BlackBerry Storm2 Cases

By Kevin Michaluk on 28 Oct 2009 09:25 am EDT

Looking for your first case or skin for the BlackBerry BlackBerry Storm2? Here's Your Chance to Win One! Just leave a comment to this post letting us know which form of protection (case, skin, shield, etc.) you plan to buy first for your new BlackBerry Storm2...

BlackBerry Storm2 Cases

Cases and Skins for the BlackBerry Storm2

Back on October 19th, shortly after the BlackBerry Storm2 was announced, we ran a post on the blogs asking soon-to-be BlackBerry Storm2 owners what the first type of BlackBerry Storm2 accessory they would buy would be: some form protection, a hands-free accessory, charger, spare battery, etc.

70% of respondents to that poll voted that a cases for the BlackBerry Storm2 (or some other form of protection) be the first item they take care of (wow!). From there, it only makes sense that we follow up and find out exactly which type of offering be the most popular. These days there are many ways in which one can protect their BlackBerry model from scratches, bumps and drops, each offering their own pros and cons compared to the other.

Invisible-type skins (Invisible Shields, BodyGuardz, Phantom Skins, etc.) preserve the look of the original smartphone and offer scratch resistance. Rubber skins (pictured above) provide additional shock protection and grip while hard form fit cases (ex. Innocase) add more bump proofing. Holsters provide power users with quick access to their Storm2, and take advantage of the unique in-holster / out-of-holster capabilities offered by the BlackBerry OS, as do BlackBerry-optimized leather cases and pocket pouches. And for those looking for the ultimate in BlackBerry Storm2 protection, Weather resistant cases like the durable OtterBox are a must-have. We want to hear what you plan to use to protect your BlackBerry Storm2.

Contest Details: Leave a comment on this blog post letting us know which case, skin, shield, holster, etc. you plan to purchase your BlackBerry Storm2. It can be either available now, or something that is likely to become available (it's offered for other BlackBerry device models so will likely become available for the Storm2). We have three BlackBerry OEM skins up for grabs as prizes! Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Leave only one comment please. *

Keep in mind that with the launch of a new smartphone, it can take a few weeks or even months for manufacturers to get their cases built and ready for sale. You'll want to keep it locked to our BlackBerry Storm2 cases page to see the latest offerings as they become available.

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BlackBerry Storm2 Cases



Loved my Case Mate Skin I had on my 9530, one for my new 9550 would bet great and very much appreciated. Thxs CB!

Whoa yeah baby!! Got my wife the S2 today and mine will be here on 11-17...cuz Im such a sweeeet hubby, I opted to let my wife have the first 'Crack' and the new Berry today. The first thing I always buy for my Blackberry phones is the skin cover. Let me tell ya folks who might be wafflin about getting the is freakin sweet!

Can't wait to get my hands on a hard case (Seido) that feels like rubber on the outside. That's what i had on my S1 and love it!

I will go with the "BlackBerry Leather Holster for Storm 9530, Storm 9500, Storm 2 9550, Storm 2 9520"

I would buy holster first before any thing else. If I have the money to get otter box I will.

I really hope I can win a screen shield since I havent won anything yet lol. Pre-ordered my Storm2 Tuesday night and would like to keep the screen protected just like my other Storm's.

The first form of protection for my new storm2 would be a seidio case and holster so as to protect and be functional and easy to get to.

I am not sure what skin I would get this go around... I haven't been too impressed with the 2 that I had for my original storm...

I would say that a screen protector and a leather pouch like the one that came with the Blackberry Curve 8330 is what I prefer. I am curious how well the skins work. Can someone give some feedback on the silicone skins?

Gonna go with Phantom Skinz for my Storm 2 as soon as I get it. Awesome product compared to the others, especially if you have the luxury of having it professionally installed. They must have just released it too, cuz its on there today and wasn't a few days ago. OOoooo I cant wait for my Storm 2

ok i admid that i'm the most clumsy person i drop my phone everyday...storm 2 is my heart so please do not make me to break my heart :):):):)

The Silicone Casing or Skin! My Storm2 should be here the mail as we speak..too geeked!lol

I really like the rugged rubber skins for the Storms. What a great idea for someone always dropping their cell. So the rubber skin would be my first purchase, then screen protector sheets. BTW, I love all the apps here on crackberry

A Seidio Holster first to cover it nicely and then a screen protector so that I can "look but not touch" the real screen :)

I like the hard shell case that has the rubberized coating. Had this on my Storm and loved it. The Case has to fit snug though, and be thin so that it does not make the nice Storm2 too thick.

I'm thinking either an InvisiShield or a skin because I just can't find a good case that shows off how sweet the Storm2 looks.

I already have my screen protector on. First thing I used with the leather OEM holster I had for my Storm 1.

Now I am in the market for a skin and a hard case/holster combo. I like to use the skin when I am just hanging around the house or putting my phone in my pocket for a short while. And the case/holster I use for work and when I go out. Not sure about an otterbox yet, most likely something from Seidio. Although the Feather looks nice too.

Who am I kidding, I'd probably end up getting one of each case after a while. Not only am I a phone junkie but I am also an accessory junkie.

I would love an otter case with holster for my Storm. I appreciate the durability and convenience of having a protective shell that snaps securely into the holster.

with my luck, i drop, slip. scratch my phones. i need something to be protect from me. it this sounds like it can do the job

im definitely going to be getting a skin for my new storm 2!! it all looks way tooo risky busting that screen up!!

I will be purchasing the Otterbox case as soon as it is available. I had one for my storm and it is great. Especially against Iraqi sand. Can't wait to get everything I can for my storm2

I bought a silicone skin and screen protector first, but I'm wondering if I should get a hard case, like one of the Otterboxes.

I ordered the protective screen protectors (2 are already funky because I can't get them on right) and a snap on cover that just covers the back. I am still shopping for another "outfit".

This Monday I will be owning three Blackberrys. So I would need to get two more cases. Hopefully I will win one here for one of them.

I am looking at another otterbox. I loved my original otterbox for my 9530 Storm, and thought I could use that for Storm2... Wrong.... I was bummed! Oh well... I hope I can snag one of these cases in the contest! And just a quick "Thanks" to Kevin and all the great Mods and community members on Crackberry! This place is awesome for all my knowledge and accessory needs!


Got the Storm2. Now comes the accessories. I would like a case please.
Thank you for the opportunity.

Just upgaded from the Storm and this is too nice to have anything happen to it; Screen Protector - Then Skin!

i have seen a samsung phone skin ;
its leather and its like a wallet if they have it for the bb storm2 too i would buy it..

I am impatiently waiting for a new iskin vibes case for my storm 2... I have one for my storm 1 and it is near perfect... more colors and a completely clear skin would make them perfect. In the meantime, I will slap a screen shield and wait... and hope that I dont drop my new shiny toy! Storm 2 is like butta baby, its like butta!!

The best case I can find to protect from baby drops and to be able to tell my phone apart from my husbands .. lol

Case for the storm 2! Will be getting it by Thursday! =D I already dropped my storm 1 a few times and I thank the case... big time... Count me in! =)

Oh yes, I definitely want to get the OEM Charging Pod. I went to my Verizon store, but they tried to sell me the old one for the 9530.....why would I want the old one?????

I am going to buy a skin and a screen protector. I haven't taken the plastic off my phone yet because I don't have any protection on my phone. Can't go in hard without protection right?!

Have a great day!

I would buy a OEM Skin first because I think it protects the phone the most and it gives the phone extra grip to it so you dont accidently drop it. lol

probably get the Incipio Ultra Light Feather Case when it comes out for the Storm 2.

Thanks, Crackberry!

Since my best friend A.J. already bought me the screen protector and a skin, MY first purchase was a car charger. But my next will be a leather case. :)

I haven't decided on the case / protection for my new Storm2, so I am using my Curve's holster for the time being. I'll probably use that until I find something I like better. Would love to try something else, but I am afraid to buy something I won't like. I hope I am chosen!

I already bought a silicone skin to protect the new phone, but just to last me until they put out the Seidio Innocase2 for 9550. I had one of those for my Storm 9530 and it is the best!

I have to have an otterbox. Can't go without it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i was gonna go commando because it looks just so damn sexy
until i saw my gf drop her tour twice in a short period
i had a rubber case for my tour, but i ditched it cause it collected too much dust/lint and made it quite bulky so im looking for a thin case (hard or jelly)

Storm 2 is in hand. Messages, picture and video text.
The phone is grand. An Otterbox case has gotta be next.

I would love a Seidio Innocase 360 for my Storm 2.

I was looking at one for my Storm 1 but wanted to wait until I got my Storm 2. I cannot wait until they are available!!

My Storm 2 will be delivered Tuesday. Cant wait and know I will be scrambling to find a great case to protect it. Counting the minutes !

I would really like an incipio feather for storm 2 as the one for storm 1, just better quality. Thanks

I really need this case for my new storm 2. I am a new blackberry user and a poor college student who needs all the free stuff I can get.

I am between a skin and a shield... but nakie feels so good on my new Storm2!

But i wouldn't mind using one I won on a Crackberry contest :)

first thing i picked up was a screen protector.. oredered the zagg body armor.. should be here wed :-).. still want a hard case tho.. only ones are the verizon ones... and yeah.. i wont be getting one of those lol

i think im going to do what i did with my storm one.. get a body shield and an incino slim case.. the incino was lovely but didnt cover the whole bb.. hence the body armor haha

Just got my storm2 this past friday...I LOVE IT..dnt want to take off any of the plastic until i get protection. Invisishield would be my #1 option..gets the job done minus the extra bulk.
Im a college student..
Hook me up CrackBerry..pllzzzz!!!

I want storm2 is naked and still using the screen protector that it came with...I prefer a rubberized skin for grip and a privacy screen protector then i am all set!

I chose to go with Invisible Shield. I found a place in a local mall that sells and installs it. I also purchased a rubber case.


Am getting a screen protector, and a skin or pouch, whatever suits my budget and looks good on my new phone! :)