BlackBerry Storm2 Emulator Found on Verizon's Website

Verizon BlackBerry Storm2 Emulator
By Kevin Michaluk on 22 Oct 2009 04:38 pm EDT

Despite its announcement by both Research in Motion and Vodafone one week ago today, Verizon has yet to formally announce the BlackBerry Storm2 though they're clearly ramping up for its ultimate launch. We already saw the Storm2 360 degree demo buried on their website. Next up, new CrackBerry member djkhl930 just discovered the BlackBerry Storm2 emulator sitting on, usable and just waiting to get pushed to the live Storm2 site. You can click the image above to jump over and get a feel for the new touch screen BlackBerry.

This is so frustrating. Verizon, can we pleeeeaazzze just announce the Storm2 already?

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BlackBerry Storm2 Emulator Found on Verizon's Website


Checked out the about section in options. Running .224 Interesting. My S1 is running .323.

I was surprised to see that you posted so quickly I had created a new thread. Great work Kevin and Crackberry

Hey Guys,

No, that's the right amount of memory showing... under Options > Memory it's showing about 120megs of free Application Space. The means it has 256 to begin with. If it only had 128 to begin with, it would be showing like 30 - 40 megs free for apps. Devices like the Tour and Curve 8900 with 256 show the same amount.

However, that's a really old version of OS 5.0 already. It'll ship with much newer.

You would think the emulator would show WiFi. I suspect that they are using the Storm1 for much of the information.

They have waited on this so long that I am considering the Droid now. I know its not all RIMs fault but I am getting angry.

I really dont think verizon cares about the storm2. I think there pushing the Droid and thats all they care about right now. I deffinitly want the storm2, but I will wait and go play with the Droid (email,text,picture,etc...) and see how fast or slow it is compaired to my storm 1. Storm2 please don't let me down...

VZW is just trying to do a "new thing" and drop phones and not be "advertisey" (if thats a word LoL)

I spoke to a VZW rep about 10 mins ago and they told me that, the storm 2 has passed all tests and is now coming soon. Hope this means it will be here on sunday

thats where the Storm2 seems be...i was excited but i ive lost all excitement now..i dont think verizon seems to care about this device.theyre all wrapped up in android..and quite frankly..i dont blame em...but ever since i updated to .230 then to .323 i dont really care for the storm2. theres a storm theme with today plus/ dual sliding dock and glow icons like the bold 9000 that every storm owner should have. i just bought it today and its the best theme thus far..its onyl .99 too..i love it. in the crackberry store (via blackberry) its under specials.

I just confirmed that the Blackberry Storm 2 will be released on October 28, 2009. I obtained this information from the Verizon Business Sales division. It will be released to all channels on October 28th.

anyone else notice that if you check it out, this says its running .224 despite the .323 leak for storm1 yesterday? I assumed it was the release for Storm2. Any ideas?

so why is the contact name "Joe Smith" and the contact pic is of a female? I know it can be a females name, but by default i thought it was a guys...LoL

It's interesting to hear all the little errors folks are finding in Verizons marketing of the Storm2. I dont know if that installs any buyers confidence in me. When the company doesnt seem to give a damn about the release of this phone.