BlackBerry Storm vs. Palm Pre, According to Verizon

Verizon Palm Pre Memo
By Kevin Michaluk on 6 Jun 2009 12:19 pm EDT

The Palm Pre, available from Sprint, just went on sale in limited quantities this morning (check out PreCentral's Line up shots) but #1 BlackBerry carrier Verizon didn't even wait until the Pre went on sale to start educating their sales agents as to all of the Pre's shortcomings as compared to the BlackBerry Storm. The memo above went out yesterday and below you can find Big Red's Palm Pre Competitive Comparison charts, which pits the Pre side by side with each big US carrier's top line products. If you're not up to speed on the Pre, be sure to check out Dieter's comprehensive Palm Pre Review.

So what do you think CrackBerry Nation, Verizon Storm or Sprint Pre? As always, you can sound off in the comments or in our Palm Pre forum.

Palm Pre Competitive Comparison Charts

BlackBerry STorm vs. Palm Pre

Palm Pre Competitive Comparison

Palm Pre Competitive Comparison

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BlackBerry Storm vs. Palm Pre, According to Verizon


I had to laugh too. This Job Aid is a waste of paper. How about they print a Niagra flier or something!

The thing is, you shouldn't have to "manage" anything. That's the problem with it. Memory leak shouldn't be happening, random restarts, etc. Customers don't want to pull their battery twice a day, or perform any sort of "daily maintenance" for their phone's OS. That's why people are complaining about the Storm more than any other touchscreen phone.

Don't get me wrong, I loved my Storm (aside from the terrible performance on my GSM network), but that's because I had the time and patience to load beta OS'es, clean the memory, pull the battery, etc. While I was content with doing that, I shouldn't have to, and most people won't put up with it.

I haven't had a random restart in a couple of months. I pick my phone up in the morning, put on the Bluetooth headphones and go. I've stopped checking status because the phone always runs flawlessly.

At night, I take out the phone slap it on the charger and I'm ready to go the next day.

While I sleep, the phone shuts itself down for a few hours and then does a soft reset just before I wake up. Rinse and repeat.

I utilize multiple medical database programs. I text, Twitter, BBM, email and make phone calls all day. My Storm is always there when I need it.

I think maybe you're thinking of another phone. Pre looks like it lacks so much that I take for granted with my RIM device. In addition, I don't have to mess with a slide-out keyboard.

verizon stable carrier with bright future: YES
sprint unstable carrier losing more customers everyday to Verizon and ATT: YES

Iphone, novel device, locked to GSM/AT&T = bad deal.
Pre, decent device, locked to Sprint = bad deal.
Storm, decent device, quad phone on Verizon = good deal.

I was a LONG time AT&T customer. Looked at the Iphone. Willing to spend the money. Terrible coverage in our area South of Atlanta.

Sprint is great if you live in the city and only travel the interstates. Hope you don't ever have billing problems and need to call customer care.

Visual voicemail, voice dialing, edit email attachments; these few things can be fixed with 3rd party apps. And the amazon wireless music store yea, but lets not forget Verizons argument that Rhapsody is better than iTunes lol

I think it'll be interesting to see what happens in 6-9 months when the exclusivity runs out and the Pre shows up on Verizon. Probably some more gimmicky marketing about how it's now an awesome phone!

Some of these comparisons are hilarious, I mean, they actually put VCast as one of them. Duh only Verizon phones will have it. After reading the comparisons though, I'd rather have a Bold than a Storm. Lets face it, the Storm still is buggy and laggy. But between Storm and Pre, if it is the phone, and didn't matter on the carrier, Pre all the way. The Pre will be going to at&t and Big Red next year, according to talks, because Sprint has exclusive through 2009. I wonder what Verizon will be advertising when it comes out for them, especially after verizon posted this...

They will advertise it just like its any other smartphone on VZW.. Between the storm and the pre, i'll stick with my storm, because it isn't just between the phones, they are on a carrier, and even the phone by itself, id rather stumble sometimes clumsily through doing certain tasks on my storm than being stuck with the inability to do so, or wait for a third party app.

These comparisons are meant to educate the vzw sales and not for us to see. Its so when an customer walks in, the sales rep will have some amo and can pull out a Storm and say" yeah, but can the Pre do this...wait a minute, I got to do a bat pull...."

they forgot that the storm sucks hahah. ive never had a palm but as far as BBs go the storm is the worst phone ive ever had

What's funny is that the Verizon and the Storm takes credit for "hundreds" of 3rd party apps in the App Store. Well, Verizons App Center is non-existant and RIM, well it's great but not Storm exclusive. In fact, I had a conversation with one of the very bright verizon cust support people (ok very bright is over doing it a, a lot!!). I brought up the fact that the App Center on the storm itself was one of the selling points that verizon used in marketing this phone from the very beginning...and it's gone nowhere! The rep said "verizon doesn't support 3rd party apps in it's app center...they (3rd party apps) are alot of time not stable with the phones software". Hahaha! So...they want to make chart using the info that it has hundreds of 3rd party apps in the app store...but, say that you shouldn't download them because they can be unstable. Verizon you've done it again. Btw, I like my Storm very much...just pointing out the idiot policys that verizon has sometimes.

The Storm is a pathetic device and RIM or VZW should not be comparing it to anything. I cannot wait to get rid of it and the Tour. As far as the Pre goes, it is definitely and "iPhone Killer" but not a business phone. The Bold (and Tour) are better devices for someone who shoots out emails. Still, a very beautiful device.

Verizon is unbelievable....
I would take a Pre over a Storm any day.
Maybe they should give up on the Storm and just release the Tour already.

The Storm's expandable memory should read 32GB external as we all know that OS 4.6+ can support 32GB microSD.

Some of these things seem pretty petty. The Pre is truly a good device, it really depends on the person buying to determine which one is really better.

I almost gave up on the Storm, but the new Official update .148 has fix 95% of the bugs. And I type fine on the screen.

Sort of like I did with the Storm... I went from a Pearl to a Storm. Well, I did try the Storm out like the day it was released in the Storm before I bought it that day. I should have realized having Verizon release the phone with THAT OS was a prelude of things to come, as in... Suck phone then, suck phone now...

I will no longer recommend a Storm to anyone. I've had this phone since November and initially I recommended it to people either because I wanted to be hopeful or I wanted them to share my pain of being a Storm owner now that I think back in hindsite. A ton of OS updates later, 6 months later, and the phone is a joke. Some people on here are like "people don't know how to manage it or upgrade the OS". WTF!? It's a phone! You shouldn't have to constantly be on a quest to download and install a new OS to make your phone be a little less dysfunctional than the previous leaked OS! I've done all the updates and the phone STILL sucks! You should be able to use your phone and have it do the things it SUPPOSED TO DO easily and not have all kinds of issues with it! Everyone who owns a Storm and has nothing but praise about it and attacks others who want a Pre or an iPhone is in complete denial or internally SAD that the Blackberry Storm is faulty product that at this point I'm convinced no OS update will fix unless the OS is completely rewritten from scratch and designed exclusively for this phone. Even though I think the hardware has issues that can't be fixed except with a redesign and hardware upgrades of the phone.

Look.. I'll give credit where credit is due. Verizon and RIM released a defective product and they have no bragging rights here to compare their Blackberry Storm as a top product over ANY other phone...

As both a Storm and iPhone owner there are plenty of things about this chart that bothers me.

Under "Edit MS Attachments" it says Yes for the Storm, No for the iPhone, and Yes to the Bold but it says Documents to go. I own both a Storm and an iPhone and you need Documents to go on the Storm as well to edit MS attachments. Also, you can edit MS attachments on the iPhone with a 3rd party app.

Under voice-dialing, the iPhone is fully capable via 3rd party apps.

I also don't think that having a category of V CAST with RHAPSODY is a legit line to put on the chart.

There are free office products for the iPhone. Don't get me wrong, I love my storm (I use it for work) and as a work phone I wouldn't trade it for the world. I know it it's an advertising ploy but if you are going to use 3rd party apps to substitute as a feature on some phones you should do it for all phones. Why doesn't it have Documents to Go next to the check like it does on the bold?

notice they point out the negatives only!!. they forget to mention that the pre is the only smart phone that can multitask, yes it can run 5-6-7-8 apps at once with out lagging, proof in the pudding in engadget's review. oh lets not forget synergy the ability to combine all you contacts information that is public such as facebook, emails, phones numbers are stack nicely and automatically in one place. oh yeah there's umm WIFI !!! and last but least web OS much more stable than in its launch than that buggy whatcha call storm OS. funny thing is im not a BB hater infact i have a pearl. But im looking to upgrade to either the pre or the tour, but the tour is what i want. But i just hate the way competitors only point out the negatives and not the positives, cuz if you do the Pre will end the storm.

Wow, did you not even read it? Who is sending this memo out? Verizon....they have the bold and they are competeing against the palm Pre on another network. Come on its not that hard to see why its focusing on the negatives. Use your brain.

So, I can run 14 or 15 apps on my Storm before it lags? I mean, the Pre looks alright, despite it stupid name, but people sure want to blow it's capabilities out of proportion. Kind of reminds me of all the hype over the Storm before it was released and then when it actually got out to the users everyone was like "WTF?"

"the pre is the only smart phone that can multitask"

I've been seeing this a lot lately and it is just plain untrue. Many (most?) smartphones offer true preemptive multitasking. A simple example is receiving an email while listening to a song. I know my Bold is capable of this and much more.

Also, Synergy offers, from what I can see, no advantage as I am already able to easily connect contact information from a wide range of sources (including all those listed by Palm) into one address book (well three, Outlook + Xobni, shared Exchange, and BB).

The Pre is a fun, unexceptional device.

the palm pre will be gone in 9 months if a blackberry (whether it be the storm 2 or any other one) doesnt kill it the iphone will.

I think this is basically sprint saying hey look everyone we've got a fancy smart phone too.

Look i dont understand why verizon is even doing that because 6 months from now they (verizon) will have the PRE in their shelves.
They made a BIG, HUMONGOUS, GARGANTUAN, mistake by even thinking of comparing the PRE to the STORM. Verizon must be nuts!!!!
Granted I have a blackberry storm, trust me, i will pre order the PRE when it hits verizon.

I have a BB Curve on Verizon and it's the one of the lamest phones i've had, in fact this is my fourth one since october because of those pesky little chinese kids not doing proper QC!! anyway, if i'm not mistaken Sprint uses Verizon and US Cellulars networks for roaming and being in chicago sprint service is not a problem. I'm selling my Curve asap and moving over to the Palm Pre, personally i have no problem with verizon connections most of the time but they cripple the crap out of their phones and charge way too much. with sprint and the pre i'll save about $500-600 a year and have a way better phone...anyone thinking that the Storm is even close to the Pre is waaaaay in denial, the storm is like watching paint dry.

Obviously you have no idea what you are talking about. The first part of your statement is accurate but wishing he was back on Verizon...pfft!! I've been with Sprint for half a decade and have enjoyed near flawless coverage and prompt, helpful customer service. It's funny when I go backpacking in the Rockies here in Colorado and my friends don't have a lick of service and I do....on Sprint!! People are so misinformed.

I just purchased the Pre this morning and must say that I am extremely impressed thusfar....I look forward to digging deeper into the software to see what the differences I note are though...

What good is a great phone on a network that is so bad. Thats like having a Ferrari with no engine. What good is it?

I got my pre this morning coming from 6 years on vzw and 7 months with the storm. Best decision ever.... While I liked the storm ok, vzw was too expensive. I also just typed this and received two phone calls and a txt and wasn't interrupted :-)

I got my pre this morning coming from 6 years on vzw and 7 months with the storm. Best decision ever.... While I liked the storm ok, vzw was too expensive. I also just typed this and received two phone calls and a txt and wasn't interrupted :-)

That is one thing that Sprint did right, the simply everything plan. There is no question that you should be able to get everything for $99 per month.

I left Sprint for Verizon because of Sprint's craptastic customer service, and all my Blackberry friends told me that the Storm would be the best thing since sliced bread.

Well, I'm only marginally impressed by both. Verizon actually gets better marks, both for their billing and customer support. I'm paying about $20 a month more for my family's bill (5 phones, 2 Blackberrys included) -- but the signal and ability to actually use the phone anytime I want to is worth it.

On the other hand, the Storm has been a mixed bag. My last two smartphones were a Treo 700P that I loved, and a Motorola Q9c which I loved and hated. Windows Mobile ... arrrrrgh!

Anyway, 90% of the time my Storm is better than both of those -- and I love the way Blackberries handle my multiple e-mail accounts. It's the other 10% of the time that makes me want to throw the darn Storm in the lake outside my house. I've learned to accept memory leaks, battery pulls and the occasional lockup/white screen of death.

That, and the whole Storm vs. Storm II thing reminds me of what Microsoft has been jabbing me with in regards to Vista and Win7. I feel like I've been beta testing a phone for the last few months. If Verizon and RIM improve the software or give us support in moving to the Storm II when it comes out, I'll be a lot happier. If not, I will consider the Pre (or other phone) when my contract hits its one-year anniversary and I'm at least eligible for some sort of discount.

If worse comes to worst, and nothing changes, then I'll definitely look elsewhere when my two-year contract is up. That's the way the cell phone business seems to work now in the US. :-(

Anyway, I'll have a chance to poke with the Pre later this week -- and I hope that Blackberry is taking notes ... both for the current Storm and all the new folks like myself that are new to the RIM community. If not, I bet a bunch of us will move to the Pre when it comes to Verizon in a few more months -- especially if Palm supports the product a lot better than RIM has supported the Storm.

Verizon needs to realize that function over form is no longer a selling point in this day and age.

I would venture as far as to say that because of my experience with the Storm and with Verizon's piss-poor service, my confidence in Blackberry has been reduced to zero and that I have every intention of dropping them and this phone in favor of the new iPhone. Not even the Tour (Curve) is enough to make me want to pursue getting a new Blackberry.

And the features they're bragging about? Jesus Christ.

Hey, Blackberry, the mid-90's called, they want everything back.

I guess that more consumers see that form over function is more important. But don't forget about businesses that rely on RIM to produce functional, secure devices, no matter how butt ugly they are (luckily, the current devices are far from ugly).

The Storm is far from perfect, but what do you expect? Do you think that every single bleeding edge tech is problem-free? If you or anyone else do, then new tech stuff is plainly not for you.

Don't lose faith in RIM just because of the Storm. RIM has a ton of devices that are worth a look, especially their bread-and-butter physical keyboard devices.

Oh, and there is already an ota software update for the pre :-) its nice to not wait months and months!

First of I love my Blackberry. There's nothing wrong with a Blackberry phone. The only thing is that I cannot stand the Storm. For any phone to compete with the iPhone its gonna automatically be a fail.

The palm is an amazing looking phone. and the storm is the biggest failure to the blackberry. enough with the touchscreen concept.

I never understood why everyone is getting all excited over the Pre. It does have a lot of shortcomings. I'll stick with my Storm which is a pretty good phone...far better than the Pre anyways.

The shortcomings of the Pre don't even come close to the EPIC FAIL of the release of the BB Storm. I mean seriously, do you think before you post?
Here, i'll help you out kid:

App Store on release.
Updated OS on release.
No lag on release.
No bugs on release.
Clearly Palm is considered with its clients needs and is working on fixing them in a timely manner (wish i could say the same for RIM)
P.S. it's 2009, can you help me find the wifi on my Storm?

And have you even touched a Pre yet? I was there this morning and that touchscreen is amazingly responsive. I've been a Blackberry user most of my cellular life. However, the Storm (although much improved) will always be nothing more than a sh*t stain on the quality reputation that RIM supposedly stands for. Yes, i'm referring to the RIM douchebag who told his loyal fanbase that these f*ckups were something we would just have to "deal with."

I'll close by saying that yes, the storm is NOW a good phone, but please stop making excuses and lowering your expectations for the Storm. Otherwise, you're just allowing for RIM to pull the same sh*t with the Storm 2. Hold these companies to the expectations we deserve and they will eventually perform, or go bankrupt like the rest and get the hell out of our way.

Blackberry storm sucks, here's why: it's a touchscreen phone without touchscreen hardware. No amount of software updates will make it into a sexy smooth machine that makes your finger feel like master of its domain like the iphone or pre. To those who say the storm is awesome: play with an iphone for 5 minutes.

I had my first chance to tinker with an iphone a while back.. its great as a gadget/toy, but im a power user and even when iphone software update 3.0 comes out, I'm still likely going to be unimpressed.. besides.. the iPhone wil be on Verizon in a few years anyway. As a phone its nothing special, especially since they put it on AT&T. I love my storm, despite all the problems with it, Id take it over the pre any day due to the ability to do things that the pre simply can't.

the pre is way more far advanced than the storm ever will be. The storm was a great concept but a complete failure! I belive blackberries in general are very far behind! I'd take any palm device non-winmo over a whackberry any day!

These dumbasses. How many apps did the Storm have at launch? I bet the Pre will run a lot better without the glitches that the Storm had. Let's see...who supposedly took their time making a Verizon touchscreen "iPhone killer?" Oh, sorry RIM failed. Their software team is going to need some revitalization as clearly they're behind.

Apple has everyone beat. Face it.

all of you Apple fanboy trolls go back under your bridge.. Apple has nobody beat, they have the 'cool' phone to have that has yet to breach the ring of technology, they put an ipod in a phone, gave it a bunch of "douchey" apps and made it sleek and pretty so that everyone had to have one. I wouldn't say the storm is an iphone killer, nobody will be able to kill the iphone, well that is until steve jobs kicks off.. but apple has a unique marketing ploy and that is why their products generally receive the hoity toity attitude they do.

Theres nothing to face. I have an amazing phone, with great productivity. And I didn't have to wait a few years to send MMS.

Nowhere in there did I see something about frequency of OS updates.

Verizon Storm: 1 per year

Pre: Better than that


I would never ever EVER get a phone with Sprint. Sorry to those out there that do have sprint service but I live in Overland Park, KS where Sprint's headquarters is and I would never be a part of such a crap company. They built this billion dollar campus that is absolutely huge and have been laying off people since before it was finished so they could afford it. Now they only use like 1/4 of it. Dumb. Plus I hear their customer service sucks. No wonder.

Has everyone forgot you can also multitask with the storm. What do you think the switch application option is for, and it does it rather well if you ask me. pre just does it in a more visual friendly manner. The storm beats the pre to me, Its os is stable but it looks scattered and all over the place.

This chart is for employees to help keep and gain customers, it's judt info on all the phones out there. I have a Storm and after getting used to it i love it, I had the Dare before and upgraded it the Storm. As far as carriers go I had 3 T- Mobile, they are crap, crap phone, crap signals, crap customer service. Sprint, even worse products and the worst customer service. I now have Verizon and love them!!! I'll never leave, if it cost more to have EXCELLENT service then I'll pay. I know people with 3 and 4 complaints into the FCC about Sprint. I say if you dont like your phone go somewhere else or sell the phone you have and get another.

I had to do at least one battery pull a day when I had the Storm, I only made it to 5 days and it was returned to Verizon, along with my contract. Went with a Bold and am as happy as a pig in sh*t!

It will be interesting to see how well the battery lasts with all the data transfer that is inherent in the Pre's OS. Let's look at the reviews about 3 months from now because anything before then is all hype and fan boys.

I get tired of all the Storm bashing. It is a new phone and bugs are expected...ANY new model has them. If you aren't happy, get rid of it. Simple solution. Thanks for playing.

I just got my Storm (like the day after the new official OS dropped). i USED .75 FOR ABOUT A DAY, SO i COULD COMPARE. 148 IS LIKE NIGHT AND DAY. The phone is not perfect but it does not deserve the negativity it is getting IMO. I am sure results have varied but my experience has been very positive and I will be sticking with the Storm. I have seen the Pre and I just feel like it does a lot visually without really adding much new to the table. Honestly, we as consumers should keep asking all these manufacturers and carriers to innovate instead of rehash their version of the same old things. Competition is good for any market and I believe several of these phones can live side by side. BUT, I also think its an understatement to say that we are being flooded with different devices that add one or two new bells/whistles type upgrades every half year or so. Let all just get along folks...

What genius from Big Red came up with this stupid chart?? America's most relieble network lol?? Seriously Sprint's network is pretty good. And how about america's most crippled network taking off wifi on a blackberry. You pretty much lost me as a customer. I want the total freedom to take off a stupid $30 data plan if i feel the bill is too high. Second the app store and iphone OSX pretty much destroyes the comp. seriously Verizon you can cram your trasho V-Cast and your dumb glasses wearing dork up your ass. il stick with itunes thank you! Can't wait for today's Keynote! so you can make another dumb ass comparison chart.

Sprint's network, for me, is better than AT&T's. So the network comparison, doesn't hold water. The phones are a different matter. I think we got sold a bill of goods for the Storm, I'm embarrassed that I recommended it to my employer. We have 6 of them and all of us are highly disappointed. The touch screen accuracy is a joke, the lack of software fixes is a joke. What won't be a joke is if VZ's Storm 2 turns out to be what Storm 1 should have been in the 1st place. This could be a huge black eye for BB and Verizon, somewhat analogous to iPhone 1G vs 3G. They better allow current Storm suckers some non-expensive upgrade path to Storm 2. Also, comparing the BB CrAPP store to Pre's is another marketing ploy. The Pre will probably wipe the floor w/ the Storm, wi-fi anyone? Working camera that actually boots up and doesn't crash your sysytem? GPS that's usable and gives accurate info and not gimped by VZ. BB maps is a joke. MS Live Search and Google Maps on Storm is a joke and again gimped by BB or VZ.

Here's the funniest thing about all the comments on this "competitive comparison": In the real world of Verizon Wireless, this document doesn't exist. It only exists for whoever made it up and for those lame enough to believe it. If it existed at all, I'd be able to access it and most likely would have received a link to it via email. Dead giveaway that it's fake? To: All agents...Verizon Wireless doesn't address it's documents like that and sale reps aren't called agents. 'Nough said.

My only experience with an Blackberry is the 8830. I must say the contacts/addresses feature is far inferior to the Palm devices I have owned thus far (no Pre yet). How can the 8830 be better for business use if it's calendar and contacts features are so primitive?

Where my 8830 excels is in phone-signal strength and coverage (Alltel). I can make calls from inside buildings and parts of the state that my old Palm Treo could not.

Alas, everything's a trade off!