BlackBerry Storm 2 Image Gallery

BlackBerry Storm2 Photo Gallery
By Kevin Michaluk on 16 Oct 2009 04:10 pm EDT

Full Photo Gallery of BlackBerry Storm2 - Lots of BlackBerry Comparisons!

It was a mad dash to get our BlackBerry Storm2 Review up, which left me a short on time to put together the full BlackBerry Storm2 image gallery along with the initial post. Below you can find the complete gallery, which includes some more Storm2 pictures along with comparisons to other current BlackBerry smartphone devices model like the original Storm, Tour, Bold, Curve 8900, Curve 8520, and BlackBerry Pearl Flip. We even threw in an iPhone 3GS comparison just for measure. 

Be sure to click on the photos to zoom in for the larger view and captions. Enjoy the show!!

BlackBerry Storm2 Image Gallery

1. BlackBerry Storm2 Unboxing Photos

What could be inside this magical BlackBerry box?!. It's a BlackBerry Storm2! I guess it does exist afterall.

Shiny and new. It's never been touched. A much tighter design than the Storm. This looks hawt.

2. The Verizon BlackBerry Storm2

The BlackBerry Storm2 ships with OS5.0. The BlackBerry Storm2 held horizontally shifts quickly to landscape orientation.

No more fishhook battery door hinges or speaker port feet. The BlackBerry Storm2 features a 3.2 megapixel camera with autofocus.

The Storm2's left side is very clean: convenience key and MicroUSB port. 3.5mm headset port, volume up/down, convenience key and lanyard whole on the right side.

The BlackBerry Storm2 looks good from every angle. Another look at the BlackBerry Storm2.

Another new battery door/hinge design from RIM. This battery door has a spring fit clasp under the cover.

Close up of the BlackBerry Storm2's door latch mechanism. It seems to work well. The BlackBerry Storm2 ships with a 16GB MicroSD card.

You can now highlight two letters at once on the Storm2's keyboard. The BlackBerry Storm2 officially weighs in at 160grams. I weighed in 1g heavier.

3. BlackBerry Storm2 Compared to the Original BlackBerry Storm

The BlackBerry Storm2 (left) vs. the original BlackBerry Storm (right). The BlackBerry Storm2 is on the left; Storm1 on the right.

BlackBerry Storm2 on top, BlackBerry Storm on the bottom. BlackBerry Storm on top, BlackBerry Storm2 on bottom.

Storm2 on top - notice the reduced gaps. The Storm2 features a power button instead of the Storm1's lock button.

BlackBerry Storm2; BlackBerry Storm. BlackBerry Storm2; BlackBerry Storm.

4. BlackBerry Storm2 Compared to other Device Models

BlackBerry Storm2; BlackBerry Tour. BlackBerry Storm2; BlackBerry Tour.

BlackBerry Storm2; BlackBerry Bold. BlackBerry Storm2; BlackBerry Bold.

BlackBerry Storm2; BlackBerry Curve 8900. BlackBerry Storm2; BlackBerry Curve 8900.

BlackBerry Storm2; BlackBerry Curve 8520. BlackBerry Storm2; BlackBerry Curve 8520.

BlackBerry Storm2; BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220. BlackBerry Storm2; BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220.

BlackBerry Storm2; Apple iPhone 3GS. BlackBerry Storm2; Apple iPhone 3GS.

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Reader comments

BlackBerry Storm 2 Image Gallery


i want an upgrade incentive for the beta testers for this phone (storm 1 owners) for our out of pocket help in developing this phone.

I've been troubleshooting- I mean, beta testing the Storm 1 with Verizon for 11 months! We all really should get a rebate to upgrade to the Storm 2.

as someone who waited outside the morning of the storm beta launch as well as being a longtime verizon customer who is disgusted by their lack of support (i.e. updates) for this phone, i am completely on board with this idea.

I went in to my nearest Verizon store last night to test the waters. I asked the Sales Rep when they were getting the new 9550 and from his response, from his lips to my ears......."We have just finished taking test modules for the unit and we should be selling them between now (Oct 16th) and the end of the month". You should have seen the grin on my face. And I also noticed that they didn't have up the poster board with the new Storm on it. I found that strange but I hope he knows what he's talking about. I'd hate to have to go back in there and jack dude up for playing with my emotions!!!!!!!

Just an FYI as a Verizon employee that i am. We are never told any info on the device release dates until maybe 3 or 4 days before it releases. So it would be wise to not take them super serious as it may not be true.

Well if I am not to take my sales tech seriously then why am I even with "YOUR" company? I'm just repeating what the guy told me in the store. He doesn't know me and nor do I know him. If he was misinformed then he needs to be attended to, and he works in the Clear Lake store in Houston Texas pal so seek him out and get with him. I'm here to reply to post and let others that are in wait, as I am, the findings I come across. Since you're another "VERIZON GUY" then why don't you tell us all when the device is coming out. Do that.......FYI.

if i and thousands of others learned one thing from the storm1 launch, it is that you cannot believe a single word that comes out of a verizon employee's mouth. they don't know anything about anything. is it because they are morons? is it because they couldn't care less about you as a customer? is it because corporate keeps them in the dark on such matters? it's definitely a combination of those things.

everyone has "heard" something somewhere about a release date but nobody REALLY knows yet. if you're a loyal crackberry reader you'll be able to run circles around a verizon rep in a knowledge contest. my advice as someone whose mind was tortured waiting for the storm1 launch is that you're better off visiting this site everyday to find out the latest info than you are talking to joe d-bag at the verizon store.

looks like there is a bigger gap at the top of the phone compared to the storm 1 maybe because its just a review loaner model and not the commercially sold one. I hope. Good work though.

I want to see bigger pictures of new and old with the screens on because the s2 looks so much smoother than s1 and I want to see a side by side so I know for sure.

Since BB is sponsoring the LCS games, does anyone else get the feeling that VZW will announce it during an ALCS game (tonight for example) or even a World Series game on fox? I think they showed the Storm 1 last year during the World Series on FOX.

The Storm 1 has that ability if you are on the 5.0 OS. It isn't as flashy as the iphone version but it is there none the less.

They changed the lock button on the top to a power button? So I have to go back to setting a convenience key to the lock?

I was beginning to think I was the only one. Those rubberized buttons cheapen the look of the phone.

Thanks, now my accessories (GPS bracket, Bedside charging cradle) will be too small for the Storm 2. This is why I will not be "upgrading." I will wait to for the android or iPhone when it drops in at VzW. No more RIM for me. I have had four Storms due to the crappy center tactile button not allowing the corners to provide keyboard input.

And the last three of them suffer from a button-related brighter-than-the rest-of-the-screen hot-spot in the very center of the LCD screen.

Early adopters screwed again just so RIM could rush to the market? Maybe, but I still use it and await the end of my contract with every click of the screen. The Apple device should hit store by then, no doubt.

There, I had the guts to say it.

Great Pics. I just wish they would release it for all carriers. Maybe they're waiting to perfect the art of developing touchscreen devices. Still in all.. great looking device.

Storm 2 looks nice, I will be upgrading when i can. Have to wait until next August for that. Might be something else out by then also. Who knows

Someone explain to me why we still have this large gap between the keys and the actual screen??? They couldnt have put it to use like say for a touch slider or oh I know MORE SCREEN to use!!!

Kinda doesn't look any different to me, anyone else feel that way?
I wish it'd had a larger screen, but oh well.
I do like the chrome features though.

Hey guys.

I live in Vancouver, B.C. here so this comment is for all the Canadian crackberry addicts on here. I kept wondering when/if the Storm2 was coming up here at all. Went to the mall earlier today and asked Rogers if they were getting it. The staff in the Rogers store said no.

I then went to the Bell store and asked the manager there if they were getting the Storm2. He confirmed that they were indeed getting it. I guess i shouldn't use the word "confirmed", but he did say they were getting it.

According to him the Storm2 will be exclusive to Bell. Whether it's short term exclusivity or long term i don't know. He did say that the phone will be launching in a few weeks. Most likely around November sometime. It will be gsm/hspa you will be able to buy it, unlock it and use it with Rogers and/or Fido with no issues.

Don't really know how much weight to put on what he said, but he didn't hesitate when i asked him about it and he did sound like he knew what he was talking about, as if he had been trained on what to say.

I did ask him if Telus would be getting the Storm2. He said no. Just exclusively to Bell. Once again, his words. Don't now how much truth there is to it.

Can't wait for this phone!

Will they give the Storm one owners who have a long rap sheet of complaints or have had three or more phones a new Storm 2 so they can test it for them again? What is the next move. Could you imagine if was not around with all the leaks to have made this last nine months somewhat tollerible? I can't wait to see.

I just noticed something I hadn't noticed before. The gree phone button symbol is upside down. WTH did they do that for? It looks goofy! Otherwise, I don't see anything there that I don't!

I want an upgrade incentive for the testers for the (storm 1 owners) in developing the first Storm. I hope the Storm 2 is not another big pice of sh-t like the first. I will waite this time to see before buying the new one.

Anybody know how to download the Verizon App that is showing in the first photo. I had the app at one time, lost it and cant find it again.

touch screens are garbage regardless who makes them.... rim, apple, palm they all suck! its a fad that will eventually die off....

Great review. I'm dissapointed that S2 application memory wasn't 1G but 256mb will do. Wi-fi is optional for me beacuse it's always thirsty for battery power.I'm happy with my S1 for now but will upgrade to this device around income tax time.If verizon is willing to give me a special deal online i'll change my mind.

Why does Verizon have to give you a special deal online? After the first two weeks or so, you could walk into any store/authorized dealer and get a great deal on a Blackberry Storm 2. Many agents are giving great promotions on Blackberry devices.

I dunno what Verizon reps you go to but the ones here in PA by me know what they are. I knew about a lot of Verizon phones before them came out. A lot do know what to tell you because they know. A lot of websites say either October 21st or October 26th so either way its in October. When first word of the phone came out there was pictures of the new phone coming out for Verizon and all the new releases on that page came out on time. It says October but doesn't say specific day just like the ENV3, that came out same month it said on the paper.

When we will see the video of Kevin actually using it? He turned it on then said more to come and cut the video off. Thanks...

By the way where is the promised 'more'

I am a verizon representative and i find what some of you said about our intelligence extremely untrue. Some may tell you nerds what you want to hear because if not, your technology driven obsessive lives would be nothing without a glimpse of hope derived from the news of a release of a new device. You bug us and bug us, and we tell you we are unsure...well its because we DONT KNOW. You expect us to know everything and were only human. America is so obsessed with getting the answer right now and thats not how it is so settle down kiddies, just flippin wait!!!

Well jerk-off your company sold a phone that was not ready. Obviously many prepared to return it when your company said all problems would be addressed. I wasn't aware crackberry worked for verizon. Also, no one should try to sell a product while not giving any release information. So who is the jerk-off?

Ok guys I have a Storm 1 and I'm sick and tired of everyone saying they "deserve" a new Storm. You made the choice to buy the phone day 1 or week 1 you could have made the decision to wait a week or month and see what was up with the fancy new device you just had to have. I bought my S1 I have had issues with mine, but I purchased it the first week of release that was my choice. Overall I enjoy my device, and accept my decision to purchase it and day 1 I will be buying the new Storm. Accept responsibility for your own decisions it's you're fault alone. Verizon should have waited to release the S1 but they didn't deal with it. There is my rant and sorry if I have offended any one just an opinion I suppose.