BlackBerry Tag app for NFC-enabled BlackBerry Smartphones coming soon; see it in action in this video!

By Kevin Michaluk on 22 Nov 2011 09:20 am EST

While in Waterloo, Ontario last week visiting BlackBerry headquarters, I got a sneak peek of the upcoming BlackBerry Tag application for NFC-enabled BlackBerry Smartphones. Current NFC enabled BlackBerry Smartphones include the BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930 (on most carriers), the BlackBerry Curve 9350/9360/9370 and soon to be released Curve 9380 and Bold 9790.

While the potential for NFC is pretty huge and awesome -- see this CrackBerry article explaining NFC to learn more -- its real word day to day consumer use is still rather limited. A lot of big players (carriers, banks, merchants, etc.) all need to get their ducks in a row before you start seeing things like NFC phone payment become mainstream in North America. RIM is committed to NFC and is making sure to equip its new phones with the functionality so that as NFC usage increases, BlackBerry is right there.

BlackBerry Tag will be a great RIGHT NOW app that won't require any waiting, but will allow you to start putting that NFC functionality to use as soon as the app becomes available (which we're told is soon!). Bringing two NFC-enabled BlackBerry Smartphones together you'll be able to add each other to BBM, share contact info, files, photos and more. Check out the video above to learn more and see BlackBerry Tag in action, and visit this post for more details on BlackBerry Tag.

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BlackBerry Tag app for NFC-enabled BlackBerry Smartphones coming soon; see it in action in this video!


+1 Great post. Nice to see a video of the actual people who are doing the development for RIM. This is exciting stuff.

That phone was probably meant to be out sooner than others such as the 9900, meaning that they reused what they were able from the casing of the 9800.

Similarly we saw leaks of the storm 3 a lot earlier too, so that one was probably meant to arrive sooner too.

It seems pretty clear that they want to support it as widely as possible as seen by all non-Torch devices getting it, even though some of them are just Curves.

Lol yeah! We probably have to go to Indonesia, South Africa, or some underdeveloped 3rd world country that still supports RIM. Hopefully they have the new devices with NFC and not the 2nd or 3rd generation BBs hahaha!!! Oh and the NFC models are all 2 of them hahaha... RIM = RETARDATION IN MOTION..... I've come to realize how bad the situation is and how sad the company has become!

It's funny because many of the people that work at that company, which hasn't stopped innovating, have done things that you will never achieve in your life, but oh wait, you live in the "1st World", right? You deserve to be spoiled by appz the coolest lol yeah.

HAHAHAHA yeah it is funny! These people that work at the company INNOVATING need to be fired... and maybe new ones need to be hired who can actually, ummm i don't know... INNOVATE! If this is the case they can hire me who has never achieved anything in his life and i will ACHIEVE as much as these INNOVATORS u talk about... GREAT! And as for if i live in the 1st, 2nd 3rd or even in an Alien planet who knows about modern day technology... yes i believe i do DESERVE TO BE SPOILED... me and every hard working consumer who works for their cash! For the money i spent on my POS fucking bb9900 that already CRASHED 3 times by the way... I deserve something good... if i wasnt such a F'ing RIM suck up before i shouldn't have bought this garbage and got something Great for the same cash i spent on it! Either that or wait till Research In Motion as u think.... YES THE GREAT INNOVATORS U SPEAK OF... get their thumbs out their asses and start INNOVATING and give me a worth while product! Hows thats for ya?

I have a worth while product, it has never failed me. It's a 9900. Sorry you are one of the unlucky ones.

You seem really sore. It's just a phone. If it doesn't work for you, return it, or sell it. Move on.

Again, it's just a phone.

Yeah wish i could return it.. or sell the faulty POS but unfortunately for me i had to buy it unlocked!!! So yeah... i'm stuck with it! My point was just that we don't need to praise something when its not doing what it should! If u don't complain nothing will change... Us blackberry fans (i'm pretty much done, but i'm gonna count myself as one for arguments sake) just take whatever these INNOVATORS offer us... as for the INNOVATING part... i'm not too sure where it is anymore! So i really can't say i feel like the INNOVATORS are achieving anything! In fact i can tell you one thing they are achieving, they are getting paid a big fat paycheck simply because WE who praise their INNOVATIONS keep buying the crap and praising them when they should be F'ing Kicked in the ass! I hope that with this fat paycheck they get for INNOVATING the stuff... they at least buy the garbage they keep INNOVATING and are happy with it! Hey... we are suppose to be happy with it and with that said... we should continue supporting and praising these INNOVATORS, who unlike me, have achieved something great with their lives! And i hope they are happy that the underachieving person that i am, who hasn't done anything with his life such as these GREAT INNOVATORS, can make them happy that i still bought the product! But unlike the person who attacked me about not achieving greatness such as these great people.... i will not be giving them any more of my hard worked UN-INNOVATIVE (if thats even a word lol... probably not), underachieving CASH!

And i'm not attacking anyone... i'm more than sore and fed up with this shit.... don't take it personally, u started on me and i am not a happy camper! lol... Sorry

You know you are taking a risk if you buy an unlocked phone. I took the same risk, and everything has worked fine for me.
It's RIMs fault for not having a real retail store where we can go if their phones are giving us a hard time.
The 9900 is the best BB by design, provided it doesn't nuke itself. Too bad it failed you.

Yeah i know its a big big risk... but i don't live in the US... I live in a small little caribbean country that has service providers that aren't partners with RIM or US and global providers..... so this means... for me to keep supporting RIM as i have i must buy a fully unlocked phone for me to use it! And this also means paying TOP dollar to get it! Also... i try to buy the phone in the US so as not to overpay... because our local Phone shops sell them for ridiculous prices! I'm sore but i would feel worst for any of my countries citizens who pay up to $700 US for a phone and it failed them! At least i can say say sold my two other bolds (9650 and 9700) to get a good amount of the cash i shelled out to buy this phone! But now i should have just stuck with one of those... the Innovation has not moved much since then...

You're complaining an awful lot, and maybe you have a point. However in the context of the post which you're speaking, NFC in this context IS innovative. It's an interesting way to do something and I can guarantee you that in a year or two when Apple implements the SAME idea, it will be considered revolutionary for the market. If you have a problem with your BB go post in the forum and don't take up space here.

U see why i complain... U have an excellent point! And i think u are foreseeing something that will actually happen! This is the reason i complain... RIM just shoots itself in the foot everytime! This NFC thing is innovative... we have yet to see how innovative it is and how amazing it is like u said as well... time will tell about how amazing the capabilities of this technology will be! But if it does become something, by the time it does it is GONNA BE a company like APPLE to make everyone see how amazing it is.. They are gonna advertise the fuck out of it and make it so amazing! Just like they doing with SIRI even though certain voice controlled capabilities in phones have been out a while. RIM just stay there and wait wait wait wait.... everything is lets wait and see! Enuff fucking promoting BBM and security on a BB! Everyone else already knows about that shit... we are happy with it so ENUFF... they need to focus their advertising and stuff on NFC and innovations not yet out for other products! But they don't.... they WAIT AND WAIT AND WAIT... till someone else comes and does the same shit and steals the thunder.... the carpet is swept right from under RIMS foot... AND as a fucking fan of this shit i am tired of this crap and what they keep doing! So if apple comes and makes it revolutionary... they are not to blame... RIM is to blame for not saying shit or making the world know how amazing this is! They need to stop just standing there and hold their D*CKS in their hands and just think they got everything covered... DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT... its like if they haven't noticed they are DYING... not cruising past any competition! When the bb9900 and new os7 was announced... it came out 4-5 months after it was announced! By that time every other phone company could have copied everything from them and released an equivalent one to them... or greater which is sadly the case! Most companies announce and unveil a new device or product... and then the following month bam its here!!! STOP WAITING RIM!! RIM just gets me mad as a fan... to see potential just get flushed down the toilet just so that mediocrity takes over! Enough announcing about BBX and how amazing its gonna be... START DOING SOMETHING.... by the time they wait and release that.. 8 mp camera... 640x1000 whatever screen... whatever dual core processors... whatever rams... the products that come out the same time RIM releases BBX are doubling every thing they do! 2 or 3 times more powerful and capable!

The "3rd World" is a term from the Cold War... it referred no non-capitalist and non-communist countries, generally that the 1st and 2nd world took advantage of. Today, a slew of more appropriate terms exist which more accurately describe these nations. Also, South Africa is not underdeveloped, and much of Indonesia is metropolis. Travel the world, stop thinking you live in the only part of the world with technology.

P.S. Don't use language like "RETARDATION" where everyone in the world can judge you for being a intolerant. Many people find that word offensive.

I've come to realize on this site how stupid some people are and how sad their life must be.

I know eh?

what a rambler..

How much does he have invested in his phone? The answer is alot after these longs posts hes wrote.

* Subject to network operator certifications. Check with your local operator for availability.
So much for moving forward!

LOL the fact that its not controlled by RIM should tell you something shouldnt it??. That its the carriers themselves that are or will be blocking the nfc capabilities of the phone equipped with nfc, nothing to do with RIM as they have put the nfc capabilities in the phones themselves.

But hey its cool to bash RIM isnt it??...let not bash the almighty carriers eh??.

Some people on here are such freaking douchebags....

For the record i cant wait to make use of this NFC stuff, seems pretty cool.

This has nothing to do with RIM AFAIK. I got an unlocked 9900 from Rogers, and it has NFC enabled. We're just waiting for this cool feature to be used.

There is a good deal of negativity in this comment section. Some people will never be happy. I for one applaud RIM for making this available. I think it will be an awesome way to share info between BlackBerry devices in a more efficient manner. Hopefully this will drop soon b/c I want to start implementing NFC in my life asap!

You know, I WOULD be excited for this.....if they had placed NFC functionality in the 9850/60 and the 9810 as well. But nah, let's forget that and place that tech in an all touch Curve and a (yet again) updated previous gen Bold.


I don't care what RIM said, that was a horrible decision to make. It's fine that you want to cater to your keyboard enthusiast/ business contacts, but the consumer door is WIDE the hell open. But given how they handled their all touch offerings over the years, this doesn't surprise me. I hope with "London", they start making a better effort to put the same amount of care they put in their flagship devices.

I like this. Everyone can't be pleased with progress. If RIM gave everyone $10,000, someone would want it in nickels and complain about that.

We need to complain.... we have been accepting RIMS garbage with open arms and try to find the ONE GOOD THING in every device when 90% of it is garbage.... IF no one complains RIM will never care to change what they are doing! And as for the NFC tap... i guess its nice! Its like bluetooth on an energy drink so not revolutionary in no way! This idea is probably blossoming because they need to make use of the NFC in some way.... if it cant be used for what it was intended because of the carriers or because RIM is half dead and too broke to sign or get enough contracts with the banks and credit card companies, HEY atleast we get to tap BlackBerrys together and exchange info! BB fans are saved once again... alll HAIL RIM! hahahahaha.... Like i stated above RETARDATION IN MOTION!

From Wikipedia:

"The 140 NFC Forum members include Samsung, Nokia, Huawei, HTC, Motorola, NEC, RIM, LG, Sony Ericsson, Toshiba, AT&T, Sprint, Rogers, SK, Google, Microsoft, PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Intel, TI, Qualcomm, and NXP."

So I guess that's a lot of retarded people, according to your analysis.

RIM will be one of the first companies to bring NFC to us users.

Come on, you just want the coolest phone with the greatest appz so you can walk proudly in the street, even though the phone company really owns it, and you signed your life for 2 or 3 years with them.

You're pathetic.

I hope that RIM has started to sign contracts to make USE of its NFC just as some of those companies that u have mentioned have! RIM can have NFC in its device but if none of the names u mentioned above have a contract for it to interact with... u know what that means.... NO NFC... just tap NFC with other RIM users... So if these RETARDS at RIM (the ones i am taking about not the other companies u named out) do get the ball rolling with these other NAMES u called out... then yes RIM has done something with NFC.... So this is hoping they are not that RETARDED and they do bring NFC to users! And no i am not signed to no company for 2 or 3 years, and no FUCKING phone company owns my COOL phone... I am fully unlocked because i have to... so i FULLY FUCKING OWN MY PHONE! If i'm pathetic for that then i am... but i would call those who keep sucking a company's D*CK who keeps bringing out underpowered, uninspiring, devices... and still praising them... MORE PATHETIC THAN ME

Complain with the thing that companies listen to the most..... your wallet. And please don't confuse complaining with whining. One offers a constructive alternative, the other.... just annoying!!

@kaotik_187 Revolutionary action cannot just happen out of nowhere. It is something that has to have the correct building blocks and a collaborative effort. How do you know that this is not a small piece of a bigger picture? Instead of just "complaining" or subjectively critiquing this new implementation for BB devices, look at it objectively and throw out some knowledge as to why this wont work instead of blindly complaining...

U have a great point there.... can't argue with u! And i hope you are right about this being a small part of the bigger picture.. cause this picture needs to be painted quick before the resources run out and its unable to be finished after that! And one thing about a revolution... it begins with one complaint, one person unhappy who voices his/her opinion! That complaint reaches the ears of others who will or will not agree about it! But to those that agree with that one person that complained about a change needed.... they become part of the movement that makes the revolution happen! If everyone stays with their mouth shut and never complained... nothing ever changed and the wheels never start moving toward the revolution, which in certain cases is much needed! I think it has become very clear to everyone something needs to happen here at RIM! So as for the ones being critical.. they need to continue to fuel that said revolution if they deem it necessary! If no one else agrees with my complaints, well then my words should just be taken as sore complaints with no real point!

I read an article in the Times a few weeks ago, where it was scientifically shown that probably people do seem to really get attached to their phones. I'm talking actual human feelings.

I can see that from some sore BB users who had their devices nuked or bricked. RIM should also take this into account.

Their slogan should be 'Never lose a customer'.

EDIT: I just wanted to add that RIM MUST OPEN BB STYLE stores in North America just like they're doing in Asia. How in the hell a company that is trying to get to the masses does not have retail outlets, and charges dozens of dollars for support calls from simple mortals like us! That's outrageous.

RIM didn't open retail stores in Asia
Jaymart Opened BlackBerry Stores in Asia, Jaymart is like a Best Buy, or a Radio Shack.

They have chosen to make a dedicated BlackBerry Store,

Another cool demo, but when will it be available. RIM is great at showing off cool things then not delivering them or being very slow.

just wish RIM would partner with credit card Cos and develop already a google wallet program. I don't have any friends or family with NFC blackberries and all this TAG app is useless to me. Wish I could get it to work with the door on my apartment building, that would be nice. Also, if the Playbook would have NFC for a function a la HP's tablet it would be sweet.

This Tag App will be fantastic in 2012, as more and more business users I see are upgrading their BlackBerry's contact sharing, and hopefully files sharing like Excel files will be super easy,

I really hope that they make a way to "tag" objects, do to HMV and tag a kiosk to download a song via BT in the store and pay for it OTA.

mmmmm the possibilities!

U guys are making excuses because you are fans. This is business and if you made of these same decisions you would be out of a job. RIM yes is expanding in the global market because that is where their brand strength is currently not North America what will happen the comp come knocking in those same markets. Why would create a os 7 phone without NFC. Once again it comes back to RIM's focus. There are spread to thin and really a full restructure is needed.

this is why ever os7 device should have had nfc, why even bother if only half of the people will be able to use this, oh and that's if my damn carrie (att) allows me to use the damn feature in the first place. SMH

We know that os7 devices were delayed, the absence of nfc on the torch models would seem to imply they were delayed longer than the others. The thing you have to remember with NFC is that it requires its own set of antenna and thus it would have had to have been possible for it being included right from the start of the design to avoid further delays.

I'd like to see this feature interoperate with Android phones that have NFC. I think there are some, or are least upcoming? That would be great, and I think a win for both RIM and the Android vendors. (and customers, natch)

NFC is looking awesome. I think all the negativity is from people being intimidated by a very appealing feature that is not available to them, because they bought what was cool at the time.

Get some mifaire ultralight tags and make use of the NFC...

one for the car, bedside table, workstation..

I was thinking of making one that would give visitors to my condo access to my wifi network

i heard "sharing files over bluetooth", too bad it can't be sharing over bluetooth, wifi AND cellular as well, like if i start sharing a large file, walk out of bluetooth range, it picks back up over cellular or wifi...

This is v1.0 of something that already makes nfc more useful than it is on the vast majority of nfc-enabled phones and I you would expect that we will see additional features as things go by such as the additional transport options, support in every Rim application and suitable support for 3rd party software to support it to.

kaotik_187 - you are spot on dude... My 9930 bricked twice and I sold it...back to iphone 4s..had the 4 and was all excited for the 9930...bad choice.

Same old phones different year...They are the best typing, phone and texting but we have all moved past that RIM, hence the product launch of the 9790 in Indonesia...

Not wasting another cent on RIM device until they prove they can launch a BBX device 180 degrees from the cluster frick that was the playbook...