BlackBerry Storm2 Dummy Units and Accessories Arriving at Verizon Stores

Storm2 Mock Unit
By Adam Zeis on 13 Oct 2009 03:24 pm EDT

* Update - October 15th, 2009: The Storm2 is Officially Announced! Buy BlackBerry Storm2 CasesStorm2 Chargers, Storm2 Batteries and other Storm2 Accessories Now! *

When it rains it pours. We just snagged these images of the BlackBerry Storm2 mock unit and some OEM Verizon Storm2 cases as they start flowing into Verizon stores. Still no official statement on the release date, but it looks like the race may be nearing an end. Hopefully over the next few days we'll hear something solid, but if not we can just keep guessing and waiting. This is definitely (another) good sign that we don't have much longer to go. Check out some more images after the jump.

Storm2 Mock Unit


Storm2 Cases


Storm2 Cases

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BlackBerry Storm2 Dummy Units and Accessories Arriving at Verizon Stores


When did it have to be released to give away free ones? I remember a post a couple of months ago saying if it was out by this date everyday before that you would give one away.

but it was either june or july- can't remember and don't feel like searching. I remember Kevin saying that whatever day of the month it came out, they would give out the number of phones for the days remaining in the month. so if the phone came out on the 14th, they would give away 16-17 phones.

Verizon is giving away the Storm...go to their website and there is a link that says "Get the Storm For Free".

This is exciting news!!!! I think we are definitely going to see the Storm2 before Halloween!!!! It is going to be Christmas in October!

Shouldn't it say "3G" in the top corner of the dummy phone instead of 1xEV? All the latest vids I've seen of the Storm2 running OS 5 has shown 3G....mistake on their end?

The promo material is using an old version of the OS...the SMS logo is the old one!! (sorry for being annoying and pointing that out!!)

You're not wrong, there IS wi-fi on the Storm2 9550 for Verizon Wireless. I think it's Verizon Wireless's first wi-fi capable blackberry.

This is a good thing.

Thanks for the post Kevin, always good to see more Storm2 stuff popping up.

Wifi has been widely stated for this device and their have many confirmation of this it will absolutely be on this device.

who here thinks it`ll be the same as last year when the dummy units were in store for 2/3 weeks before, and you could pre-order, so maybe announced soon but not available soon if that makes sense (hope im wrong)

I dont thing so. The Storm 1 was Verizons first touch screen BB and use that to hype it up. This is not the first so hopefully thats why they are not advertising for weeks.

while i hope your right, i cant see them announcing then releasing literally days after, i mean no adverts or anything?? doesnt make sense, also noteable by their absence are the reviews, even kevin hasnt done one, so im guessing that might be soon, with sale soon after

As previously noted it says 1XEV instead of 3G. Also, it is interesting to see the date Thursday, May 21st. Can't wait for this to finally come out!!!

When the sotrm 1 came out they were marketing for months before it was released.. Why would they not say anything about this phone until like the day it is released basically ?

Verizon would not be packing their shelves with storm2 goodies if they didn't plan to sell the phone soon. that would be inefficient and stupid. I would like to think they have more business sense than that. Also, i guess since this is really an upgrade to the storm1 i'm not surprised they are not overly promoting it (ha or promoting it at all prior to release). Its like the 3Gs. And for those who really want the phone, why not let the internet market it for you. I feel like it almost builds the hype up more...

I will be upgrading from peal. i dont know what im going to do with myself. I wish someone would post a vid of some detailed typing on storm2 with the newest os. that would be sweet.

how many units does each store get at first and does every authorized retailer get the phones/ open up for purchase on the same day?

I have not been happy at all with my Storm, I don't think I will be buying another. I'm eyeing the HTC Hero (Android). Can anyone change my mind, as I am a Crack Head at heart. LOL.

1. wifi
2. fast and responsive
3. better touch screen
4. it has a 2 after it where the first one had no number at all....

Its possible that reason two could be moot if the new os gets released for the first storm.

$16.99 for a silicon cover?! Now that is CRAZY!!! JH, I am with you... thinking about sholes, and hero

I just upgraded to the Imagio after having the Storm and it is like night and day. Yall should look at the Imagio as an upgrade instead of the Storm2.

If even half the rumors about the enhancements of the Storm2 turn out to be true, it should be quite the BB. I have one of the original Storms and have installed OS 5 .230 on it and that in itself has made it a very different phone. I am not sure I like the new SMS as it is hard to follow, but I am sure I will figure it out eventually.


I just stopped and talked to one of the verizon workers out here and they told me (yes i know we all hate the rumors) that it should be in stores on the 17th... Lets hope it true because it will be within the 30 days of me getting my storm1

I went through 4 Storms (yes 4) until Verizon finally sent me a brand new Tour which I absolutely love. However, this Storm 2 looks like they may have fixed all the issues I hated about the first Storm. I'm thinking about getting a Storm 2 now or just stick with my Tour. What do you think?????

oh how exciting the storm2.... what a slap in the face to everyone who has stuck with rim and verizon with storm1... and they won't even give us an os that REALLY works.We have to use "leaked" versions..

did apple come out with the iphone2 after 1 year?

C'mon people why are we all so STUPID!

No commercials. Straight to the store. Well i think CB alone has hyped this phone for them. Enjoy!

I may show as a newbie on Crackberry, but I am a long time user and a frequent visitor to (several times a day) I just don't post a lot. The company I work for has a large contract with Verizon and I just met with them today and was able to get them to tell me the actual release date as well as when it will be announced. Here are the details I received:

Press Release will be Thursday October 15th and Release date is scheduled for October 25th. There will be no early B2B release. Full release for everyone on October 25th.

I have no supporting documentation, but I just had lunch with them and they provided this info. Their RIM rep said he couldn't show the device to customers until Thursday after the press release at which time I will have the opportunity to play with the device.

Hope you all find this information useful. I stake my not yet existent Crackberry reputation on it. :D

I work for an indirect cell phone store... and I heard from a Verizon Rep that i twas coming out Thursday October 15... whcih is weird because usually they will start to do pre order a few days before a phone gets released... I believed him.... He showed me the Storm 2 video and assessment test. So we shall see what happens... and see if he was right...

One Luv

He won't be right, my information came directly from Corporate. Press Release on October 15th and Release October 25th.

well.....everything I've spotted in corporate stuff backs up the earlier post of "10/21/2009" but, I suppose I'll know more thursday huh?

What is all the hype about wifi? Someone please tell me what I will see different from wifi then the default internet. I seriously don't know what the HUGE differece is. Please list The Pros about wifi that is different then what I have on the Storm 1...

the main difference is that if you're in a wifi hotspot you can talk and surf at the same time, at least, that's the main advantage I've come across, granted, if you're in an area that cellular service is crappy and your data connection is horridly slow, then you'd be better with wifi....