BlackBerry at SXSW - What may we see?

BlackBerry at SXSW
By Bla1ze on 5 Mar 2011 11:55 pm EST

With SXSW (South by Southwest) set to kick-off on March 11 we're starting to see a lot of promotion for the events happening and we can't but notice some of them are being sponsored by Research In Motion. We're definitely expecting some PlayBook news to come from the event and more likely then some lead-up announcements before the event opens up. While we'll have to wait for the official news to start rolling, Research In Motion is sponsoring the Foodspotting - Street Food Fest so that may be a precursor to seeing a Foodspotting app demoed for the BlackBerry PlayBook.

While Mobile World Congress gave us a look at EA games demos and demos from TAT on the PlayBook, Apples announcement of the iPad 2 makes SXSW a great venue for Research In Motion to announce some of the further news we're all waiting for surrounding the BlackBerry PlayBook -- such as an announcement on price or availability.

If you look around there are hints being dropped about a PlayBook release party but assuming that doesn't happen just yet, what are things are you all hoping may come from Research In Motion at SXSW? Let us know in the comments or in the forums.

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BlackBerry at SXSW - What may we see?


Apart from Foodspotting I don't see any evidence of RIM being there (no sponsorship, events, etc). It's be cool to see the launch this week, but not sure where you see that.

Release date would be #1 in my book. After that pricing. I would love to see some head to head action with Ipad 2 maybe on some video spots uploaded to the RIM blog or something. But what I want most is a invite to the Canadian PB release party!

well i am upset i didnt volunteer this year, no free passes... damn... living in austin does have its perks sometimes :)

What I'd like to know is- how can RIM/Blackberry be sponsoring a Foodspotting event when there isn't even a Foodspotting App FOR THE BLACKBERRY. Could this be evidence of just an App release party, not a device release party?

Marc K.

Hmm maybe I'm blind (probably) but I went to the website and clicked on sponsors and didn't see RIM or Blackberry anywhere.

I find it ridiculous that RIM is sponsoring FoodSpotting when they don't even have a BB app. How about sponsoring someone who actually has a RIM app?