BlackBerry Style Promo Video!

By Kevin Michaluk on 18 Oct 2010 09:56 am EDT

Following up on the official press announcement, features and specs sheet, and photo gallery, you can also check out the official RIM product video for the new BlackBerry Style 9670 Smartphone from Research In Motion.

The BlackBerry Style is the first flip phone from RIM to feature a full qwerty physical keyboard and will be available from Sprint this Halloween. Check out the video above and sound off in the comments!

Reader comments

BlackBerry Style Promo Video!


i like this Kev, just wish they had built more external screen functionality in. i'm guessing developers will NOT have the ability to code this either? *sigh*

I'd like to get one just to play with it for a couple weeks (which I can fortunately do because of my job).

Don't know if I'd want to keep a flip, just for the fact that have to flip it open to type. I eval'd the Torch for a few weeks and while it was fun, always sliding the keyboard open was a PITA (and I loathe touchscreens).

I don't personally like the design of it. It would have had a much higher appeal if the exterior screen did have touch capabilities. I'll be honest and say that since QNX has been alledged to be the BB 7 OS build, I'm holding out for that. How ever long it will be. I know there are people that still hold that the flip is a great design but I just, like many, wish that RIM would have put more in to it. I'll be fine for now with my 9650.

PS: Didn't like the "style" of music that much either. (said as I was boo-ed off stage)

They can keep the Style. Although the specs are more appealing than what I have now, I hate flip phones. I get sick of the flipping after a while. I am constantly on my phone all day and I cant imagine flipping open my phone dozens and dozens of times a day. Thats ridiculous. The last time I had a flip phone was 2001, that flip shorted out on me because of the constant flipping, after that I got a candy bar style phone and havent looked back. No flips for me. I did experiment with a slider phone (it wasnt so bad for some reason not as annoying as the flipping, lol) Im still waiting to see what other Blackberry comes along to Sprint when im eligible for an upgrade in December.

hopefully you don't have a case that you have to constantly flip open.

I dont see this any different from the torch other than the lack of touch screen capabilities and in saying that not everyone wants a standard candybar phone with touch.

this phone may not be for you but on my travels I certainly know a lot of people who do enjoy flips. Whether this will catch the eye of those who like flips, we'll just have to wait and see.

That wouldnt make sense for me to have a case that flips open if I hate flip phones. I have a skin for my phone and I use a screen protector. Its all my opinion. Thats why if a manufacturer has any sense at all they come out with a variety to appeal to the masses not just one person with one taste. My taste is candy bar (i dont particularly care for touch screen I prefer a physical keyboard), my husband likes flip phones, I have friends who like touch screens only, etc. Its all a matter of taste. I know this phone will appeal to many, just not me.