BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife (BBSAK) v1.6 Released

By Adam Zeis on 16 Oct 2009 09:04 am EDT


A few months back we first checked out JL_Cmdr replacement BBSAK. We got word today that RIMGeeks have released an update to include some new features. BBSAK is a windows app that allows experienced users to tweak their device by accessing COD files, loading OS' and more. The new updates include:

  • Brand New Tabbed Layout for better organization
  • Animated app expansion
  • Multiple COD install now available through the "Install COD(s)" button
  • Multiple COD removal now available through the "Remove COD(s)" button (Read system required to remove cods)
  • Install JAD files (ALL CODs referenced in JAD file must be in the SAME FOLDER as JAD)
  • JAD Maker now included! (Box is drag and drop for windows xp and vista users only)
I've been saved by this app many times now, so I highly recommend having it installed just in case. If you are a CrackBerry Abuser you will certainly need this at one time or another. 

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BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife (BBSAK) v1.6 Released



I don't mind people using my technique, that's why I posted it on the forums, but when you implement it into a program and then ask for money for it... that's BS!

I'm sorry you feel like we stole your technique, but we are just using the publicly available javaloader provided by blackberry, noone can claim this technique as their own, as it was provided to us by RIM.

The capability of javaloader to pull off individual cods has been there since the early versions of javaloader, yet it was a few years and no one thought of doing it. When a certain version of came out, I came up with the idea of using javaloader to pull ALL the cods off in one batch command. It was after this that BBSAK became available... like it or not, you're definitely using "my technique" and idea. At least have the BBSAK to admit it.

Doesn't work with my screen resolution settings. I have my display properties set to 1680x1050 and the advanced settings are set to large 120DPI. I am going blind and need the bigger icons and settings. I don't get full view of all the buttons on BBSAK so for me to use it I have to change my display properties which is a pain and includes a reboot. Would be nice if their window was adjustable so I could adjust it so I can see all the buttons.

I have to agree with the first comment. BBSAK does rock! I can't tell you how many times BBSAK has saved my @$$!

But I used it to facilitate an os load and after loading the os I tried to restore my backed up 3rd party apps. However when i click on restore, it immedietaly says restore complete yet it did nothing!! WTF! Now how do I restore those apps that I used BBSAK to backup in the first place?

Now I am attempting to remove a couple of COD's. I select them, click on remove. It tells me files deleted successfuly yet the file remains!!! This thing is screwed.

Definitely going to upgrade when I get home, this is one that you never know when you might need it but you're SO glad you have it when you do!

Why are you so excited? Does it actually do what it is supposed to do for you?

and to docmphd... it does only half of what it is supposed to do. And even that is up for debate IMHO.

Got a new computer wioth higher resolution and version 1.5 and 1.6 won't display properly. Version 1.2 works fine.

i love screwin around with my phone and seeing what i can do or learn so what is this program in simple terms all i got was the ability to load OS faster... what else does it really do

asking for money in any form in the form of donations is ok if you did all the work. All you guys are doing is repacking other peoples tools making a few changes here and there and adding small things...

You want a donation?

here's my donation get a real job.

btw guys you should have gave JRSCCivic98 credit he released information which may have been public or not you used it and credit to him is due.

I don't know the specifics of who stole what or who repackaged what., but I couldn't help draw a parallel to your comments and how some clients tend to feel after having some primo consulting done :D. Isn't consulting essentially taking information that's already plainly available and repackaging it to the benefit of the client? Not everybody has the capability to bring clarity where there wasn't before and it is precisely for this reason that cream of the crop consultants make a KILLING.

Again, I'm in no way saying if credit is due it should be over-looked, au contraire, that is definately a sign of poor business practice-not to give credit....but to categorically slam them for seeing solutions and putting it forward, not so much :/.

I have used BBSAK in the past with previous versions and good but not great.

So far this updated BBSAK I am impressed with the UI as well as the functionality and if this continues to not let me down while using it on my Vista laptop I would be happy to donate for the success of BBSAK in the future!

Is there a book of acronyms I should read?? I have NO idea as to what this thing does, is there an instruction manule I could read??

I am on Sprint BB 8330 - I would like to download directly onto my BB

anyone have a link I can go to from BB


I had a problem with my Curve 8310 where all my home screen icons disappeared. I could get to the call log and have some choices there, but couldn't do much else. I spent 3 hours with ATT suppoort and after doing soft resets, hard resets, master resets, downgrading the OS from 4.5.305 to 4.5.183 (or whatever the numbers actually are) I was able to get the icons to show up. But a couple of the apps like ATT Music, Blackberry Setup and Settings only gave me a popup with an exclamation point and an OK button. I could not get them to work. My phone was out of warranty and the best they could say was "Time to get a new phone."

After checking the web I came across a reference to BBSak program in a forum on the Crackberry site. After downloading and installing it, I did a Wipe System, then installed the BB OS 4.5.305 again. The problems were COMPLETELY RESOLVED!

Installed program and was able to (thankfully) backup phone with this program. However, the next day, my plan was to wipe the phone so I could get a clean install of the Bold OS .592 and hopefully fix memory issues.

However, every time I would try to open BBSAK, it would ask for the password (or click ok if no password), then it would never open. I opened Task Manager and closed the process and tried again. Several times. Even restarted my computer.

Any suggestions before I uninstall BBSAK and try a re-install?
Thanx in advance.