BlackBerry Style 9670 dummy units now arriving at TELUS

By Bla1ze on 21 Nov 2010 01:53 pm EST
BlackBerry Style dummy units now arriving at TELUS

TELUS was quick to confirm they'd also be releasing the BlackBerry Style 9670 shortly after the initial Sprint announcement but no official date was actually set at that time. But, given that the dummy unit devices are now showing up at retail locations launch surely cannot be far off. There is a suggested price of $399.99 outright being put out there but of course, that's all subject to change at any point. Be sure to check out our full BlackBerry Style break down for specs, videos and pics. Anyone on TELUS going to be grabbing one up once released?

Source: MobileSyrup

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BlackBerry Style 9670 dummy units now arriving at TELUS


My lady would be all over this if they had a Rogers version..... This is the ONLY BB she would replace her white 9000 with ! Come on Rogers !

The 9670 will not work on rogers, rogers is GSM/HSDPA, telus I'd CDMA/HSDPA. The 9670 is a CDMA ONLY phone. Not compatible with Telus new HSDPA network, and not compatible with rogers GSM or HSDPA...

The telus / bell cdma network is pretty craptacular where I live. Was there a good reason why they made this a cdma only bb?

cant be worse then rogers....

Rogers is getting sued by the way for false advertising by the CRTC. Rogers claimed to have the best overall signal quality when in fact they are far from it.

I would buy this for my wife,Only if telus has it in purple. Telus is getting so boring with the two colours (Black & Pink) Step it up Telus.