BlackBerry Storm2 Cases

By Kevin Michaluk on 28 Oct 2009 09:25 am EDT

Looking for your first case or skin for the BlackBerry BlackBerry Storm2? Here's Your Chance to Win One! Just leave a comment to this post letting us know which form of protection (case, skin, shield, etc.) you plan to buy first for your new BlackBerry Storm2...

BlackBerry Storm2 Cases

Cases and Skins for the BlackBerry Storm2

Back on October 19th, shortly after the BlackBerry Storm2 was announced, we ran a post on the blogs asking soon-to-be BlackBerry Storm2 owners what the first type of BlackBerry Storm2 accessory they would buy would be: some form protection, a hands-free accessory, charger, spare battery, etc.

70% of respondents to that poll voted that a cases for the BlackBerry Storm2 (or some other form of protection) be the first item they take care of (wow!). From there, it only makes sense that we follow up and find out exactly which type of offering be the most popular. These days there are many ways in which one can protect their BlackBerry model from scratches, bumps and drops, each offering their own pros and cons compared to the other.

Invisible-type skins (Invisible Shields, BodyGuardz, Phantom Skins, etc.) preserve the look of the original smartphone and offer scratch resistance. Rubber skins (pictured above) provide additional shock protection and grip while hard form fit cases (ex. Innocase) add more bump proofing. Holsters provide power users with quick access to their Storm2, and take advantage of the unique in-holster / out-of-holster capabilities offered by the BlackBerry OS, as do BlackBerry-optimized leather cases and pocket pouches. And for those looking for the ultimate in BlackBerry Storm2 protection, Weather resistant cases like the durable OtterBox are a must-have. We want to hear what you plan to use to protect your BlackBerry Storm2.

Contest Details: Leave a comment on this blog post letting us know which case, skin, shield, holster, etc. you plan to purchase your BlackBerry Storm2. It can be either available now, or something that is likely to become available (it's offered for other BlackBerry device models so will likely become available for the Storm2). We have three BlackBerry OEM skins up for grabs as prizes! Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Leave only one comment please. *

Keep in mind that with the launch of a new smartphone, it can take a few weeks or even months for manufacturers to get their cases built and ready for sale. You'll want to keep it locked to our BlackBerry Storm2 cases page to see the latest offerings as they become available.



wow number 2 usually im like 500+ something im going today to pick my storm2 up wahhoo

Coach Bill

I'll be looking for a screen protector first thing.


Looking for probably a soft skin like the Storm 1 had through VZW. Not looking to waste money on a shield because 1)the screen doesnt scratch; 2)leaves a wierd feeling on the device. Something simple to protect the casing should do just fine.


rubber skin to protect the phone when the kids get a hold of it.


i drop/scratch a new phone within the first week of purchase. So skin for me.


all forms of protection are great but i've had the best luck with shields. thank you!


Definitely want to get a skin!


Need the screen protected!


Already ordered the standard plastic holster and screen protectors. Would purchase an Innocase 360 + holster when they release.


Gotta protect that screen baby. Shield for me.


I plan on case first screen pro second!


Screen protector first b/c I'll be paranoid about scratching it. I'm surprisingly good at not dropping my BB.


I'll be getting a skin for mine when I get one. I'm using the Incipio "Feather" case for my Storm1 and it's been great. It protects and is just slick enough to slide in and out of my BodyGlove holster/case easily.


buy screen protector first.


I'm gonna be getting a Seidio Innocase 360 for sure! Hopefully with a NICE CB Moderator discount.


Seidio Innocase. Great protection and adds almost nothing to the size/feel of the phone.


Shield baby! BSE phantomz its all good!!


I would love to have the CaseMate Barely There. They need to make a red one though.


I am for sure getting a skin for my new Storm2.


I prefer the skin! i cant wait to get my storm2 and all my new accessories hahah


Just left my Verizon store with Storm2 in hand. Wow, it is nice. I purchased the screen proctectors first. Not ready for a case yet, need to get acquainted with my new boy.


I love my Case-Mate Skin. I drop my phone all the time and no nicks or bumps.


Well I would say a form of a rubber protector LOL would be the best. I will buy the rubber skin case, also have screen protectors. For the day when i dont want the case then I will go for a leather side holster.


WTH you have to get all new stuff for the same phone. I need a skin!!!


BlackBerry Leather Horizontal Pouch!!


Thanks for the freebies! PICK ME! Shield


I'd like a full body shield!


body shield and I use screen protectors and I want a skin too


Any kind of case would work - my classic Storm shows lots of signs of wear on the edges.


i have a skin for my bbstorm 1, planning to purchase the storm2 in a week (after i make a few more complaint calls so i can upgrade early)

I would def buy another skin for my storm2. its nice leaving it on the dash with out it sliding around.


..... what seems like forever for the Storm2, do you think I won't put a number of cases on it to see what's best? The first scratch would/ will/hoefully not make me nuts!


I currently use a Seidio case and holster for my S1 but for some reason it always comes off in the car. I'm going this time for a good old fashioned leather pouch and a smaller skin for some protection for when I have butter fingers.

elliott curve

A good gel skin or rubber case definitely, probably the Blackberry authorized one from the service provider--- provides shock protection and is helpful for a grip on the phone to prevent dropping it in the first place.


I want to get the rubber case. I had a hard case for my storm, and switched to the rubber one and that worked so much better. I am definately going to upgrade to storm 2!


i plan on buying one of those skin cases, i work at a new car dealership and all of my phones get put through alot of abuse constantly so that would be perfect for me.


My Storm2 is naked without any skin.


Ordered mine today... get it shipped to work Thursday!!!


Every now and then I have to get down and dirty at work. The Seidio Innocase 360 is the protection I need for the Storm2 at work. Thanks CB!!!


I'll be skinning both my Storm2 and my wife's.


I still have the BB leather holster case from my original Storm so I can continue to use that at times.. But the first thing I'm looking to get is a skin for sure..


so I'll be gettign a screen protector for sure. And I've been looking into the Zagg Invisible Shield. Anyone had any experience?

pre me

It will get the job done, but Phantom Skinz if superior in terms of clarity and smoothness which is important to me. Cheaper in price too as they are always running some sort of discount it seems.


I have a shell for my Storm1 and I love it. Looking to get a shell for my Storm2.

c grove

I wanna get the otterbox for my storm 2, I loved the one I had for the original storm


I'm getting the hard case.


I wont a skin or leather case for my belt.


I'll be getting a skin and screen protector.


I would go with a full body skin.


Skin then screen protector


I have an Otterbox for my Pearl and love it, wouldn't go without one on my new Storm 2.


The first accessory will be a skin.


get it 2.... =) and i would go for the invisible shield by zagg


invisishield if I get a storm2. cant afford 180 right now.


I am definitely getting a skin first, then probably some sort of screen protection.


I have just gotten shipping information for my Storm2 which I will be getting with my combination Holster/Cover tomorrow.

I'd love to have something cool and custom just for my Storm2.

Evalast AV

I think that I will skin mine!


i will be getting the seidio innocase 2 or the incipio feather for the storm2....

i hope that these companies can get out the cases before i get mine on Dec 12th!


I'll be getting the Blackberry Skin case from the Crackberry store, hopefully around 11-2!

Unless I win one first!


I am hoping to get a dark navy skin...


I would want to protect the screen. I have the Invisible shield for my current storm and would get the same for the Storm2. In that first purchase would probably be a belt holster, so I can access the BlackBerry Storm2 at a moments notice.
Good luck to all those entering.


I hope I have a chance to win a new case to protect my addictive habit!


Went with a leather case for my storm1 but if (when) it gets dropped while in use, kinda SOL. Skin this time around.


I will get a screen protector first, then possibly a skin!!

!<<<<<< EXCITED FOR MY NEW STORM 2 >>>>>>>>!
I love! Thanks for the opportunity!


I prefer to go w/ the Screen Protector first and validate usage of the touchscreen before determining which case to get.


i will like a skin 1st. gotta protect


have a skin on my storm1, but would go for a case this time.


Im getting a skin...BB Storm2 enroute..will be handhelded tomorrow


A skin works for me!


I think I'm going to go ahead with a nice leather case for this one.


I want a Seidio Innocase II type case for the Storm2.


I already ordered the phnatomskinz full body for mine and the leather holster/leather snap on back combo for my storm 2


hmm hope otterbox comes out with one soon


So I guess the Storm cases wont fit on the Storm2?
That means I need to get a holster, Otterbox case for this wen I get mine...


Anyone know are the Storms different in size?


got my silicone case at bestbuy last week, but nontheless it would be cool to win so i could give to a friend who doesnt own one yet, Congrats all on who win


I think the first thing would be a screen protector. Then after that a case. Possibly a Seidio Innocase.


i def gotta cop that skin before a screen protector


I have to admit that the shell has been working for me and see no reason to change now.


Yeah...that's what I will need


i keep it almost naked except with a skin


Some type of silicone skin to protect the casing.


Seidio Innocase for me, I've had one on my Storm for almost a year and I will be getting it again for my Storm2!


But I would love to get a case so I'm ready...


Definitely going to get a silicone case.


Skin, I believe that if you use a hard case...And drop your phone, the case flys off...and damages your phone anyways.


When I get paid on this next job, the Storm 2 is coming home with me! Then time for the skin... and possibly a suit of armor - to keep it from the kids! lol
Thanks again!



I just got another Otterbox for my Storm (somehow I managed to destroy the first one) but I'm going to be upgrading to the Storm2 later today.

I'll definitely be getting another Otterbox for this one!


id really like to get a case for mine :)


I probably will get a case as well.. Im alittle hard on my other phones.. have to take care of this one (Storm2).


Gotta keep the original look and keep 'er safe!


I'm picking mine up this morning!


I will get a form fit case that has a clip on the back.I like keeping my phone clipped to the inside of my pocket that way I can get to it fairly easily without worrying if its going to fall out or get stolen if I have it on the outside.


When I get the storm 2 I will get all three.... for the price of it, most likely the case and screen protection first....


It be an invisible shield for my storm I desire.


I plan on getting a case first. Have to protect my BB!


I have a Seidio case for my Curve8330. Dropped it the other day and the screen cracked. Big help that was.

I think I'm going to be getting a skin + screen protector for my Storm2 (which has already been ordered :D)


Gotta keep my baby safe!


I will get a screen right away and then probably a hard case when I can find one.

evl mnky

I would definitely end up getting a hard case for mine once I get it for some protection.


Im a big fan of the Incipio Feather Case... Will be getting that for the Storm 2 as soon as it comes out.. would appreciate a rim skin meanwhile so please picke me.....


I'm a total fan of Seidio, so the as soon as the Storm2 Innocase is available, I'll be ordering it.


Already got the phone and its great


Already got the phone and its great


I always prefer a hard holster, but I like the skins for summer when I have no belt to clip it onto.


I like a hard cover case because in my Line of duty I need something more than just a soft skin to protect my phone.


I like a hard cover case because in my Line of duty I need something more than just a soft skin to protect my phone.


Need something like the OtterBox Defender Series (has saved me multiple times).


im gonna win a skin the screen protector


something that I can modify to mount on my handlebars.


I cant wait to upgrade to the storm2 though the storm1 is much better on 5.0 First thing I'll get is a Seido spring clip holster.


Awesome!! I got my Storm2 ordered today, can't wait!


i would get a latex skin


Need something with some bounce in it.


Just ordered my Storm2 - my first BB - please let me win! thanks.


The world would be an awesomely lovely place if I only had a Storm2 case!!!!


I plan on getting a case for my storm 2 when I get it if it doesn't already come with one like my Bold 9000 did. If it does, then a skin would be my next choice.


My first purchase would have to be a case then a screen protector.


Gonna be adding a line , so can use the skin


I'm a long-time Storm user, but will definitely be upgrading to S2 when my 1 year upgrade is up on 11/29 (even with the new OS on my Storm). C'mon Lady Luck!

...I'd prefer the Seidio Case, but heck, anything will do! :)


I plan to buy a thin hard case for my Storm2


want to be the first with a new case :)

got it this morning at 9:00 am :)


now shelving my storm 1 lol


Im waiting for a seidio combo case and holster for my new Storm 2 :). I would really love to get my hands one of these skins.


i would use the rubber skin case because of the grip


I planned on using my existing holster since the dimensions are all the same from the 9530 to the 9550. However, I might consider getting an OtterBox if given the choice!


I'll be getting the screen protector first.


...and I'd like to slide my new storm2 in one ;) (Wow that sounds kinda perverse) lol

Daisy Dee

the first form of protection I would buy would be a skin, because most thing that happen when ones device is out of the case, but the second thing I would buy would be an Insible Shield to protect the screen from micro scratches and niks.


The first thing I plan on buying if and when I get a storm 2(hopefully in December!) is a screen protector. The last thing I want is a scratched screen.


This is my first touchscreen BlackBerry device, and I'm upgrading from an 8830WE. The molded rubber skin case was absolutely fantastic. A few notable incidents:

- Stopped at an off-Interstate gas station. While fueling I took a phone call, and after hanging up I put it on the roof of my car until I was finished with the fuel. I forgot about it and it flew from the roof as I hit the on-ramp to get back on the Interstate. I saw it from my rear-view, pulled over, ran back to grab it. Not a scratch.

- My son used it to play a game of ninja with the dog by using it as a throwing star. Minor scuff was the result. Completely missed the dog.

- Co-passenger on a flight to Washington, D.C. spilled her water on my fold-out tray. The bottom of the case was wet, but the battery tray area was not.

I'd recommend the rubber skin over the snap-on counterpart as I've seen, first hand, how the snap-on comes apart and spills the phone out. Sure, the phone was protected from the initial impact, but I'm sure road rash wasn't on the menu either.

00 K

wow a chance to win a new case to go with my new storm...I relish this all around upgrade


HAve the Storm now, and have the Otter Box on it. It's a must have for the new Storm2


Whichever Sedio case comes out first!


I really hope to get a case for my Storm 2 !!!


I'll be getting a skin.


I plan on buying the Seidio Holster for BlackBerry Storm 2 I am doing some comparasion shopping. But I like the look of this and this will more then likely be the holster I purchase.....


just got the Storm2 come on and gimme a sweet case for it!


Screen protector is first and foremost, and while i loved keeping my storm sexy and sleek with the classic leather sleeve, the couple knocks its received have convinced me to definitely get a skin right after the screen protector. It's like a bar of soap sometimes goodness!

Pastor Ron

I would go for the Innocase 360.

Kenny C

I am getting a skin first.


I for sure want a screen protector!


shield with complete protection. gonna be my bb for 2 years so gotta protect my investment


shield with complete protection. gonna be my bb for 2 years so gotta protect my investment


i need a case! any help??


I got an Otterbox last week for my Storm1. When I talked to OtterBox(great folks by-the-way) They said since noone knew the lauch date, they didn't know if it would fit the new Storm2. Well I went this morning and got the first one from the store and, it doesn't fit, but no worry, OtterBox said I could return the other case and when the had the Storm2 they would let me know. I guess they were getting one today as well.

SO far Beautiful Blackberry!


I already have extra Storm1 screen protectors so this is an easy decision, skin would be great for my new Storm2 to keep it nice 'n' clean.


I have a hard case for my 8830 and like


Screen protector and some kind of case mate case


1. Seidio
2. Otterbox
Life is ready for anything.


Im getting a skin first and screen protector. I just got done ordering my new phone over the internet and over the phone and 2 hours later my phone gets suspended, spent an hour on the phone and Im good again. Hard to leave comments when they shut your phone off early. Lol.


I'll probably be ordering a BSE screen protector for mine and call it a day haha


Gotta have a rubber to cover that Storm2 as I don't want it sliding away; needs some friction.


I'd like a Seidio hard skin for my new Storm2 :) BTW I just got home a few hours with the new Storm and I love it. Much better then the first one and so easy to type on.


screen is number 1 then ill worry about the rest


First this is for sure Screen protector, then skin or case


always use protection.... what a great slogan


Between getting the perfect Storm2 and the perfect case for it, no one will see me for weeks!


I'll be getting a skin for my S2!!


I'll get a seidio case.


I prefer them, because I don't like any extra bulk.


I'm using a Curve 8350i right now and the Seidio looks almost identical to the one I'm currently using. Can't wait to get my Storm2 in my hands!

Malibu Flyer

I want to get a rubberized case for my new S2. It would get great to get rewarded for the time I spend reading Crackberry by winning a Innocase. I'm a newbie to the BB world and have found Crackberry very helpful. Thanks for all you do!!


invisible shield and rubber case to go over it...cant be too careful =]


I would like a innocase 360. I think that is what it was called for the 9530


First thing I'm getting a silicon skin, then a screen protector. Can't wait =)


I bought a silicone skin & some screen protectors today to tide me over until OtterBox comes out with a Defender case for the Storm2.


i want to get the black skin...


I have purchased many cases for my Storm device. A skin that maintains the size without bulk is the best way to go for me. Look forward to having a new skin for my Storm. Thanks and take care.


I plan on purchasing as thin of a case as I can find.


My first choice is definitely a "skin" for my Storm!


i would get both the case and the shield.


I was planning on purchasing a Seidio holster first; but am also thinking about a skin case


hook me up with some skin


I plan on buying this when my plan ends on January 1st (great way to start the new year) and also plan on buying a silicone case, either translucent or black (I'll have to see what it looks like).


im looking for a rubber gel case...every hard case i get when i drop my phone it falls off the phone...whats the point of the case than?


a grey one please.


Gives the strongest protection


I am looking for a silicon skin for when my storm2 comes in.


Smartphone Experts Side Pouch - definitely.


Just ordered my storm now I need a case


I'm looking for a skin for my new Storm 2. In the meantime, I'll make do with the one from my curve...not a perfect fit, but helps against bumps and scratches.

Johnny Star

definitely a skin case...wrap ur berry!


Seidio Innocase for the Storm 2 for me please!!!


I want a red skin as my first case for my first storm.


The InvisibleSHIELD is a must have!!! Thats what I'm buying first and after that I'll get a case but I want to show off my baby for a little while with the protection of shield before I took it away for the long haul!


I plan to buy either the Seidio Innocase II or Incipio Ultra Light Feather case for my Storm2. It just depends on which one becomes available first. I will also purchase a Seidio holster for my Storm2 to use whenever I go case-less. I have these same options currently for my Storm 9530.


I LOVE my storm & the inventors who were the backbone to making thedream a REALITY.I cannot thank them enough! However,..I CAN dream myself & I want my reality with my God-like smartphone to be draped in the KING status case it rightly deserves! Please do my sexy NAKED & unprotected B.Berry STORM a comfortable secure sleek case to feel safe rising to the light of all her applications & abilities..Thank you for your time,Crackberry!


Already ordered a blackberry holster. Will probably get a skin next and maybe a silicone cover.


(saw it at the store) so for me it would be that and a screen protector!! : ) love this place!


just moved from a beat up old curve to the storm2....I need something to keep it looking nice!!


definitely getting a skin


I might get Skin and the holster or might get nothing if the phone feels good


I tend to drop my phones on rare occasions, so a protective skin/shell is a *must* - bit I have limited pocket space, so I also need a belt clip/holster. I've seen a leather shell/holster combo that looks pretty much like what I need...


Had mine since launch.. rides in my pocket with my car keys, dropped on the cement countless times screen down... still no scratches... you can run your car key over the screen, won't scratch it... Just an FYI to save you a couple bucks, and unsightly air bubbles...


could really use this just got the storm2 wow... please pick me


I'm do for a VZW upgrade Thanksgiving weekend and will be getting my first Blackberry device, a Storm 2. Prior to my exchange I'll probably order the Nite Ize Leather Cargo Clip Case or something similar. Reason? The belt clip wraps under the belt to guard against loss.


I will defiantly be rocking a OEM Blackberry Skin. It just fits so tight and makes my Wife feel like she can really grip it in her hand. No gutter thoughts please I really am talking about my new Storm........


A black iSkin Vibe or something like that for my storm would be awesome!


Got my Storm2 and now I am ready for my case!!!!


holster all day and thanks for the contest!


the storm's form factor is way too sexy to be covered by a case so i'd have to go with a full shield :D


I want to get a sick looking skin.


I really like to use the invisible shield. Thanks for the chance to win one!!!


Thanks for the chance to win a new case. Crackberry rocks as always


I ordered my Storm 2 today, and want the invisible skin!!!


id get a protective case for my new storm 2 first no doubt! here's hoping for a free one! =D


I plan to buy a skin for my Storm2 after it arrives tomorrow. It would be sweet to win one.


I plan to get case, skin and shield. LoL!


I'll be getting a few different colored silicone skins. I like the sticky OEM RIM ones and also the smooth clear silicone ones when I need to wear pants in the cooler/colder months and don't have to struggle getting it out of my pocket.


Now i just need a good screen protector and a silicone skin.


wanting to get a rubber skin to protect it.


Innocase Snap Case & Holster for mine !! Thanks !!


I'm going to buy a clear screen protector then a Seidio Innocase II


cant wait to get this phone!! im addicted to the storm 1 ..


My Storm2 looks so naked without a case. Help please.


I'm Gonna Get The Silicon Skin