BlackBerry Style 9670 Product Manager, Randy Carson interviewed

By Bla1ze on 20 Oct 2010 11:37 am EDT
BlackBerry Style 9670

A lot of folks were surprised to see the BlackBerry Style arrive. While the device is not evolutionary it certainly carries well, it's own Style. Some folks love the device while others, simply do not like the design at all. The good folks over at the Inside BlackBerry blog though, have taken the time to interview Randy Carson. Randy, is the product manager for the BlackBerry Style and lets us know some of the finer details about the device and how it all came together. One take away from the article that I found interesting:

What do you think will stand out when people first use it?

One thing I hear all the time is the difference between seeing photos and descriptions of the device and actually holding it in your hands. When you see and hold the BlackBerry Style you will immediately notice the elegant, premium design. Once the people start to use the BlackBerry Style smartphone, they will be amazed with the browser and other features of BlackBerry 6 – it’s familiar to longtime BlackBerry smartphone users, but also easy for those who are using a smartphone device for the first time

That question holds a lot of weight for me. I've never been too impressed with the overall look of the device and while it's now starting to look better, I'm still holding my final take on the device for when I actually get to hold one. What do you all think now? Has the look of the device grown a little on you or are you still in the "I need to see the device and hold it" phase, like I am? I know some of you all out there already pre ordered.

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BlackBerry Style 9670 Product Manager, Randy Carson interviewed


The more I see pictures of it, the more the phone grows on me... The first time I saw it I thought it was ugly!!! I still would not want it but I'm sure there are people who will. I do want to get my hands on it to see how it feels and works. I'm sure it will be interesting!

at first seeing pics, i wasnt very impressed i thought it was like the other bb flip which i thought looked kinda cheap, but after taking and good look at the pics, it looks really good style is a good name for it and full QWERTY good stuff

I must say that at first when I saw all those leaked pic I was like this look like crap. But than I kept on reading about the phone and looking at how it was shaping up to be and I must say that now the way it looks is alsome. And I have a blackberry bold 9700 and a iPhone 4. Sorry I love blackberry but the iPhone looks sweet too. But whatever this is the crackberry site and I love you guys. But I would buy it unlocked it and put my sim card in it and take it for a test drive. Since it's sprint.

Holding other peoples junk isn't my Style..

Get it? You see what I did there? ... Lol. Sorry, lame I know. I'll go sacrifice a Motorola RAZR in your name.

im prolly one of the few but i think the style is gonna do great. maybe not directly on the launch date but within due time i think sales are gonna do great.not sure if i would personally pruchase the device but i will consider on seeing it on the launch date......cant wait

I need to hold it and play with it to know if I like it. Will it hold up to the constant flipping? Will it explode at some point from handling it? Will it just go dead when it's been flipped for the last time and can't be flipped anymore? These will definitely be concerns as it ages. My experience with flips is they just don't hold up over time. I kind of want to get one just to take it apart and see if they used a cunductive bushing of some type, or a ribbon that will end up breaking.

I am not a fan of "flip" or "slider" phones, tried many and they all eventually break. The form looks attractive, but will it go the way of all other sliding, folding, etc. phones? I'm not sure how the mechanism works for the flip, but how durable can it be? Not to be a total negative, but they all eventually wear out like the sliders. Hopefully, this one can change my opinion...

OS6 is great, so this should be a nice initial offering for Sprint with it loaded up. Now, if they would only approve a OS6 for my Bold...

I love the idea if the BB Style. The full QWERTY keyboard sold me. I do hope AT&T picks it up. It would be the perfect phone for my mom.

I have been researching this phone and was actually holding off making any decisions until it launched, but was thwarted when Verizon did not pick up this phone.

I have been erked at RIMM for not offering the 6.0 upgrade for the 9630 Tour, and now I am erked at VZ for always playing second fiddle to someone else.

I may check it out at Sprint, just to say I did - but I won't change carriers for the sake of Style.

Is it time for an Android yet? Not quite.

Notice only one person "Liked" this...

Another failure in RIM's distorted view of how to recapture and maintain their smartphone presence.

Adding too many models with the same bullshit recycled parts. You can bet this is going to fail. If I lose then I promise I will switch over to Android

seriously...RIM is enterprise first. They are concerned about selling a phone that is familiar and reliable to companies that invest in a secure mobile enterprise network.

(wonders if you even read the full article)

And go get an Android, or an iPhone. Everyday they look like they are getting closer to the same thing anyhow. Hell, the other day, Angry Birds for Android was the biggest news across the blogs. Hmmm...and here all the haters said just the iPhone was a toy. Denial is a ugly thing. Feel free to sell your BB, no one cares what phone you have, except you.

so I really like the look of this Style :) My first time seeing this phone. I really like flip phones and am used to them, ya know?

I like the idea of a touch phone, ala Torch or iPhone, but I'm not sure if I could get used to them...

when the CDMA newness hype dies down will there be news of a 3G version leaked or is this likely not gonna happen? there must be a prototype in the pipe, no??

VZW were ever to carry it. At very first glance I thought it looked clunky, but now that I've seen more images I'm finding myself intrigued. I have always preferred a flip phone, just a personal comfort thing. I actually loved the comfortable feel of the Pearl flip, but disliked the keys immensely. The single issue that would be a hindrance for me is lack of real estate in the key area. If it were like my 9650 Bold, great. If more scrunched then no go. I haven't tried to look for specs but it appears to have a decent size key pad.

I bet the people who have the 8220 will be happy for sure. I know I briefly had the 8220 and at the time, was excited about the flip concept. However, the 8220 was painfully slow and felt cheap. So, hopefully the new Style improves on both counts.

And that is all, stop showing the CGI version and show the actual phone.

Wasted space, bulky, and you named it style. Its like a really expensive joke.

I am stoked to get this device. This is my dream phone actually and Im glad it's looking better then previous first pics. The Lotus was popular and this is roughly the same size range but loaded with way more features. I have been anticipating this phone. Not everyone wants a 5inch brick touchscreen and they seem to be getting bigger. I hope this proves the naysayers wrong and is a new staple in BB's lineup.

This blog post was so poorly written. Abusing a comma should be a felony. People, please read your content before submitting anything. If it sounds or looks goofy, it is probably wrong.

ewww! This is not at all stylish. I can not imagine that this phone is going to do well as far as looks go, but to each his own!