BlackBerry Storm OS Screenshots Emerge!

BlackBerry Storm OS
By Kevin Michaluk on 25 Sep 2008 06:35 pm EDT

As Jim Cramer would say... Boooyahhh!!!! This is some of best BlackBerry Storm eyecandy we have seen yet. Earlier today the blog posted these sweet images (more after the jump) of the BlackBerry 9500 Storm's OS. The keyboard skins are looking soooo much better (remember the Storm's first live shots?!) and we now have a better sense of what the web browser will look like.

All in all, I'd have to say hot, Hot HOT!!! Nicely done GUI team. I can't wait to pound out some emails on this thing. So whaddya think?!!

Storm OS


Storm OS


Storm OS


Storm OS


Storm OS


Storm OS

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BlackBerry Storm OS Screenshots Emerge!


Is it wrong for a man to have sexual fantasies about a phone? Seriously this phone is whats drawing my attention more so than the Bold! Screen shots look great!

hell no my man..this fone is well deserved of the sexual fanticies! im still debating...the storm or the bold.

I heard the screen sie will be 3.25. What is the screen size for the Iphone? About same? I know the resolution will be higher on the 'berry. Any help?

iPhone's is 3.5"... same vertical resolution 480... but it's narrower... it's a 2:3 screen instead of the Storm's 3:4 screen (in portrait mode)... i'm excited either way.. no way i'd leave VZW for att... even though i was interested in the iPhone..

This makes my Treo 700w look like a 1960's Star Trek communicator, old and outdated. I can't wait to get my first Blackberry! Great job RIM

I love the pics, but the email image shows a keyboard with what I assume would be predictive text like a Pearl. That is a killer for me as 90% of what I do IS email!

I wonder if email can be done with the Storm lengthwise, which would allow for the full keyboard as seen in the first pic.

I dunno if it will happen, but I'm kinda getting a feeling you may be able to choose between a sure type style keypad and a full querty in the vertical position. I mean why not? Prob not that hard to make available to appease all bb users ya know. Wouldnt that be sweet!

Some of the early "leaks" of Verizon presentations refer to the availability of using 3 keyboards - qwerty, sure-type and regular phone keypad. Most think based on the leaked info that in portrait you can choose between sure-type & keypad, in landscape you get qwerty.

I would be very surprised if you couldn't turn the phone sideways and type and email using the qwerty keyboard. RIM is smart enough to learn from early iPhone keyboard limitations. Only time will tell.

As seen on the RIM site, by rotating the Storm lengthwise.. the keyboard changes to a full qwerty keyboard... Unlike the Samsung Instinct (which I presently use) that reequires you to press a button .... kinda stupid.

So not to worry ....

Now this is what I like to see and to answer the person quesion above about having sexual fantasy its not wrong at all bro.

So this is probably coincidence, especially these are supposedly Vodafone-branded shots, but the hands of the analog clock look awfully askew to match the Verizon logo.

Granted, not exactly like the logo but it's suggestive enough.

After i read the "subliminal clock -verizon msg" i put on my detective hat .. and thought 11:10 november 10th ... and you know what both clock and calendar show SUN the 30th ... and won't ya know .. November has a Sunday the 30th.... i am sooo excited my b-day is on 11/12 and would just die if i had the storm in my hands for my bday ... please if i do die .. somebody get the paddles ... Im not listed as a DNR, dammit!!!

Whenever you see ANY clock or watch pictured or advertised they're always set to 11:10. I don't remember the exact reason but someone figured out that it makes the watch look "happy" or something like that.

You are kind of correct...

The time is usually set to 10:11 (not 11:10) on watch advertisements. This was started by Rolex back in the day bc it was the best time to set the watch to in order to see the most of the dial w/o out the hands obstructing the detail of the dial.

So maybe 11:10 is still possible? Sounds too good to be true if you ask me...

Goodbye 1st gen. iPhone and curve... hopefully we can afford the phone on that new month 2 month deal verizon finally got going...

Take a look at the ferrari pic, anyone notice something awkward? If this is a vodaphone storm then why is there 1XEV in the network bar? I smell photoshop

If you look at most of the screen shots they are bigger than the actual screen. Missing in most of them is that void area between the screen and the buttons on the bottom of the phone. If you look at the right edge of the 1st picture (qwerty keyboard) there is a thin white line that looks to be from a poor cut and paste job.

If you hold the phone landscape style you will get the FULL Qwerty keypad. Hold the phone up & down and you get SureType.

any chance this BB will have individual application lock?....or d'ya think anyone will ever write such an add on app?

...can explain the beauty of this BB. I was sold some time ago on getting this smart phone and now I wouldn't get anything else even if the device gets delayed (which I have my fingers crossed that it does not!).

This phone is sweet looking. I can't till (not those apple ass kissers BGR), gets their hands on this phone. Kevin your review will make or break if I pick up this phone.

I am an iPhone user and Blackberry user. I definately support the BB movement 100%, however I do not beleive this will top the iPhone. Bottom line: the iPhone is for play and the BB is for business. I beleive the merging of the two into one phone is not the Storm. Just my opinon......

Normally i would definitely agree that BB is more for the business user but its clear they are trying to get into the consumer market this year with the bold and the storm. Theres a bunch of focus on the media aspect. 3.2 megapixel cam screams consumer marker.

never owned a BB, but i plan on making the storm my first

Why wouldn't this work as a consumer phone...3.25" landscape high res screen, 3.2mpx camera.....

You will be very satisfied with your Blackberry purchase.

emeuscorley has a point but i'm starting to hate at&t and they way the whole bold/storm/3g situation. As long as the gps is usable with google maps FOR FREE - i'm in.

I hope there is unlocked GPS for google maps or blackberry maps. Even if there isn't unlocked GPS, you can still use google maps with their triangulation technology. Its not as good as GPS but in larger cities its really close & its free.


You still have access to the Menu key when in QWERTY mode. Just push it and that will give you copy/paste and other menu options. That's one of the reasons those buttons are not on the touch screen. :)

I can explain why its 1XEV and its not because its photoshopped. RIM is based in Waterloo (North America) and this device is designed to run on the CDMA network in North America and has GSM capabilities overseas. Most likely the screen shots were taken while in North America, hence the Voda device running on CDMA

I hope they have this for Sprint. Looks like goodbye to my Pearl 8130 if they do get it. That is one sweet phone! paired up with my Simply Everything Plan and I'll be good to go!

...of a lot of reasons I think. I've heard that AT&T has strained their relationship with RIM over the Bold delays, and iPhone fanfare. Plus, my personal opinion, AT&Ts network is inferior. Verizon and Vodafone leveraged a great deal for themselves and RIM. If quotas are met (I wonder what they are), RIM and VZW/Vodafone will blaze a whole new trail leaving AT&T feeling a bit chapped I expect. ;-)

I so can't wait for this... im ready to slam this in the face to all the iPhone users at work. I'm just wondering what the price will be like without the new every 2. I hope they have some kind of deal for people to buy it straight out...

So I'm looking at the Storm as a replacement for my 8830, and I find out that it does not have wifi. This is a fatal flaw as far as I'm concerned. I like my Blackberry, but I am having a hard time justifying not going to the iPhone now. This may be enough to push me to it.

Hello! Sorry but WiFi is a battery drain. I will stick to the EVDO 3G service for better connectivity than looking for a hotspot. I doubt people with WiFi on their cell phones even use them. I'd bet they use their provider's data service.

The Storm is going to be leagues better than my 8830 and I will jump on the chance as soon VZW releases them...going to get 2 in for my significant other as well.


What??? Just cause you don't use WIFI doesn't mean other people don't. I use UMA with TMO and that keeps my bill way WIFI is a must in any phone I buy.

you sound like a pretty big tool thats a little too much over his head. how bout you go pick up a RZR.

wifi is a waste all together, it drains battery, its worthless if your not in a hotspot. 3g is faster and more reliable than wifi anyways.

if your to poor to own and manage a blackberry like it should be then dont get one. your like the douchebag that gets a porche but cant afford gas or an oil change. if you cant afford it get lost.

TMO's not getting this phone. so unless you get an unlocked version and drop your sim card you'll have to wait for something else.

you dont need have internet anywhere you go....go get the iphone and after a few months you will be at a verizon store begging them to take you back...if you get an iphone the only time you will have internet is when in a wifi hotspot...the only thing good bout the iphone is the interface...everything else bout it might as well just get the itouch and keep you phone that actually works....

I am waiting to get my first blackberry. Despite the frustration of waiting for the Bold, which do you think is the better phone if indifferent of a touchscreen?

I almost bought a Blackberry Curve a week ago and was told this was coming out. This will be my first Blackberry having been a Palm Treo user for a year now. I'm so excited and can't wait for the Storm to be released.

the wifi/other carrier post shows it's head in every thread

do me a favor, walk into oncoming traffic and rid the world of your worthless self

I would not decide against the Storm because there is no WiFi. Why get an iPhone on a network that isn't the best and a phone that does not have the security and email technology that RIM has? I suggest not getting an iPhone and waiting on the Storm!

I've been using the Bold for a few weeks now & love it. But I'll be real keen to get my hands on the Storm to see what the keypad is like. I send a lot of lengthy email from my Bold so I hope the haptic touch keypad has a good feel & is easy to use. Of course I have not heard any rumors of it coming to Australia yet so I may have to wait a while. Hopefully not as long as North America (AT&T customers) has been waiting for the Bold though ;-)

even though it isn't pictured, there will still be a gap between the display and the physical buttons that we've been seeing. The screenshots of the spreadsheet and clock were photoshopped on.

The clock is simple marketing 101. Take a look at every ad you have ever seen for watches. They always read: 10:10 or something close to that. It is meant to do two things: Show the whole face without covering anything and two it is made to look like a smiley face which strikes a subliminal cord in buyers.



I think you all are very funny. You all are probably the same people who always hate on the iphone and now you are all drooling over this iphone-clone.
Whatever happen to the big, bad bold?
And whoever says wifi is not a need is stupid. Having wifi when you are say, at home or at work, makes it so much nicer on your phone.

At home, you should be using a computer. At work, you should be doing the same thing and/or working, not browsing the internet. And if you're an iPhone user of course you don't know why Verizon doesn't NEED're stuck using AT&T's sorry excuse for 3G.

What is the age range here? Nice reference to Babyface.

I need dimensions on this phone. I am must say that it looks very sweet....can't wait to put my finger prints on it at a Verizon store!!

Aside from them not having permission to post the pic of my car, looks pretty sweet. Okay, maybe in reality my car is 12 years old. I can't afford to upgrade that, nor do I really care, but I will be updating my antiquated xv6700.

I really wanted to get an iphone. But not anymore. It sucks that I just turned in my Pearl for a Curve about 3 weeks ago. If I knew this was coming out, I would have waited.

sux for you... shoulda been keeping up with this stuff a bit more cause it's been known that this phone was coming for a couple months now at least... pretty much since the bold was uncovered.

To all of us TMO loyalist, we will have to wait, but we will see this device at TMO near you. Hopefully it will come with wifi, but at the very least we'll have it available to us.

The best part of it all, we will get a better version then Verizon considering all of the bugs and kinks Verizon will have to contend with. Stay the course and TMO will bless us, otherwise you will find them in the wild (on-line auctions). The same way some folks acquired Iphone after the original owners fell out of love with them, this will happen with the Storm as well. Make sure have your wallet ready though!

For those who didn't get the memo:
So all you TMO users will have to do w/o this device and use the crappy iPhone

I'm pretty sure RIM will make this phone in GSM for TMO and it should have the wi-fi capability because of TMO's unlimited calls over wifi.

It will be a longer wait though.

RIM is in fact making a GSM Storm but it will be a Vodafone exclusive and like everyone else and I have been saying, VZW will be the only carrier in the States to have this phone

I am so sick and tired of folks comparing BB with iPhone and carriers branding their new phones as iPhone Killers.. Come on and get a life.
iphone is a good piece of technology and there is no doubt about it but it has failed to make inroads into the serious corporate consumers and people who dont care too much about all the multimedia stuff.
BlackBerry's are awesome phones and have their own strengths and I LOVE THEM. RIM seriously rocks.
The biggest drawback of the iPhone is its exclusivity to ATT. ATT's 3G is such a drag and oh did I mention that their customer service is terrible.

the images look fake. Point in fact. Compare the area the 4 hard buttons on the face of the phone. First the call button is not the right shade of green. And second and more importantly...notice that the apparent ridge shown in the verizon slide show and image on the website is not present. Thanks, but they are fake.

In addition to the touchscreen, they really should have added the rollerball in my oppinion, for selecting smaller things.

It would have been the best of both worlds.

The landscape and portrait pictures of the phone are photoshoped...horribly. However, it's probably a good guess that the displays pictured are what it will actually look like at release. I think the photoshop was made to put the two together to give the viewer a better idea of how things will look.

My .02)

The Storm isn't my kind of phone, although the displays of the layout above do look very classy and well thought out. I think the Storm will do very well dispite not having wifi as i see it aimed more at the media market and less corp.

I think the Storm is a media phone with the solid BB architecture one would expect and the BOLD is a BB corp power house capable of multimedia as a backup during downtime.

I think RIM did a great job with the Storm considering this was it's first shot at the "media market" and i would love to see what evolves from the Storm in the future.

Kudos to you RIM!

oooh gimmie gimmie gimmie! i want i want i want. too bad verizon gets everything last...maybe it'll be different this time.

and I know that because I have been with them for over 6 years. they got the 3G last and the same applies to the all the good phones (and by that, I dont mean the shitty fliptop Samsungs)

and I know that because I have been with them for over 6 years. they got the 3G last and the same applies to the all the good phones (and by that, I dont mean the shitty fliptop Samsungs)

does anyone know how one can get out of a contract with verizon? I bought my Pearl in March of this year with them and would really like to get this phone when it comes out in Nov.?

If you have an existing VZW account, you could cancel it for $175 but why would you want to do that? You would have to get a new contract with them, buy the phone and start all over again OR you could put all that money towards the 9530 when it comes out and not have to go thru all the cancelation procedures.

I agree with you, but the retail price on this phone is probably going to be around $599 if I buy it without a contract.

looked played and hated the iphone had it for a week and then went with verizon and got my pearl. I have followed the storm sence word leaked out! im so effing excited i cant wate to get my hands on that phone!

Great Photoshop pics.... we all seen the video now everyone wants to see a live video of this great phone in use. We all now this is coming out in the first to second week of November. Im already set in buying my first RIM phone. Byt het way anyone know if the storm will be able to hold the new Sandisk micro 16GB?

The Storm is probably going to be the first cell phone I have ever bought out of contract (pay full price). I hate wasting money like that, but man I want this phone.

I too bought my pearl in March. Luckily enough I am in a family plan and two of the phones in the plan are up for upgrade :). So I will be using one of their upgrades and just swapping the number. I tried a curve and found that the keys were to small :(. I tried the Iphone and I hated its keyboard. I am digging the larger keyboard on the storm. That would be the only thing stopping me from getting the Storm.

My friend which is a manager at a Verizon owned store told me the release date is Nov 1....get ready for it....

So the keyboard for email and sms messaging looks like a pearl keyboard rather than a full keyboard. Major flaw if that's the case. It needs to be similar to the spreadsheet layout shown.

I just had to take an extra blood pressure pill-the first one didn't help. Next will be a handful of tranquilizers and enough sleeping pills to keep me out until November!

i need to see it to believe it, these pictures definitely look photoshopped.
and if the keyboard is like the pearl, it's a no for me on the phone. i need the full key pad.