BlackBerry Storm Screen ScratchTest Revisited

By Kevin Michaluk on 9 Dec 2008 08:18 am EST

Following up on last week's BlackBerry Storm Screen Scratch torture test, here is another one done up by Emilio Vignapiano in style!! Thanks to Michael for sending this in!

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BlackBerry Storm Screen ScratchTest Revisited


Not bad at all, now if only someone had the b**** to drop the Storm from say, 2ft+ and record it to see what happens :)

i am less worried about scratches...after 2 and a half weeks getting intimate with my storm I am ready for some new apps and themes...send them our way oh great crackberry god kevin!

I was just saying that few of our readers saw the first video of torture test and i was testing so. Then i describe what i put in the box, keys, a stone and a Swiss knife

I have dropped my phone (the storm) twice now from about 4 ft. once on a hardwood floor and once on concrete no scratches just the battery cover falls off and scares the $#%* out of you. Battery stayed in place and the phone didn't skip a beat!!!

Ouch, I've dropped my 8830 countless times. First time I was really pissed lol, cant imagine what would happen if I dropped the storm, then again, I dont have one yet to drop hehe. Darn you BELL! :)

I dropped it and it went face down, out of my purse about 4 feet. I picked it up...and it seemed fine. I shook it a little, and noticed that there is a little piece of glass?? in the bottom. I do have the rubber protector. It seems okay otherwise, and nothing is scratched. I hope it stays okay! (Fingers crossed.) Oh, and in closing, I almost threw up when I dropped it.... I'm so terrified of hurting it!

What a useless "scratch test". The Storm was shook around in a box that conserves the force of the keys being jumbled around for the three seconds they were. I don't think anyone's cell phone is every subject to that light of contact with keys. How about in a pocket all day long where they pressed and slammed and rubbed directly? The other video is much more informative than this garbage.

Hey "anonymous"...first off, if you're going to rip someone for sharing their video, at least be MAN (or WOMAN) enough to register on so we know who you are. Very big of you to "hide" behind "anonymous" postings.

Secondly, if it really bothered you that much that this wasn't a "valid" test, then why don't YOU submit a test more up to your "standards"....grab YOUR Storm and a video camera and show us how it's SUPPOSED to be done.

...just my 2 cents. Merry Christmas.

For sure! The Merry Christmas was the best ending! Anyone who's got balls enough to take a Storm and shake it up in a container full of metal objects has the video post approval from me. I won't be doing this with my Bold though! I couldn't understand what he was saying but maybe he was just pissed that he bought a $600 phone and no one was texting him lol!

Maybe it's a language barrier thing, but this video didn't really serve much of a purpose IMO. I was actually watching him collapse the box around the open pocketknife and was waiting for it to puncture the box and stab him in the hand.

The test was too short to be of much use. That being said, I am not using a screen protector and so far no scratches, just alot of smudging.

Dropped it from my hand, onto a cement floor.

Managed about a inch long crack in the upped corner of the screen. Yeah, it sucked.

This is a scratch test? There's not enough room or agitation here to prove anything.
Take about half the keys out of that small container, then shake the crap out of it for a couple minutes, then you might have something!

I was worried about keeping a bunch of hello kitty keychains, skeletons keys, some knifes, and rocks in my pocket with my storm...but not anymore

Let's see here. 35 seconds into the shaking of the box, notice that all of the things he placed in the box is behind the back of the storm and not in front of it. Is this a coincidence?

My seat belt opened my holster when i got out of my car and next thing I knew my storm was face first in my cement driveway. Has little divots on the top next to the lock key and a nice little half an inch crack on the bottom right corner of the screen. It was only waist high... i really should of bought a rubber skin, it would have definitely saved it.


I have had 2 Storms shipped from Verizon and both of them have a screen protector that can be peeled off. I am not talking about the plastic film that is on the top, back, and bottom of the Storm. I could not tell that the screen protector was on until I looked closely and peeled it off.

I am wondering if these tests were done with default screen protector taken off.

I dropped it from about 5ft or so on concrete. The weather was in the teens, so it was bitterly cold. Touch Screen portion came off and cracked. Storm was pretty much useless. So, please take care of it, it is not impervious to drops!