BlackBerry Tag commercial - Just Tap

By Adam Zeis on 10 Jul 2012 12:46 pm EDT

This commercial showing off BlackBerry Tag made me chuckle quite a bit. BlackBerry commercials have been a bit "blah" over the years, but this one is pretty amusing -- simply showing off the BlackBerry Tag feature that is available with NFC devices. We've seen BlackBerry Tag a bunch in the past, but if you don't already know, it lets you easily exchange info, files, photos and much more.

What do you think of the latest spot from RIM? Let us know in the comments.

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BlackBerry Tag commercial - Just Tap


I laughed. The guy looks like Ashton Kucher. But the one thing I hate it was it looked so fake. Rim should get some real good models to do their marketing and commercials

Pure Brilliance!

I thought the commercial was good, but I wasn't that interested in sharing bbm contact info. At the end of the commercial though, when I saw we could also share urls, documents, pictures ... then the tag/tap ability had me even more interested.

1) great commercial
2) need more commercials like that, that also feature the ability to share documents, photos ...
3) the commercial is full of "just TAP" but they are calling it "tag"??? They need to call it blackberry tap (not tag)
4) I see it's advertised for BB7. I have the bold 9930 with BB7.1 I'm not aware of this program or feature being on MY phone. ..?

Oh man that was bad!!! They have to start hiring professional production companies to get something good out.


You probably want BB commercials made like Apple's, telling tales of how your life is more amazing with an electronic device.

It looks like the actors are not paid but given a curve and bold as pay. After the commercial shooting they walked away with the phones. Thats the END.

Well I don't know about this either way. But like spin posted. We'd better start seeing some BB advertisments all over. That's the only way people we get them. And in January those are the only things I should see on TV between my shows.

Also, if this was produced and "signed off" on by the new CMO at RIM... Dios Mio, it is really all over.... Putrid..

Where's Kevin with a "double talk" update from the shareholder's meeting...

I hope that's only a joke and it's not airing anywhere, because it's one of the worst commercial ads I've ever seen!!

Absolutely awful..... I hope this is a market specific ad that's limited to a market segment only. If this is the new idea, then please go back to the drawing board. If this is a quirky tongue in cheek ad aimed at youth for specific channels, then it could work fine, that is after all a market rim need to bring along as well. Does anyone know?

Qwerty, BBM and Playbook are the BEST 3 THINGS RIM has going for it right now.

Lead with those 3 in commercials, slash prices on old phones to get rid of them and get BB 10 launched in January.

This is not that difficult...

Plafayette Spinxxx does have a point that RIM has several things that they're good at. why not get the message out regarding those things?Humor can be used but this commercial won't help here in the US. This is my second post today as It's been awhile since I've been here on CB. I come back from time to time to see if anything new is develping with BB. I see this commercial and Verizon's release of The curve 9310. I can see some of the reasons why RIM gets bad press. I want to come back to BB but now is definitely not the time. I guess i will have to wait for BB10 to see if it's going to be worth it.


Qwerty, BBM, and PB are no longer strong selling points. They haven't been to date. Spinxxx is just trolling and trying to get attention from Thorsten. Keep reading these blogs, or even read his previous remarks, and you'll see just how negative the guy is.

playbaby - you aren't very sophisticated, are you? There were about a dozen articles condemning BlackBerry for talking about the first new BB 10 phone coming out without their famous Qwerty keyboard. I guess you have never heard of analysts suggesting that BB licenses BBM, either.

I, actually, miss BBM on my new Galaxy S3.

If you are going to stalk and "bash", at least, make some sense, son....


Have any of you guys actually see a bollywood movie?
Another style, probably dedicated to another area than N.A.
Given it's in English ...

what.theeeeeeeeeeee.firetruck...was THAT. Does RIM just want to be the repository of all that's corny in marketing?!?

Look, stop. Just...stop.


One thing you need to realize is, that in marketing, it isn't always what you think here is what they did good.

1. Kept you interested, by posting a cute girl and a cheesy famous looking guy whos name not be mentioned.

2. Showed the product, though not really upclose, the product was on screen long enough to get the message across that it wasn't a competitors phone.

3. Showed how it works!

Now they just need to start making BBM more useful; add video, talk about data overages and data compression, and keep it light so that most people (stupid people who have little attention spans) will be able to follow it. Those LOONg videos with those 2 'funny people' are way to long

Hey're missing the point!

The commercial is so campy Corney it's good! :-). It's great to finally see RIM breaking out of their BE BOLD mentality and getting creative! Do you really want to see those BE BOLD commercials again??

More importantly it's getting the message out about Blackberry! It's been sorely missed over the last years.

I say keep it up!!. It's only a win/win for us (consumers thinking about BB again), and RIM.

For some reason that is not currently clear to me, I liked it. I really really liked it. Go figure ?!?!?

Haha. That was hilarious. I've never seen anything like this from them before. I wonder if it will get aired.

Me like it! The issue is that why I see it from CB first, not from TV. For the past weeks, I saw this type of commercial for AD phones from TV and at the theater.

RIM has works to do in marketing arena...a lot, IMO.

So. I have a BB 9900

Does my blackberry actually do this? And if so how come I am just finding this out?

Is there a tutorial on how to work this somewhere?

The idea of the commercial is good but for a large company like RIM (and a product like BB), the production is, unfortunately, sub-par. They can (and have to) do better.

~I am BlackBerry by choice~

I wish they would make a 9810 with NFC.Also just FYI Best Buy is telling customers that Blackberry is no longer making phones.

This type of commercial, along with the serious business ones, are what they should have been making from years ago. Great add. definitely hits a certain demographic square on the head.

That was terrible, at least for the North American Market. Cheese Humour is not the way to go. It reminds me of Nintendo ads during the GameCube years, they had no idea how to compete marketing-wise and ended up throwing a bunch of ineffective ads on the air.

I'm not sure if RIM marketing is all in-house, but if it is, they need to stop. They don't have the cash pr the time for bad marketing. What they need to do is hire the pro's. Interview ad agencies and come up with an excellent marketing plan, then fund it property. Hell, if Don Draper was real, they should throw money at him.

An ad like that is best as a targeted ad on the web, thats it. People don't (generally) confine themselves to a cell phone contract because the product has a so-bad-its-funny commercial.

My thoughts on it are people have historically wanted an iPhone because they wanted people to see them with an iPhone. Now, with a big market share, people keep wanting one to be part of the crowd or want a Samsung/Android because they want what an iPhone can do but want to feel different / "smarter" than an iPhone customer. For RIM to compete, marketing needs to show why a Blackberry is at least as rich an experience while demonstrating what makes it different.

My thought on it is if RIM doesn't get the right marketing out ahead of BB10 to generate buzz (similar to what Sony did prior to the playstation 1), then regardless of how good the final product is, the tech bloggers will dismiss it or at best give it a small also-ran mention before it spends a life of being overlooked.

So please RIM, I get that your experimenting here, but getting the marketing right is as important as getting the product right.


Totally cheesy, but oh so so funny! I have to explain the concept of NFC to everyone I mention it to, something like this makes the technology a bit more understandable I think.

I'm convinced most of these negative comments are from trolls (maybe even PAID trolls). The commercial is corny/funny. It is excellent. I think this is a good direction / strategy to take. It would be great if BB took this corny/funny style and adapted it to a couple businessmen in suits exchanging documents or a presentation ... "just taaaaaaaaaap!"