BlackBerry Storm2 Product Manager Gets Interviewed

Inside the BlackBerry Storm2
By Kevin Michaluk on 27 Oct 2009 04:57 pm EDT

The official Inside BlackBerry blog just put up a cool interview with the Product Manager of the BlackBerry Storm2, Yasser Mirza. If you're a Storm2 chaser getting ready to stand in line tomorrow morning, definitely jump over now and read the Q & A in detail. We'll repost one of the questions here as a freebie to get you started...

Q - Douglas Soltys: What was your vision for the BlackBerry Storm2 smartphone? What were some of the key product features you focused on during development?

A - Yasser Mirza: Deliver the best touch-screen BlackBerry smartphone experience! Seriously though, there were three product features we focused on the most:

  • Typing - Providing an easy and enjoyable typing experience is a key pillar of the BlackBerry smartphone experience, so we wanted to make sure we met those expectations.
  • User experience - we wanted to make sure the user experience would be fast and responsive out of the gate. There are hundreds of enhancements in this product - both hardware and software - that have really come together in the BlackBerry Storm2 smartphone to provide the BlackBerry experience that people expect. 
  • "Eye-candy" factor - a consumer focused touch- screen smartphone needs to 'press the right buttons' with customers, if you know what I mean. =D We wanted to keep the existing industrial design but give it a sleeker look with cleaner lines.

It's a good read and I think very cool to personalize a gadget like the Storm2 by getting a glimpse of the people who work to bring it to life. Posts on the Inside BlackBerry blog have been few and far between (and entirely too full of the ® and TM symbols every time a product name is mentioned to really consider it an actual blog), but regardless of how one thinks of it, this post was solid.

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BlackBerry Storm2 Product Manager Gets Interviewed


This guy sound EXTREMELY confident. It will be interesting to see how he, or RIM as a corporation, respond if there are any issues with the device at launch.

As for myself, I will be going over to the store as soon as I can tomorrow to check it out and see if I switch over from ATT. I can't wait!!

will be a wonderful "experience". The case of the original Storm, however, will live for a very long time as a textbook case of how (and when) NOT to launch a product into the market.

Good luck, RIM.

that the Storm 9530 could have entailed less hype so I wouldn't have bought a sub-par phone at premium price. After having to take my Storm back 6 times to have it swapped out they should be giving me a Storm 9550 for my troubles over these past eight months, too bad that it took RIM a year to finally get it right. Notice that the original Storm only had one thing it excelled in out of those three key points, Eye Candy. Typing is still a chore on the Storm 9530 and until Sunday when .328 was released the phone was anything but fast and responsive on a Verizon approved operating system.

Verizon is simply trying to cover for themselves so in case the Storm2 is a big ol' fat fail noticed they've already prepped the market for another BB, the Curve2 as well as the Android and Pre, finally some legit options from the nations largest 3G network.

i bought the storm 9530 from verizon last january
the storm was satisfactory, maybe a bit below, but i managed the first month. during the 2nd month though, the screen was acting quite weird clicks were not registered in the corners and memory loss was extreme.

most storm owners have problems with their phones and this is the fault of RIM for making 2nd grade hardware and verizon's fault for approving the faulty hardware.

i seriously think that storm 9530 owners deserve some sort of discount on the 9550

i mean, even the iphone has wifi. how did the 9530 end up with no wifi??

will verizon offer anyy sort of discount?
they should give free upgrades for 9530 owners, but in this "economic crisis", i doubt tht

we should definitely be shown some sort of compensation, I took my Storm in during the first month and they said to wait for the software update but by the time i got the update and figured out that i still hated the phone i was out of my 30 day grace period, if RIM and Verizon want to compete with AT&T and the iPhone they need to be providing these upgrade options to their customers who are loyal and want to keep up with the latest technology, with the iPhone its like a $100 upgrade option and it extends the contract to 2 years from that date.

i played with a storm2 today...the touch screen is much much more accurate.

the problem is that as the screen may be more accurate for feels like each click is a hand started cramping up after about 3-4 minutes of playing with it...

i really dont see any innovation in this phone as compared to the first friends have the new update on their reason to get the storm2 in my opinion...unless WIFI is a must for you


sorry but that is the way of the game...original iphone users didnt get a special when the 3g came out...when you buy a computer/car/couch and something new and great comes out...your not reimbursed for your initial purchase...why of why should phones be any different

its a different story if the product is a lemon after having swapped out my Storm 9530 6 times due to various issues with the screen, memory loss, and randomly restarting the phone is obviously a lemon, if you made an investment as in a car and it would suddenly shut off while you were using it or had a horn that didn't beep when you pushed on the steering wheel and the company came out with a product that was supposed have all the bugs worked out you'd be pissed too if the company who supplied it said oh well too bad you bought that less than a year ago you aren't eligible for an upgrade

I totally agree! I am going in there first thing in the morning and calling as well...I am on my 5th phone and it's falling apart...this is my first BlackBerry but 5 phones in 8 months and the first 4 were brand new not refurbished! This one has problems with: memory leak like crazy! starts at 14 mbs and I deleted a bunch of friend has the same apps except I have 1 more than him and he starts with 40 mb!! Next the buttons at the button stay lit up while on a call (KILLS the battery if you're on a long conference call), problems switching to landscape still shows half the keyboard (suretype)in landscape mode! And the worst is people telling me they hear every other word/I sound like I'm under water!! Those are just a few to name...All I want is a working phone - I use it 24/7 for work and I need it to be reliable! 5.0.328 is 10 times better than the previous softwares but this still has the same hardware issues...will be looking to get this phone tomorrow...It is definitely coming out tomorrow right?!

I dont know about anyone else, but the first thing I noticed was the the 3G symbol was back!!!! I want it back on my .328!!!! LOL

the only thing im worried about after reading that interview is who won the typing test? as soon as i read his "ten second time for the quick brown..." the first thing i did was test myself and i think i'd come close to beating 10s. (are we counting typos?)

I'll be stopping by the VZ store on Market street before the phillies blitz the yanks tomorrow night to try this bad boy out. best part is that, because my company uses each others lines for upgrades, and we recently went to a rule that you can only upgrade when your line is up for one, i'm up for an upgrade with $100 credit as of Oct 7th. WOOOT!

I feel that the interview was pointless but it's from RIM/Blackberry themselves so...guess you can't do anything. There are definitely more important questions to be answered and asked...

from a marketing stand point RIM and Verizon probably realized how much of a flop the S1 was. Now they are here with the S2 and how can we all be let down when they havent built it up, made us believe its something that will change our ways of communication... no they are giving it to us for what it is and what it is and does will be exactly what they have given us. no ideas or information to assume and then be let down. Take it for what it is. Im getting mine in the AM!.

@ jwphillips

sorry guys...but no one who is having issues can return their storm for a storm2 (unless they have had it less than 30 days or gets a really dumb rep to do it for them)

the car analogy is problematic...
car warranties cover less than a phone warranty does ie. if its within one year of purchase, and it not physical damager, phone i know getting warranty phones is no fun BUT thats the way it is with every carrier

and no offense but if you are a consumer who has purchased a storm in the last 8 or 9 months AND your on crackberry posting (not directly you sir) than you should have done a little homework...wouldnt take much to realize you shouldve waited....and no amount of b*tching is gonna get you a storm2 at a discount per owning the original

and the new software does make a huge difference

Well then, if the 9550 Storm 2 is so much better at all the things that were in the first gen... I think it's only fair that you make it up to all the first time sucka's that bought the 9530. How about you have a cash for clunkers program for us? I want to get a smart phone that is actually smart, not a cool idea that works sort of like it should have. Improve relations with your customers that bought into this the first time you launched and offer us a new chance at owning something that works.