BlackBerry Tablet OS v1.0.6 now available

BlackBerry Tablet OS v1.0.6 now available
By Bla1ze on 20 Jun 2011 08:47 pm EDT

It was only a few days ago that we let you all know that v.1.0.6 of the BlackBerry Tablet OS was headed to the BlackBerry Beta Zone for developers to test out. Well, looks like testing went well as that release is now available for all to download. As noted on the Inside BlackBerry Blog, changes include:

This latest version of the BlackBerry Tablet OS includes support for Adobe® Flash® 10.3 and support for Adobe® AIR® 2.7 software. This means that with this update you should experience even better performance for Flash videos than before, and be able to access new applications that are being built with Adobe AIR 2.7 software. For all the developers out there, be sure to check out our post on the Inside BlackBerry Developer’s Blog.

Today’s update also incorporates the Adobe Flash Player updates as noted in Adobe Security Bulletins APSB11-12 and APSB11-18, which addresses issues that can potentially affect any PC, tablet or other device with an operating system that supports Flash. While there are no known reports of any BlackBerry PlayBook tablet users being affected by these Adobe Flash issues, we (as always) encourage all BlackBerry PlayBook users to update to the newest version of the BlackBerry Tablet OS. For more information about what these security updates mean to the BlackBerry PlayBook please see our security advisory.

Have at it, the download is available now when you check for software updates on your BlackBerry PlayBook. When completed, reboot and give it a run through -- don't forget to drop some comments here on the blogs and let everyone know how it's running for ya. Keep reading for more on the update.

Adobe® announced yesterday the availability of updated plug-ins for Adobe Flash Builder® 4.5 and Adobe AIR® 2.7 that support the BlackBerry® PlayBookTM tablet. Adobe AIR technologies enable developers to leverage their work across multiple devices and form factors. With the latest release of Adobe Flash Builder, mobile app developers can export applications for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet and other mobile devices from a single codebase.

Adobe AIR 2.7 Support for the BlackBerry PlayBook

The latest Adobe AIR 2.7 support for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet means that app developers will now get to use the full power of Adobe AIR in their applications, including full Adobe Flex® and Adobe ActionScript® support. Applications created with AIR 2.7 are now supported on the BlackBerry PlayBook with the over-the-air update, which can now be downloaded for free by BlackBerry PlayBook owners. This update also includes the latest Adobe Flash Player 10.3.

New Adobe Flash Builder Plug-ins for BlackBerry PlayBook

Adobe has updated Adobe Flash Builder (4.5.1) to include plug-ins that support BlackBerry PlayBook, making it even easier for developers to build apps for the tablet. Developers will now see the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet as a targetable device within Adobe Flash Builder. Developers can get the BlackBerry Tablet OS SDK for Adobe AIR from BlackBerry Developer Zone. The SDK requires Adobe AIR 2.6 or higher available here.

BlackBerry PlayBook tablet developers have readily adopted Adobe AIR and Adobe Flash technology to create AIR apps that deliver rich immersive end user experiences on the PlayBook. Should you be interested in talking to AIR app developers for the BlackBerry PlayBook and get their feedback on the developer experience as well as on the quality of apps built on the BlackBerry PlayBook, please contact us.

For more information, please visit the Adobe press release.

Reader comments

BlackBerry Tablet OS v1.0.6 now available


Holy CRAP !!!!

Do you see how fast this thing loads apps now?


Look out Apple .... RIM is gunning for you !!!!

You better hide!

They must be having serious server issues. Slow as heck. One of my PB's has been restarted twice to jump start the update. Wifi is good too.

Great, downloading now. Hope the summer update we've all been waiting for comes soon, can't wait. Every update has been pretty decent.

Great thanks for the update, it keeps getting better. Hopefully soon it will be as good as we thought it was going to be.

I noticed that BBM gives notifications of group items on the playbook, but I can,t seem to work with group items such as group chat. This was not working on previous versions of playbook either.

BBM vanished from my PlayBook's bridge 3 updates ago (this being the third). I'd feel lucky to only be missing bbm group chat.

Boot time noticeably faster, browser is much faster and os seems faster in gener.......oh wait ooops sorry forgot what I was posting about.

Just did a speed test comparison. The Playbook over the same wifi as my laptop matched the download and upload speeds almost to a tee. Only the ping was a little slower but still very close.

the bridge browser has been improved too. it feels so much faster than before...and no, im not saying that its "snappy" lol

Downloaded and instaled. Now let's see what's new.
Is anybody alse from Portugal that as a Playbook ? i'm frok Madeira Island and boght mine in May, in Canada.

Bridge is muuuuuch faster...........i see emails change the second I click on another one!!! It used to have a huge lag!! This is a great improvement.

I doubt that...... But hey look at me, im from Dominican Republic, and i still havent seen the 1st Playbook, appart from mine... (Alguien tiene un PB aqui en Republica Dominicana ?)

Don't know if it was there before but I didn't notice it. You can now select the front facing or rear camera when you click on the camera app. It's on the bottom right.

This update is HUGE for me. I could not access my company's B-to-B site until now. I can now use my PB with clients to access our site and write orders with customers as we stroll their stores and look at inventory. THANKS RIM!!!

hopefully the pb won't ask me to update the os again every time I delete the hotmail aol twitter, etc shortcuts like .2342... am I the only one who's kinda stoked for 10.3?

Update: After reinstall, same free mem as .2432. Screen rotation seems faster, could be imagining it but overall ui seems a little quicker. News360 loaded much quicker.

Flash is much improved. Bridge browser ran 6 min youtube video clean as my hardline pc. I'm definitely keeping my unlim now man f tethering... ohhh at&t(verizon soon to be worse)

Nice job RIM. now just talk to google and make my gmusic work... I've tried everything.

If you could report on free mem, I'd assume you don't have "NaN"s for about every memory figure on the thing...

Is the a fix for that, or some procedure to get things right?

I haven't seen any memory numbers since 3.1868...

this is awesome update. check out NYTime videos... flash is crazy good! plus its browser is crazy fast.

Do I understand correctly that some are able to utilize the BB bridge browser? If that is the case, any thoughts on why i have never been able to use the BB bridge browser?

My bridge browser almost never works, Not only doesn't it work, it sometimes seems to hang the internet on my 9650 and I have to pull the battery.

The best thing this update brought is ability within the browser to access webcam and microphone. It opens all the means to video chat :)
I already tried with and both Skype and Google Talk video chats work.
Also tried video chatting through AOL, works great too.

i don't use any of these, but i'm aware that millions do. This should be HUGE news if its true, you just messin with people or what? Your messin aren't ya... ok... I must be tired. Goodnight.

New to Playbook so I have a dumb question. Are you pulling up Google Maps directly through the browser or did you download a Google Map app? I tried going to and downloading an app, but it isn't working.

Phantom bbm notification in the upper left corner upon connecting BlackBerry Bridge. Doesn't go away even after I open bbm. And the notification itself doesn't have a close button.

Has anyone seen weird things with Poynt after the update? The top blue bar text is not right until a location is found by GPS (very slow to locate). When you search for something such as restaurants near by, the font on top of the page is not proper but corrects itself if you scroll down and then back up again.

On the positive side. The browser experience just got a hole lot faster and better! I love it.

Not to burst your bubble ...... but start up time prior to new software installed was 1 minute 35 seconds. After download ... 1 minute 33 seconds.

But one thing that I did notice (as we all probably did) ... the browser is LIGHTNING FAST .... maybe 3 times as fast !!!!

What in the world did they do to get that sort of speed ????
Now ... where is the media to report on this sort of stuff ????


What sites is it faster in, are you primarily going to Flash heavy sites. Maybe Flash 10.3 is just that much better.

Oh, and pictures still don't open with Bridge Files off my 9700, but so far .xls and .pdf files do open. The Pictures app opens, but just sits there.

Would really like to avoid this. I was hoping that RIM would have been onto a fix by now.

Seems that any new update works best on a freshly wiped device rather than one with an upgraded OS. Sucks ass.

It's like no one is testing these OS updates on an actual device. Maybe a simulator? If not, then seems like quite the embarrassing bug to overlook.

Looking for bluetooth stereo audio support please! I want to use the BB Stereo Gateway with my PlayBook!

The GPS capabilities have improved remarkably, its showing me about 5 metres from where i actually am, superfast, even the compass works, will wait for someone to actually give us an offline gps map.
browser speed has improved too...........
Keep It coming BB.....( waiting for Android Player).........

downloading as i type, i see some of the comments stating how fast apps opening and closing have been, ive had no issues before but if this update does make things quicker does this mean i can open apps before i touch them ;P

Haven't fully tested it but seems like a great update, they keep that cadence! hey KEVIN, make sure to do that rereview of the PB (now or when the native PIM comes along) and make sure to harass those sites with medium reviews to rereviews their own as well (BGR, CNET, PCMAG, Engadget etc...).

hells bells, that browser is fast! and to think that this afternoon my DSL will be upgraded from 4Mb tot 50Mb... I'llbe flying!!!

Also improved responsiveness in Bridge.

one thing seems changed, and that is the sensitivity in swiping applications up and away; before, I was able to hit the preview window of the open app in the middle amd swipe it up to close,but now it seems I have to hit that window at the bottom bar. Anyone have this?

Guess I picked the right time to pull the trigger because my Playbook arrives today! It was hard enough waiting before but after reading all the good reviews that this latest update is getting waiting on the UPS guy is even worse now. I'll be sure to update first thing!

Okay...just ran a speed test comparison between the iPad2 and my PlayBook after the update and here is what I got...

Ping - iPad2: 91ms, PB: 45ms
Download Speed: iPad2 3.71Mbps, PB: 14.03Mbps
Upload Speed: iPad2 14.45Mbps, PB: 4.31

I don't know about you guys, but I really like what I see here! Let me know what u think!

yippee-ky-yaY! it just gets better and better. downloading now. now if i can only get dropbox to connect and work. when are we getting a bbm group chat update????? cause my group chat is just as important as bbm!

I just got a Playbook for Father's Day... booted it up and downloaded the newest update. Other than it currently missing the native apps and the Android app support (which we know they are coming)... the Playbook< in my opinion, is a top notch I just need my Bold 9900 to pair with it!!

yikes the browser is lightening fast! The apps load much faster and the albums load way faster than before. Beautifully done! THANK YOU RIM!! Keep them coming!

Dont know if u guys NOTICED but Appworld now conects through internet thethering :D Niceeeee!

EDIT: False Alarm... but it gives you the warning of the updates of apps of Appworld... :(

I seem to be having a problem with some applications no longer respecting full screen rotation. Prior to the update it didn't matter which orientation I was holding the playbook the application would respect it. Bubble Birds is a good example. It appears to now only function with the Blackberry turned portrait with the lettering on the left side. Kind of annoying since holding it that way means that my moving hand covers the light sensor.

Performed a backup prior to downloading and installing this update, worked fine using Desktop manager. Just tried to do another backup after completing the download and install, and the backup fails. Rebooted both PC and PlayBook, backup still fails.

Let me know if anyone else can perform a backup after the download.

I dont have my Ipad anymore but for comparision of the old os and this one was showing 5.3 download and 4.1 upload and with the new update I have 7.8 down and 6.2 up.
Ran the test before the update and after. Nice speed improvement.
I didnt take note of the ping with the old os but the new is at 23

working nice...keep the updates coming..i'm a newbie and the joke or lack there of about "will it work on my 9700" makes me laugh...just a little tho...

The update was good BUT as soon as I did there were issues with my BB. I could not receive emails on the playbook or the torch. Had to get replacement torch and the new torch does not have workaround for playbook. Now I have no bridge. The old bridge work around is a dead site now. Anyone know another work around. Love the Playbook but this is starting to get a bit tiresome because of ATT's greed

am i the only one who's bbm wont work???!! it just freezes at the initial loading screen with the spinning circle.

Nice update. Please keep them coming. I'm especially looking forward to the bluetooth audio streaming to my stereo and wireless headset.

I believe there is something wrong with the video in the browser. I have locked my browser up several times now when watching CTV and the Comedy Network. Sometimes I just need to gesture out of the browser and relaunch but on 2 occasions everything froze and I was forced to do a hard reset by holding the power button down.

Anyone else experience that?

Has anyone had problems with Adobe Reader since this update? I encountered some PDF files that use to work fine with the previous Tablet OS update but since installing the latest OS update, the Adobe Reader crashes (just terminates) when it scrolls through a specific page consistently. I assume it encounters a segmentation fault while trying to render something in that page.