolutely now excuse for such poor execution. Get some "Young artistic people" with fresh, edgy ideas and lets sort this mess out.

BB10 Taiwan, I salute you.

can't understand why SOME people here just don't get it... this advert is made by asians for the asian market.... asian consumers like this type of adverts.... it was not made for consumption outside, full stop.
there are adverts much longer than this one, but hey different markets different strategy right....
all good, peace.

via an australian Z10...

I'm North American and I enjoy ads like this.

I think most North Americans would also like them if companies could afford that much ad time on TV.

Look at the success of the Samsung "Story" ads with the Apple hipsters. They were very effective.

Much better than flying carpets.

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It better be biased!!!!!! Everyone else's commercials are biased to their products! Its only conscious that we be. As long as they don't falsify what the device can actually do, I'm wholly fine with that.

Posted via Q10 from somewhere deep in the abyss that is the BlackDragon! -OOLONG

The message at the end says the story hasn't ended and is to be continued. Can't wait to see how the story develops and how the next episode will showcase more of the awesomeness of BB10.

They took a page out of "The Devil Wears Prada" movie playbook, but is still cute. Is Taiwan big in the fashion industry? Who would a thunk it?

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Long commercials don't work in the USA unfortunately. I like them if I'm already interested in the product. Example would be I'll watch a blackberry long commercial but not an Apple or Samsung. With that said if the target market is other platform users keep the adds short and powerful. Draw them to the source where more info can be found like a sample os ezperienxe followed by a "if you complete the experience " you get 6 months free data plan or other

I'm speaking only for in USA. Other markets are different and need a different marketing strategy. I love that BlackBerry has done well outside the USA. Would be ecstatic to see them back in the game here though.

I love this add here though it's awesome!

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much much better than the crap commercials in North American. This TV ad is the best one since the born of BlackBerry.

Devil Wares Parada.

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Like it has been said over and over. Amazing products with damaging marketing. This one shows what it should be in every countries (adapted to the culture of course). Thumbs up for the Taiwanese team.

I see the value of this ad as an internet plug, but no way something like this would work in NA. Great delivery of the message though, very "Devil Wears Prada". Looking at what Samsung did with Lebron and the Note, that in itself was a great message in much shorter amount of time. Blackberry needs to take their queue from that.

Taiwan is on to something for marketing the Z10. Why can't the us do the same? Who's fault is it? The carriers or BlackBerry?

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So sad still ppl not understand localization in marketing. Keep thinking of the GREAT own culture. Funny, these ppl should stop using smartphone and stop pretending smart.

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