BlackBerry Storm 2 Unboxing

By Kevin Michaluk on 16 Oct 2009 10:27 am EDT

I know, I know... smartphone unboxing videos are a little pointless/lame, but seriously, how could I first lay eyes on a new BlackBerry and not capture that first 90 seconds of pure joy on HD?! So for all the BlackBerry Storm2 chasers out there, here's a look at my Verizon BlackBerry Storm2 9550 getting unboxed when I first received it on October 15th! Keep in mind this is not the way it will come from Verizon (this is a review loaner unit), so you can expect a prettier box with more stuff in it when you pick yours up. I guess that means we'll have to do up a second unboxing video once this baby hits the market for real. And if you haven't read it yet, be sure to check out our in-depth BlackBerry Storm2 Review.

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BlackBerry Storm 2 Unboxing


I'm starting to want to get this phone. The more I see it the less I feel disgusted by the Storm due to my experience with the first

How nice of Kevin to give us something because there's no other S2 news out today lol. Like throwing meat to a pack of hungry dogs.

The phone was shipped with the battery already in it but the unit was powered off - like how when you use the Power icon to turn the device to Off (but not a full power down).  It definitely reloads quick from a power off. Once the device is running and you use the power key at the top left of the device, it's very quick - that just turns the display on/off, but doesn't power down the phone (you don't get the Verizon logo when just powering on / off quickly). Restarting from scratch (after a battery pull) still takes a while.

you sound sick. can't wait to see the review of an actual production model storm 2. drink some tea and tell us this storm doesn't suck. lol.

Cant wait for some more videos. It would be awesome to get one that really got into the typing on the new OS and phone, face detection, and gps/wifi. Hope it will be posted soon! please please please

Its just not right to tease us like this, and i liked the analogy above: it is like throwing meat to a pack of dogs. But keep the vids coming!

Is it going to be released the 21st? i mean come on. it better

Looks amazing! Though the Palm Pre is out soon too! A bit of a show down. Kind of excited about both, though don't think I could leave BB purely due to BB Messenger 5, its so good! So I'm keeping a close eye on the Strom2! Inform Me!

my local Verizon store yesterday to ask about the release date. He told me by the end of the quarter but don't be surprised if it is the end of this month. I asked him the cost and he had no information. I advised him the old Storm is free with a 2 yr contract and would the Storm2 be included. He told me no there would be a cost but said he didn't know. Then, he tried to tell me the differences between the Storm and Storm2 - I cut him off and told him I was totally familiar with the phone...thanks to Crackberry!

I stopped by my local Verizon yesterday and when I commented that next Wednesday they would get the Storm2 in, both reps said that they had no clue. I commented that they were joshing me, and they said again that they have no idea when the Storm2 would be released. They said that they haven't even received training on it yet, and usually they get that training 2 weeks before a phone's release. So, does anyone know if the date is still Oct. 21?

There can't be that much training to be done on it! All they've done is put a new screen on it and added wifi and that's pretty much it!

Even if the phone sucks, I'm getting one just to have the enjoyment of peeling off the plastic film. That sure looked like fun!

I'd love to be ther first on the block with this... too bad i have no clue of when its coming out and how much it'll be :-( sigh...

I would be surprised if it comes out before Black Friday (the day after Turkey Day here in the states)...either way from the reviews; Videos and comments from some of the Blackberry Ninjas out their this phone seems like it will be a marked improvement over the Storm.

I must note, however, that after loading on my Storm it finally feels the way the phone should have been released a year ago. Still I can't wait to get my hands on the new one!

Heh, I liked the "" bit at the end! Who cares about the S2, when you got sound effects like that!

How many of you storm adopters had a severe problem with dust under the screen? You think that was fixed with this newer version? That would be a deal breaker because the dust makes the phone look horrid - I like to keep my devices looking new at all times.

I waited a week to peel the protective wrap on my crisp and shiny lol

..and yes, that wasn't a complete boot up was it? Because like mentioned before...that was wicked fast.


Do you have any idea when Verizon might lose exclusive rights on the Storm2 in the US/North America. It would be nice if I could have a 9550 on Sprint.....I still use a Curve 8330 with a Seidio 2600 mah battery.


So disappointed with the 9500 that I'm not going to even bother with the S2 version. I'm just going to wait til March '10 to get an iPhone on VF Ireland.

The 9500 was a bad mistake by RIM. The touch screen is terrible and the accelerometer is so slow I could fry an egg in the time it takes to flip the screen. I have a 1st Gen iPod touch and the touch screen on it is streets ahead of the 9500 and don't get me started on the battery life!

I wish I could get excited about this new release but I can't. Rogers(Canada) will probably never get one (I have no information to back it up either way, nOob) but it's so sad.. I even considered Telus but couldn't do it. I love my 8900 but i've been drooling over touch screens for years, Lol. This storm would put it to rest if Rogers could just.. get it. Damn MTS and telus with their fancy touchscreens.. :(

After all the HYPE...Many hours of waiting in line.....and false promises we got with the STORM (1st Gen) and I cant believe they are now promoting the STORM 2?!?!? They should have NEVER released the 1st gen storm without having completely tested the product!! The OS was wack....accelerometer was SLOW.....dust and dirt got behind the screen....I went through and returned at least 6 units.....I can go down the laundry list of things that were totally wrong wit the STORM 1!! Now we have invested hundreds of dollars and countless hours into upgrading to leaked OS in a attempt to get the darn thing to just do the bare minimal correctly....blackberry expects us to just jump on the bandwagon! What do we do with these worthelss paper weights (Storm 1) that we are stuck with now that blackberry has basicly used us as their test dummies for the past year or so. Now we are just supposed to say..."ok...they got it right this time....let me go and spend another coupple hundred dollars (at least) to upgrade to a product that they should have gotten correct the 1st time"? Are they taking trade in' backs.....for the old phone that they PROMISED us would be up to par...PROBABLY NOT????? This whole STORM SAGA that has played out the past months have been a "Total Turn Off" for myself who is a self proclaimed "Blackberry Lifer". Sadd to say but his Blackberry STORM drama has single handedly pushed me to the iPhone...soo sadd!!