BlackBerry Super Fanboy Contest Finalist Videos on the way... stay tuned!

Super Fanboy Contest
By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Oct 2011 12:18 pm EDT

The entry deadline for our BlackBerry Super Fanboy contest came to pass at noon yesterday, and our judging panel stayed up LATE last night watching all of the video entries and arguing back and forth over which should qualify as finalists. Overall we were really excited with the videos submitted - there are definitely a lot of BlackBerry Super Fans out there!

We've now narrowed it down to our five finalists, and today and tomorrow will be running each of those videos here on the CrackBerry blogs in a dedicated post. Be sure to watch them as they air and leave your feedback. Once all of the finalist videos have run on the blogs we have a new set of judges who will step in to decide on the winner.

Big thanks to EVERYONE who submitted a video entry. Stay tuned... the Super Fanboy contest finalist videos are coming right up! 

Reader comments

BlackBerry Super Fanboy Contest Finalist Videos on the way... stay tuned!


I'm really disappointed in myself for not submitting a video for this contest. SHAME ON ME! As I am, one of many, a BLACKBERRY SUPER FANBOY! Although I am planning on self shooting a music video for my band using the PlayBook. Nothing professional but good enough for the Tubes-of-You.

Good luck to everyone who entered!!

Why? ...because you're comparing it to the first one that has already been displayed on the front page of CB?
Ya, I already went thru that and I came to the conclusion that its all in good fun! Besides, mines probly the cheapest lookin video, but hey, I still like it and can't wait to see it up on CB! Good Luck TeaBoy and Good Fun, to us all that submitted and to those that get to watch us!