BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife (BBSAK) Beta

By Adam Zeis on 29 Jul 2009 12:48 pm EDT


Every BlackBerry Abuser knows that JL_Cmdr can be your best friend, and your worst enemy. Having a bricked device or no other place to turn, JL_Cmdr comes to the rescue. Its outdated UI and design have been hanging on for quite a while, so it was only a matter of time before someone stepped it up a bit. Building upon the functionality of JL_Cmdr, BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife serves as a replacement with an updated interface and all around easier user experience. BBSAK gives you the ability to take screenshots, perform a factory reset, wipe a device, load an OS and more. This is a handy tool to have on your PC for those times of need.

*Using an application like JL_Cmdr or BBSAK you run the risk of damaging your device, so we take no responsibility for your actions - use at your own risk.*

Head over to for more information and to download.

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BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife (BBSAK) Beta


OMG!!! You can install Call of Duty!!!!!

Not really, but this looks pretty sweet to me. Going to check it out when I get home.

u have to register first before u can d/l the bbsak but the msg board won't allow u to register. according to the FAQ's, it says that the board admin has either banned ur IP (it couldn't have since its my first time going to that site) or it won't accept any new members.

kind of pointless in going. especially since its still a beta. i'd rather wait for it to be official. JL does the job.

Try "Mirror Two". The other mirrors are hosted by RimGeeks and you have to register to download. Mirror Two is RapidShare and you don't need to register.

I tried to run as admin and it launches the app but it never connects to the device. I will try again with a different bb and see if it works

Used BBSAK this weekend to fix some software issues with my replacement Storm. Worked like a charm!! super easy to use!! A+++

I was never a fan of JL_CMDR, it would take 10-15 times to get my device wiped.. hopefully this makes it a lot smoother. Thanks for the info!!!

Can this be used to wipe the Tour after I perform a backup to see if the wipe fixes the muffled sound issue? Thx...

I second that comment. Have done it to get the 507 error then used the post on how to install OS on a nuked berry to install new OS. BBSAK is the shizzle....

I have been using this for months. I didn't have a copy of it at work with me yesterday when I nuked my Storm and used JL which just made it worse. As soon as I got home wiped again with BBSAK and I was back up and running in 10 minutes!

Some people may run into the problem of it not connecting to the phone. I had the same problem and found that it usually just takes a few minutes to detect the device. Other than that I have been using this for awhile now and it works great.

Have used this before and now swear bu BBSAK to wipe my bold before I do a new OS install. I then follow the instructions on how to install OS on a nuked berry. JL Cmdr was a joke..didnt work so I did BBSAK. Worked as advertised. The real deal....

I was having problems getting .151 installed. I followed everyone's advice (even Crucial's), still could not get iit going. I was googling JL_CMDER, and saw a link on this app. Taking a deep breath, I went for it.

Very clean, I love the fact that I now have a set place for my 3rd party backups. I was able to do a low level wipe, install .151, and then restore my apps far faster than using DM5!


If you want to do a clean OS install, you can use the Wipe facility in BBSAK to clear EVERYTHING from your BB.

(See the Installing an OS Thread in the forums).

ok so im going to install lyricidals newest hybrid and i have never done a wipe before. what do i do first to ensure everything will be there when im done?

ok so i wiped my phone. and now i have the 507 error. when i try to load my os i get the message in loader.exe "the blackberry desktop software does not have the blackberry device software for the device you have connected to the computer contact your wireless service provider or system admin." what do i do?!? please help

you need to install device software on ur pc then it will find it... go to the hybrid page and lyricidal will tell you waht device software his hybrid is based off then find that software on then load the hybrid then run loader.exe

I have pissssed way too many hours away trying use jl cmdr on my Vista 64 bit machine , sometimes it works but most of the time it is a pita. Used BBsak tonight for the first time and was thrilled with the ease of use and the efficientcy of it. It is a most welcome addition!

Found this on another forum today, got version 1.3 and WOW I LOVE IT! Backed up all my 3rd party apps, so if I need to replace this Storm I just slap the new one on and BOOM good to go! between this and the dsktop manager's backup of databases you have a complete backup. Love it!

Downloaded the app...running it great. So it works just like it says for me. Thanks.

Thank you to anyone who put this together and made it accessible.

Left for a week-long conference, bb storm totally fried. Tried everything... and *then* found this. I literally spent at least a dozen hours trying/re-trying everything else under the sun. The Wipe Device via this app was the only thing that actually worked.

Was able to start fresh, email myself the backup from the home computer and reload everything - good to go!

SO thankful for you - whomever you guys and gals are. Blessings on the BBSAK efforts. You've put me back in business.

I had a problem with my Curve 8310 where all my home screen icons disappeared. I could get to the call log and have some choices there, but couldn't do much else. I spent 3 hours with ATT suppoort and after doing soft resets, hard resets, master resets, downgrading the OS from 4.5.305 to 4.5.183 (or whatever the numbers actually are) I was able to get the icons to show up. But a couple of the apps like ATT Music, Blackberry Setup and Settings only gave me a popup with an exclamation point and an OK button. I could not get them to work. My phone was out of warranty and the best they could say was "Time to get a new phone."

After checking the web I came across a reference to BBSak program in a forum on the Crackberry site. After downloading and installing it, I did a Wipe System, then installed the BB OS 4.5.305 again. The problems were COMPLETELY RESOLVED!

can i get msl code with this so that i can free the cdma part of the phone from sprint i feel im getting closer to my crackberry dream please help :D

can i get msl code with this so that i can free the cdma part of the phone from sprint i feel im getting closer to my crackberry dream please help :D