BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife Updated

By Adam Zeis on 26 Aug 2009 12:58 pm EDT


We took a quick look at JL_Cmdr replacement BBSAK a while back, and I just got word that it has been updated with even more new features. Already packed with BlackBerry-tweaking goodies, BBSAK now added some much needed updates, and it sure to have more in store. I actually had to use this over the weekend on my Tour, and I must say it couldn't be any easier to use. Some of the new updates include:

  • Kill Processes Button added (if your having trouble connecting click kill processes to close
  • (BBdevmgr.exe and RimDevManager.exe both started by desktop manager)
  • Full System Dump (Save ALL Cods on device) (Dump CODs)
  • Save button added to Read System (saves all the file names to a SystemRead.txt)
  • ACCURATE Progress Bar added to 3rd Party Backup
  • Files now displayed as they are being saved
  • Can now Save Multiple CODs at one time 
For the full update log and more information, check out the BBSAK thread at RIMGeeks.

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BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife Updated


But I sent a note to Kevin the other day about this. But the version I told him about was 1.5. Looks like you have an old screenshot here. The new one has a lot more features, and corresponds to the some of the new updates you mentioned.

anybody help??
why i cant download BBSAK??

it always show "You are not authorised to download this attachment."

i want join a member, its always failed/no respone..

thx b4

hmm, im not new to BBSAK, but i dont know what all these new features accomplish...i feel like a n00b...somebody explain the newer features?

Is there a reason why the screen shots that I often see of BBSAK show a "Restore Apps" button, but when installed I don't see this button but am instead told that I have to restore apps via the loader? Are the screen shots doctored to illustrate that it has restore functionality or am I missing something?

If you are having trouble d/l BBSAK, try using Mirror 2 or Mirror 3. I have used Mirror 2 each time without issue.

When I read this I thought BBSAK had been updated again, I read about 1.5 last sometime last week