QNX wants to solve your pothole woes by having your vehicle report them to officials

By Bla1ze on 5 Aug 2014 03:05 pm EDT

Although some areas offer apps to report potholes and such on local roads, BlackBerry's QNX is looking to move beyond the need for those and actually have your vehicle take care of the reporting to city officials. In speaking with CTV News, Derek Kuhn, Vice-President of Sales and Marketing for QNX, shared some details on QNX and what they're working on in the IoT sector with Project Ion.

If a car is hitting a crazy bump at a similar GPS location and other cars are doing the same, (the vehicle) can actually share that information with the municipality . . . Wouldn't it be nice if you could actually prioritize the problems?

Although potholes are a problem and one Kuhn's organization is looking to fix through deeper integration of sensors in automobiles, QNX is looking well beyond that as their technology is embedded into infotainment systems, defibrillators, patient monitoring and blood analysis systems right down to laser eye surgery equipment to autonomous forklifts.

Kuhn readily admits that QNX is not a household name as of yet noting, 'We're not prone to being a household brand. We've just always been behind things that are cool.' but as interest in IoT rises, we're sure to hear a lot more about the offerings. Much of the media still ignores the BlackBerry and QNX relationship but BlackBerry arguably was ahead of the game with this acquisition. Have a look at the history of QNX and its implementation in BlackBerry 10.

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QNX wants to solve your pothole woes by having your vehicle report them to officials


I know understand the lore of being 1st, and fell for it. This is still a great use case foe.the real world. Now mix this with Amber Alerts with license plate L, BIN number on records and youth being abducted can be found and nearby vars can be alerted and let drivers box in said.car.

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I'll never understand the lore. But maybe that's because I could be first on every article... if I wanted. As for the tech, it would be awesome to see expanded like that. Not sure what regulations would be in place for that but those would be some great use cases.

I wonder if this would eventually affect insurance rates. Knowing that there are more potholes in certain areas that can cause accidents could make insurance companies increase prices in certain areas or decrease in others better.

Also, this would be beautiful if car manufacturers used this data to improve their cars regionally. For example, if data shows one area has a lot of off roads or slippery slopes, they could better build cars to fit those regions.

I could go on since this is a feature that I always wished was implemented with GPS since it started coming out built in for cars.

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Yeah, the mention itself is rather odd. I'm gonna guess it was more so let's get the QNX name out there and highlight what they're doing than anything else. The video never accompanied the interview, I just knew what they were referring to.

^ Same here I never get tired of this and the other 2 'connected' videos. There is SO much left to be done and executed that is featured.

Autonomous Drive - real world use = Audi A6+QNX = Done! (Done before Google I may ad; running in public without police escort!!)

This only works if you hit the pothole. I pay attention to where my wheels go and avoid them, making this app useless. Living in Ottawa, you have to avoid them otherwise you'll be in the shop every other day or swallowed up in a sink hole.

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You can have your car controlled by Android of course, I hope the lag is not too bad when you're hitting the brakes or turning the steering wheel...

QNX = Realtime OS


 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 


Whoever used android to control their car are entitled remain in that age forever.

Reason - Android for frozen during overtaking :-).

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Old and wise people do.....old and wise! PS you will be old one day....question is will you be wise?

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I was in a cab just 3 weeks ago in Toronto on Keele Street heading south from Finch (Finch intersection is closed unless going East/West due to underground construction for Finch West Subway). Now you know what I'm about to say is REAL.

Just before hitting Wilson on Keele heading South ... maybe about 3/4 lights the cabbie went through a puddle in his lane ... THUMP! Didn't think anything of it. Some SUV's went through, even a TTC bus before us ... guess what got to Keele. Went into Shoppers Drug Mart, grabbed the same cab (waited) heading north and not even a block up ... FLAT TIRE!

Reason: POT HOLE
Avoidance capability = 0! (couldn't see it).

So avoiding only works if you can SEE the pot-hole.
Now let's extend this to rubberized metering setups for improvement and assessment of traffic. Now lets use this in REAL time to KNOW how slowly traffic is moving and update GPS/LCD mapping systems in real-time to find alternative routes to free up traffic for those needing longer commutes to stay on main roads/highways.

Less fuel consumed
Improved mileage (both electric, fossil, alternative fueled cars)
Less time to destination = more jobs saved by those on their last string ;)

I live in Montreal. We hit the smallest of the potholes, there are just too many to avoid.

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So true......LOL. I was born and raised in Montreal and now I live in Toronto. The moment you cross back to Montreal the potholes start...

If they can be easily avoided then they are relatively low priority. That's one of the strengths of this. But I see the potential drawbacks in terms of the accuracy of the data being sent.

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I think I'll keep my location to myself and let the city/county vehicles report the potholes.

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Any vehicle equipped with this QNX that is ACTUALLY On the ROAD, YET?

" Initiated from my QNX10 "

QNX is already in millions of cars but this technology (sensing potholes) is something new they're working on.

This is not completely true. Mercedes already has pothole sensing technology in their current S Class. It has sensors in front of each wheel that senses whether there is a bump or pothole and adjusts the suspension on the fly to eliminate the "bump" so the passengers don't sense the bump or pothole. With the system in the car, you would never know you hit a speed bump or pot hole.

This technology can easily be used to collect the data to forward to a municipality. Just like lots of technology that was first in the premium models produced by Mercedes and BMW, it will be in the cars of the masses in the future.

Take, for example, the Electronic Stability Program that was an option in the 7 Series and S Class in 1998. That cut fuel and applied breaks to individual wheels in order to straighten out the car if it drifted. By 2003, it became standard in all German autos and as of December 2011, became a requirement for all vehicles sold in North America.

The technology to implement this feature already exists on current cars. It will not take long to make it available for this function.

I read this article on BerryFlow before it was posted here. This is good news for BlackBerry and QNX. Hope it gets realized.

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You know what I would like to see? My GPS telling my make a right AS SOON as the light turns green. The Traffic lights communicating with my GPS. That's innovation

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You are not supposed to move forward as soon as the Trafic light goes green.

Before that you are supposed to check that there is clear way ahead of the upcoming path of your car (no pedestrians, no cars).

And most of all you are supposed to keep your attention focused on driving.

If you do not even pay attention to a tragic light, then you are a public danger.

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While this might sound great for things like potholes I don't want my car to report to anyone where I am and e.g. how fast I am going.

Seriously, I am considering to buy a 90s car like a BMW 850. I am very much into gadgets and buy new smartphones every 6 months or so but this is somehow scary.

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Please QNX come to India with this service. But knowing the government here, they would probably simply sleep over all the information coming through QNX. But this could be dream come true.

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As mentioned by others...what privacy controls would be in place? This should be an opt in consent model if you ask me.

At least in Canada.

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Where did that saying come from? My buddy has been saying it for like 10 years

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Potholes in Montreal ! QNX: sorry the system as crashed, please wait rebooting... loll

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I worked with QNX in the 90's the company I worked for used the OS as the basis for their industrial HMI called PCV, it was a very robust HMI that used Intel hardware and gave the customer true RTOS with multiple monitors and multiple windows per monitor ages before windows and Mac, the OS and all driver fit on a few diskettes and was rock solid as a mission critical OS for industrial use, mostly Power plants, as soon as I found out RIM bought them I thought that BlackBerry would have the most robust efficient OS on the planet

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Very cool indeed!!

Imagine other possibilities, like your car reporting speeding infractions straight to the police, or a herb sensor that can tell them when you're blazing behind the wheel.

Lots of privacy issues to unravel with this IoT..

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I so want that console as my dash in my work vehicle. All Sexy black when off and maybe a LACARS theme ;)

Someday when smart cars are smart I'd like to see something like Waze integrated in each vehicle and distribute/routes traffic efficiently.

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I definitely report potholes to 311toronto (on twitter) each time I see them with a photo to go to confirm it's an actual report and not just a waste of time tweet like I have seen others do before. As we all report it at once, it makes sure to get fixed.

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Should test it in Winnipeg. Might be easier to identify the good section of road instead of the pot holes.

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Anything that monitors my habits, keeps a record and reports it for the greater good can be used by humans for other than good purposes. I don't want my car reporting ANYTHING without my express consent!

If the cars can exchange information, won't it more vulnerable to hacking. What happen to the car that wants to exchange information send you the virus instead?