More BlackBerry Tag spots hit the air

By Adam Zeis on 5 Oct 2012 09:47 am EDT

A while back we saw this BlackBerry Tag commercial hit YouTube, and now a few more have arrived on the channel as well. They all take on different aspects of BlackBerry Tag like sharing games, photos and music. While all of the spots are a bit on the campy side, I do find them quite amusing. It's doubtful these will be running anywhere mainstream at all (if you see them let us know) but you can check them all out here. Keep reading for more videos, then let us know what you think of them in the comments.

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Reader comments

More BlackBerry Tag spots hit the air


Music one was the best one that isn't super lame... they're all a little lame, but the music one I could actually see on TV

wow....what bad commericials. you think with there 2 Billion net cash. you think they would come up with better maketing.

dont get me wrong i love BB. but they really need to ramp up there marketing dept.

Samsung got it right

These videos are just for fun. It has nothing to do with their marketing campaign which we'll be seeing soon for BlackBerry 10.

I understand these will never be on tv, but why would they waste there time doing that? Those are embarrassing.

I know they're comical and cheesy, but these commercials are bad, and there are better ways to communicate and market Blackberry Tag.

I dunno, I thought they were at least mildly amusing. I went into it not taking them very seriously, especially since they're not airing them on television or elsewhere on the Web outside of YouTube.

A web search will bring the videos up, which makes them available to anybody on the internet to view them regardless if they don't have a youtube account or channel yet.

I wish they'd stop wasting time on features nobody gives a shit about, and focus instead of bringing proper IMAP implementations to BIS, full gmail support to BIS, and bring full Exchange support to BIS.

i like the ads; they are chic and can tell people what BB tag is/can do.

I like these "Tag" ads more than the "light bike" commercial. Though, i know they serve different purposes.

Why does RIM have so much trouble creating and implementing a credible marketing plan? Or have they just given up and hired some kids at minimum wage to run the company (into the ground...)?

I think they're kind of funny. Cheesy, quirky, weird, cringeworthy and a little embarrassing, but I think RIM is doing their best not to take themselves seriously. I like the 80s retro music. :-) Perhaps they're targeting the foreign market with these ads?

I love all the commericals above. It is SUPER COOL of RIM to make it accessible for people who use English as Second Language (ESL). If the commericals hit in America and subtitle is already imprimted, RIM will get more likes! BB is DA BOMB!