BlackBerry Supports Bluetooth Smart Ready to Drive M2M Application Development

By Adam Zeis on 22 Jul 2013 08:51 am EDT

BlackBerry has announced native support for Bluetooth Smart Ready on BlackBerry 10 today, joining the likes of Android and iOS devices. BlackBerry 10 devices will be able to work and communicate with many of the Bluetooth Smart accessories already on the market today. The Bluetooth Smart devices are low energy and help to save on battery life on both the smartphone and connected device. BlackBerry 10 devices will support both the old Bluetooth protocol (aka classic) as well as the Bluetooth LE system. 

This means BlackBerry will be able to support all kinds of new Bluetooth Smart accessories including fitness and automotive accessories. Developers can also begin creating apps with the new Bluetooth LE with tool that are available within the BlackBerry NDK. 

Check out the full press release below.

Press Release

BlackBerry Supports Bluetooth Smart Ready to Drive M2M Application Development

Opportunities for developers expand on secure BlackBerry 10 platform

WATERLOO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - July 22, 2013) - BlackBerry(R) (NASDAQ:BBRY)(TSX:BB) and the Bluetooth SIG today jointly announced native support in BlackBerry(R) 10 for Bluetooth(R) Smart Ready, a key enabler of seamless connectivity between Bluetooth Smart devices. Tightly integrated into the BlackBerry 10 platform, developers can now easily incorporate Bluetooth Smart functionality into their BlackBerry 10 applications.

"The new BlackBerry 10 smartphones are Bluetooth Smart Ready enabling developers to create apps and interfaces for new mobile experiences," said Suke Jawanda, Chief Marketing Officer of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group. "With a strong heritage in security and a deep reputation for hands-on developer support, BlackBerry is well-positioned to help showcase the innovation that Bluetooth can enable."

BlackBerry 10 applications can be written to leverage the wide range of Bluetooth Smart devices currently on the market. BlackBerry 10 apps with Bluetooth functionality are creating new opportunities for developers to deliver innovative user experiences in sectors such as fitness, healthcare and automotive. For example, applications can track a cyclist's performance on their BlackBerry 10 smartphone using speed and cadence sensors on their bikes, fitness enthusiasts can capture heart rate data from training sessions to compare performance and sensors can even help drivers locate a lost set of keys.

BlackBerry provides a broad range of support for various Bluetooth profiles in BlackBerry 10, with a highly secure and robust set of APIs (Application Programming Interface) in the Native Development Kit (NDK). BlackBerry 10 implements AES-CCM cryptography and privacy features to ensure a customer's data is kept safe and secure while their smartphone is polling or connected to a Bluetooth Smart device. This is in accordance with the BlackBerry 10 platform's strict standards for security as well as being in compliance with Bluetooth SIG defined requirements for Bluetooth Smart and Smart Ready devices. Bluetooth Smart enables devices to communicate with one another through short, highly efficient data transfers, with low power requirements that help preserve the battery life of both the smartphone and the Bluetooth Smart device. Leveraging the Bluetooth 4.0 specification and GATT-based architecture, Bluetooth Smart Ready devices can link seamlessly with BlackBerry 10 smartphones. This offers developers a framework to create graphical user interfaces for a wide range of data-gathering sensors.

"Interconnectivity opens up an exciting, new world for app developers," said Alec Saunders, Vice President of Developer Relations & Ecosystems at BlackBerry. "When devices are able to speak to each other, the possibilities become vast. Bluetooth Smart support on BlackBerry10 allows developers to create mobile computing apps for consumers and in vertical markets that integrate seamlessly and securely with the myriad of Bluetooth devices."


Developers can begin creating applications and exploring new and interesting use cases for Bluetooth Low Energy by using the development tools available within the BlackBerry 10 NDK at:

The BlackBerry team has compiled a range of informative videos and blog posts, along with a collection of applications with full source codes to help developers get started with Bluetooth integration on BlackBerry 10. For further details, please see: For a recent video which shows how to write a BlackBerry 10 application that captures cycling performance data, please visit: 


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BlackBerry Supports Bluetooth Smart Ready to Drive M2M Application Development


Great. But then again it will take months and months or maybe never get to the users due to the update problems thru the providers. It sucks so much. :(

Posted via CB10 on Q10

Does this mean that (if I ever get an update...VZW) my Fitbit Flex will now sync with my device through a side loaded Android Fitbit App?

C0004E653 - The official channel for

 It sickens ne to think that some US carriers have still not updated to 10.1. Has to be something sinister here...?? 

Posted via a BlackBerry 10 - iPhone killer device

yeah Verizon is just a bunch of jerks for not updating or even communicating a time frame and if you are gullible enough they will try and get you to believe it is BBRY's fault. When calling to ask about the update, 9 times out of 10 they will blame them. When I say, no BBRY has sent me communication say you have the update and are still testing it the Verizon rep changes their story.

Considering that RIM (BlackBerry) had 3 years to create BB10 from the ground up, one would thought RIM would/should have had the foresight to add BB10 OS update function that bypasses the slow as molasses telecom companies, therefore no need to *beg* telecom carriers to update the BB10 devices' OS ?

Along those same lines, how could Verizon's actions be considered sinister and anti-BlackBerry if they have released 10.1 via the Q10? Perhaps Verizon is simply anti-Z10? ;)

Exactly. Q10 has it. They have no excuse ("testing" my a**!) for not releasing 10.1.

No excuse at all. How many months has it been now?

Posted via CB10

No the android ports and sideloads will not work work with BT. BB hs not made the tools available for developers for ANY android application to use bluetooth. Not headsets in Skype, not gamepads in NFS, not heart rate monitors for Endomondo or Runtastic. Not sure we will ever see this.

My BT headset works in Skype voice calls, ans used to work in vidéo calls too but stopped working in Skype vidéo calls. Still works like a champ in BBM Voice and Video.

Sent from my iPuh-lease-as-IF

I'd be happy if Blue tooth support as is was improved. I could use my 9900 with speech recognition for dialing in my Volvo V60, but it does not work on my Z10

Posted via CB10 - Z10 STL100-2 Vodafone NL

So...does this mean Maps will finally stream voice over my car's BT, like iOS and Google Maps used to?

Yeah I just posted similar message below Z10 was on Bluetooth LE site for months. That and CascaRun is why I'm looking for sales on the Mio Alpha right now.

Hasn't this been here they were listed on the Bluetooth LE site for months. Well Z10 was I never saw the Q10 their but I figured that was because it was new. Maybe it wasn't supported until now on all blackberry 10 phones and that is what they mean.

... I have a feeling that this is not the only positive news we are going to hear between now and next ER, regarding how BlackBerry has properly covered their ground on their goal for a superior mobile OS.

I am actually glad that BlackBerry has lowered their guard on protecting their hardware margin, in order to get more devices out and show the world that they are the best at software, services, and security.

Go BlackBerry!

Posted via CB10

BTW, off topic, but from what I am hearing about 10.2, the lids going to blow off the top of some nay-sayers in regards to the power of BB10; and it can only get better.

Posted via CB10

I know it's just an incremental update 10.1->10.2 but there are so many great new features coming. Miracast, wifi direct, native unity, Android 4.2.2, quick reply notifications...

I'm dying to know what's coming in 10.3, 11.0..

Posted via CB10

This will be great for the future of BlackBerry so long as the developers get on board and make apps to work with this technology.

Posted via CB10

Great to know blackberry is "developing" this, shame there will be no apps for it because none of the big devs will write for BB10

Posted via CB10

All I know is that when I start my car, my BBQ10 playlist starts automatically and all calls go through my car audio. This new ish better not break that hotness.