BlackBerry Storm2 9550 Now Available from Bell

Bell Storm2
By Adam Zeis on 13 Apr 2010 12:30 pm EDT

It looks like the wait is finally over for Bell customers. The Storm2 9550 is now live on and ready for purchase. A few weeks back, Bell dropped the original Storm from their site, so it was inevitable that this guy would show up sooner or later. There are various pricing options for the 9550, including a 3-year contract at $199 and a $549 no-contract tag. If you've been looking to upgrade you can order online now (the device should be available in stores as well). If you've picked up a Storm2 on Bell be sure to drop a comment and let us know!

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BlackBerry Storm2 9550 Now Available from Bell


Sasktel posted the Storm2 (517) OS close to 2 months ago. It's the same version that comes with the Bell Storm2.

I think this is somewhat of a joke.
The Bell HSPA is on a different frequency than the Storm2
I have been told that Bell's faster network is dedicated to the Bell internet stick.

I'd have to think hard about signing in to a 3 year contract. I have a hard time with a 2 year VZW contract.

Now that Bell will carry the phone hopefully we can get a good OS because big red was dragging their feet and the latest OS is not as good and still missing quite a few elements. Hopefully this will bring us new and better OS

Great! Now, can Bell start supporting those of us with recently released and quickly-abandoned models, and get on with releasing an official version of OS 5 for the Tour? (.484 would be nice.)

Wholly molly! I thought two years was bad! Is that a Canadian thing? Are the longer contract periods more common there?

ya the 3 year contract is pretty much a way of screwing you. They give you the phone for a decent deal but make you lock in for 3 years (knowing that alot of people will cancel before 3 years is up), then if you do cancel before your 3 years is up they charge you something like $20 per month for every remaining month you have. so say you have 1 year left on your contract and want to cancel thats $240 dollars plus tax, plus if you paid $199 for the phone you end up paying almost as much as you would have if you had baught the phone on no contract. not only do they screw on 3 year contracts in canada, we also have some of the most expensive rate plans compared to other countries around the world. free health care FTW, shitty cell phone companies FTL...

I may be wrong, but I thing you qualify to upgrade to a new phone after two years (into your 3 year contract), but you have to sign a new 3 year contract. So if you want to go to a different carrier then you will need to stick to the three years or pay whatever penalty.

Most companies here do that! Its whack for sure.

One question though it only says it has 256 MB of internal mem.....did Bell remove the 2GB on board?

It never had 2gb on board. Actually, there are no Blackberry's that do. I think that 256MB is the current limit for all Blackberry phones. FYI, the original BB Storn had 128MB (which is my biggest peeve with the phone). You may thinking about the removable micro (or is it mini) SD card, but that should be at least 8gb.

He's talking about device memory, not application memory. The storm1 has 128mb of app memory, and 1gb (roughly) of device memory for media storage. The Storm2 is supposed to have double for both.

Here is the terms from Rogers:

The ECF is the greater of (i) $100 or (ii) $20 per month remaining in the service agreement, to a maximum of $400 (plus applicable taxes), and applies for each line in the plan that is terminated. In connection with your wireless data service, a Data Early Cancellation Fee (DECF) also applies if, for any reason, your service is terminated prior to the end of your plan's commitment term (Data Term). The DECF is the greater of (i) $25 or (ii) $5 per month remaining in the Data Term, to a maximum of $100 (plus applicable taxes), and applies in addition to the ECF for termination of your service agreement. If you subscribe to a plan combining both voice and data services, both the ECF and the DECF apply.

So basically if you cancel before 1 year 8 months from the end of your contract you are paying $500.

Glad to hear you're getting the Storm. No reason why we Americans should be the only ones to suffer. And since you're getting it so late in the product cycle, I'm sure RIM will abandon the Storm 2 soon after you get one, just like they abandoned the Storm 1. Have fun!

I have the storm1 and I not going to pay for something that has wifi and more memory other then it being the same device. I going to wait for the s3 or 9700a what every there are going to call it. maybe by then the phone will be hspa for north America. yep that is my 2cent

Made the bell rep pop a battery in one today and played around on it for an hour in I can confirm that it is running .517 and it comes with a 16 GB microSD included and a sim card which wont be used for anything other than storing contacts if you want. It will run only on they're cdma network so the sim card does not get used.

Like seriously?

I really would like to know what interested you so much, that you played with a stock BB for an hour lol

The SIM card will be used for exactly the same thing it is used on the Storm 1: Global GSM Roaming, this is very very useful for people who travels, GSM roaming is also normally cheaper than CDMA roaming plus you can unlock it an use a SIM card from a local carrier if you want to save money when abroad...

I imagine if the Storm2 will be using the BELL HSPA network, it will need to use the SIM Card.

Unless it's only using the CDMA / EVDO RevA in Canada, then as the SIM would be for roaming or other carriers as mentioned previously.

Okay, correct me if I'm wrong (as I'm sure ten thousand CB members may do) but the HSPA network that BELL, TELUS, and soon Sasktel, are on is NOT the 2100Mhz that the Storms support. I believe only the two Bolds support the UMTS/HSPA 850MHz/1900MHz of the Bell/Telus network.

the storm2, just like the 8830 and tour, runs on CDMA only. keep in mind that it was built for VZW initially and then ported to the canadian market. the phone can't access any form of HSPA in north america as no one supports the 2100 frequency. and because bell doesn't have an edge network, you can't unlock it to use canadian gsm unless you're looking to use rogers/fido 2g forever.

The introduction of new smartphones that only operate on CDMA in Canada (now that all three major carriers operate on the same HSPA frequencies) is baffling to me. Why isn't there a HSPA Storm 2 available for Telus / Bell / Rogers / AT&T?

The bell hompage talks about this:
Dual-band: 800/1900 MHz CDMA/EVDO Rev A networks
Quad-band: 850/900/1800/1900MHz GSM/GPRS/EDGE networks
Single-band: 2100 MHz UMTS/HSPA networks

so it should work?

sry for double posting but i've written to somebody at bell :

You: Isn't the storm using another HSPA frequenzy than bell does?
Tiffany: BlackBerry Storm2 9550 is EVDO network.

so this works