BlackBerry Storm 2 Accessories

By Kevin Michaluk on 19 Oct 2009 09:33 am EDT

Following up on our BlackBerry Storm2 Review, we received a number of comments, tweets and emails related to BlackBerry Storm2 accessories. Will the 'insert name here' case / accessory I already own for my Storm work with the Storm2 or will I have to buy a new one? What accessories should I buy first? Is there anything else I should look out for? We figured a quick post and poll could quickly get soon to be and new BlackBerry Storm2 owners pointed in the right direction.

Accessories for Storm2

BlackBerry Storm2 Accessory Key Points

Cases: We'll cover cases in a separate article as there is quite a lot to cover, but the key thing to know is that not all Storm cases, skins and protective coverings will work with the Storm2. While the devices are similar in form factor, there are subtle differences to the shape of the housing and port locations that will throw things off on tighter, form-fitting designs. Loose fitting cases, like pocket pouche, should still work ok for the most part.

Batteries: The BlackBerry Storm2 comes with the same D-X1 1400 mAh battery that the Storm, Tour and Curve 8900 use. This means replacement OEM DX-1 batteries will work fine with the Storm2, as well OEM-sized extended-life batteries like the Seidio Innocell 1600mAh. When it comes to extended life batteries that require the use of a modified battery door, you'll likely need to buy this new for the Storm2 due to the different battery cover designs between the Storm and Storm2.

Bluetooth: Like all current generation BlackBerry Smartphones, the Storm2 features stereo bluetooth support (a2dp), meaning accessories like bluetooth headsets, speakerphones, and audio devices (BlackBerry Music Gateway) will all work fine with the Storm2.

Car Mount Kits: Universal car mount kits as well as car mount kits designed specifically for the first BlackBerry Storm should work well with the Storm2.

Chargers and Cables: With newer BlackBerry smartphones, RIM has gone away from the miniUSB standard to microUSB (microUSB is smaller). So for items such as syncing cables, wall chargers and car chargers, you need to ensure they end in microUSB connections or you can purchase an adapter. When it comes to docking stations like the popular BlackBerry Charging pod, where the unit sits horizontally within the form fitting base, the differences in shape and port location between the Storm and Storm2 mean your old will likely not work.

Compatible Accessories for your BlackBerry Storm2

An easy way to find out what accessories are compatible with your BlackBerry Storm2 is to visit our BlackBerry Storm2 Accessory page at When the device selector is set to Storm2, only accesories compatible with the device are shown. You'll want to keep it locked over the weeks and months ahead as manufacturers like Seidio, Incipio, Case-Mate and Griffin roll-out their updated and new designs for the BlackBerry Storm 2.

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Reader comments

BlackBerry Storm 2 Accessories


I will probably buy a case for it, if we ever get it. I'm tired of tracking the rumors. It will come when it comes and I'll probably get it if the screen feels nice enough.

will my plastic belt clip still fit? sucks that i have to buy a new dock but if you are interested in stereo bluettooth check i picked up a nice pair of LG for 25 bucks!....

Sure has been busy... looks like they have more interest in promoting the Droid by Motorola rather than the S2...

who cares we dont even know when we are gonna be able to buy it yet... but if i do buy something it would be a cover, despite the fact that after about 2 moths i abandon the cover for its annoyance... maybe i will not buy one for this phone...

Anyone know if the Storm1 Otterbox case will work with Storm2.
I haven't really found if the sizes are that different to a point that they wont.
Are the batteries interchangeable?


Ok I was very excited (as were many) to experience the BB Storm. Already a life long Verizon customer I wasn't about to switch to ATT for the iPhone. Now I actually love my Storm while I would've loved to have wi-fi on it but I have lived w/o it for soooo long. Now I'm looking for the motivation to shell out more of my hard earned $ to upgrade to the Storm that should've been :(

You must be easy to excite. Me? I have to travel to Officemax so I can buy special felt pads so I can insert them into the battery compartment of my Storm 9530 so it will click like it was supposed to do in the first place, then off to Walgreen's so I can get surgical tape to hold the flimsy battery door on because who ever designed the latches must have been blind. And now you are thinking about shelling out more money for an "upgrade" of this phone? FEH

I'll get a hammer so I can smash the first Storm2 that is stuck in my face. Yep, throw $100 in accessories down the drain on the Storm 1 so they can come out with a Storm 2 and we all can do it again.

Seriously, Verizon, according to my "inside" source is also going to offer the 5.0 O/S for all Storms when the Storm 2 is released.

I was ready to buy one until today article about accs. I said the shape and placement of port are different on both Stroms. So I'm not spending $200.00 more on accs. I'll stick with storm 1 and wait for Os5.0

It is no surprise about the Accessories. Storm2 uses the same chargers , same batteries , same 3.5 MM headphone jack and its a universal case as the Storm1 .So what new news is this NONE. Good reporting on this one

Ok, I have my new Storm 2 in my hot little hands.

First, the Blackberry Chrome Docking Pod is NOT compatible with the Storm 2.

I tried it, it doesn't work.

The micro-USB charging point on the Storm 2 is about a millimeter forward compared to the Storm.

The good news is Seidio cradle -- the one that takes the Storm with a skin or case -- works fine with the Storm 2.

As for car cradles - I have the very nice THB Bury Comfort Cradle for the Blackberry Storm - and this again is NOT compatible with the Storm 2.

It's not only the micro-USB this time... there's some slight difference in the back slope of the base of the Storm 2 and I couldn't get it to fit into the THB Bury Cradle at all. Even if it had gone in, I wouldn't have been able to engage the micro-USB.

So - in summary - don't assume your docking stations will work, because mine didn't.

The new docking pod for the Storm 2 is a looser fit, making it easier to insert and remove the phone, but it is almost too loose. When docked, the phone rocks slightly in the pod, which can't be good for the micro-USB port.