BlackBerry Style 9670 appears in Sprint internal systems

BlackBerry Style
By Bla1ze on 25 Sep 2010 08:05 pm EDT

Yesterday we saw the upcoming BlackBerry Style 9670 pass through the FCC systems. Today, we get an internal shot of Sprints imagery material database which shows us that the BlackBerry Style is set to get all gussied up for Sprint marketing. Word is once device reach this stage in the game, it's typically only a matter of a few weeks before the device gets announced and then another 60 days for release. If all that holds true, we could possibly see an announcement at DevCon with a actual device roll out sometime in November. Looks like Kevin was right about the name though. Glad I never placed any bets with him. Thanks Anonymous.

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BlackBerry Style 9670 appears in Sprint internal systems


@ Deathcommand- lol I hope so..but I doubt this new phone will sell like other Blackberry devices. I don't think many people are fan of flip phones anymore

Sign me up for one of these bad boys!!!! 60 days though.... Hopefully It'll be less time than that for an official rollout!!!!! :-D

I think that we need to try to stay open minded about this. I hear people all the time bag on Sprint for not getting the Bold (9000) when it first came out... the Storm and Storm2 when they came out, and now they are bagging on Sprint for "choosing" to carry the 9670! When it comes down to it (in my opinion) I really don’t thing Sprint gets the pick of the litter when it comes to Blackberry devices... I'm sure that RIM would want to bring new devices to carriers that top 2 carriers before Sprint! Simply because of the sheer number of customers both Verizon and AT&T have. I'd bet $1,000,000.00 that if Sprint could get the Torch, the Storm(s), or the Bold first, they would have... While no pretty, let's see numbers before we dish too much more dirt!

why don't they bring in the Torch DAMMIT bringing in the clamshell come on SPRINT show some love who the hell wants a clamshell , i love sprint but sometimes they can really do stupid things ....

If this happens. I'll be very.

In America
AT&T Mobility- Torch exclusive.
Verizon Wireless- Storm Exclusive.
Sprint- Style Exclusive.


I haven't seen anywhere claiming this will be exclusive to Sprint, just that they are the only carrier who has picked it up...

To be honest if i had to get a strictly keyboard blackberry (I joined blackberry starting with the storm 1) I would have to go with the style.

I think I recall when some dude was comparing the style to other blackberries the style had a slightly bigger keyboard..

but this is just based on pics...

...after all, it's the spice of life, folks! Okay, so maybe the clamshell-style BlackBerry won't be for YOU, or even ME, but ya know what? We're not the entire consumer market -- as awesome as I'm sure we are. ;) I was telling my best friend about the 9670 (I dearly love her despite her being with Big Red), and she likes the sound of it. She's a big fan of clamshell-style phones, and they work well for her. And ya know what? I'm betting that Sprint is going to find a lot of people for whom the 9670 works. Just like they're finding lots of people for whom the 8530 works. Or the 9650 for that matter. There's a market for each of these phones, so kudos to Sprint for bringing so many options to the table.

Will it be my choice for my next 'Berry? Nah...that's probably going to be the 9650, though I certainly won't turn my nose up at the 8530, either. What would I turn my nose up at? The Torch, if it ever came to Sprint. Not my thing, and personally, I find it to be kinda...erm...gimmicky. Like I said, though, that's the great thing about variety: there's a little somethin' for everybody...even for those smartphone snobs who think that just because a phone isn't for them, why, nobody's gonna want it.

Just sayin'... ;-)

I think I'm going to keep rehashing this comment I've said before...

Looks like a good phone for certain people. I wouldn't want it but I'm sure there are plenty that would. Choices are a huge part of why Blackberry is so successful. If you need a phone with a 5 inch screen that plays high def movies, blackberry isn't for you. My buddy showed me his new Android the other day, pointed it at the sky and said, "Look, it shows you the names of all the stars in the sky." He got so mad at me because I couldn't stop laughing. I told him I couldn't imagine carrying that giant phone in my pocket to watch movies and find constellations. But hey, he loves it. Choices, because everyone is different.

really sprint....... the uglyiest of all blackberries you want to sell, why not the refresh storm at least damn get some good phones for christ sake

Ugly it may be, but it looks functional and smooth in the video reviews of it I've seen.

I'm hoping for an outside chance of Sprint handing it off to Boost so I can see about upgrading from my Curve 8330 in January or so. But we'll have to see.

I can definitely see how some people would want this phone. Sure, I'd have to see it in person to make a judgement on it, but I think it'll be a good transition phone for people coming from dumb phones who aren't sure about carrying a bar phone or a touch screen. Also, this would be good for chronic butt dialers and boob dialers (we've all seen the girls who use their bras like a purse).

If this is even moderately successful, and they release a newer model with touchscreens, they may even convert some of the nay-sayers...

The Style 9670 is slated to go to U.S. Cellular as well, in December. I think it's a good thing.

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