BlackBerry Style looking good on camera, stacked up against other models

By Yousif Abdullah on 26 Sep 2010 01:10 pm EDT

It's not her first video appearance and you'll have your own opinion as to whether it looks good or not, but if you are craving to see more of the BlackBerry Style, keep reading. PoderPDA has namely put up a couple of videos on youtube showing the clamshell in all its glory. This particular device rocks firmware v6.0.0.203 and makes the Pearl Flip look unstylish in comparison (sorry for the pun). The first video (above) shows off the hardware while the second video (below) takes a look at BlackBerry 6. The videos are en Español, but there is not much we already do not know about. So grab some snacks, lean back and enjoy the show!

Source: PoderPDA

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BlackBerry Style looking good on camera, stacked up against other models


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the song featured in the second video is, Daft Punk's "Around The World", so please enter me in this contest to win a 9670 Style.

also, i wish you had explored the outter screen functionality more in your video. can you see BBM alerts, email notifications? anything else besides just playing music? let me know. thx.

Hate that Sprint isn't prob going to get a Touch screen BB but this new Style will do till they do... i am actually liking the phone more and more... plus it's a BlackBerry... I'm not complaining at all... people sound like douches when they complain about specs and what this phone has and what this one doesn't...

I have to admit, this Style is winning me over. I didn't care much for it when I first saw it, but now, its growing on me. I like the simple fact that the screen will not get scratched unless you're really unlucky. I couldn't see the famous little red blinking LED present, so that worries me as I like to have that. I wouldn't say that I'm going to rush out and replace my Bold 9700 with it, but I am not going to say that I wouldn't think about it - it depends on how the Torch compares when in the flesh. But, both will have to be pretty special to replace my Bold.

In the second video at 2:20 or so you can see the LED reflected. What makes me ponder a bit is whether there is a LED on the outer part of the phone as well... Thanks for pointing that out!

Who ever is approving phones like this deserves to be shot. No wonder RIM is dying out. Too bad candians cant keep up with Americans


Come on. Really?!

First we deserve a capital on the word.
Second, spell it right eh!!!


We have our pride you know.

(breath...breath...breath...okay calm)

"No wonder RIM is dying" - they just sold 12.1 million handsets in one quarter, you fool.
Also, as indicated above, learn to spell - it's "whoever" not "who ever," "Canadians" not "candians," and "can't" not "cant." It's a shame that with all the educational resources available in the US, so many people still fall through the cracks. Sad and shameful.

I like RIM more than I like Apple. With RIM, my phone isn't obsolete a year later.

Canadians FTW!

(For the record, I am not a Canadian, but my husband is.)

I agree, Apple sucks. But with RIM your phone is obsolete on release when you look at everything else that's out there. And an obsolete iphone spec wise is still better than a BB. But I would never ever trade my 9700 for an iphone.

Have to say I disagree with the obsolete comment. I just got my phone in May and it's obsolete in the eyes of RIM. Thanks to the minuscule memory, it's not able to handle OS6. At least with Apple, I was able to jailbreak my ipod and get the features of iOS4.
Not saying I hate my phone, just pointing out the possibilities. I don't mind OS5, I am a minimal user, the internet may be slow, but it's better than not having it at all.

This phone is slick! I might consider it if it ever came to t-mobile (I'm not a big fan of clamshells but this one is nice)

Sad day? Really? RIM is bringing their patented 'Berry goodness to the world in a form factor that might appeal to a new market segment. I'm not sure how offering phones in lots of different styles brings sadness. Good for RIM thinking a bit outside the box and trying something different than their normal approach. My guess? They'll get more than a few new BB addicts with this phone...

...and in return, that money goes into R&D for new BB products. Seems like a win-win to me, even if this isn't exactly a phone I, myself, would carry.

While I don't think this site is supposed to be solely for "HappyBerry" users, I don't understand all the negative comments I read lately either. RIM appeals to me as a smart company who is, as you say, "bringing their patented Berry goodness to the world in a form factor that might appeal to a new market segment."
Funny story on the Style....a scant 3 years ago, my husband and I were looking to upgrade our Moto RAZRs (which were they height of cool when we got them LOL). I loved my RAZR V3, so I went with the V3xx. Hubby got a Samsung A737 and just fell in love with the slider. It did cool things, but I said then "I prefer the clamshell design. I don't think I'd ever want a slider phone." NOW he's the one looking at the Style while I myself am drooling over the Torch because of the slide-out keyboard! How things change....

I'm assuming the name Style is for ironic purposes, as there is nothing stylish about this monstrosity of epic proportions. It is by the far the single ugliest device made in the last decade.

Ya know, it's not as ugly as I thought it was. Still wouldn't get it, I don't want moving parts (if I did I'd get the slider) but it doesn't look too bad.
It should be a touchscreen though; what's the point of having it close if not to protect a touchscreen?

I don't want moving part because God Jobs tells me that I shouldn't. Hey if you don't want moving parts take the keyboard off your desk and start typing on glass or your wooden desktop.

Such things exist you know. They keyboard can be projected on top of your desktop. If someone told you to do that you'd look at them like they were nuts.

But since God Jobs tell you to type on glass you shake your head adoringly and drink more kool aid.

As for moving parts breaking, I talked to someone the other day that had an iPhone after two years the battery died and they had to get a new one. These products aren't meant to last more than a few years and I'd rather have the pleasure of typing on something first rate not something that doesn't rate at all.

With the prototypes and hazy shots from before I just didn't find this model worthy of my interest. And the fanboys dissing it didn't help either. But now that I see it in its final form, I actually find it sexy. I'd go as far as saying that I'd buy it if I hadn't just bought a Bold 9650. This is where the candybar fanboys will heckle me, but seriously, it has all our beloved BlackBerry goodness with the latest specs in a sexy flip design, so why the hell not?

This looks good. BUT I just got an OS 5.0Berry (after being stuck with the Pearl Flip mother got me for Christmas). I love my 8530 and would consider the 9650 (love the resolution). But I'm a THEME FREAK!!!...once 6 gets on more Berries then we may see themes...I NEED my transitions...and a BlackBerry WITHOUT the '3G&Berries'...I'm not sure I'm ready to go back to the plain 1xEV yet

OS6 has transitions, the bottom tray slides up, screens fade into each other, etc. Also, the signal indicator is a 3G and berries.

I'm running the Verizon leaked OS5 on a 9650.

I guess I should say Fugly as hell. This thing is revolting, the flip form factor is dead. They should have released a flip Blackberry 4 years ago, when people wanted flip phones.

Seen this vid and still wouldn't touch this thing.... I will admit that they have managed to put some pretty lipstick on this pig and it's almost acceptable as an actual phone.. But.. I will never accept it as my BB...

The nice thing about RIM is that they offer options.
Weather you like touch screen, slider, candy bar, or flip/clamshell, RIM offers them all.
Something for everyone.

A form factor for cool chicks!!

*I* would never buy one one.....but my wife sure will!

I showed her the video, and her instructions were simple:


Still don't want it, but I will admit that they have managed to make it look better, especially when open. Are those media control keys under the keyboard? If so, that's actually kinda cool. I didn't watch all of the videos, so maybe they touched on that somewhere. Another plus I noticed is that it seems to run smooth and fast...much more so than the Torch. Or is that just my imagination?

What I really want to know is why the "F" is RIM removing the left convenience key from all the new devices? Are they retahded?

I never condemned it like others on here & now that I've seen it in a video I've got to say that it does look pretty slick. I'm still one of those people who can't pass judgment on a phone unless I've actually had some "hands on" time with it but right now I'm saying it's definitely going to have it's following, just like the Pearl flip does/did.

just personnal opinion, but it look so bad. They really forced themself the to put a flip on a candy bar when got an ugly result

I would consider this phone. Previously, I have stated that I loved flips until my first Berry and couldn't see myself going back, even for a Stylish BlackBerry.

I love my Torch but hate AT&T, so I could see a Style in the distant two-year future.

To all the haters i guess we need more Bolds in Purple and curve types in hot pink..Im happy to see Rim making a flip smart phone and mixing there lot up alittle..Slab smart phones are everywhere and Rims at least offering a alternative to those who just want something different..Bravo Rim

I have a feeling that more people will like this phone than expected. I like the looks of it. And I think that it will offer a great alternative for those who want something non-traditional but aren't wiLling to stray from the BlackBerry line. I would definitely be in the market for this if it were released by my carrier.

Didn’t think I’d like it, but I do!
The screen size is impressive against the Storm; it’s smaller but not by much.
It would have to be a GSM version for me though.

It has a nice big screen, full keyboard, small form factor, OS6, protective clam shell design... what's not to like?

I liked it from day one.

if it came to VZ, I'd be in line to get one. I love BB but the same form factor gets old. The different form factors also help to draw in new users who are either using a different platform or who are just getting into their first smartphone. The Pearl, Pearl Flip, the Storms and now the BB Style will help bing diversity to the traditional BB form factor.

Good job RIM, now bring it to vz :)

I'm sorry but every time I see this phone, especially side view for some reason, the urge to grab a hammer & smash it gets stronger

You know its bad why you have to compare it to older models and try to explain why its "not so bad" in the comments

Craptastic....better be $39.99

Boost mobile class phone

The screen needs to take up the *entire* top section. Whether that means making the top section smaller, or making the screen bigger, it doesn't matter. The absolute minimum bezel width. Then the bottom section has to be made smaller to match. The only chance this phone has is to be a *lot* smaller than the candybar format, with the same features and functionality. Right now, it's a _bit_ smaller.