BlackBerry Style Officially Announced! New Full Qwerty Flip Available from Sprint Oct. 31st for $99.99

BlackBerry Style Officially Announced!
By Kevin Michaluk on 18 Oct 2010 09:00 am EDT

We've been following the BlackBerry 9670 for a long time now, so it's awesome to see the Sprint exclusive BlackBerry Style 9670 get announced today. The BlackBerry Style will be available from Sprint this Halloween for $99.99 (after mail-in rebate) on a 2 year contract. The Style will be styling in two colors at launch: Steel Gray and the pretty sweet looking Royal Purple (see BlackBerry Style Image gallery). 

The BlackBerry Style is the first CDMA BlackBerry to launch with BlackBerry 6 and also the first flip phone from Research In Motion to feature a full physical qwerty keyboard. We had the chance this past Friday to get briefed on the new phone by David Smith, VP Product Management at RIM and David Owens, VP Marketing at Sprint, who were both excited about the Style on Sprint. For more info you can check out the BlackBerry Style tech specs, visit and keep reading for our notes from that call and for the  the full press release.

BlackBerry Style Briefing and Hands-On Video

Speaking to David from RIM and David from Sprint it was clear both companies are excited for the new BlackBerry Style. 

From the Sprint perspective, David Owens made it clear to us that Sprint customers love BlackBerry. A lot of that love came from RIM's iDen devices, and in the last couple of years Sprint has done well selling all CDMA BlackBerry Smartphones. The Curve is always one of Sprint's top sellers. With the BlackBerry Style being a Sprint exclusive, they wanted to do something unique. In the USA, 100 million of the 235+ million phones in customers hands are flip phones.  While I know flip phones may seem a little out of style with our the cutting edge smartphone people out there, Sprint's thought with the Style was to aim this device at the mid-market and go after those who like the form factor. BlackBerry is synomous with a full physical keyboard, so combining that keyboard into a flip phone with the latest BlackBerry OS at an attractive price point and Sprint figures this will be a big hit. With Sprint's $69 unlimited plan, it's not only the up front cost of the BlackBerry Style that is reasonable but also the total cost over the life of the contract term. 

From the RIM perspective, the BlackBerry Style falls in line with the current generation of devices on the market. It has that industrial style we've come to expect from RIM and a lot of solid components. The BlackBerry Style rocks the 5 megapixel camera found in the Torch and also has GPS and WiFi. 512MB of internal memory are there to power BlackBerry 6 and a 8GB memory card comes in the box for media. As with other new CDMA BlackBerry Smartphones, the Style also supports Open GL for 3D graphics. I'm looking forward to getting my hands on the Style - apparently it feels nice in the hand (not too heavy) and is a good one to carry around for everyday use.

All said and done, with the BlackBerry Style Sprint has a unique and marketable BlackBerry on their hands that should appeal to a lot of people out there!

Press Release

BlackBerry Style 9670, Featuring Compact, Flip Form Factor, Available Nationwide Exclusively from Sprint Beginning on Oct. 31

BlackBerry Style offers an elegant flip design, full QWERTY keyboard, advanced smartphone features and new BlackBerry 6 OS; Reservations begin Oct. 19 at

OVERLAND PARK, Kan., and WATERLOO, Ontario - Oct. 18, 2010 - For the more than 100 million U.S. consumers who currently use a flip phone, Sprint (NYSE:S) and Research In Motion (RIM) (NASDAQ:RIMM;

TSX:RIM) today announced the much-anticipated BlackBerry Style 9670 smartphone. BlackBerry Style is an elegant, new flip smartphone featuring a full QWERTY BlackBerry keyboard, the new BlackBerry 6 operating system and a wide range of advanced communications and multimedia capabilities. It will be available in the United States only from Sprint beginning on Oct. 31.

The BlackBerry Style features a full QWERTY BlackBerry keyboard that makes email, messaging and real-time chats with BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) incredibly easy. It also comes with many advanced features, including a 5MP camera with flash and support for video recording, built-in GPS for location-based apps and geo-tagging, Wi-Fi for faster connectivity and extended data coverage, and an expandable memory slot for up to 32GB of additional storage.

"The beautiful and compact flip form factor on the BlackBerry Style smartphone makes it quite unique within the BlackBerry lineup," said Fared Adib, vice president - Product Development, Sprint. "Customers will appreciate that the flip form factor is extremely easy to use for calls, and with a full QWERTY keyboard, it provides the same attractive features enthusiasts have come to expect from their smartphone. Also, with the enhancements available through BlackBerry 6, Sprint customers will love the new user interface and the enhanced Web browsing experience."

The attractive new smartphone includes an optical trackpad for fluid navigation and boasts two large displays, an external screen for quickly viewing notifications and messages, and a high-resolution internal display that makes Web browsing or watching videos a pleasure. The BlackBerry Style smartphone will also be available in two fashionable colors - Steel Grey and Royal Purple.

"The flip form factor appeals to a very distinct but sizable set of consumers in the U.S., and we're pleased to work with Sprint to bring this unique new BlackBerry smartphone to their customers," said David J. Smith, vice president of Product Management, Research In Motion. "The new BlackBerry Style smartphone is a feature rich, premium BlackBerry smartphone that makes the perfect choice for Sprint customers who love the flip form factor but want advanced smartphone features and a full QWERTY keyboard."

First Sprint Smartphone with BlackBerry 6

BlackBerry 6 features a redesigned interface that retains the familiar and trusted features that distinguish the BlackBerry brand, while delivering a fresh, approachable and engaging experience that's powerful and easy to use. It includes expanded messaging capabilities with intuitive features to simplify the management of social networking and RSS feeds (Social Feeds) and provides integrated access to BBM, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and various instant messaging applications that are preinstalled on the BlackBerry Style smartphone.

BlackBerry 6 also integrates a new and rich WebKit-based browser that renders HTML Web pages (as well as HTML email) quickly and beautifully for a great browsing experience. It features tabs for accessing multiple sites simultaneously, mouse-like navigation with the optical trackpad and a zoom feature that intelligently auto-wraps text in a column, while maintaining the placement of a page's key elements for easy viewing and navigation.

Universal search allows users to search through email, messages, contacts, music, videos and more on the smartphone, as well as extend searches to the Internet or to discover applications on BlackBerry App World. The BlackBerry Style also includes a preinstalled YouTube app and Podcasts app.

Worry-Free Pricing

The BlackBerry Style smartphone will be available nationally on Oct. 31 for $99.99 (after a $100 mail-in rebate) with a new line or eligible upgrade and two-year service agreement with activation on a Sprint® Business Advantage Messaging and Data plan or Everything plan with data. Sprint's industry-leading Everything Data or Business Advantage Messaging and Data plans include unlimited Web, texting and calling on the Nationwide Sprint Network to every mobile in America with Any Mobile, AnytimeSM. Everything Data plans start at $69.99 per month (excluding taxes and surcharges).

With the Sprint Free Guarantee, customers can take advantage of the BlackBerry Style smartphone for 30 days. If not completely satisfied, customers may return the device within 30 days to get reimbursed for the device purchase and activation fee, get both the early termination and restocking fees waived, and receive a full refund for the monthly service plan charges.1

Sprint is also offering customers an opportunity to reserve the Steel Grey BlackBerry Style smartphone for purchase beginning Tuesday, Oct. 19, while supplies last. The Royal Purple BlackBerry Style smartphone will be available in November.

Customers can reserve their smartphone for purchase at Customers who reserve the BlackBerry Style smartphone will be able to complete their purchase beginning Sunday, Oct. 31, and must complete their purchase no later than 6 p.m. local time on Monday, Nov. 1. Through the reservation process, customers will be able to reserve their new BlackBerry Style smartphone online, pick it up in a Sprint Store and receive the full retail experience, including Sprint's Ready Now service.

Application developers will have a chance to learn more about BlackBerry 6 at Sprint's 10th annual developer conference. The Sprint Open Developer Conference, Oct. 26-28 in Santa Clara, Calif., is open to all attendees and will feature information on developing applications for a range of platforms, including BlackBerry 6. Developers can register for the conference at

1 Refund excludes usage not associated with the monthly service plan, premium content, third-party billing, international charges and associated taxes and Sprint surcharges. 

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Reader comments

BlackBerry Style Officially Announced! New Full Qwerty Flip Available from Sprint Oct. 31st for $99.99


As a long-time and very happy Sprint customer, I see where they are going with this. However, even if it is rockin' official OS 6 I would never buy this phone. It's just not my "Style" - pun intended.

I personally love my Bold 9650 running!!

Give it a little extra shine in this pic, but the damn thing is oversized, clunky, and down right ugly. The price almost fits the purchase, should be 19.99 on boost mobile.

Oversized and clunky? So you've actually held one in your hand? I suppose after playing with yourself all day a Tootsie Roll would feel oversized..

This actually is the way it looks - I was at the sprint store yesterday and fell in love. It's small and stylish! Looks way better than the pic.

I loved my Samsung I500 many moons ago, it is about time we get another flip with a full keyboard, bravo to Sprint and RIM.

While earlier pics made this look hideous...the purple gives it a lil "style". Still not as cute as my Torch.(-:To each his own.

This phone looks better and better to me everytime I see it.......There's a market out there for it and I think it'll be a good seller

When ever I see pictures of a new phone I like to reserve final judgment until I hold it in my hands. There's been times where i did not like the look of a phone but changed my mind once I actually held one.
I would like to know how well the flip mechanism works. Also is it all the way open or closed or does it have a half way open position like it shown in the pics? The halfway open position could be very handy if you set it on a table or desk.

The purple actually makes it look good. You hardly notice all the dead space around the screen and keyboard.

The battery is pitiful, the camera is par for what is offered by other BlackBerry devices, as is the memory. It's screen may be bigger than the Bold 9000's but it has a worse resolution.

The video camera is still bad, and the processor is the same 624 mhz they've been using for close to 2 years.

In fact, besides more memory (512 mb) and more megapixels (5.0), this phone is as powerful as my Bold 9000.

I don't know about you, but more and more RIM is trying to be "jack of all trades, master of none".

Sure they boast a lot of features, but they are behind in nearly every single category of smartphone now. Want to know why BlackBerry app world is a fail? Because we are limited by app memory. If they allowed apps to be stored on SD cards like many other companies do, blackberry app world would be decent.

Sure the flip is nice to have, but this phone should have at least a 1550 MaH battery, at least an 7.2 MP camera, higher resolution screens, at least 1 gb ram because OS 6 takes close to 220 mb+, and at least an 800 mhz or above processor.

Anyone who has used a Torch will tell you just how bad the 624 mhz processor is now. It was amazing in 2008, in 2010 not so much. Also, why keep putting inferior batteries in? They used a 1550 MaH for the original Bold and Bold 9700 and now they've gone down to 1150 and 1350 Mah batteries despite OS 6 being so intensive. You can see for yourself how bad the battery life is on the Torch.

And soon, the Bold 9780 will release with nothing more than a simple megapixel and memory upgrade.

Nice 'cut-and-paste' duplicate reply here, same as in the other article comments section about this phone. You on a personal crusade against RIM, or trying to short their stock or something?? Or just have way too much time on your hands?

you are right in many things but I am not very sure about the preprocessor. Do we really know mobiles with 1Ghz?

I am happy with my 624 mhz processor, and I think that maybe RIM understands it is the optimum power / battery consumption.

Another spec sheet ramble. This phone's market does not need anything you stated. Save your rants for the Storm 3 boards. RIM is not competing in the high tech touch phone market right now, that's obvious and something I wish they'd address ASAP. Everywhere else, they are doing fine. And this phone falls under everywhere else.

Actually most people who use Torch's are very happy with their "slow" processor. And 1GB of RAM? Wtf would you ever need that much space unless you're an app hore. You've obviously never even used a Torch or know about the battery life's..because it's well documented people are getting 36+ hours out of them on a single charge..myself included.

I own several blackberry devices and am currently using a Bold 9000 and Bold 9700... 1 gb of ram is actually low. You do realize that if more blackberry's had more ram, better apps can be made. As it stands, blackberry apps are behind iphone and android apps in terms of development. Quit being fanboys. With the Bold 9000, RIM was ahead of the curve and now they are really far behind.

As to whether or not the style needs better specs, you should ask the CDMA owners who will be forced to use this to get their first shot at os6.

As for torch battery, I used it for 1 week and barely got 4.5 to 5 hours with moderate use. I get 8 hours out of my bold 9700.

I don't know what's worse, RIM trying to release mediocre devices, or you 'sheeple' defending them. Just you wait, if RIM doesn't shape up they'll go the way of Palm and Nokia in terms of OS and system. The only real thing RIM has going for it, is a solid BBM which can only last as long as the competitors don't keep up. So many devs have said that blackberry apps aren't even on their radar anymore. If RIM allowed apps to be saved to SD cards, then you could have millions of apps that are powerful and not the cut and paste versions of iphone apps now.

I've been with RIM for several years, but its hard to stay with them with the stuff they are pulling. What does the BOLD 9780 add? 512 mb memory and a 5 mp camera. That's it.

If useless apps is what you're after then you are on the wrong platform, plain and simple. Wtf needs a Compass app, or an Astronomy app? Most of the other platforms apps are designed because useful things aren't integrated into the software, like email, and LED, or cut and paste lol..most everything else is just bunk. If you're crying because RIM doesn't have Angry Birds then your gonna be crying for a long time, because that's not what RIM's about.

The Astronomy App!! I swear every droid owner I know has shown me that app. That app and the screen saver where it's raining on the screen. Too funny.

Yea..i'm sure you have Google stocks lol. Unless you're considering that the Android phone you bought(or your parents bought for you more likely) makes you a part owner in Google now?

haha screw blackberry and crackberry this forum is a waste of time, when i had my blackberry this forum has tons of comments on its articles, now its having a hard time getting double-digit posts hahahahaha, check out you turds

Ahhh, what would threads be like without these droidhole comments. Someday droids will be the only phones left on earth and all the droidholes will have nothing to do all day. I so look forward to it.

I don't think he's doing this intentionally, but he does have a point... CB was pretty good this time around last year, all we have now is fantastically dumb app adverts, "app round-ups" of the those same apps, "news" thats not exactly worth mentioning and the same article x4, QED with this announcement of a BB no one is really interested in.

Just saying, yknow. I don't know if CB came under RIM scrutiny, but I can't help but notice them not reporting on juicy stuff like insiders any more, or any useful leaks. It just feels dead.

First, I'm so tired of anything being "exclusive" to any carrier anymore. Sure, let's strangle the market and anger the very people we try to make money off of!

Second, if a touch screen/qwerty slider on a very popular network was considered a fail, why would a non-touch qwerty flip on a much less popular network do good or any better at all??? I feel RIM is happy where they are at and so will continue to produce where they are happy.... Years behind of today's technology.

I agree with you and also I would like to say that, mankind needs to take a step back with technology. Or just hault until we see other solutions where its needed other than worrying about new phones being so futurisitic.

MY favorite bb was the Pearl Flip and I was going to get the 9670 until I played with a Android device. Blackberry is so far behind the eight ball why would anyone want one when there are android devices out there.Don't get me wrong I like bb but come on get on the ball RIM and stop launching last years products!

dependent upon the how this physically feels in the pocket, if it's small and unobtrusive then seems like it's a potential 'sidekick' to a PlayBook.

Just like other devices on the market like the Curve 8500 and even the Bold, will this phone eventually come out on AT&T?

Just another one of RIM's "specatcular" devices that shows how out of touch and behind the times that they are. A flip device? Welcome to the 90's *rolleyes*

GREAT MARKETING MOVE by RIM. Package the LONG awaited OS in a NON BB form factor, TWICE...its just a shame the Pearl Flip came ot FIRST.

I like clamshell's, looks to be smaller, 5.0 camera, no butt dialing (purse dialing for ladies) and OS 6 loaded up? I'll at least go in and play around with it!

sexy sexy sexy. im soooo happy they didnt use the look of the 9670 in the simulator leaked awhile back. that made me cry lol.

Why would BB come out with a new phone on Sprint running the new OS 6 and it not be a 4G phone? Sprint being the first carrier for 4G it just would make sense for the newest BB on Sprint to have it!

Only way BB can stay up with other smart phones in the market is to use the QNX OS on the phones, and hopefully sooner then later.

It's not as horrible as I thought it was going to be. The location of the camera is a bit questionable - most flip phones that are popular have the camera on the face so you don't have to hold the phone at a weird angle to take pictures.

And everyone going on about how flip phones are so 90s -- think about every person out there you know who does not own a smart phone of any kind. How many of them have flips or horizontal sliders? Probably most of them. I see what RIM is doing - and I still see tons of people sporting Pearl Flips around here so I wouldn't be surprised if they do decently with this phone.

As a side note - I see lots of people sporting LG Lotus phones - they're square and have the full querty in a flip as well. There is a market for this phone, we who prefer our candy-bar smartphones just don't see it.

You are right. Almost everyone I know who has not upgraded to a smart phone still has a flip or a slider (mostly flip). My mom has a slider and my dad a flip. My husband even has a flip and loves it. He saw this phone and is ready to order it! It really is based on preference. My preference is candy bar, I had a bad experience with flip phones in the past, the flipping drives me bats. LOL.

This phone is looking much better every time I see it. Its just not for me.

Let me help you then. Go pick up a demo of this phone..walk over to the nearest mirror and hold it up next to your face..and then tell me which one is REALLY uglier.

not everyone wants a slider or a candybar phone and not everyone wants their phone to have touch capabilities. there's a market for this. Good move. it's looking a lot better than it did a few months ago when all we had were leaked crappy shots of it.

I fully agree. My first BB was a 8100 Pearl, switching from a long line of Motorola flip phones. I love my BlackBerry (I now have a 8520 Curve), but I still prefer the flip phone. I have respect for other's tastes, but I personally don't like the candybar form. I don't like touchscreen phones either. I prefer to keep my phone in my pocket. My Razr of years past was made of aluminum and held up fine with no scratches (still works fine to this day). I don't want to have to worry about my screen getting scratched up in my pocket, or accidentally calling people, or having to lock my phone every single time I put it away. All of these have happened to both me and my wife (she's still rocking her own Pearl).

Most current BlackBerry users either prefer candybar phones or touchscreens, otherwise they would likely have purchased some other phone IN THE FIRST PLACE. RIM isn't making this phone for you. This phone is to draw NEW users to BlackBerry, as well as satisfy folks like me. Folks should just remember to keep their opinions in the proper perspective, instead of trashing products just because "it's not your cup of tea". I for one have wanted to buy another BlackBerry, just in a flip phone. I almost bought a Pearl Flip, but the big Suretype buttons turned me off. I was ready for a Qwerty keyboard, and I often wondered "Why in the heck doesn't RIM make a full-Qwerty flip?" This is the BB I AND my wife have been waiting for, not a touch Bold, not a Storm 3, not a "Bold 10k" lol. The only problem is it's on SPRINT, ARRRGGG! Come on RIM! I need this in GSM! Everything a Bold has in a flip, plus more memory & BB6 out of the box!

The more I see of this phone the more I like it. I will hold out for the Torch for a few months but my 8330 is getting very dated. I could see myself with this phone instead of the 9650. Come on Sprint, don't let me down!

I have to say that it looks a lot better than I thought. I really thought they were going backwards for a moment but I can see people getting tired of the those big smart phones. RIM may be on to something here.

Judging by the color it's clear that they are aiming this toward women. It's definitely not my thing, but I suppose it may be popular with women, especially in purple. Maybe they'll offer it in white and pink too!

Lol if you paid attention it's actually launching in the steel gray color first thats in the video (only logical). Which I will be picking up. Although Im sure a few gents out there will dig the purple but hey to each there own lol.

I guess I really need to see it in person. I just have abandoned the flip style phone because of all the hinge problems. Nothing beats a brick style phone. IMHO.
For some reason this phone looks huge in the pictures. (could be just me)
I am holding onto my tour until I see this one in person and see if the OS 6 really wows. Or better yet hope a Torch style phone hits Sprint soon instead.
Come on Sprint you let all the good phones get away!!

Still ugly, 2yrs. agreement for this wackass device... hell naw! another fail device from RIM. BlackBerry is dead... seem like a Robot Phone is taking over not some stupid fruit, i can't wait to move on.

Looks even better in that cool promo vid hope they run that as a commercial. Obviously you don't like the flip form factor thats the prob with all the haters of this phone lol not everyone wants a 5inch touchscreen device.

Read under Sprint & Rims press release almost half of cell users use this form factor. All the haters we get it! You dont like a flip but this device is looking even better & better. They need to run that cool promo vid as a commercial. Not Everyone wants a 5inch touchscreen phone is what it comes down to period & this device has awesome specs if you ask me. I hope it sells like hotcakes & proves the naysayers wrong!

No one is actually excited about this device, are they? I love how CDMA networks "best" achievements are so-so at best.

I think the Blackberry Style provides another option. As mentioned before not everyone is enamored with the candy bar form factor. A lot of people that I know still carry a flip phone and don't care much about touch screens, graphics and blazing speed. Call it 90's or old fashioned if you will. A lot of senior folks love flip phones and want a physical keyboard.

from a current BB Bold owner, Im digging this phone. i love flip phones, only reason i have a candy bar form smart phone is cuz Sprint prices are so darn cheap compared to the other carriers. now for me i got the best of both worlds a flip form and a Blackberry. Its not going to be for everyone but for me it is.

As along time customer of Sprint I am extremely happy with my service and am currently using the Blackberry Tour. I will be able to upgrade in December of this year. I am debating the Bold 9650 or the new 9670. I am not sure which one to go with. But was at the mall over the weekend and walked up to a Sprint kiosk. I spoke to the rep about if new Blackberry's are hitting the market for sprint? I was told Sprint will be getting their own version of the torch except it will not have the touch screen factors like AT&T does. Should I get the Bold 9650 or wait?

Bro, I would wait! I have the tour, upgraded to the Bold for sprint and was VERY disappointed in it. It's the EXACT same phone, housing, screen, camera, etc... as the Tour. It's just not worth the $200 upgrade fee, I returned it.

Yes, the bold has more memory but I never have problems with that, Yes it has wifi and there was NO difference between wifi and 3G on my home network.

My girl has the bold for T mobile and at least it looks cooler, leather battery cover etc.. they simply made this Bold out of leftover tour parts. Seriously, I would wait.

You could get it, mess with it, realize it's just a tour with a trackpad, and return it within the 30 days though.. like I did? Good Luck to ya

You cell phone nerds are killing me. Of all the things in the world, you're going to insult someone because their phone is "out of style"? I don't know ONE human on earth that thinks this way.. where the hell do you people come from?? If you no longer have a BB, then get a life and get the hell off the forum.. Make sense??

And anyone using the word "FAIL", for ANY reason EVER, should be banished from the internet for eternity!

I liked it when it was first leaked but I do wish RIM would have made better use of the dead space. This will be a good alternative to the Pearl Flip users.

The "Style" may have been in style 10 years ago, but now it looks like a retro-phone. My contract expires 06/01/11, by then I hope Sprint and RIM have an upgraded Torch-like BlackBerry smartphone availible, otherwise i'm seriously considering getting an HTC. Crackberries just want somthing to rival iphones, 'Droids and HTC's...and SOON RIM!

Another waste of RIM's time, money and resources.

The reason why 100 million out of the 235+ million of people are on dummy flip phones is because they either can't afford or don't want to be on a smartphone plan. They aren't all waiting around for the best flip device to come out to answer all of their flip phone needs. I would take a fair guess and say that most of these people who are still on flip devices don't give a woe that the Style is being released. They will all stay on their prepaid service with their cheap junkie phone because they know it'll get beat up whether at work or just misuse and they can always get another cheap junkie phone for next to nothing that works for them.

RIM is so backwards! For their consumers who want a kick ass phone comparable to the iPhone or Android, they give them phones with old hardware. For consumers who aren't really into cell phone tech or don't care so much about what their cell can do and just want something to get by with, they release an overkill device like the Style... What the hell is going on?! Someone is drunk behind the wheel.

I still am content with my Storm2, but I'm itching for a change. I really want to stay with RIM and BlackBerry, but for someone like me who wants an advanced or modern phone, RIM sure isn't giving me many options. To me, seeing the Style released is no different than seeing these refreshed devices drop - completely disappointing.

RIM has been completely good to it's consumers up until the Storm series debacle, then we saw the swift death of the Tour, we're now getting hosed with "refreshed" devices and OS6 and finally RIM wastes it's time with devices like the Style which stagnants growth and development of the type of device RIM should be giving us. I predict the Style will be a complete failure, even if it sells a little bit, how long before RIM stops supporting a device like that and throws it's users on the same pile as the failed Storm/Tour/Pearl flip pile?

I am however interested in what QNX has to offer RIM, so I'll stick around on my Storm2 and see what that future holds for BlackBerry, but there's no way in hell I'm buying another RIM device until RIM starts actually giving us phones that can actually compete in today's modern market.

But it's a great phone for those who don't like touch screens, slides, or candy bar phones.

You are not the only one buying a phone out there, and Sprint, which found a market with their original Lotus knew there were those of us who wanted a flip, a full keyboard and all the benefits of a blackberry.

I love my style, and I have a feeling a lot of Sprint users will be upgrading to it!

I think the flip design will be very useful to watch Sprint TV and You Tube videos. You can tilt the screen back and forward and it sits on itself. I'd get it for that reason only. I have the 8330 so it would be a good upgrade anywyas...

Phone looks sweet, theres a lot of peeps out there that dont give a shi@ about touch screen and apps, they want a solid phone and dont want to feel up their phone just make a phone call. Im buying one for sure.

iphone and bb make os and h/w, thats a huge advantage over droid. Droiders are all waiting months just to get an update of their os and complaining about root and blur/sense and fragmentation and what not.

Gingerbreads gonna fix everything, it'll be the best, ya ya, blah bla...

this phone looks really good! i've been waiting for a good flip blackberry phone for some time now and this seems like the perfect thing. one problem though is that its a CDMA phone, and so if i were to change to this phone would i have to change my number?

also, i don't live in the states or canada (in the UK), so i hope this will be released in the here as well. if not the UK then countries in asia where most of the phones are unlocked. locked phones connected to a carrier are more troublesome than unlocked phones.

continue to put out crap products?

Doesn't ANYONE in Ontario have a CLUE of what people want?

Or are they a stupid bunch of Canucks?

"Well, gee, the Pearl Flip didn't sell, so let's make it bigger, uglier, and PURPLE!"

Morons. FA1L.

On the back, in the hinge, or at the bottom under the keyboard. Any comment on the quality vs 9700 of 9000? Also, does the screen go into landscape when you watch video?

What a slap in the face this new Blackberry from Sprint is! After all this time waiting for a GOOD phone, like the ATT Torch, we get this piece of crap! How disappointing. Maybe I'll just keep my old Curve 8330 till it croaks. The Style is not close to the Torch. Did RIM or Sprint ever think we wanted a BIGGER SCREEN, too? Guess we need to buy an Android phone for that. Thanks for nothing Sprint and RIM!!!

Got the Style this morning at Best Buy Love it Awesome phone. I like flips & I got a little nervous to see it in person. It's so much better in your hand and the features are awesome & responsive. If your on the fence you should check it out! Exceeds my expectations. The trackpad is super easy to use then a laggy touchscreen too and the new OS 6 rocks.

I just picked up the Blackberry Style this afternoon after having replaced my Bold 4 times and still having issues with the latest one. I'm hoping this one will run better than the Bold's been working for me.

OK it won me over when I got to hold it in my hands for the first time I knew that the OS6 was going to be amazing but I had some reservations about the size of the keyboard. After using it for a few minutes those fears were soon dimished. This is an awesome phone and my thanks to Sprint for releasing it. I was thinking about changing carriers but no more.

love the way the phone is made and i love blackberrys but yall (sprint)dont have signal at my house only veizon does i wish yall did i would go with yall

I had 8 different flip phones prior to owning my first Blackberry. I'm on my second Curve now and (of course) I love them. However, if I were a Sprint Customer I'd be all over this. Looks like a great phone...

I am a proud owner of the style, and those of you complaining about how "ugly" it is and "not cool" need to go back to the salon and get your highlights checked. I am so sick of pathetic little people defining themselves by how many fart apps their phone holds. My phone fits in my pocket nicely, makes phone calls, takes awesome pics, and let's me check my email and text. I am so glad there are still some of us out there that still think of our phone as a phone, cause all of you that are using your phone as an extension of your tiny little dicks prove that natural selection no longer exists.

I like the looks of it but I hate my 8330. I'm considering switching back to the Palm. I can't figure out how to do anything on this phone. And now after a year and a half of sending pics as MMS it won't let me.