BlackBerry Storm (Mainly) Survives Fall from Truck

By Kevin Michaluk on 2 Jan 2009 08:38 am

Ever wondered what *could* happen if you accidentally dropped your BlackBerry Storm on the pavement? It happened to one of our readers... here's what Jeff had to say:

I dropped my Storm today, a big fall out of a lifted Ford Expedition to the pavement. To my amazement, no scratches, no battery deployment (which used to happen to my Curve all the time when I dropped it), nothing except the screen popped off! I made a quick video showing the aftermath of the accident. The screen appears to be glued in place, so if the glue is applied correctly, dust should not be an issue, although there was no apparent gasket. I popped it back in and all seems normal. Anyway, I thought I would let you see the video since is my holy grail of the BlackBerry world.

Check out the video above and be sure to drop your reactions in the comments!

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Correction... Digitizer. There's a difference. RIM really should have called this phone the StickyTape 95xx because they are seriously fond of double-sided sticky tape everywhere on this phone. :rolleyes:



Offtopic: Kevin, Do you know when Muitunes or Flipside is expected to be released for the BB Storm? as in full screen with accelerometer support?

Kevin Michaluk

definitely off topic :)

i would email them directly and nicely ask. hopefully they're full speed on it already and you'll see it soon.


you are lucky. This morning i dropped mine getting out of my non-lifted F150 and its shot. The battery cover came off(battery stayed intact), there are poc marks all over the plastic and glass cover and a huuge spider crack across the bottom of the glass. *sigh*. Sucks to be me.


It does seem a little cheap to use glue, but the device is still working, and that is greate news about the battery cover staying on... I hope RIM goes to that kind of battery cover for the rest of its New devices... I have had the battery door issue for ever!


While this was very entertaining, I think you just have to be a little lucky. I was impressed with the scratch test that was here some weeks ago, but these incidents with the phone can have mixed results. I'm sure with my luck dropping it on the carpet might have some catastrophic outcome.

I think I'll continue to hold firmly to my devices, but it's good to know the phone could possibly survive an accident


I believe you called your phone a verizon wireless storm?

looks like att to

thanks for the post


there is no such thing as an att storm..


Yeah, but it's on the AT&T network. It clearly says AT&T at the top and it's running on EDGE.


Lol Clearly I saw AT&T on his Storm. Any Comments


This is rather troubling. If the screen pops out so easily no wonder dust gets onto the screen. RIM should have made it so that the screen sits behind the case. That way the screen cannot fallout and you can still click on it at the same time. It'll get rid of the gap as well.

Trader Z

Jan. 2 (Bloomberg) -- Orange, a U.K. cell-phone operator, may pull Research in Motion Ltd.’s Blackberry Bold because of persistent problems with the device, the Guardian reported, without saying where it got the information.
Orange, owned by France Telecom SA, may withdraw the device after “uncharacteristically high” return rates, the Guardian said. Consumers have complained about dropped calls and poor reception, according to the newspaper.
A spokesman for Orange declined to comment, the Guardian said.


First, I'm EXTREMELY happy to know that your Storm was ok and is still functioning.

However, why would you switch your Storm from a fast 3G network that covers a lot of the country to a 2G network that just isn't as reliable? I think that's the tragedy of your story :)

make mine a crakberry

Glad the phone is ok. Very cool to see what is going on with how the capacitive screen is affixed to the LCD. I was thinking maybe the whole lot was embedded, but as it turns out, it is just like any other touch screen overlay.

You learn something new here everyday...


I have dropped mine twice, once onto the pavement and the other time on a wooden floor, both from about a meter.

The Storm has survived both with just a little scuff mark on the side. This has persuaded me to buy it a hard cover though.

I can't remember owning another mobile that felt as slippery as the Storm.



Gel skins solve the slippery issue foe a lot less $$. Is there some new fad of dropping your phone from a vehicle? How does this happen? BTW, his Storm likely says Att because he unlocked it from VZW and put his att sim in, no magic there.....


that is actually pretty freakin koo.... you would think that touch screen phone are very delicate because they are so thin and sensitive... but i guess not the blackberry....

the way the screen works it pretty interesting ... never new thats how touch screens work....


I dropped my 2nd Storm from about 3 1/2 feet onto hardwood floors, landed on the bottom left corner (phone button), and shattered the screen and flopped open the glass. Ironically, the phone still worked and would dial via Bluetooth or handsfree. Durable they may be however, there are physical limitations to the punishment that glass will take . . .

- E


i got a transparent hard case for my bold few months ago and it saved my bold like there is no tomorrow. any hard case on the market for the storm? because i am planing to get one soon and there is no way that i gonna get it without a hard case


Of course there's a hard case for the storm... which color would you like, clear, pink, maybe green.... I love mine!!


it clearly says at&t on the top lol


It was on ATT because I wanted to make sure that both sides were working normal. I just did not switch it back before the video. My company pays for my service on GSM, so I switch to that when I need to. I am usually EVDO loving though...

I absolutely had some luck on my side, but honestly, I will say this is one solid device. Now I'm not saying its going to survive it again, but all I did was pop the screen in and I am running again? I can't complain. As a comparison, my Curve (8310) has more cracks than Boston bridges.

I have that insurance plan through Verizon, but as of now, everything is fine, so no need to exchange it.

I have to chalk up the extreme cold we were having when the screen fell. I was out side for 4 hours plowing snow (outside on atv, not in warm truck!). I then went to move my expy and that is when it fell. I'm sure the cold contributed to the glue failure? Might be a good note for the folks in Waterloo.

Anyway, thanks for the comments, and thanks for this site! I am happily using my storm again.

Phil Marler

dude i've dropped this thing like 12 times. it's tough. i've even dropped it in the snow and thought for sure it would die after the water got into the screen. i shook it out and voila! No problems! Aside from the phone not having very cool looking software (holy crap im in the mall and a SUPER hottie just walked by... sorry...) like the iphone i've been happy. I saw Flycast for instance on my friends iphone and got jealous. It looks cooler than mine.


That's some story. Thank you for sharing. Am glad to know that your Storm is still working well. I upgraded from the Curve and it's true, the battery would almost always come out of the back door. Perhaps it's time for you to get a hard cover for your phones!!! Just typing (thinking)out loud here. Well Happy New Year!! CG


See, that's the reason I won't get the Bold. He got lucky the screen was not damaged. The screen is glued, there is no gasket between them.


Funny that I keep seeing scratch test videos and durability examples of the storm when I've been through 2 storms due to screen failures and one spectacular drop at the store with the screen shattering on the floor. As soon as I get done arguing with Verizon over their return policy I'm getting rid of the POS and going back to a real blackberry. If only they had the bold..... Perhaps it's time to use AT&T.....


why are you arguing with them abouit their return policy? are they not honoring the holiday extension for terminating a contract? i knew it.


man if this thing falls apart after one drop from a truck i am in trouble. i used to drop my moto q off my lap onto the pavement almost weekely from my SUV.

i think the battery ejection is a good thing, a way to disperse that energy. the storms not poping out coul be a bad thing.

i am going to have to keep this "new" device attitude permanently and be real careful i guess.


I dropped mine a few weeks ago about 4 feet getting out of my car and it broke, seems to be hit or miss with dropping it.


Set the Storm on my second story bannister on top of my jacket and my 4 year old pulled the jacket out from underneath it! It fell 12 feet onto hardwood and popped the glass open and battery compartment. It had already rebooted itself and was up and running in a minute or two. I doubt the silicone skin helped that much but these phones are tougher than they look to be sure!

Thanks for the video!


I guess it is luck, I read the atticle by a member that claiams no scratches after a fall from his lifted truck. I had mine in my lap, got out of my Chevy Tahoe, it suffered scratches on both the top and bottom, but all else is well.


First day I had mine I dropped it off my lap onto some pavement, got some nice scuffs below the hard keys, no damage to screen. Probably a 3-4 foot fall from my lap to the ground....


I am thinking this phone is just extremely delicate. I had a motorola Q that i dropped and threw and smashed a million times, worse thing that would happen, the battery would fly out. the skin i had took most of the nicks, but i got a couple small nicks in the plastic when i dropped it on pavement in a spot not covered by the skin.

but it held up great, the phone was a tank. the storm definetly has a glass jaw. the click screen pops out easy too, the whole screen poped out on someone. they didnt seal it so breathing too heavy can damage it with water. its just not a good heavy duty phone.

but i am just going to be careful. because i would rather have a delicate storm than a tank motorola q :)


I was about to head out of the house today when I heard a crash on the tile floor. My sister was trying to be helpful and grabbed my phone for me...and it was now laying on the floor...battery and cover went flying. I put everything together and the phone does not show a scratch and everything works...except the Click Screen! The corners no longer click when press the screen and it makes it difficult to use the touch screen for pretty much anything. Everything works but just not well when pressing outside of the center of the screen...any suggestions??? Help!!!


I will say, the 8703e and 88xx series are also durable. I was just really disappointed in the curve, and bold (specifically the aluminum like plastic molding). The storm is definitely a solid device.


Try a credit card or thinner object to jar the screen around,I had to do this when I was re-seating the glass. If that does not give (don't force it) maybe something bent behind battery?


It's hard to see because its constantly going in and out of focus. But the line above the time looks to say at&t. I know the phone has GSM support so it is very possible. And if it does say at&t is that part of the roaming deals that verizon has set in place for the storm?


As in above posts, it was on an AT&T sim to test out the full functionality of the device post drop. I use my own sim for out of states travel. If you unlock it, it will work on AT&T or T-Mobile, however only at EDGE speed, you lose 3g capabilities. I prefer EVDO for that anyway.


I'd cry my eyes OUT!! I can't believe that it still works...


Thanks for the video. I didn't realize the glass screen would fall forward as such. Perhaps it's time to drop my screen & blow out those rancid dust particles.


Interesting that the screen popped open like that. It sounds like someone else had the screen open in a similar way, too.

I wonder how long it will be before someone posts a "How to clean the dust out of your Storm screen", kinda like the 8xxx's "How to clean/replace your trackball".

It wasn't made to be removed/opened for cleaning, but....



you could use a credit card on the left side and lift it off. Now, I did this after I got it back together again because I left some dust under the glass, however it easily went back together. The interesting thing is that the glass is still intact and will not simply fall off. There are no 'snaps' that hold it in, however a gentle but firm push put it back together again. I'll put a short video on the process on youtube for those who want to clean under the glass and do not have a warranty/protection plan.


Sorry that you dropped it but do you realize how important that screen discovery is?!!! I think your video was VERY informative and happy for you the Storm didn't break. Thanks very much for sharing!


His Storm says AT&T at the top center. How is that possible? Is it just a customizable banner or is he really running on AT&T?


His screen says AT&T top center. Is this just a customizable banner or is he really running on AT&T's network with a Storm?


If you read through the comments, you'll see where he puts his work SIM card in his Storm, which is why it shows AT&T. It's not that it is an AT&T branded storm, hye's just taking advantage of the SIM slot, using the device for both work and personal.

So it seems like: Work = AT&T. Personal = Verizon.


I dropped my Blackberry Storm at my job and the entire screen went black and it stood that way. I went to Verizon later that day for them to tell me that they'll ship me a new one by tuesday. You got lucky.


I go one better ...maybe. I left my curve on my windshield wiper and took off on a major roadway in my area. I noiced my phone lift off my windshield at about 40 mph and flew off my car in to the road. I went back to get it about half hour later because i had already figured it was dead and when i got to it it was still on and had maybe 2 scratches on corner. I had a skin on it but thats it!! Big ups to curve...but now i have a bold and hope that doesnt happen.


I keep my storm in my top scrub pocket at work. I bent over and inadvertently ejected it onto the floor. Mine received a very small chip in the touch screen (about the size of 2 pixels) but otherwise didn't scratch. So they're not indestructible.


Why does it say At&t @ the top? or am I seeing things?


AT&T what the **** mate?

Jeff Falkingham


one more time...

I have an AT&T SIM provided from my company.
I prefer the Verizon network & I love the storm


I put the AT&T SIM in the storm, and boom, company data/phone service. When I am off the clock, out it comes and I use my Verizon plan. Believe me, I wish I could just jettison the AT&T sim, but I can't.

As was posted earlier and in many forums, you can easily unlock the storm to work on AT&T or T-Mobile (non-3g) networks (GSM & EVDO).



I just dropped my storm, and the screen cracked. It works fine, just looks ugly with a crack over one corner.

After seeing your video, it looks like only the glass is damaged.

Anyone know if it is possible to get a replacement glass?


Anyone else think its funny that his Storm says ATT. I know there are plenty of Storm users on big blue and more to come if/when the wifi storm is released, but just thought that was a little karmic justice.