BlackBerry Style 9670 promo materials arriving in Sprint stores

BlackBerry Style 9670 Sprint Promo
By Adam Zeis on 15 Oct 2010 09:58 am EDT

The BlackBerry Style may not be the most anticpated device there is, but it's definitely buzzin' in the rumor mill. We have heard mixed things as of late on the arrival date, the latest being October 31st. Well we have a feeling it's not too far off now that these promo materials have popped up in some Sprint stores. The flyer notes that the Style 9670 (looks like we had the name right all along) will be the first CDMA device to launch with BlackBerry 6, the first full-QWERTY flip phone and also a Sprint exclusive (for now anyway). Also included as promos are some BlackBerry 6 mobile screen cleaners. All in all a good sign that (like it or not) the BlackBerry Style 9670 is definitely on the way. Keep reading for more images.

BlackBerry 6 promo
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BlackBerry Style 9670 promo materials arriving in Sprint stores


I cannot wait for this phone! The only negative is it wont be is a world phone. But, I dont travel, so it's not that big of a deal. Plus, I can just activate my old Tour IF I do travel overseas.

I see a lot of pearl flips in the field,and a few on tv, but have heard rumors that it was a complete flop. This phone makes me wonder if this phone is the product of user feedback or just another stab at the flip market.

This could be a fun phone to evaluate. As for those who think it's a POS....when exactly did you evaluate one? Reading specs is one thing, but actually using it and giving impressions is what smart people listen to.

Haha...I guess Halloween would be the perfect debut date! But serious ya never know. I first thought the Torch was ugly. Until I had it in my hands. Might be a cute "stylish" BB. Doubt it but we won't know til its out. :-/

Possibly the ugliest blackberry ever. I love Sprint...they've been my carrier for years, but they get the short end of the stick when it comes to good blackberries. My tour, my dear Tour is basically obsolete (tech wise). Next new blackberry for Sprint plz!

The sad thing is this will be the best ( tech wise ) Blackberry that Sprint has to offer. Good by Curve and hello Style, I guess:(

There are still tons of traditional (flip) cell phones in use. This is a natural transition phone for that segment. 512MB ram OS6 5.0MP it or not it will be a hammer!

Since my carrier recently dropped the torch, and is rumored to be dropping the 97xx refresh, i doubt they drop this one anytime soon.... but even though it appears a little bulky I'd have to have some hands-on time with it before I pass final judgement. Personally I go for function over form (or should i say style?) although looks do count!