BlackBerry Storm Price Reduced To $49.99 On Verizon!

BlackBerry Storm Prices Reduced To $49.99 On Verizon!
By Bla1ze on 31 Aug 2009 07:13 pm EDT

The time has come for Verizon to do a little housekeeping around their stores, no doubt to make way for the Storm 2 that will be making it's way to the hands of BlackBerry users reportedly in October. Right now if you have been holding out for a new BlackBerry you can surely walk your way into a $49.99 BlackBerry Storm if you do so wish, just keep in mind that is with a new 2 year contract. So when the Storm 2 hits, you'll be out of the running unless you want to pay full retail for it.

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BlackBerry Storm Price Reduced To $49.99 On Verizon!


Even if Verizon / Telus would give me $ 100 to take a Storm I wouldn't take it.

I have a Storm and it's running ok now but the 7 months of hassle really pissed me off :(

Im very glad I dont have to put up with this stuff here in the UK.

Over here, having to pay $50-350 in addition to signing a new contract just would not stand.

If you had to pay £50-100 here, it would reduce your contract time from 2 years down to 12 months.

18 to 24 months is the standard contract here.

I have one now and to be honest i dont even want Storm 2. I love the look on the phone but the OS is just garbage. ill wait for the upcoming iPhone to the Verizon network... *wink in june 2010 :) is giving them away free with a new 2-year contract from Verizon. I got mine about a month ago from Wirefly for $29.

PS - No activation fee either.