BlackBerry Style Hands-On Video Impressions!

By Kevin Michaluk on 27 Oct 2010 12:48 am EDT

We'll be following up shortly with our full BlackBerry Style 9670 review, but in the meantime figured we'd throw up our initial hands-on video impressions to ease the wait for all the flip phone lovers out there. The BlackBerry Style will be available from Sprint starting this halloween, October 31st for $99.99 on a 2 year contract (see announcement). It's an attractive price for what really is a solid little BlackBerry. If you're a fan of flip phones, you'll definitely want to head into a Sprint store and put yours hands on one. I'm not sure photos or even video quite do the Style justice.

To be honest, my expectations for the BlackBerry Style were set pretty low. The pre-release photos that leaked out onto the net didn't show off the 9670 in the best of light, and heck, we even ran a poll on CrackBerry here asking readers whether the Style was Hot or Not, and a full 81% of respondents said Not and that RIM should just skip the 9670 and move on to the next device. Ouch. Painful. But after using the Style I can definitely see why Sprint wanted this phone and why RIM built it. With 512MB flash memory, BlackBerry 6, 5 megapixel camera and a decently sized screen, the Style has solid specs and serves up pretty snappy performance. There is a big user base of people out there who simply love the flip phone form factor and who want a full physical keyboard. The BlackBerry Style fills that void. Check out the video above to see the Royal Purple BlackBerry Style in action, and stay tuned for the full review! 

Reader comments

BlackBerry Style Hands-On Video Impressions!


I kinda want one but I also want to wait and see what kind of qnx trick rim has up is sleave! Lol Kevin you need to do another video with the chrome/gunmetal 9670 por favor Seniór

Theres another vid overview at in the steel gray color can't wait to get mine if im liking what I see should love it in person!! I may have to do a review.

Lol because you dont like flips!! Im really believing that's the reason for all the haters well alot of people will like and buy this device.

I like it, it's not for me, but that the's not for ME! I think the ladies are gonna love this rather she's a CEO or a cheerleader. Some guys will too. Haters always saying that "all BB are the same" well here you go, it's different, and with the color, it has a lot of Style,lol.

The steel gray (black) color really does look better though. More professional of course too for those business users, but some will like the purple which launches a bit later.

Good vid covered the basics. Stoked to get mine It is launching first in the steel gray (black) color. Im sure some ladies may like the purple heck maybey even a few fellas lol but not me. Anyway this could make what some are calling an "old" form factor New again. Hey I keep saying the Lotus was & is popular and this baby is packed with way more and good reviews are coming in for it. Unless you really hate a flip Id say pick one up.

I would love to try one out. I think that it will be a good device and at $99, the price is definitely right. There's a lot of BlackBerry goodness in that phone.

I like the way it uses the buttons on the side to flip through the menus on the external screen. I'm really glad they didn't go touchy feely on that... whats the point of a flip if yer just goin to be touching that crap all over your pockets

Very nicely done RIM.. you really should have showed that feature off more!!!

the two tones looks great. get something in some blue or something and hey i might even get one. I'm kinda over the conservative black or white.

I think the camera placement was actually a smart thing to do if one can use the external screen to take photos.

one trend im not particularly fond of but can still live with is the flatter keyboards. Is this due to the phone being covered by the lid/slider forms? because I actually quite like how the keyboards on the 9700, 9000 are lifted up a bit. you can actually feel your way around better. But hey thats just me, just like how people think flips are so 2005 ;)

I definitely think this Berry will find it's niche that's for sure. When's the "unlocked version" give-away because I'd have no problem rocking the gray version! LOL.

This phone will definitely have a market. It would be perfect for my wife (if VZW gets it).

Other need for a screen protector. No butt dialing. etc......

I like it, though it's not for me.

Play with and throw around, not a phone you bring in any Corp setting. Very ugly and a shame this is the second offical 6.0 phone.

Can you increase the font size for the external screen? how about the font size in the main screen? or change both screen use the same font size? thanks.

I would like to know the strength of the flip mechanism. I remember sending in for repair the old Motorola i90 phones because people were so brutal to them when flipping them open. I remember my boss flipping it open in the air, not even using his hands, and then one day he handed it to me and the top part was just hanging by a cord. My old Razr V3XX was like that too. After awhile and a ton of abuse it didn't last.

Hey Kevin, can you take photos when the phone is folded close? Will the image show on the outer small screen? Or do you need to open up the phone to take picture?

Begin waiting. I'm a lover of BB flips, and this one take the cake. Hope other carriers will have it too, not a fan of Sprint.

...still flashed by the latest PlayBook stuff?? :p

guess ur already BURNING for a certain PlayBook Hands-on...hope it won't take u toooo long to get one in ur ur heartline man^^

I understand that RIM needs to reach other markets but they also need to satisfy us Blackberry addicts! I need to see a revamped Bold 9000. I love my 9700 but the size and possible capabilities of an upgraded 9000 would be like a dream come true.

I love the style , first off its leaps and bounds above the 8220 wich was my first blackberry. And as a girl i love ,love , love the shinny purple. Wish my Torch had come in the shinny purple. I wonder what carrier will have it in Canada and when it will be coming available.? In in the US right now until Nov 1st, should i pick one up without contract even though i already have the Torch, I probably wont,lol. But it is a real nice phone much better than i expected. Big wish that the Torch had come in the royal purple though , its so shinny.

i'm pissed off that my torch 9800 doesn't have the charging sensors for a charging dock! the micro USB charging dock for the torch is almost useless. I will probably still buy one but would much prefer the sensors.

I really like what I saw here in the video but I still have to get it in my hands first before I have a real opinion about it. I hate touchscreen and I always carry my BB Curve in my front pocket. I held and cruised through a friend's BB Torch a couple of weeks ago and I'll admit it was cool. Again, I hate touchscreen. I'm with Sprint so we'll see on 10/31...

If I were on the Sprint network I would deff get the style in purple. I love flip phones and almost didn't get my first bb (8320) years ago because I didn't want to loose the flip factor :) I have obviously revised that view since I am on my 3rd bb (9800) but yeah, maybe AT&T will get a bb flip next year or so. I love bb6 and would love to see a BlackBerry flip phone with bb6 AND touchscreen. A torch/style hybrid lol anywho that's my 2 cents, lovin my Torch!!!

I see a shelf life similar to the Tour. I don't know why they reinvented the wheel, but this time made it more triangular, and with the spokes on the outside.

I think I'll take that bet. This is not the BB Pearl flip. This phone was designed for flip phone devotees (they exist in the tens of millions) and a lot of those folks don't find the traditional BB calculator form appealing.

i need this app as i suffer from SOMETIMERS and CRS (cant remember sh..
also cant figure out how to pay with paypal. help me out and give me a reminder

I tried the phone at a Sprint store on Sunday. Snappy performance and nice resolution on the screen. big improvement over my Tour. (Yea still rocking the Tour)
My upgrade for Sprint is now due. I really would like to pick up a new BB, but don't want to buy the current Bold as it's been out for over a year now.
I am bummed to see Sprint brought this phone as a new Bold would have been my choice.
Just can't get past this phone being a flip. Not a big fan of flip phones.
And that's a real bummer because this phone is nice and speedy. Nice performance and the OS 6 is very nice.

Guess I am going to wait for the next BB on Sprint. Hope I don't have to wait too long.