BlackBerry Storm 2 Review Roundup

BlackBerry Storm2 Review Roundup
By Kevin Michaluk on 17 Oct 2009 06:47 pm EDT

When the clock struck 12:01am on Thursday, October 15th, a small herd of BlackBerry Storm2 Reviews took to the internet (well, one actually popped up a tad bit earlier). Unlike some BlackBerry device launches where you could spend the following two days reading through every word of every review and watching every second of video, the BlackBerry Storm2's official splash was a bit sparse (though I am liking the revamped look of's product pages).

For all the Storm2 chasers out there, you'll want to click through on the links below and take a read. It'll help kill at least a little time as you wait for the day when you can go to the store and buy one for yourself. There's still plenty of CrackBerry Storm2 coverage to come too, so keep it locked here. If we missed any review links, feel free to leave them in the comments and we'll update this post to include them (sifting through google news it's a bit tricky to tell announcements from actual hands-on opinion in some cases). And the odds are good another batch of in-depth Storm2 reviews will hit the web before it's available for sale, so we'll follow up with a Review Roundup Part Deux in a bit.

BlackBerry Storm2 Reviews

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BlackBerry Storm 2 Review Roundup


That cnet review was indeed awful. I'm so glad Sal made a spoof for it. I hope that lady sees this. She should be ashamed of her performance.

Pretty much everyone is saying that its definitely better than the Storm 1, but not a game changer. I don't think this phone is even worth an upgrade. RIM has a lot of work to do on the software end. They should stop releasing so much hardware and focus on developing a game changing OS. Throw money at the problem. Attract some serious programming talent. Just get the boring OS upgraded, and then RIM+Verizon will = market leader.

Personally, I'm waiting for a Tour with WiFi and a trackpad, or for a Bold on Verizon (I know, the latter ain't gonna happen).

How many versions of the Iphone are there since the original release...yet when they release a version it is like slice bread was re-invented. Everyone goes WOW, WOW wait one more thing WOW! I have the Storm 1 and I love it, I have friends that have Iphone and love many features about my Storm...I upgrade to 5.0 OS and loving it. I like to storm so much I got one for my 15 year old and she loves it. Like I tell my Iphone friends once you go black you can't go back. I was always a Palm guy till I got my hands on the storm. I don't need anyone telling me where to get my apps and lock my phone.
I don't know of any other phone company who release software to lock phones. I like my freedom.
My two cents,


I'm a storm 1 user and its not too bad.. Little laggy but not that bad. I do wonder though. Big Red takes so long to release official os updates .. And I'm kinda skeptical about doin the unofficial os.. Does anyone think the storm 2 would be worth it to upgrade? And wonder if Verizon will give Storm 1 users any kinda discount ...

I'm a Storm 1 user too and I asked my local Verizon store about any discount. They basically told me it's no different than buying any other Blackberry or cell phone. Just like you'd pay full price for another Blackberry, you'll probably have to pay full price for the Storm2.

Makes perfect sense... I plan to buy the Storm 2 anyways.

After reading all about the S2 its obvious its only an inferior alternative to the iPhone 3GS. If you have At&tand you can afford a little more money why would you not get the iPhone? Sure I have the S1 and really I do like a lot of things about it. But for the casual user which is what the S2,iPhone is targeting the iPhone is still way ahead of the S1,S2. What I wanted to see with the S2 is ability to transport digital copy movies with the same ease as the iPhone. Is this really that hard for RIM ro figure out??? The iPhone is the phone of choice because of its smooth UI and the multi-media. both storms are lacking in this area big time. I read the thread on how to copy a movie to the its like a 6 chapter novel with all this software you need to load and takes like 2 hours of your time..What a joke. The memory leak problem is still there, you will still need to pull the damn battery everyday. Cnet really is right on about this. The S2 is a passover of the S1. Maybe the S3 will be the change we all hoped for when it comes out next year. I am hope the Android phones coming to Verizon next year are the real deal then I can actually use a phone to say make a call.

U know come to think of I I saw like a photo shopped Storm 3 with a slide out keyboard .. Anyone know anything about a storm 3 already.. Wow that kinda stings if there gonna do what they did with the storm 1 remember it came out november then like 4 months later u heard about rim developing the storm 2 lol.. That sucks

RIM seem to like pushing out endless devices with little differences...

I've seen that Storm3 chop, it wasnt something I'd be interested in.. something about slideout keyboards doesnt float my boat.

This is not an attempt at a 3gs fighter...I have used the Storm2 and the screen feel rocks my storm 1, yes definitely Rim needs to get there OS act in gear before Android leaves them in the ditch, it wont be apple believe me, the iphone is what it is and will continue to be a great gadget phone with tons of apps, but the true functionality of the Blackberry to perform where it was meant to function blows the iphone out of the water....with Rims move into the commercial realm, they need to get fancier, prettier and more functional apps to appease the masses and iphoners out there they still have a ways to go on this. I truly dont believe RIM is worried about beating the Iphone as much as everyone else is....look at there actions of world was a direct response to the IPHONE and apps, and going consumer, the Touch screen has been in the works before the iphone landed so was not a direct reaction to the iphone....but now they are battling Android...How?, with an onslaught of new devices, cheap ones, keyboard, touch screen, and touchscreen with slide out keyboards and hybrids as well...this is a direct battle to android, they know they cant just pop out a new OS so lets battle them with same kinds of devices you can find android on, they are trying to match what there competitors are doing with out changing there infrastructure...will it work...a little but the fact still remains, they need a more versatile OS...we all know this and Im sure its coming if not already in the works....but in the mean time they wage away , but not in fear of the iphone, more of the alien invasion......."Side Note" would be nice if they adopted Android and built in the BBM and email functionality they have....then with the tactile screen of the storm2 we could rule the world.
IMHO , thanks

Andrew D
The Blackberry Underground

So, what is the release of the Motorola Droid going to do to Storm2 sales? Anyone think it could be cannibalized, or will there always be a market for a touch-screen BB smartphone, much like there will always be a market for a QWERTY BB smartphone? I'm just not inclined to believe that enterprise users are going to drop the QWERTY keyboard for a touch-screen.

a friend of mine works as a manager at a VZW store, and they haven't announced to the release date to them, but he said that most likely marketing for the S2 will start next wed for a release date of the the friday after thanksgiving.

Just wanted to share.

I'm not surprised if Verizon pushes for a Black Friday release date.. Trying to get folks to peak at or buy the phone while they're out there getting whatever other new gadgets may be on sale. Idk about the S2 .. Anyone read that article about the deal with adobe to develop flash player for all phones but the I phone?? That would be awesome. And there's no charge for awesomeness.. Lol

CNET and PCworld (or PCmag - I don't remember which) have both given less than stellar reviews for the Storm2. I am new to Blackberry and was planning on getting one. Is anyone concerned about the poor reviews?

Been a loyal Storm fan since December 08 and have stuck with it through all the bad reviews and software updates. Loved it, but got my new Storm 2 today and let me say, WOW! This thing is awesome. I LOVE MY STORM2!!!!

Just wanted to say thanks for the long review. I read every word of before making my purchase. I found myself looking for things I wouldn't have otherwise. The truest statement of all was your feng shui comments. So true. The store manager at Verizon tried to talk me out of the storm 2, stating emphatically the upgraded 5.0 would make my storm 1 identical. Other than the obvious curiosity at his resistance to my spending more $.... he was so wrong. It's much sleeker and less clunky and overall has less quirks. It just feels better, like a real smart phone and not a wannabe experiment. I think it finally has it's own identity now. I told my partner he has the apple version of the bb storm :)

I bought the Blackberry Storm 2 the day after it had come out and since then Ive had no problems with it at all. Its so much faster than the Blackberry Storm 1. I hated the storm 1 with a passion I was about to go back to my HTC Touch Pro. Anyway im completely satisfied with my Blackberry Storm 2 anyone who has the Storm 1 needs to go to the Verizon store and mess around with the Storm 2 they'll find out how much Blackberry had improved the phone.

Hey I would like to know step by step how to download a movie on my S1 but i'll be geting the S2 on monday and I'm not sure if there is any difference on downloading it with any of the Storms.

After asking for help I will like to say that i have had some problems with my S1 with the screen, receiving my e-mails, and trouble shooting it ETC... and that's the reason of geting the S2 but I would like some one to tell me more about the phone it self and if there is anything better out ther for me so i don't make the mistake of buying something i will regret.