BlackBerry Style 9670 now available from TELUS

By Bla1ze on 3 Dec 2010 02:26 pm EST
BlackBerry Style 9670 now available from TELUS

TELUS users who've been waiting for the BlackBerry Style to arrive can now get their hands on one. TELUS has listed the deivce on their website for $79.99 on a new 3-year contract. Although, Future Shop still has their pricing set at $49.99 with a new 3-year as well. No matter where you go to grab one, the fact that it's still priced under that $100 mark is pretty sweet for one of the latest BlackBerry devices out there.

Click Here To View The BlackBerry Style 9670 On The TELUS Website

Reader comments

BlackBerry Style 9670 now available from TELUS


I agree with you. My wife wants it in purple. She is so tired of Telus with the 2 colours (black & Pink) boring!

Come on Telus get with it and offer MORE colours!!!!!

I love that FutureShop has the specs listed with a bunch of bad or missing information when the phone has already been released. No hard keyboard? I can very plainly see it in the picture.

If anyone is waiting this to be on other carriers, they could just buy it out of contract ($399) and get it unlocked for ~$10 online and use it on their respective carriers.

This phone is CDMA only and can't be unlocked to use on any other CDMA carrier, let alone a GSM carrier for which this phone does not have the proper radios.

If the 9670 were a GSM blackberry, it would be perfect. But hey, as long as I got my 9700, I'm fine and satisfied. CDMA cannot do data and voice at the same time XD.

I'm refraining from upgrading my contract and will let it expire to go on wind mobile once telus's time is up. Don't plan on downgrading my device to a 2.5G. Forget it. Lol

Telus's CDMA is 3G yes... but not UMTS/HSPA+

I'm really surprised that Telus is still getting new CDMA/EVDO devices... surprised and a little disappointed. They are partners with SaskTel in Saskatchewan and SaskTel doesn't seem to be getting new CDMA phones since going 3G+.... and I want this phone heck-a-bad.

Voice and data... yes... this would be great... so great. I use a Tour so no voice/data at the same time for me. Wouldn't be a downgrade in service for me to go to the Style.