BlackBerry supporting students in the United Arab Emirates

By James Richardson on 21 Mar 2013 06:39 am EDT

It looks like BlackBerry are getting into the swing of helping out students over in the UAE. They have teamed up with not-for-profit organization INJAZ and launched their Junior Achievement Young Enterprise (JA-YE) Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Innovation Camps. The first to kick off saw more than 100 students partcipate in the camp which was focused on business challenges in the field of mobile technology.

The Innovation Camps are an initiative developed through a partnership between BlackBerry and JA-YE Europe aimed at motivating students, aged 10-18 to consider STEM oriented careers. The Innovation Camps help raise awareness amongst secondary school students of STEM-related issues, showcase industry role models, and lead the way to showing that skill-based CSR programs have a vital role to play in the future of education and th alignment  of business needs with curriculums.

At the Dubai Innovation Camp, students were asked to create an idea for a mobile application that could be used by students in the classroom. Participating students created sales plans in support of their mobile app concept, and the winning team was chosen by a panel of judges which included His Highness Sheikh Khaled Bin Nahyan, Chairman of INJAZ; Sulaf Saleh Al-Zu'bi, CEO of INJAZ; and Robert Bose, Managing Director, Middle East & Africa at BlackBerry.  

At the end of an exciting day filled with challenges and a tremendous amount of innovative thinking on display, Group Ping from Dubai International School were chosen to represent the UAE in the Junior Achievment international finals against thirteen other schools from around the world. 

“BlackBerry was built on innovation and is a strong supporter of science, engineering, technology and math in education. We are proud to support Junior Achievement as they engage young people and encourage them to think outside of the box. Through regular STEM camps, we hope to foster an environment of entrepreneurial and innovative thinking,” said Robert Bose, Managing Director, Middle East and Africa at BlackBerry.

“I want to congratulate everyone on such an amazing experience and opportunity we extended to those students. Not only have we introduced entrepreneurship to high school students, we also got them to think about using technology bases business ideas that help solve the issues that today's youth are facing. Everyone came out having learned something new, including the volunteers and organizers," said Sulaf Saleh Al’Zubi, CEO, Injaz.

The Junior Achievement global final will take place on June 13, 2013 and will include winning teams from the UAE, Spain, Italy, India, Thailand, Argentina, China, Sweden, Mexico, Malaysia, South Africa, Nigeria, Columbia and Indonesia.


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BlackBerry supporting students in the United Arab Emirates


This sounds awesome! Definitley taking some ideas to my boss..I work for a STEM program in an urban area.

Very cool. Still waiting on a UAE native BlackBerry App update for the official blackberry maps though.. the picture was deceiving lol, still getting 'map data is unavailable for this country' which is rather annoying, using wise pilot which is great but would male the BlackBerry look better if the default 'maps' at least showed a map, not a blank white page... since the older BlackBerry's still at least show a map, never mind the navigation.

Posted via CB10

This is great! BlackBerry still has major support in the UAE, great to see them offering something in return.

Posted via CB10

This is really good to see. In another post it was mentioned that BlackBerry has set up a developer's centre in Nigeria. More good stuff. Way to go BlackBerry.

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