BlackBerry Storm 9530 OS Fails VZW Testing?!

By Kevin Michaluk on 12 May 2009 08:11 am EDT
OS .141 Not A Go On Verizon!

This really shouldn't come as a surprise to any Storm owners out there who visit the Storm OS discussion forum but it does need a blog post mention. BGR has posted information on what was supposed to be "next official OS" for the Verizon BlackBerry Storm. OS was destined to be delivered to Storm owners but at this point has apparently yet again failed Big Red's technical certification (it seems they're being pickier than other 9530 carriers as we have seen newer OS releases get official from Bell and Telus).

So this outcome leaves everyone to wonder, what will the next official OS for the Verizon BlackBerry Storm 9530 be? There's been talk in the forums that internal development work has stopped on OS 4.7 and been transitioned over to OS 5.0, but from conversations at WES last week it seems 5.0 won't be rolled out until August/September. It seems crazy to me that Verizon's current supported OS, version, still possesses the bug that prevents some sounds from playing through external speakers on the Storm in apps (not cool for fart or alarm clock apps!), an issue that causes developers customer support grief every day, as well as consumers who can't get refunds via app world and are uncomfortable with the thought of upgrading to an unsupported OS in order to make their newly-purchased app work (I'll keep this short and not get into any other stuff...).

With the "Storm 2" rumors now being confirmed, I just hope Verizon and RIM don't forget about the first generation of Storm owners out there and kick "Storm 1" OS development into high gear. Seriously, according to the VZW BlackBerry download site the last update for the Storm came on December 5th, 2008... that's over six months ago! Storm owners - feel free to express your frustrations in the comments -- we feel your pain -- just try and keep the four letter profanity to a minimum. 

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BlackBerry Storm 9530 OS Fails VZW Testing?!



yep...saw it coming.

I'm not bothered by it because I am running 4.7/5.0 hybrid and lovinggggggg it!

But like I said, no surprise to me at all that Verizon failed this.

But the most upsetting thing of all is the lack of communication from big red. Why don't they just let us know what's happening? Information is power. It makes me more upset that I have no idea what is going on, how long it's going to be and what the course of action is. If they come out and say "it's going to be 2 months" then great, I can make my own decisions. I can wait or change back to the curve. Their tight lipped inaction is the most infuriating of all.

I totally agree with what Paul!765 said.

The worst part of all this is Verizon's lack of communication. Except for the few people providing rumors and hear-say, nobody has any clue whats going on or when to expect anything regarding the Storm from Verizon.

The Storm is on top of Verizon's phone selection, and is one of their most expensive phones...and yet Verizon leaves us all in the dark.

How could anyone feel safe about buying a Storm 2 when (if) it comes out knowing how under developed the original Storm is? WTF is going on Verizon!?!??!

Get it. It's a great Blackberry. You can install the 5.0 hybrid and it runs beautifully and gives you a great deal more app memory.

The Storm is definitely the best phone I've ever had and I use it all the time.


Unless you feel like having a brick for a phone or dealing with the painful slow running OS dont do it. I would happily trade in my phone for almost any other phone at this point. Sure if you feel like downloading an unapproved OS and cutting and chopping bits and parts of code into it to make it run only to find out your warratny is voided by all means go ahead and deall with this piece of garbage. Have somone with an Iphone go to the store with you and compare how each works and there is no way you will purchase this thing. Paper weight junk!

Do not give this phone as a gift! I would feel embarassed to tell someone they need to install beta software in order for their phone to work properly. Get them a gift certificate from Verizon and tell them you were not sure that they would like the phone. People are usually picky about their phones and the Storm is an aquired taste. It is a great phone at times, but not always.

I am going nuts with the touch screen not work more than it does work. I hope the hybrid will correct. Where can I download?

Well my storm freezes all the time and is incredibly slow so I'm very hesitant about the new hybrid software especially when this is my second storm

Also verizon is going to forget about the old storm and work on the new one with wifi

I just sent a strongly worded e-mail to VZW, I plan on calling them tomorrow, and also go to the store to question and complain until I get tired of hearing myself. I suggest that everyone flood them with calls, e-mails, and store visits. I'm doing my part, will you do yours?

Yeah seriously. Don't do that. That's just creating more stress on the part of the VZW employees who aren't going to do anything but get flack from their managers for not keeping call volume down. You aren't going to get any new info out of the poor rep...just stress them out and cause them to get razzled by the influx of calls for no reason.

Then the person that actually needs help will get a disgruntled rep.

Seriously just chill and wait for RIM to release something good enough to be official, or if you really want one of these current leaks then just download and install one. People just love to be mad at someone about something.

Like little kids you just want to throw tantrums.

They will release it when it is ready. In the meantime, read on crackberry how to install an OS yourself. There are plenty of leaks to choose from. What difference does it make if Verizon supports it or not? If you run into an issue, read online how to fix it. Saves time.

Here is a typical call at a cell-phone tech support call center:
Customer: Hi I'd like to get help installing this software
Rep: "Ok insert the disk that says 'Blackberry Desktop Software'
Customer: "Ok"
Computer: "Press Next to install Blackberry Desktop software"
Customer: "What do I do next"
Rep: "... (sigh)"


Just do it yourself and stop causing yourself and other people headaches. It won't break. And if it does, then follow the instructions in the many threads hear about how to fix it.

I don't buy it when people say "well not all of us are technically inclined"... BS.... you are just AFRAID of what could POSSIBLY happen. People are afraid of what they don't understand...and rightfully so, but sooner or later you gotta take those first steps....

The fool telling you not to flood VZW with complaints has no idea as to what he is talking about. If they get high volumes of complaints on a single topic(phone functionality in this case), they report it to thier supervisors(if they are worthy employees). This eventually makes it up the ranks to people that matter. Anyone who has had a job in retail and actually pain attention would know this. If they can't handle the stress of customer service then they need to look else where for employeement. They are there to represent a company and its products. I am not in anyway suggesting directing your frustration towards the reps or make it personal. Express your unhappiness and ask questions and I sure they will do all they can to help even though it is usually not much.

Verizon already knows we want a new OS and I am sure they are as frustrated as we are with it but they could not pass .141 with the locking bug, that's prety significant to most people (I'm using StormLock so it does not effect me but the vast majority or users are not doing that.)

Yelling at the person in the store (even if they are the "manager") as they are at the very bottom of the food chain when it comes to stuff like this.

Read my posts under this username and tell me again that I'm a fool that doesn't know what I'm talking about. Just because a call center gets high call volume on a particular topic, it doesn't mean that you will all of a sudden get a rushed "official" release(and honestly after the 'rushed official release' you are running on your Storm right now, would you REALLY want that again?). It means that you will get a rushed "official" canned answer from each and every rep that you hang up and call back to because they will all be told to say the same thing.

That's all it does!!

If you really want to make an impact, write to VZW corporate and ask them to do something about it. Flooding the call centers will get you nowhere.

If you want VZW to approve the software that is already out there in the wild, stop waiting and then load a Beta OS. I guarantee that if VZW approved .141 you and many others would be calling and complaining about the locking issue which VZW can do NOTHING about. They did their job by rejecting the shoddy software so RIM gets back to them with a better version.

Can you really complain about that? Sure it takes longer but I'd rather load an OK beta build while waiting instead of crying on about it all the time and then spending my valuable time going from store to store and calling into a call center all day long. WTF does that accomplish than delay those that actually need immediate help (you ARE being helped by VZW rejecting the crap's a work in progress).

Look how long it took for the Pearl, Curve and even the 8830 to get updated to 4.5. One took much longer than the others but still, those were in their sorry states for months as well and those were handsets that RIM was used to making. The Storm is something entirely different for them.

IF ANYTHING YOU SHOULD FLOOD RIM AND LET THEM KNOW THAT YOU DESERVE SOMETHING DECENT. I'm running .132 and there are still plenty of bugs and my phone reset 3 times yesterday. Just because Bell and Telus went official, doesn't mean that the software is anywhere near good.

If .141 doesn't meet VZW's "strict" standards, I'd love to know how .65 and .75 did. I know we all know the answer to this, they had to get the phone out before the holidays, but this just shows that if they really were serious about releasing the storm with a quality OS, the storm still wouldn't be out yet. A classic case of pushing out a phone wayyyy too soon.

you make a good point, i just don't understand how the OS continues to have bugs... with every leak it seems there are two bugs fixed and one new one...

Because that's how software development works, every time you make an addition to or change in code that change has the potential to impact the functionality of dozens or even hundreds of other bits of code, sometimes this can be predicted and is easy to track down, other times it is something they would never have guessed and it takes a week to find. Then they need to see how easy it is to reproduce and how vital to the operation of the phone it is to decide if it is going to be significant to fail the OS over.

If .141 meets *your* standards, there are no Verizon henchmen wating to jump you if you choose to put it on your phone. Don't wait for Verizon to tell you it's OK to try!

I certainly hope Big Red gets over themselves, they are going to do little at this point to redeem themselves with this phone, so go ahead and release something. I just hope they get an OS going since they are planning to release the Storm soon to the Alltel side of the house, I want one! Guess I'll just have to run a Bell or Telus version of 4.7. Not really a deal breaker for me as I am running a Telus version of 4.5 on my Curve!

I can't say that I couldn't see this coming. I'm suprised that they were testing a OS 141. thats was highfor my thoughta. I don't know. I have verizon... I have the 141 beta! It's great! but verizon does what they think is best for their customers, so I'm sure it'll bring something better!!!! I truely love my storm, but......... sometimes i just want my curve back. 9630....GOSH someone help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was one of the first to get a Storm when it came out through the Best Buy preorder and waited patiently to renew my contract with Verizon on the Verizon rep promise that the Storm was going to be a serious contender with the iPhone. Well, six months later I am very disappointed in the lack of an updated OS. In my opinion, current Storm owners on Verizon should be provided the option to renew at their contracts with another device at the "new every two" pricing plan because of the shortcomings with this OS.

Verizon... if you're listening... you will lose customers if you do not address this issue.

Although it has been an ongoing issue for months now, I highly doubt Verizon is going to allow customers to upgrade early at a deep discount because of OS issues. That's like what some people in the forums have said---they should allow storm 1 owners to trade in their storms for a storm 2...

c'mon, that's just funny.

I know people are upset, just go get a leaked OS, or go to AT&T.


I am 100% with you,I was at 5 o'clock in the morning waitnig for Verizon to open so I can get my storm. 6 month later I wish I would've gotten the curve or switched to AT&T and gotten the iPhone. Verizon needs to give their "storm customers" the chance to get a phone that would work 100% ( at a great price). I am really tired of missing calls because the phone freezes... Please Verizon.... HEAR US!!!!!!!

Seriously, You guys ever hear of the Motorola Q on every carrier..... Nightmareish nightmare there. Everyone just had their Q, no refunds, no exchanges, just One Big Happy Nightmare!

the Q was a piece of shit, but lets digress.. as far as mobile intel, Motorola doesn't have the rep going for them that RIM does.. I mean one word can prety much sum up Moto Nightmares, RAZR..

RIM is a bigger company on this front and will work harder to make its customers happier. Just as Apple did with refunds on the iPhone after its initial price drop. I'm not trying to predict what RIM/VZW will do, I'm just stating that comparing the Q to the Storm isn't a good judgement..

Let me start saying that was a hard fan of RIM.

Today, plain and simple, I got tired of looking for unofficial OS releases, problems with usability and everything else. I don't believe users should pay the money to become debuggers of products like the Storm. Come on, every single phone coming out of RIM now has tons of issues, tons of updates. Is this the new standard?

My storm is gone for 3 months now and I can proudly say that I am an iPhone user. Yeah, paid the money for the Storm, paid all the overpriced plans that VZW has, and had no problem paying the ETF to get rid of it. Even after all the delays, I gave it a chance - did not work. I am sorry for VZW and RIM because the sad news is, in doing that, I was not alone.

Today, I simply love the fact that I can get my phone and get things done with it, both in terms of business and entertainment. You know the hard part now? Well, it is trying to convince my teenagers that they are too young to get they own iPhones.

please please please "overpriced" on Verizon that isn't overpriced on AT&T.

The overpriced and "crippled" argument are old news. They don't hold water anymore. People just know these buzzwords and spout them about to justify their rampant hatred of cell phone companies.

I'm frustrated about this phone also but it's got nothing to do with Verizon. It's RIM.

Also, yes, you paid for a product and should get support for it when it is buggy as hell, but please stick to the matter at hand...what pricing on VZW is overpriced compared to AT&t's offering? I'd like you to back up that comment. Also take a look at AT&T and see that they are more expensive in several areas. Mainly data...

They only listen if they hear you complaining. Do you really think a VZ Wireless store employee is going to report every complaint he hears to Verizon??? NO!!!!!!

You have to tell Verizon yourself

Here is the Address to email Verizon a complaint.

Let them know how we feel about this "Lack of support"!!

Storm on Crackberry users!!!!!!!!!

The generation after next iPhone on Verizon in 2011 is on my mind. It is pretty much a go as it is the only way Apple can expand its market share. It will be just in time for thier new network.

I don't mean to sound like a complainer.. but this is stupid... I joined verizon from Alltel in Late March. And i got my storm thinking there was going to be legit support and such from verizon. however i'm beginning to think verizon doesn't really care that much about me or my phone since they already got my money and to be honest i'm beginning to think the storm is dead to them. either that or it honestly seems like rim can't get their act together... so which is it? either way it looks like i'm going to be getting a different phone in 2010 and chance's are it won't be a blackberry, or on verizon.. don't get me wrong I love my storm i really do, however i don't think i should be installing leaked OS's to get it run correctly... scratch that better.. . and i'm finding this whole situation to be pretty disappoining. thats my two cents

I've been a storm owner since Dec 24th, 2008. I have the latest .141 leaked OS, yet for some reason, I get more excited when leaks come out for the bold or curve. Explain that one.

if vzw don't release a good os for the 9530 very soon I going to go a diffrent service provider or they can give me a second gen. storm for free they can't keep putting junk out there we wont stand for it very long

Hi all
I to am frustrated at the storm os that verizon has. I have been having trouble for a while and they just keep sending me another phone. (4 so far) I add apps and keep running out of app memory. Even thou I have amost full phone mem and card mem. So I keep freezing and have to take the batterie out to get it to run. Some times 4 to 5 times a day. They say that the new OS will cure that. Don't know. If anyone has some fixes please let me know.



This is bad, but I don't think it would every come near as much of a failure though. He is going to be pretty hard to top.

If you want an OS update all you need to do is go to the CB Forums, Storm OS Discussion. Try 141 for yourself, or maybe 132, or whatever, as there are loads of leaks and other carrier releases to try. :)

so even the .130 beta, or the one prior to .141 (I can't keep track now) doesn't meet the requirements, yet .75 does? I'm ready to drop verizon as soon as the pre, iphone, or ... ha anything else comes out. ... all I can recommend is taking a piece of folded paper and placing it behind your battery. that'll help the click. very disappointed. oh, and screw the 4 letter profanity! VERIZON PHUCK YOU!

Anyone who tested .141 knew that it wouldn't pass. It is the quickest but had all kinds of problems. Since 4.7 software development has stopped I think Storm owners on verizon are going to be left in the cold. We should have returned them when we could have. If not for the leaks by awesome people who actually care about us crackberrys then my phone would have been in the garbage already. Its heavy enough to be a good paperweight LOL

the only problem i've had with .141 is quicklaunch, and to be quite honest, I realize I don't even use it that much anyways.. I know other users vary.

Great. Random reboots, Screen locking in a perspective, black screen whenever I try to veiw a message. Looks like I'm stuck with them till August. I've tried several of the leaked OS, and nothing fixes them. Videos that show up in Media whenever the Storm decides to display them, and gone the next time I open it up. I've tried to keep a posotive attitude about this phone, but it's been a pretty dismal experience. The call quality is awful too. My Razr was a better phone than the Storm, at least when it came to actually being a phone.

this is just.... :'( I'm to the point (like I'm sure a LOT of other people w/ the storm are...) where I'm going to go to someone else..or something else.. I don't HAVE to have the newest BB.. I would like one that ACTUALLY WORKS!!!! I've spent hours on the phone with them only to have them tell me that the apps (the apps that come with the phone...) were the problem... NO... I've done hard resets or w/e gone through 3 phones.. and they have not fixed it..and now this...

I am a long-time VZW customer. I have really been a fan of their service, both the network and their customer-service.
But six months without a release and they're not even addressing it? This is getting ridiculous. I don't really mind running a leaked OS (which I am), but I shouldn't have to.

I have had the latest beta OS installed and it has been great so far. I haven't been on 75 since I got my device. I suggest biting the bullet and upgrading if you have not already.

I've upgraded to new betas every single chance I've had. I was SO disappointed with the Storm I received from VZW (seriously, I had the phone on for about 1 minute when I experienced my first bug... that was just sad)

I'm running the 4.7/5.0 hybrid right now and I absolutely love it. The phone is fast and responsive, the camera is quick and takes good pictures, the fast, full keyboard in portrait mode is handy and the fact I haven't had to reboot my phone for a week now (and that was only after I deleted an old twitter client replaced with a new one) makes me a happy panda.

Seriously, if you're still running .75, just follow the upgrade directions. The boards here even have directions to bring a phone back from "brick status" (which is total failure) so there really is nothing to worry about.

As for BES enterprise storm users who's IT policy won't let them upgrade, I truly feel sorry for you...

Great post - can you assist me in finding the 4.7/5.0 hybrid? the second post in this discussion listed an address that I am unable to call up. any suggestions would help !!

I can see why it might fail. I like my storm, but there are most certainly some stability issues with the current OS. I would rather wait for an official update, then get something that is half-baked and broken.

The kind of sad part is that it isn't up to snuff for the carrier, but it is fine for Black Berry? I would think it would be the other way around.

It doesn't really matter though, as long as someone is pushing to clear up the errors and issues that we all know are there, that is all that really matters. I just wish BB would have thought it is a better idea to have everything fixed before releasing it, instead of Verizon saying "what is this? No you need to fix this. It doesn't work the way it is supposed to."

There's really no reason to not try one of the leaked OS available online. Verizon sucks, I know that, but rather than sitting back being frustrated, bide your time by trying a leak.

Seriously!!! Im waiting for the Pre to give it a try and if it doesnt work out either then to the BOLD.

Really, this doesn't bother me in the least. I get my leaks, so what does it matter to me if VZW doesn't make the OS I'm already using official?

And if I don't come to sites like CB or BBForums, then I probably don't know that the phone could be much better.

Either way, what's up VZW's a$$?

But I have to comment:

"Storm owners - feel free to express your frustrations in the comments -- we feel your pain -- just try and keep the four letter profanity to a minimum. "

YES Please do express your angst... just don't do it in other forums like oh say... the 8900 newest beta os thread...

Thanks ;)

As a Storm owner I'm getting more than a little impatient. If .141 is better and doesn't cause any issues I can't help but wonder why VZW is waiting. I certainly hope they have something right around the corner if they're not going to release .141.

This is unacceptable. I have lost faith in Verizon and their support for products. So what if .141 isnt up to VZ "standards"? Does that mean .75 is better then .141 that vz keeps the 6 month old buggy as hell OS?
I will tell you right now if VZ doesnt not go for the update soon i will ditch the network totally and get myself a very stable iphone 3G

still possesses the bug that prevents some sounds from playing through external speakers on the Storm in apps (not cool for fart or alarm clock apps!), an issue that causes developers customer support grief

as far as support for sound not coming through on some apps, I can just imagine what the support tech would say when someone calls and says my Storm won't fart...

I'm going back to my Curve. I have no confidence that they will continue work on a new OS for Storm 1. My guess is they move on to Storm 2 and shelve this entirely.

What a let down. I am sooooo glad I sold my Storm. This phone really lives up to its name. It has caused alot of Storming anger in my life. Now I am in the Sun waiting on the Tour! Hope you guys get a OS real soon.

Yeah im frustrated, but with all the hard work by Lyricidal, oneofakindpc and bbcrackman, there is no need for an official update. We do what we can with other OS's and make it work for us. Yeah, it may not be perfect, but look at .75! And if you learn a little, you can mix and match radio files, gps files, etc to make a super-hybrid like i have!!! Screw the official, they don't want to give it to us, and i wouldn't even update if they did!

I have had the Storm since Dec 08. I switch from tmo b/c verizon is known to have better coverage in the atl market. It does, however, that's all it's offered. I downgraded to 75 from 141. 141 was quicker and made for better typing but battery life was about half a day and a few other serious issues that forced my hand. I am so disappointed in vzn. My wife is still on tmo and I was going to bring her over to vzn but not now; I refuse to give my $ to a company that does not support their product. And believe me, after my 2 years, I will be checking out att.....

I definitely agree with this. I am running .141 on my storm & after seeing this rumor/fact I am very disappointed!!! VZW though is the only 3g in my area AT&T is still on edge which sucks but after seeing what VZW has done to try updating the storm I think it is time for a change?? Don't You?



Verizon has to be crazy to be so picky. I hope that like myself the rest of "The NETWORK" downloaded a leaked version for themselves. The was absolutely terrible and if it wasn't for other os's I would've returned my storm months ago.

OK, enough venting.

Does anyone have a good email address at Verizon to deluge with messages asking for an explanation?

They have probably sold around 1.5 million Storms by now. So, let's park our Storm cloud directly over Verizon's Roof and bombard them will emails until they say UNCLE!


I find it hard to believe that the daily complaints around .75 are predominantly about the sound/speaker output problems, and not about the staggeringly poor typing lag, mindless accelerometer, or the fact that the phone randomly reboots itself once or twice a day. Be serious. Fart sounds? That's all you can point out about .75??

The fact is that the current firmware is buggy (.75). The new firmware is reported to have more features, but still might have a few bugs. Verizon will NEVER find a firmware update without bugs. All you can hope for is that any upgrade fixes more bugs and gives you more features, than new problems it creates.

Verizon, just give us something. I would have not bought my Storm if I knew the support would be so poor.

I have no more energy to care about this. I used to care very much and I think it illustrated that I was investing too much time and energy into gadgets. The OS will come out eventualy and I will install it. It may make my Storm run perfectly but Verizon has irreparably lost a lot of respect from me over this. I'll keep my eye on AT&T's network coverage. If it extends reliably into my geographic area I'll make the switch. Until then I'll keep pulling my battery and keep an eye on Crackberry.

I'm in the same place. AT&T could have so many disgruntled verizon customers if they just made their network service better. They already have better hardware, so it's really the only missing ingredient.

This is right way to treat unprofessional behaviour from RIM, and other operators should do the same. Maybe then RIM would think/test twice before releasing something. From release to release I still suffer from bugs in phone (part of SW handling phone calls). How hard could it be to make phone work without bugs, fast and intuitive. Haloooo !!! Reality Check !!!!!
At least, they should make bug reporting page or similar for frustrated owners to report bugs and hope to be fixed in their lifetime.

Heres an idea.... Why doesn't verizon take a piece of paper, notepad, sticky, heck even get fancy and write it in an email, of things they would like to see in an VZW approved OS update for the BB Storm and fwd to RIMs development dept and call it a day. Expectations met check, no loopholes check, happy vzw customers TRIPLE CHECKNESS! And can someone tell me who in the hell gave the ok for .75??? I mean im greatful for it b/c what it released with was a joke but i mean if that passed the test then wow .141 must be garbage (sarcasm) PS I wanted to use a special four letter word that rhymes with duck about 1234124235 times here but spared the kids....

From a consumer perspective, this is absolutely unacceptable. Thank god I took the plunge into leaks. Unfortunately, even with the leaks the phone still isn't where it should be.

At this point I really dont care about VZ official releases
Im running .132 hybrid V5 and i have not doubt its better than any offical crap that VZ would release. Its sad that the poeple who build the hybrids do a better job at maintaining the stability & Speed of the OS than that of RIM.....

Ok, I work for a Verizon retailer and I tell all my customers that ask about OS problems to come to Crackberry. If I wouldn't have up graded my OS every time a leak comes out I would have thrown my damn Storm out the window.

For VZW to keep 75 is ridiculous! But hey, screw it. As long as Storm users stay Crackberry addicts then the world will remain in orbit!

I was so tired of waiting for an official update I had no choice but to go back to my BB pearl!!! Not a Storm Fan anymore....How many phones did they sell???? How many people are sitting waiting for an update??? and Nothing in 6 Months there is no excuse for this..... Anyone wanna buy my storm it's sitting on my desk for the last month, with sync pod and all!

I am using my third Storm since I have returned the first two due to constant OS issues, and I still need to do battery pulls a few times a day. My decision to get a Storm was one of the worst decisions I have made. I thought that BlackBerry/Verizon would have done way more testing but in hindsight, it was just a business decision of the companies to get a crappy product launched for the 2008 holiday season, and just get "something" to market to complete with the iPhone. Verizon's network is still superior to ATT but their utter disregard for "device support" is extremely disappointing. The commerical's on TV are very good, and I feel sorry for the people that are sold based on marketing since their user experience will not be good.

Not surprising, but VZW in my opinion continues to show bad business judgement with the Storm.

When all is said and done I feel VZW can only ever partially redeem itself with the Storm. In this era of technology, to have an obviously "buggy upon release" piece of technology not to have one single official software update after six months is sad. Don't talk to me about OS leaks as that is not for everybody, me included. I personally don't buy things to play with unofficial software. Yet I did know there were potential issues with the Storm as all of the warning signs were there when 1st released.

What is worse is VZW already making official the Storm 2 being in development. At this point, regardless of how many future "official" OS releases come down the pike, I feel if VZW was smart (and I'm not accusing them of being so) that they will offer a VERY DEEP DISCOUNT to Storm 1 owners to trade up (who know, it may be as buggy and be considered a trade down when released) to the Storm 2.

I've been patient to this point with my Storm (had it 3 days after official release in Nov 2008). Besides it's bugginess and sometimes annoying things it does - random reboots, slow accelerometer, etc, I'm still overall happy with the Storm. It has its core BlackBerry attributes for business rivaled in my opinion by no other phone which I use consistantly, and adds fun with it's multi-capabilities.

I love how everyone seems to think VZW is gonna give them a HUGE discount on the new Storm. Keep wishing, it's not gonna happen. I agree this whole launch and phone was definitely handled bad, but that doesn't immediately mean VZW owes everyone a brand new phone. You made the choice, stick with it or get something else.

I just mentioned a discount as a wish - I have no expectations that it will happen.

And I also know this is not all VZW's fault for the issues. But from a business perspective, RIM is a subcontractor to VZW and I purchased the phone from VZW. Therefore, VZW bears the responsibility to the consumer (me) for a faulty/problematic product. If RIM is having so many issues with the Storm, VZW should have done their homework and maybe made a different decision as to bringing the Storm into it's product line. But it happened. Us Storm owners went to a VZW store (or online) and purchased from them. Now as in any retail store, once VZW 30-day return policy passed, technically we should be bombarding RIM with the Storm issues as we would with any product purcahsed at a store.

I think it is funny how everyone blames Verizon for this. I think it is probably both of their faults, and here is why:

Verizon has a set of requirements for an OS release. They probably broke their validation policies just so they could attract customers with the Storm, so they allowed RIM to release their (comparatively) crappy OS. The release didn't go well, so Verizon again allowed RIM to make a quick update to save face.

Now that the Storm wind (pun intended) has died down, Verizon wants something that will pass their tests. RIM is the one who is failing to deliver now. They know what Verizon's requirements are; it isn't like Verizon is surprising them come software test time with new requirements.

Don't worry, I'm with you that they need to release something very soon. But I'm not putting ALL of the onus on Verizon.

RIM should know not to deliver an OS to VZW for testing that resets while tethered, loses the data connection after a *228 and doesn't lock properly. What a complete waste of time. I have to assume that VZW is not happy about the quality of builds they're seeing from RIM.

"I think it is funny how everyone blames verizon for this. I think it is probably both of their faults, and here is why:"

The math is pretty damn simple in my mind. I BLAME verizon because, ultimately, verizon RELEASED the phone. Plus, I do not give my HARD EARNED MONEY to RIM on a monthly basis.

If there were a class action, I would jump on it in a heartbeat. I've had my storm since release, 11.27.08, actually, I'm on the second, and I'm just sick of this whole mess. No matter how cool the storm COULD be, or SHOULD be, or WILL be, whenever the elusive OS update hits; I just cannot talk myself into thinking that this sub-par piece of gadgetry is "not that bad". Somewhere on these forums, someone made the comparison of just accepting the storms problems, to purchasing a Corvette, and having it handle and perform like a Pinto. No one in their right mind would keep that car, let alone think that it was acceptable. That is the PERFECT analogy for the storm. If you purchased that Corvette from a lot, who you were paying every month hundreds of dollars for the privilege, who would YOU take issue with? The people telling you to deal with your POS car while taking your cash, or the manufacturer who was out of the picture once the LOT actually bought the car to sell to the public?

I would blame both, like I said in my post. Chevrolet for manufacturing a Pinto-vette, the dealership for selling me what they know to be a Pinto-vette, and maybe even myself for keeping the Pinto-vette after the one month trial.

Think of it as if Chevy were trying to do a recall on the engine, and they give the dealership an Impala-vette. Is that what you want? A still not-vette? Sure it works better, but it still doesn't have the handling that a Corvette does. You see, you don't know why the dealership is holding back the Impala-vette; there could be a good reason, or maybe not. I wish we could know. I would rather have the Impala-vette in the meantime.

So calm down and think a bit. The manufacturer is not out of the picture. and they are trying to help. I'm just saying you can't ENTIRELY blame the dealership because the car doesn't meet it's standards.

"Storm owners - feel free to express your frustrations in the comments -- we feel your pain -- just try and keep the four letter profanity to a minimum."
No profanity here as I have gotten used to this up and down roller coaster ride! This does raise a question in my head now as to whether or not I will continue to keep a blackberry through VZW

I am surprised they have not released a new version. I've been using .113 on my 9530 and have had very little problems. To me it works so much better than .75 and the few bugs it does have outweighs the pros over .75.

What's up with this anyway? How hard is it to fix the bugs. I agree we vzw users need the upgrades. I am among those who don't use unofficial upgrades so I'm stuck at

Come on VZW, get this done.

I had enough of waiting, I bumped up to the now unsupported 141 OS from the .75. OMG what is the problem, it works 20times better than .75 and I have not personally encountered any problems with it. It sync'd with my car, contacts and calendars sync'd with Missing Sync (dont ask i dont know what i did - but it works).

Come on big red, your not really going to make us Storm ver 1.00 users assume the ole "head down, butt up" position now that the Version 2.0 is around the "corner" Are you?

VZW obviously doesn't want to run into another .75 fiasco so they are being EXTRA picky about the next official release. If they would have released .141 they would have gotten bashed even worse than with .75. You can't blame them for that. Think about it, do you honestly think VZW loves seeing their flagship phone being bashed all over and potential customers going over to their rivals and the iphone? Bottom line is they screwed up by pushin RIM to have the phone ready for black Friday and RIM screwed up by not being able to stabalize the OS in the last 6 months. With that being said you have two kinds of people now. You have the disgruntled people (who deserve to be pissed because they paid good money for what seems to be an inferior product) and you have the people who don't care about an official release because at this point they get better builds through leaks anyway. Not everyone wants to take a chance of voiding their warranties or screwing up their phones so the leak users must understand that. The anti-leak users need to understand that it may be a VERY long time before you get that stabalized OS so it may be worth finding somone who can help you with a leak. Now to end my rant, I don't understand why RIM or VZW (you know they both have feelers here) don't contact one of the master hybrid builders (oneofakindpoc, lyricial, and bbcrackman and any others I may have forgotten or don't now about)and hire them to help produce the "gold code". It is obvious these guys have a good fundamental understanding of the OS and with RIM giving them the rest of the tools and carte blance I bet in about a month they would have their "gold code" and save this phone from disappearing into obscurity and saving VZW and RIM's reputations. Ok, i think I'm done. =)

you do realize the hybrid builders are just mixing and matching the .cod files right? They don't actually do any programming.

MMS works well in this build so I take those cod files, the browser has new features in this build so I take that, the keyboard in this build has the new green button and the larger letters so we take that file, etc.

Definitely NOT HAPPY! I'm still running .75 and I've been holding out for an OFFICIAL update!! WTF Verizon? Do we not pay enough already for you to give us a little attention?

I definitely feel like VZW is snubbing us Storm owners as customers!!

Man I've been through every leaked OS that Crackberry has so graciously given and to no avail I can't find one that I am comfortable with. I want a decent OS!!! I paid out the wazoo for the phone pay my bill on time and I want an OS that actually compliments this phone. I cannot stand the I-PHONE and everytime I see their commercials I want to blow up the tv because I know Blackberry could have something just as good or even better than Apple. Verizon needs to step up to the plate. They need to dust off the Storm development team over at Blackberry and need to give the Storm BB Nation something they can throw in I Phones face.

DO IT and DO IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I haven't had any luck getting a leaked .141 OS that would download onto my storm so I am currently using .122 its better than the .75 and yes also unofficial from Telus I am also disappointed in my storm. I bought 2 (stupidly) one for myself and one for my wife needless to say since December it has been less than pleasant trying to use them when they brick on you daily. My wife's storm for awhile just randomly bricked on her for no reason. It seems like I have the worse luck picking tech stuff I seem to always pick stuff that is half ass done and full of bugs. I was debating between the iphone and this storm, I wish now I would have purchased the iphone. I agree with all the BB storm 1 users if Verizon is going to leave us storm 1 users behind with a junk OS they should give us the option to either get the storm 2 or pick a different phone. I think I speak for any Storm 1 user when I say if this is not resolved soon VERIZON you will not be getting my return business once my contract runs out in 2 years!!! CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW

This is crazy. I left Sprint in which I owned the Curve to get the Storm. I love the phone but I am very disappointed in the lack of support I receive for this phone. I hope that another carrier gets this device such as AT&T because I will be leaving Verizon here shortly if they do not get it together.

Woe to the early adopters of anything. This is the risk inherent to being an early adopter for shiny new devices. I was interested in the Storm but I have learned a long time ago (Since Microsoft and WIndows 95) not to rush into the early adopter fray anymore. Instead, I prefer letting others be guinea pigs and beta testers. That being said, it is sad that the Storm is still having so many issues but it seems like Verizon may have actually learned something from the Storm debacle and won't just take anything from RIM without putting it through rigorous testing. Verizon's credibility is indeed at stake here. I would proceed with caution with the next shiny device that everyone is so hyped about (i.e. Blackberry Tour). I will be watching and listening to all the "Beta Testers" that want to be first in line for this device. If I hear enough positive user comments, I am looking forward to the 9630.

dont worry everyone , i called verizon yesterday about my bill and the tech randomly said at the end of the call that verizon is releasing an update any day now and if I wanted i could grab the beta at

Talk about fail and a half right there.

Verizon is the worst company to use if you want the best Blackberry experiance. They never offer the latest and greatest phones and when they do offer the next best thing we get this!! I would like to say thanks to Crackberry for offering the leaks. If it was not for Crackberry, I would have run this thing over with my car. Thanks Crackberry!!!!!

i am typically a very patient person but this is beyond ridiculous. i've been holding out for months for an official release because i'm not crazy about beta and un-official releases but i'm going to research and install one of the official versions from another carrier if it's possible. i've been more than i should have to be, i'm tired of waiting for VZW to get off their rear and put out an official OS.

Why do people blame Verizon for this problem? They don't have developers to fix blackberry issues. In fact, they don't develop for any blackberry OS (isn't that what RIM is for?)

The only thing they can truly be blamed for is releasing a phone way too early. It's the same strategy that MS used for the xbox; they wanted to have solid holiday sales -- and they did. They released an OS update that fixed major issues with .65 and it was enough to get by but obviously not perfect.

I am still running .75. I installed beta leaks until I got tired of new problems popping up that I didn't have on .75. The OS is annoying, yes, but at this point you can't blame Big Red...they obviously want a superb OS build from RIM.

If RIM wants to save face, then they are still developing for Storm 1. It's pointless to speculate that they have stopped developing for this phone...why would they abandon 1.5 million users? That's 1.5 million customers that could be buying stupid applications (farting or not) from appworld. They call that a market, and one that they surely would want to tap into.

Seriously people, relax. Imagine what it was like for iPhone first gen users when their calls dropped switching from edge to 3G...

So what if the new OS doesn't rise to what they'd like it to be? Don't they consider the crappy official OS that's out there now? At least they should release SOMETHING while they work to try to get it right. Most Storm owners aren't looking for perfection, just an improvement over what's out there already. I think as customers, we'd be happy to see steady improvement over a period of time, instead of just sitting and waiting for "perfection" that's never gonna come.

Obviously VZW and Rim are jokers!!!!!!! Come on now....Y cant they produce a very stable platform? They are getting all the feed back from people who ownes one and now they wanna sell it......Pushing the phone to compete with the iphone wasnt never the issue..It was all about the money!!!!If they thought this out thoroghly and clear they would have come out with the best to bet the iphone and then push for a second lunch to bet the iphone 2nd generation...
Ive been a storm owner since last yr and im not happy....Battery pulls, freezing, laggin in screen rotation, memory being used and i dont have any apps yet, typing recongnition, BATTERY LIFE, EDGE PROBLEMS.. Come on RIM u guys release these OS Leakes n nothing to show...Every OS fixes one or two things, never everything...Now Ur telling us that u soon stop using the 4.7 desktop managers for the storm!!!!! Why dont u just shoot all storm owners!!!!!!!! I agree with most peops in going back to there CURVE or GETTING THE NEW CURVE 2....I think thats the best bb every made!!!!

As a Storm owner, I liked what it could be... however the software has been buggy. I've worked around it and like many features of the phone. However I have also had a chance to play with other's Iphones and they just work better (they too released very buggy phones initially but they work well now). I have wanted to get an iphone but I like Verizons network better ... however the 3g speeds I get on my phone is way worse than iphone speeds (not on wifi)... so I'm not sure what is left to keep my on verizon. If they cannot update this phone to fix the issues caused by rushing out an unfinished phone and inadequate hw design (I had to go through 2 phones -- first two did not click at all in the lower left of the screen). Verizon continually shows its customer agnostic strategy with not releasing an update and with cutting wifi out of the storm... unbelieveable. I, for one, will be one of many leaving verizon if they do not fix this quickly and show us storm owners some love. I believe companies get what they deserve -- if this is what verizon gives, they'll sow the fruits of their idiotic behavior in lost customers.

that's everyone's answer to everything. if something doesn't go the way they want their immediate reaction is for a lawsuit. a class action would never happen over a software issue.

I have been totally blown away with Verizon's ineptness regarding the Storm. I did exactly what Verizon wanted me to do. I ran out and purchased a Storm the first week it was out. Since then Verizon has never once properly communicated to it's customers where they were with OS upgrades. They are already talking about Storm 2? How about fix the first Storm! I have been with Verizon for more than 10 years, but have am really thinking of moving to another provider because of their total lack of communicating to their customers.

On one hand, I really like the concept of my Storm and for the most part it works without a hitch (running leaked .141) with a few major exceptions and I will get to those. I run several apps and primarily use my phone for email and texting which works as well as any other blackberry I have owned. I like that the phone comes with an 8gb media card to wit I have 6 full length movies, tons of music and pictures, and I still have room for more; the Bluetooth Stereo Quality is fantastic.

On the other hand, I believe that as a Storm owner I have been let down by RIM, Verizon, the Media and Lord knows who else with a phone that has more bugs than a two-bit whore on Freemont Street (Las Vegas).

The reality: this phone just cannot live up to and most likely will not live up to (in it’s currents state) BlackBerry’s own accolades or that of its competition, which at this point is any phone that has a touch screen and multi-media.

Blackberries are known for their dependable operating systems (except the Storm) and the ability to exchange mail in real time. And, while I can appreciate that this is RIM’s first release of a multi-media enabled phone it does not sit well with me that some unknown time this year a new “Storm” will be released; most likely without any concession to current owners. In the mean time, technology is passing us by and I feel like I am stuck with a Commodore 64 (insert whatever out-of-date PC you wish here).

Verizon boasts about the phone’s performance through their website and the media and to the average “smartphone” purchaser this phone encapsulates them and Storms are selling like the aforementioned hooker in Vegas.

When all told the phone is simply crippled by Memory Leaks, Poor Battery Life, Random Booting, Media and Apps that cause the phone to lock up, Keyboard Lag, Low Internal Memory, Poor Color Quality with Camera, dust issues behind the screen and the list goes on. Add to that the weak selections of applications offered through BlackBerry App Store (assuming you have enough memory to run them) and you have a phone with all the performance of a YUGO.

Sure, I could buy an iPhone, G1 or even another BlackBerry model – However I bought the “Storm” or rather the idea of the “Storm” and that is what I expect to have. In the meantime, I will continue to curse Verizon and RIM, praise for opening my eyes to OS leaks and spend countless hours reading opinions like this.

Ok! Rim & Verizon need to feel some pain, because they don't care about there customers ,we've all have been living the Storm for 6 months now, we are all BETA testers in my mind !! To me getting your email is great but that's all RIM has over anyone & theme support who cares when the phone does not work any........THAT'S WHY THEY HATE THE IPHONE the great mobile device EVER !! I'M GETTING THE NEW ONE!! PEACE OUT!!!!


So when's the next unofficial release coming out??? I can't wait! This has turned out to be like a weird obsession. I check the site every hour on the hour for the newest unofficial release. Even if VZ came out with the official one, I want the latest release so fuck VZ in the ear hole.... what time is it... I need my Diet Mt. Dew.

First off I love the site. That is ridiculous! I am a storm 1 owner and have stuck with it because I trusted VZW to fix some of the bugs OTA. Now there saying I may need to get a storm 2? VZ better have a nice deal for me otherwise their going to get an earful ..

Only hope is storm 2 will have a better touch screen idea..

I'm personally running the .132/.141/5.0 hybrid and couldn't be happier with my Storm but considering the majority of Storm owners are probably still running .75 and a lot of them are not happy with it, Verizon/RIM could have a real issue here. The new iPhone will be out sometime this summer before the Storm 2 and with all of the unhappy Storm customers out there, I can see a ton of them flocking to the new iPhone or Pre. A lot of people were thinking the Storm would be the next great thing only to see a great phone get crippled by a subpar OS. So, they may be thinking why wait for a Storm 2 when they got shafted on the first one. As they say: fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. No one wants to feel like a fool. I'm just saying....

Perhaps a class action lawsuit would help get Verizon off the pot! Any laywers out there with any balls at all willing to take it on?

This is even better news for AT&T. A lot of Verizon customers love Verizon's service and coverage. Not wanting to change carriers opted for Verizon's closest competition to the iPhone.

IMO the Storm is not in contention with the iPhone yet. But it is an okay phone for what it is and does.

But for the casual mobile users wanting a the touch screen experience and tried out the Storm will probably go get an iPhone. The plans are similar, the expense is similar except you get rollover minutes. No brainer.

Sprint needs help and I don't think the Pre or the Storm being a bust can help.

I am usually a slow adopter of technology. But for some reason I just had to have the Storm when it first came out. I read the complaints in the forums and still bought the phone.

I have installed the leaked OSs. They make the phone a superior product and satisfy me enough to not complain constantly. But I still don't recommend the phone to my friends or anyone who asks me about it.

We gotta start complaining with our wallets people. Whatever you do, and I mean whatever! Do not buy the Storm 2. Make RIM and Verizon support the Storm.

If you think that the Storm needs more development, do not dish out your hard earned money on an upgrade. Don't renew those contracts. Complain with your wallet.

I have intalled the leaked .141/5.0 hybrid OS on my Storm, not with out some difficulty. I went from .75 to .141 and I cannot tell much difference in operation, except that the camera clicks faster. My storm is still very slow to access webpages(and sometimes cannot display all the information),it is a pain to have to click back so many times to close an operation(because I don't find that the Storm can run multiple opeations at one time without bogging down or freezing up),and then there is the dust behind the screen and hard to click the screen issues.

If they don't fix the Storm and then put out a Storm 2(that works as well as the iphone), BlackBerry and Verizon(my carrier) better offer me a free Storm 2 or one with a very substantial discount or I will go back to AT&T, my last carrier for many years. Had no problems with them and my son's iPhone works smooth and fast compared to my Storm using the 1XEV network.

Imagine this, not that us CB ppl didn't know it already. They have all those commercials with the "network"...ha, can't even pick at least one OS to upgrade to, and stating they fail, do they actually use .75? IT BLOWS. I like verizon, but this is truly an EPIC FAIL!

Grow up and install a hybrid. Does your mom still wipe your ass, no? Well then take these issues into your own hands and fix the problem yourself. If you're going to sit around and wait for Verizon to do something, you obviously must be retarded. It's been how many months ... with no OS upgrade?

Fact is, new OS or not, the Storm may be a good phone for some but its not a good Blackberry and it never will be. The Blackberry is supposed to be a communication device, unlike media driven Apple products. The Storm doesn't type like a Blackberry should, and it doesn't work with Media with the ease of an iPhone, so the Storm fails at both. Typing simply blows on this device and no OS will change that for me. Navigating text is worse. (Its great to see the Storm II with an optical trackball, but too little too late for me.) So, typing on it will never compare to full QWERTY with a trackball, and Apple is still the king of media...

It seems to me all Blackberry's concerned with is designing a new phone every month to keep the salivation going for all the Blackberry owners out there who can't wait for the next Blackberry to come out because it will be soooo much better than the one they have.

What they fail to do is provide a phone that everyone can be happy we wait. like the dog who sits home all day while his master goes to work. I've waited 6 months for VZW to make good on that initial commercial...the one that showed the Storm for the first time with the phrase "woe." This has become the last leap of faith I ever take... I have yet to utter the word "woe" in the direction of my Storm, and it seems its less likely to happy anytime soom... [EXPLETIVE]

...lets see, $200 to leave T-Mobile, $200 for the Storm, $100 for accessories, + VZW makes to pay an extra month in advance when you sign up with them...and since my bill is about $130 a month, well...ALL THIS FOR A PIECE OF [DOUBLE EXPLETIVE] PHONE!!!

...lets see, $200 to leave T-Mobile, $200 for the Storm, $100 for accessories, + VZW makes to pay an extra month in advance when you sign up with them...and since my bill is about $130 a month

Reading all these curse words on the forum: PRICELESS!!!

my advice is be patient and verizon is still working on it as hard as possible to satisfy storm users with OS updates. being angry with verizon will not do you any good because they know that storm users have problem with buggy .75 . just back off and let verizon take care of it and hopefully one of newer OS updates will make storm users happy very soon !

We've been patient. All the while we've seen the Bold, the new many forms of the Curve, Niagra/Tour, whatever the newest Codename is, and blah blah blah... I spent almost $1000 in a day to switch to the first touch screen Blackberry the day it came out and that's my fault, however, if RIM put as much time into the Storm as they do into all the rest of the toys they've been pumping out I wouldn't be so impatient...

After my wife and I have been through a grand total of 11 Storms we finally just sold the pieces of crap on and bought cheap flip phones that do nothing but make and take calls. I am now looking at other alternative devices.

The major problems were hardware problems. Mostly with the touch screen failing and the buttons not working unless you push really hard etc.. Yes we were also experiencing all of the same firmware issues everyone else was and that is also what led to our final decision. I am BES admin and my company has over 300 BlackBerry devices and as far as a corporate device they are just great, email etc.. but these devices are not for those who want an IPhone or something of that nature. RIM needs to just stick with what has worked for them and that is messaging and nothing more because it seems that they cannot get this all in one solution right and nor do I or many others in the industry think they will be able to get it right.

Assuming this is true, Verizon will continue to have pissed off customers...I had a Storm for about 2 weeks and I did all the OS updates...still was a brick.

The phone has LOTS of potential but Verizon chooses to let customers hang.....if I didn't need the blackberry funtionality, I'd have left for the iPhone months ago.

I've read the post and I'm going to say this with as much a whisper as possible... "I love my Storm". I really do. Yes I run a leaked .132 OS and decided to hold with it as .141 was looking rather troublesome.

But People, compared to the half million plus of these things sold this and other forums that complain are a drop in the bucket.(not to discount the complaints and issues)

Verizon and RIM for that matter STILL see it as a success. Its the flagship product if you ask any of the top brass on either end of the deal. So to that end, we might as well relax and wait and see what Verizon plans to do for those that have the current unit with respect to getting a new release. I'm sure there's trouble history for those that have done the 2,3,4 times return dance.

Verizon knows it can't keep you all, but they also know they won't LOSE you all either. With the new release will come people like me who will run and get it just because along with the new buyers who are either done with previous carriers or just want the newest of the new.

Dare I say it - remember the blaze of the iPhone's release? There were issues on top of issues and even worse nothing to do for those that needed replacements. Apple STILL saw it as a raging success and realisticly - it was.

Mass production is doomed to mass produce issues. It's expected and calculated into the success rate when considering the products margin for gain. We just got the luck of the draw- otherwise, why not recall the product? Why? Because not enough of the half million units came back into the stores as failed or so jacked up it caused a customer frenzy that made the media.

Thats my 2 cents. And YES I love my Storm and with that I say Verzion has always done right by me- I dont think they meant for this to be a mess and will try to make as many of you happy as possbile. Not possible to get you all- but as many as possible.

My feelings exactly, you just made it look prettier. I'm running .132, a ton of apps, many of which I should uninstall for lack of use, and am very satisfied. I switched to Verizon from Sprint, and couldn't be happier. My bill was screwed up for the first two months of the contract, but they fixed it right away. (problem was with the salesman adding a third line, not really VZW's fault) I'm sorry for all the people who have bad experiences with the Storm and VZW, I wish more could be like mine.

as a customer of almost ten years, they have royally messed up, and to allow this situation amount to the severity it has become is beyond comprehension. This should have been priority one if you are going to offer the next great phone...and to no support it, but only to replace it is not cost effective. I don't intend on leaving VZW because of what they have done for me in the past, but I'm an extremely dissatisfied customer, and they know it.

Good. .141 was terrible on my phone... the lock/unlock bug, and the phone still does not charge, like in .132. Verizon was right to fail this OS.

who's really that surprised that once again Verizon's ridiculous "standards" have gotten in the way. Remember this is the same company that said "no" to the iphone which was actually offered to them first before ATT got the contract. Why? because of its openness to apps. Verizon is notorious for trying to get their products standard on the phones they offer, hence the reason for such a horrible collection of phones....if it wasn't for their freaking great reception, i wouldve left a long time of the day i'd take NO drop calls over a fancy phone any day....and i think they know that a lot of their customers are there for that reason...

All i can say is THANK YOU to all of the people who make hybrid OS and leaks available to us. It is nice to have official carrier/rim os on devices, but sometimes having a hybrid is better. It makes waiting for "official os releases" easier. (c:

Look in all technicality this doesn't affect me at all. I have been running beta's since .75. But I think it's sad that Verizon customers can't see the real Storm w/o worrying about screwing up a beta update. I love my Storm mainly because I know what the device is capable of. Alot of people don't and its sad that when I walk into a AT&T store and my Storm is welcomed with crap comments. So I show off the Storm VS their Bold and smoke it every time. The Storm will probably never get the respect it deserves and this is the main reason why.
Verizon get with F**king program!

As a first-time BlackBerry user, the Storm on VZW has left a bad taste in my mouth. Unless a miracle happens, it will probably be my last BB.

hey verizon users, remember RIM founder says about storm, mentioning that " no one can be perfect out the door"
so remember microsoft with windows ME and vista, they did learn a lesson. I heard newer windows called windows 7 did got very good reviews so far and it is same with blackberry and touchscreen was RIM's first ever so give them time to make it work with new touchscreen devices in the near future. just relax and sit back and enjoy your storm till verizon have come up new OS update that will work very well soon.

I have also recommended people AGAINST getting the Storm. Most folks aren't techie nerds willing to work with leaked OS's just so they can have a semi-usable phone. A phone has to JUST WORK. No two ways about it.

I pre paid for my phone and bought this phone when it first came out during the early release. I fell in love with my phone and all its innovations and I bragged about it but not long after that I started noticing its shortcomings. I noticed that my phone resets between 1-3 times everyday(no exaggeration), I noticed that I cannot record a video longer than 40 seconds, and sometimes it'll freeze within the first 20. I noticed that my phone freezes at least once a week and I have to do battery pulls.

I know im rambling, but I just want this phone to work better. I read the forums everyday and I see the talks of betas, new updates and possible release dates but nothing ever comes, and I am worried that I have spent all this money for nothing and that Verizon will not do anything for me because RIM is making a Storm 2.

Really these two companies should talk. If they do not fix this soon. Lets as a group get together to ask for a rebate or trade in on a new phone. Don't get me wrong I love my Blackberry. I just want a release OS that works as advertised.

I agree. I feel we should be able to get some type of rebate, or some kind of deal or something. If RIM is making a storm 2, we should get like a voucher.

To have a phone since November and the only option to having a great phone is to install "unofficial" updates that works better than what Verizon approves of is ridiculous and for the amount of money spent on these phones, I would think there would be some type of "We Do Care and We Are Listening" program out there on there part, not just "we'll give you another storm if you call us and complain, but the problems arent really fixed"

I have been a member for a while but this is actually my first post. I have had a Blackberry since the first generation. Depending on how I look at it, until I puchased my Storm I did not even know sites such as crackberry existed, is that a good thing or a bad thing. "Explanation" - If each and every person that is a member of this and the numerous other forums would evaluate any other possesion they own and PAY FOR that is an intrical part of their lives whether it be BUISNESS OR PLEASURE would put up with having to be supported, instructed, and for lack of a better word "fixed" by someone other than who we bought it from we would not for a second put up with it. Instead of Crackberry being a social discussion site of people with common phones it has been turned into a support group for mistreated and unappreciated CUSTOMERS of these "FU PAY ME" wireless companies. I am thankful to all of the GENEROUS people who continue to do Verizon's job for them, but should I really know you exist? With all that said, does anyone have the lastest OS thread for the STORM, The latest and greatest app, and the phone number of the new blonde girl working at the Citrus Park Verizon store here in Tampa?

You guys need to grow up and stop crying like teens that can't get into a hannah montana concert. Verzion doesn't owe you anything except a phone that works and service--both of which you got.

All you crybabies that are gonna switch carriers and leave Verizon--just shut up and do it. Everyone knows you won't switch. You are locked in a contract and aren't willing to break it to go to a different carrier. My 2 year old doesn't cry as much as you guys.

Seriously--stfu already. Deal with, switch, go see a therapist---just quit crying about it!

that's where you are wrong... half the time when i try and use my phone, whether that's to text, use the phone, browse the web, etc... the d@mn thing is locked, then i GET to do a battery pull, that not only takes what seems like an eternity, it sucks the battery down to bad it's unreal...

i love the storm and it's concept, but i hate that it doesn't work

i REALLY like when i'm in the middle of a phone call and resets, then the caller tries to call me back, but can't for, yet again, an eternity...

The resale value on the Storm is sinking dramatically! Pretty soon you wont be able to give the POS away even if you tried. A touchscreen BLACKBERRY was a stupid idea to begin with. I sold mine for $30 to get rid of the headache.

I hope Verizon loses all respect and their customer start jumping ship like people did to Sprint when they were screwing over their customers. Verizon can kick rocks!

I wonder what the "official" excuse will be now when you go into a VZW store and ask about the update. IF they can't get STORM 1 to work why would anyone think they can get STORM 2 to work? OH!!! Thats right the iPhone is coming so both phones will be put on the back shelf. I have been in the local store a few times and there have some pretty mad customers wanting to know something firm about an update. I would hate to be a sales person in the store today.

Who really cares, if you are a BIS user just install the freakin hybrid 5.0/141/132 works! Better than the .75.

If it fries the phone? how I don't know but get a replacement phone if you can't recover from it... The leaked software isn't any harder to install really, than another upgrade from vzw.

Now if your on BES and stuck with the stock software thus not paying for the phone or service, then have your company get u a phone that does work or deal with it, what do u want for free???

Who has said there will be an update in 2 weeks. My wife is tired of me not hearing her call because of a stupid OS/memory leak issue. So glad i have a device that can do so much, yet it cant do it without a battery pull every day. VZ customer service has definitely gone down the tubes. I cant wait...they will come out with a new OS by the time i can get a new phone...

I spent the weekend on the phone with customer service...again... and the representatives that I spoke with were great but they almost, just almost refused to end the call until I agreed to recieve a replacement. I don't want another replacement but they expressed that the current issues pertaining to my device were both software and hardware related. This will be number four! - and it's becoming a headache to deal with. I absolutely will not load a leak onto my SHOULDN'T need a leak to make things work properly, or better, or greater! These two companys need to work COHESIVELY to get this dilema solved quickly!

I feel peoples pain that have the official OS that was last released and they need a new one just to make it run a little better. But Ive moved on and Im running .113 and love it.

I'm somewhat sympathetic to VSW's position. Six months since the last official release is a bit difficult to accept, but I think the real problem here is RIM's inability to deliver a stable OS for one of their 'flagship' devices.

.65 was crap, so VZW *had* to get something else out ASAP, which they did. My guess is they don't want to certify another buggy OS and have to deal with all the support nightmares that go hand in hand with an OS that breaks as many things as it fixes [a slight exaggeration there]. It could end up looking like a gigantic game of whack-a-mole.

I know the Storm is far from the only smartphone on the market with OS issues, but does anyone else find it a bit odd [and disappointing] that RIM can't seem to get this thing right?

You would think that Verizon learned from ATT's mistakes and not leave early adaptors in the dust by devoting more resources towards bringing the 2nd generation online than they devote towards fixing the dysfunctional software.

I agree, Verizon and RIM must do something. I like the Storm but if Verizon/RIM will not support it the way they should then this is the last Blackberry I will buy.

I can't use hands free with my bluetooth unless its been connected at least 10 minutes otherwise it locks up the phone.

I can use speed dial with bluetooth connected.

When I bought my VZW Storm it, of course, had OS .75 installed. If I had been forced to use the phone with that OS I would've returned it immediately. As Kevin mentioned, there are tons of bugs, the accelerometer is almost worthless, apps took forever to load, etc. I went from .75 to .113 to .132 to a modified version of .141 and each one has had minor improvements, none of which were thanks to Verizon. This just reminds me why I unlocked my Storm and switched to AT&T.

I purchased the Storm on black Friday(not intending to, it was just available). At first, it was okay being a little buggy, not stunning, but okay. After a couple of weeks, an OTA update came out, and it was working a bit better, but NOTHING like on the commercials.

This past weekend, it crashed no less than 5 times, and this was my thrid Storm replacement. Additionally, the battery would not hold for more than 4-5 hours, I also have a very nice collection of those.

So, I went to Verizon, having NEVER had any issues with VZW, and the guy behind the desk, Matt in Everett, told me to d/L a hack and install a 'leaked' OS. Now, my question him was, why the **** should I need to hack my phone and void any warranty, instead of VZW just fixing the problem that they KNOW exists. Every other carrier in the WORLD has updated the phone at least 2 times, and many of them 3 times.

I was then told that VZW is holding out for the Storm 2(what ever), and that the Strom would be dropped as a failure. GREAT! Give me my new phone. Oh no, you would need to buy a new one, and we can re-issue you a new contract. GREAT....but Sir, you just upgraded(sic), so you would need to pay the reatil price for the new phone.

VZW, good by, it has been good. Your service is GREAT, but your hardware...terrible!


Look, all Storm users wish the phone worked the way it should. But let's face the facts here....this is a RIM issue and not a Verizon one. I don't blame Verizon one bit for not releasing .141 in it's current buggy state. Especially after the .65 and .75 fiasco.

Personally, I've been running .132 and it's been the most stable and best release for me. Mileage will vary, of course. But don't blame Verizon for RIM's inability to come up with an OS that makes the Storm all it should be. This thing should kill the iPhone, and for me at least, .132 gets it closer.

But at the end of the day, I wouldn’t own a iPhone or trade my Storm for anything. I love this phone, bugs and all. If or when RIM pulls their heads out of their @#*%^ and makes a stable OS that takes advantage of the phone’s capabilities, things will be good. And Verizon and it’s customer base shouldn’t settle for less.

This seems to be a day and age where ripping off customers, and I'll go as far to say the AMERICAN people, is proper protocol for businesses. People bust their butts to make a living, and put their trust in these companies and their products, only to get ripped off, so Presidents and CEO's can get another fat bonus, another million dollar home, another Bentley, another 4 carat ring for the wife, a mink for the mistress, and send their kids to a Ivory league College, oh and let me not forget also steal their workers 401k’s in the process of all the other stuff.

These companies push their products with these over the top commercials, boosting that their product is the best, it's going to allow you to do this and allow you to that, and most to of the time it only allows you to do SOME of this and SOME of that. They spend more money tricking us to buy the product, than they do making sure we get the best product from them as possible. Before I get, " you didn't have to buy it", no I didn't, but I had to make a choice to buy from someone and that someone was these companies.

I and many others choose these companies, RIM and Verizon because they boost to be the best and their products and services beat what the competition can offer. Well all of us feel they can or we wouldn't be with them, but as a service provider you don't put out good products and services sometimes and other times you push out BS to the customers, just so you can keep up with your competitors.

There will be some that say it took the Iphone this amount of time before they got to this point or that point, and that may be true, but because it did doesn't mean that RIM and Verizon have to follow that same unproductive path. I am sure that Apple customers wasn’t throwing up confetti with joy, they felt the same as we do, and I am sure they lost customers behind it as well. We all work hard for our money and now in these times money is even tighter and jobs getting harder to find we deserve better than we are getting for our hard earned money. We deserve what they promised our products would do, and to ensure the product is kept up to date to keep up with the changing times.

I think it's funny some people have gone through like 5+ Storms trying to get one that works better than the last. Why? It's not that each phone is faulty, it's the fact the software designed for the phone and the phone design itself is faulty. Stop wasting your time sending the phone back and getting another one. I've had my Storm since November.

I've upgraded the OS many times with the leaks and each time their is either one issue fixed and another issue created. .141 mixed with 5.0 hyrid is a decent update, but .141 by itself stills fails with the lock bug. This hybrid also has bits and pieces pulled from the Bold beta so it does add some additional issues with the Storm. I also upgrade two other coworker's Storm that get aggrivated with it's issues.

I don't blame Verizon for NOT approving .141 as a release. RIM is to blame for not making an issue free OS release. Issue free means making a build that doesn't have basic problems. There needs to be a build made that fixes problems and then is enhanced or approved on as a time goes on, NOT keeps being released with broken parts. RIM doesn't seem to be capable of doing this after 6 months. Is it maybe the hardware on the phone that is incapable of achieving this with the OS that is being made for it or is it the OS that has all the issues that is not letting the phone's hardware to work effectively? I think it's a combo of both. In my opinion what needs to happen is that the Storm needs a totally redesigned OS made SPECIFICALLY for that phone. If we're pulling bits and pieces of OS's designed to run on other phones to use to get the the Storm sort of, but not really functional it shows that RIM isn't giving the Storm the love it truely needs. Do I have hope for the Storm getting a nice OS at this point? No... I think RIM is focusing on Storm 2. If they design new hardware and go with bad software it will be a repeat of Storm 1 all over again...

Thanks for all the crappy leaks, false promises.

I don't think I am going to wait until the end of the fall. I might go bold in AT&T.

There is no question that the Storm (which is an AMAZING piece of hardware!) was rushed into the market and that SOMEONE (they know who they are!) has really dropped the OS update ball. Both RIM and VZW know that they will certainly see losses in customers and revenue, if not reputation, due to this debacle.

Those who have discovered the wonders of Crackberry have learned how to overcome the failures of others by hook or crook, using the talents and more timely decisions of others. I, for one, have found relative comfort (and many fine feature improvements) in the BELL .122 official release.

While I can (if I let myself get out of control) get as freaked out as anyone, not only about no good VZW Storm OS, but the incomprehensible lack of some direct communication from VZW to their Storm customers that would at least let us know what is going on with the OS update delay in an effort to placate (if not keep) their customers, I have decided to just let it go.

I will just sit back for now, enjoy the fairly stable OS BELL gave me for free (compliments of CB!) that's been running fine on my awesome BB Storm device, wait for the clouds to go away, the sun to shine again and reveal the Rainbow!

Try it, you'll live longer!

I thought Verizon was the best carrier, but after being a first time Blackberry owner with the Storm I am by far disappointed in the quality of this device. If a new OS isn't released by mid summer I will pay to cancel my contract with Verizon and switch to AT&T for an iPhone that works the way it's supposed to!
Big Red needs to get it together b/c there are A LOT of unhappy storm owners that are demanding answers and/or updates.

Being a VZW technician this is hard to take. Not only am I a dissapointed as a consumer I get to tell every BB Storm 9530 user about the 'great' news. This isn't how my day off was supposed to go.

P.S.-The VZW iphone may just be here sooner than the world thinks. Possibly 10 months sooner. And if you are a true BB addict there is always the 9630 to look forward to, that is if it doesn't run into as many delays as the BOLD ran into on AT&T.

that does suck that your day off happens to have this thrown into it. I know I wouldn't complain too much if the Storm worked as it was intended. I really do love what it can do when it's running properly. I just can't stand it though when it fails on me and freezes, overlays seperate screens, static screens pop up, it shuts off, it refuses to connect to internet in the heart of EVDO coverage and collects a ton of dust under the screen. I would love to see a major improvement or a Storm 2, but I'm sure us first generation customers will be let down again.... I would totally stay away from the computer if I had today off though, it's nice outside :-)

I think it is more likely that the Verizon software is what causes problems on the Storm. I've had mine since November 21 and have not had problems at all since removing VZ Navigator. In my experience with Verizon (thirteen years) their priority has been on loading up the phones with money making apps. Sell 'em ringtones, sell 'em directions, sell 'em music, sell 'em TV - no wait, TV uses bandwidth so forget that. I believe these apps were written for dumbphones, so when they plop them on a BlackBerry they have issues. Of course Verizon is going to point the finger at RIM or Microsoft. It is worse on Windows Mobile devices. I've been pretty happy with my Storm, but I'm running .132 from Bell. I've upgraded about seven times now, and if not for I would have had it out with Verizon and would probably be carrying around a Curve.

But feel bad for all those stuck on .75 through BES or those who aren't good at that kind of upgrading stuff.

The phone is still laggy on the upper releases but it actually operates apps, the camera, and stuff like that on .141.

If VZW/RIM forgets about Storm 1 owners, I will definitely switch to AT&T and the iPhone...even if the iPhone comes to Verizon.

Both VZW and RIM are to blame for not getting out a stable release for this phone in 6 months.

Not sure why you'd need to feel sorry for BES users - no reason to stay stuck on .75...well, unless the BES admin is a DB I guess. Had no probs upgrading to .132 and again to .141 as long as I didn't mind having the corp security policy pushed down.

the iphone and at&t are looking better and better by the minute... and there are really NO good applications for the storm... compared to the iphone...
I'm in pharmacy school and the Epocrates program for blackberry did not let me text in landscape mode and slowed the phone down so much that opening a text message was slower than booting up windows vista... and my friend who's blackberry is 3 years old runs it fine...
I could rant longer but I have finals lol..

I agree that .141 had problems, but so does .75!

There have been several leaked OS that I liked better than .75 (or .141) and some of the Betas out there are much improved over the originally leaked OS they are built upon.

What I don't understand is why RIM or even Verizon can not come up with a bug free OS for the STORM. The updates should be for improvements and added features... not an to make the thing work.

I agree that .141 had problems, but so does .75!

There have been several leaked OS that I liked better than .75 (or .141) and some of the Betas out there are much improved over the originally leaked OS they are built upon.

What I don't understand is why RIM or even Verizon can not come up with a bug free OS for the STORM. The updates should be for improvements and added features... not an to make the thing work.

I have had leaked OS on my storm since day 2-3 and almost all of them (except.114) worked flawlessly. I am running .122 now and it seems to be almost there. I'm hoping Verizon blows it out of the water soon though or I may simply switch back to my curve.

There seems like a lot of unhappy people with VZW and RIM. Who feels ripped off? I DO. I now have a device that seems like VZW IS NO LONGER SUPPORTING. All they do is offer a replacement phone. Look around, people are complaining and just getting sent their 3rd or 4th phones... Doesn't VZW get it? There is something SERIOUSLY wrong with the device?!?! Sending replacements arent solving the problem. (On my third) As an educated consumer, as many of you are, what are we supposed to do to make a statement. Obviously VZW isnt looking at the CUSTOMER FRICTION they are causing!


VZ is known to be picky but come on. This is honestly a horror story. With all the money VZ has spend on marketing this phone you would think they would spend more time on making the device work smoother and better. I have a leaked OS version .141 on my storm and it solves a couple of issues and raises some more. I can understand why they wouldnt approve this OS but to not release one at all in the past 6 months is just horrible. I understand RIM is working on 5.0 but Ive heard they wont release that until July/August so to think that they wont release an offical OS anytime between then is terrible and bad word of mouth for both VZ and RIM too. If Storm II comes out before an offical OS release, i wouldnt upgrade to it even if it was free. My ass is going ATT (inferior service compared to VZ) because of the iPhone (superior and stable OS compared to RIMs touchscreen). Sorry for the long post but I just feel like a chump thinking VZ is there to support the 1.5 million people who bought a Storm. Its just unbelievable. Unbelievable...

If they dont step it up soon a storm 2 is not gonna sell. so many people have a bad taste in there mouth with this phone.

I don't know what they're up too. I still consider myself a newbie at this BlackBerry stuff. However I don't like getting the shaft either. I'm angry that RIM is creating a Storm II without giving us the chance to upgrade to it who bought the original Storm. I'm tired of the hype. And I don't like feeling I've been played for a fool. If I had known there was gonna be a new Storm I'd have waited. As for VZW they're very lucky I'm in a new two year contract with them because the way I feel now I'd chuck VZW and move to AT&T and get a Bold...
just some meandering in my head...

So on the one hand I'm glad Verizon is being so picky, meaning that when we DO get a new operating system it should be a good one. But on the other hand I'm very worried they're just going to forget about the 9530 whenever something new comes out, and that's just bad business. I've had my Storm since February and I'm still running .75...come on Verizon!!

Comments are pooring in faster than I can read it seems. Summer is the busiest time of year for carriers (yes more so than the holiday season) I'm snagging the 9630 the day it drops (who knows when that will be) Starting to get fed up with the touchscreen devices. Will admit the iphone is impressive, however no removable memory, battery, and no insurance. One bad drop=$500.00. Like zoiks, scoob.

I have been a BB user for YEARS. But.....I am getting fed up with this Storm. This has taken way too long for an update. I think I have been more than patient. Never thought I would be saying this but I am about ready to give up on it.

I have owned my Storm since November of last year. I was very disappointed in the functioning of the unit when I got it, but kept it because I could see just how good this Blackberry could be. I began switching to the beta OS's each time they came first install was a bit "hairy" but all was backed up, so I wasn't too worried. I am now up to the .141 hybrid, which is so far ahead of .75 there is no need to compare. While I have no problems using these beta versions, doing these upgrade OS's done by good people that also see the possibilities for the Storm, this is something I should not have to do...for whatever reason, either Verizon wants it to be so smooth that their support division won't have to work with many customers on an official upgrade..or RIM for some reason isn't pushing Verizon to make this phone better for consumer and the Blackberry reputation.In any event, neither company seems to want to push the other to make it better...and the result is the consumer pays the price...literally...each month for service with a phone that could/should be much better. So, for now, I will continue with my beta OS upgrades. Unfortunately, there are many Storm users that may never use a beta, see how good the Storm can be, and then switch to another phone, carrier, and manufacturer due to the inaction from both companies for this phone.

This is yet another repeat case where doubts increase about an officially issued supported OS. It needs one bad, because the Storm with .75 is like an M-series BMW running with 2 or 3 spark plug wires missing. Sure, it's nice and shiny, and it'll kinda run, but performance is gonna be sh!t. When I got the Storm, I was a bit naive about it's performance, and have since updated to a leaked OS to ease the frustration and I now actually enjoy the phone. With talk about the Storm 2 coming soon, I'm very skittish to even consider upgrading to it. If this is how support for the storm has been on VZW, is it really going to be any better on VZW for a potentially clunky Storm 2 (assuming that big red actually gets it)? Think I'll just live with the leaks and see what happens. I gave up on VZW a long time ago.

When stringent testing is so stringent that the perpetual end result is zero improvement over several months (and possibly several months more), does it really have any value over a 2 year contract to upgrade the phone anyway? Sheesh....

On a nationwide call-in day to VZW Customer Support? Would it get thier attention? Would they disconnect the lines ahead of time? I think doing anything to get there attention would help, because they have been dismissing the complaints and covering it up with replacements.... it's just sad... I want my Storm to work correctly...

I agree that it's not much of a surprise that .141 failed. I tried .141 and after a couple of weeks, went back to .132.

I'm not surprised either that the OS isn't up to snuff. Leave us not forget the more significant typing bugs, particularly in landscape mode. However, if RIM wants the dedicated Storm users to remain loyal adn move on to Storm 2, they better get their act in gear.

Frankly, there are competing platforms which do most things as well or better. while I am a long term BB user (and buyer), and have admired the unparalleled e-mail handling for many years, I am watching very carefully how RIM handles this.

In such a short period of time there are so many angry Storm owners out there waiting for some type of update from stupid VZW/RIM! I loved BB and VZW before this dibacle happened. What a freaking joke! I am going to get an iPhone next...if Verizon doesn't get it next year than I'm jumping boat...afterall ATT did acquire Alltel and they are improving their network. SUCK IT VZW!!!

Not even work B#$@hing anymore. When it comes it comes. If not I will be buying the Tour when it comes out. Probably will do that anyways. I would like to go back to a physical keyboard.

The worst part is if you use a leaked OS or a hybrid, its "Unofficial Software" and voids your warranty. I know like half a dozen people that had the storm and took it back cause it was slow and glitchy. I blame .75 OS. If it wasn't for, lyricidal, and BBCrackman I would have taken my slow clunky .75 OS storm back too.

What kind of customer care is this. Anything that works better than 0S is good. This OS is horrible. I have tried a few of the latest VZW leaked OS on my Storm and the majority of them is better than .75 so what's is the hold up. This just makes me frustrated for my girlfriend who has the Storm with os .75 and has tons of problems on it. The leak i have is faster and better with only a few bugs. VZW is not going to get a lot of sales on new devices the next time around because all their customers will be afraid that their frustrations will be ignored and they will come out with a new version of the phone, leaving all their customers in the old dirty bag. Real shame on VZW!

Even though crackberry users and abusers generally know and find out about these leaks, the majority of people who have a Storm dont know anything about any leaks. They don't use crackberry so you can imagine how many of them believe that VZW is being unfare in planning another release(which everyone knows because of VZW's blackberry sell out deal) without fixing their current release.


This isn't a big suprise.

The OS on the Storm is shaky at best and many times I cannot even get app world to load. This doesn't even begin to explain the problems with my bluetooth and voice activated dialing. I was suckered into putting my 90.00+ plantronics bluetooth into retirement and shelling out another 129.00+ for a jawbone and realizing that the bluetooth headset wasn't even the problem.

Some folks shelled out hundred of dollars(without a plan 600.00+) for what is at best an elementary attempt at swindling the American public. I am amazed at the jerky performance and lock-up issues I have had with my Storm out of the box. How can this be?

Blackberry and VZW need to get their crap together. This phone is pretty much worthless to those of us who actually believed it was an answer to our data and internet functionality problems.

Shame on you.

You need to get the software corrected and keep in mind the thousands of people who are still waiting...for something...anything that will let us know that maybe, just maybe someone out there hears our cries.

Though I love Verizon's coverage, their concern for the customer's wants is nowhere to be found. I've been using the leaked .141 with the hybrid with no problems at all. In fact it runs soooo much better it's wonderful.

I saw this coming... I had a fear that as each day went by, it would be less and less likely that Verizon would put out anything official beyond .75. When I first starting reading messages a few weeks ago from folks who said that we would never see another official update, I just shook my head in disbelief, however I now realize that it is very likely that they are correct.

I suspect that RIM and Verizon have pretty much given up on the OS for this version of the Storm and are putting their sights on the next generation. Very sad, but it sure looks like they are giving those of us that supported this product early on the finger.

I realize that a lot of people say no-biggie because we have the leaks, however I will point out that IMHO we should not have to download leaks in hopes of having a semi-stable OS. Additionally, it is a VERY small number of people that have the leaks, as compared to the number of units sold.

I firmly believe that Verizon needs to communicate *something* to us. Even if it is bad news, I believe that would be much better for their image than having us continue to believe that they flat out don't care and have given up.

The folks over at Apple must be sitting back laughing their asses off over this...

I'm completely furious at Verizon for not giving us at least SOME update at this point. I got my Storm in December, and was going to return it but was told to "sit update is on the way." It never came. It's been six months and I'm tired of paying to be a part of Verizon and RIM's beta program. It's enough already. My fourth BB Storm will be arriving today...they keep trying to tell me it's my hardware, and they're just wasting their money sending out new ones. I've been asking them to let me swap for a Curve, but they refuse. Come on VZW...give us an update, or give us working phones!

I can't believe they did this. I have been waiting for a new official release for ages. But yesterday I said to heck with it and updated with the leaked OS All I can say is I'm so pissed I didn't use a leaked OS sooner. It's such a huge difference. The phone doesn't lag like it did, my sounds all work and the browser is way faster. Also the texting is way more accurate, especially in portrait mode.

If Verizon is takings these very easily, it's cause they have their own issues with it, HOWEVER, For us, who have to deal with the phone everyday, every minute, pay for its services and just want a phone that works; well all this is BS.

And if we check the CB forums, there are a LOT of Storm users, if we would just start sending emails or just calling them altogether, they might raise an eyebrow. I think we waited long enough and we should do something as a team, since by ourselves they will not listen.

makes anyone think RIM and VZW will support the Storm 2 any better than they did the first one?? To be honest, not correcting the first Storm's OS will only damper sales on the next version IMO. I won't be buying one. Thinking of going with the HTC Diamond or whatever is the latest and greatest next time around. All these other companies are now offering what RIM does with better technology. I'm really disappointed with RIM's developers and programmers. We've got talented people here on CB who could do MUCH better than the people in Waterloo. Perhaps its just that laid back Canadian attitude. Either way I think they are hanging themselves. Sorry you couldn't keep up with the times RIM.

RIM+VZW= ZERO SUPPORT!!! Nice job guys ATT and iPhone are looking better every day that goes by!

Absolutely ridiculous! How long do we have to wait? I'm with Bell and while the upgrade to .122 is better, it is still so lacking! I shouldn't have to memory manage my phone! Playing with my iPod Touch every once in a while makes me realize the Storm still has a long way to go.


Why were they even testing .141 when everyone knew it was flawed to begin with is beyond me. .132 would have been a better candidate for an "official" release.

I'm running .141/ hybrid and love my storm.

First off, although i may be getting scorched or possibly surprise others, i just installed (yes, a version taht camoe out in February) and let me tell you, it is 1) very stable and quick 2) no color banding which is ridiculous to settle for because why should you sacrifice total quality for speed 3) have yet to encounter any issues. Give it a go and see for yourself. Always use jl_cmder to erase phone and then intall OS. after install of new os wipe it to ensure quality of the upgrade. trust me you guys will see the difference

This is standard operating procedure for I feel for all those that can't put "leaked" operating systems on their phones. I for one AM using .141 and it has been great. I can't even imagine using .75 anymore. If you can upgrade...UPGRADE to a leak.

Thats what i wanna know you would think RIM as a company would see that one of their devices that they put alot of hype on would step in and be like hey this works really well on your phone release this or we pull your rights to Blackberry all together. I mean come on Vodaphone has there update thats the UK Verizon right? I think i might go casue a scene in a corp. store and get something else. what do u think?

I have been a VZW customer for 18 years, well Pactel Cellular to Airtouch, to Verizon and everything in between. I have always, and still do defend VZW as a cellular company and say they are the best out there for me and where I live. I have always had great customer service with them with all the various phones. My point, I have been a loyal customer but I know begin to wonder if maybe it is time to make a change.

I agree with both sides to a certain extent in saying be patient and in saying a lot of bad words about VZW. I bought the Storm the day it was released (got the last one in the store as a matter of fact)and soon after my joy turned to sorrow. I put off any leaked upgrades because .75 came out quickly and I figured VZW/RIM were working hard to continue that support. Obviously I was wrong. I finally installed the leaked .132, which fixed (well made the phone enjoyable again) all my problems and I thought for sure it was going to be the official VZW, Then .141 came out. I tried .141 and went back to .132. So my point to all this, I am disappointed that VZW does not release .132 (or any update)at least to help deal with a lot of the problems of .75 and SHOW GOOD FAITH THAT THEY ARE AT LEAST WORKING ON A FIX. Disappointed enough with their lack of support that it is making me, a looooooong time loyal customer consider jumping of this sinking ship. Must be one hell of a STORM to sink this big of a ship they call VZW.

does anyone think this is just a ploy to get people to fork over more money for a different phone?

This is exactly why I did the Bell OS upgrade for my Verizon Storm...I figured they would find some way of screwing it up.

I do not like the idea of installing another carrier's update onto my Verizon device but I did it anyway and now am soooo glad I did. It works great.

Sure there are a few bugs still but I don't's a giant leap forward.

Oh well...

I think the fail was reported in CB forums well before bgr noted it. I wonder if bgr got that info from CB.

I am sure a release will come out????? It would be a bad business decision not to take care of their customers. I was on .75 and it leaked more than my coffee filter did. I had to use quickpull 2.0 and reboot every morning. I got sick of waiting for a release and felt I was forced to load a beta on my phone. I gave up a 8830 for this POS and I am starting to wonder why I did it. If the software would just work I would be happy. I am still on the fence with .141. If they come out with a storm 2 they should let all original storm owners trade it in and get a 200 rebate towards a storm 2 no strings attached.


Not to sound negative, but the article should actually say that the failed testing for the Storm 2 because that's what Verizon seems to care about right now. One of two things should happen if Verizon comes out with the Storm 2 before an update to the Storm:

1) Verizon should offer current Storm users (including me) an opportunity to obtain the Storm 2 at a substantial discount (buy one get one free); or

2) Storm users should file a class action lawsuit against Verizon for gross negligence and failure to maintain mandatory customer service requests for current users.

I have had more good experiences than bad with the Storm but an updated OS release from Verizon has and will continue to be on the top of my list.

I bought my Storm in Feb. yes I "loved" it when I bought it, now I "like" it. I definitly like Blackberry, that's not the issue. It's just all the little quirks on my phone that drive me crazy. I was praying for Wireless upgrade sooner that August/September. Please, have an upgrade sooner, or better yet, if a Storm 2 is in the works, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE fix the current issues.

It would truly be a miracle if VZW actually did something to help us 9530 owners with an "official" O.S. update.

But somehow I've got a strong feeling that they're going to just kick us to the side, and concentrate on Storm2'rs than waste their time on Storm1'rs.

But one can dream right?

I am running .141 and think that it is great. I had quick launch but got rid of it as i did not use it. I have the locking problem like everyone else but that is no big deal either. What good does it do when you put it in the holster it locks anyway. if i want to keep people out of it i will use something with a code. However, if the Tour comes out first I may say the hell with it and get that.

VZW's lack of desperation with this device makes me seriously consider dropping my contract with them and going with AT&T. IMO, they're leaving behind their customers and not getting a quality product out to market fast enough. This has been since November that the device isn't up to par. It's getting to be quite frustrating.

I just got off the phone with VZ regarding my dismay with their current OS and asking when they plan on releasing a new OS. Actually they were quite rude in saying that we understand there are issues, but we currently have no remedy in place and no prognosis as to when a new OS will be released. No comments were provided as to why they fail .141. The rep gave an option of going out to other sources or to RIM and installing a new OS for resolution, but STRONGLY advised that this would void their warranty. Are they counting on this to void warranties to get out of their situation?

This does not surprise me about verizon. I have never been a fan from past experience and they way they have treated customers. I have a ATT Bold for personal use and a verizon storm for work. The storm is a real disappointment and I end up using the Bold for work. Part of this problem falls on RIM for putting the device on the market in a beta stage to begin with. But don't expect verizon to do anything to help the customers who have the original issue. Probably get more relief from RIM as their reputation is on the line for this as well.

I firmly believe verizon will abandon the original storm owners and push the storm 2. Probably get a discount on the strom 2 if you sign another 2 year commitment. Same as any other customers. No consideration for what they have done to you in the past which is why I use ATT for my personal account to begin with. Been there, done that with the clowns at verizon. Not on my dime EVER again.

I just got off the phone with VZ regarding my dismay with their current OS and asking when they plan on releasing a new OS. Actually they were quite rude in saying that we understand there are issues, but we currently have no remedy in place and no prognosis as to when a new OS will be released. They gave an option of going out to other sources or to RIM and installing a new OS, but advised that this would void their warranty. Is this what they are counting on to get them out of this pickle?

Gonna be on my 3rd Storm soon, took it to Verizon last week when my BBM notifications stopped working. They tried to back up my phone before wiping it to refresh the app, but alas were not able to do so. The techs had no idea what to do and had order me another Storm, free of charge of course, "just wait until the new software is released, should fix all the buggy issues."

I am so disappointed that Storm owners are still kept waiting in the dark for THE OS update that is supposed to have the phone working the way it should be.

I love it when the Storm performs well, and want to smash it against concrete when it when it freaks out on me. freezing up, restarting, etc...

My only consolation is the fact that it was FREE. After I mailed back the first Storm, randomly checked my bank account and was surprised with a credit of the full amount I paid for the original Storm.

But, despite my disappointments in the Storm....still running OS .75...still waiting for the official release :(

Just noting - Six months from Dec 5th 2008 is on June 5th 2009, not May 5th. Why is it when people are scheduling a dentist appointment they get this right (or late), but when it is an OS release, nobody can add anymore?

However, totally agree, 5 months is WAY to long to expect an untrained user to use .75. WAAAYYYYY to long.

I think its maybe a good thing for verizon to keep it back. im with vodafone uk and i got the .141 update. its faster and the text editing in messeges is really good, but its not a complete update. i still can't hear sounds in apps and i now can't change my ringtone or messege tone. can't even "try it" when i make a profile! no matter what sound i use i just get the same jangly messege tone. really annoying. .141 comes with some fixes, but it also comes with some new problems.

i want updates to come out quicker, but only if they've fixed everything.

For what it's worth, I talked to a Verizon rep today because I was having some issues with my screen not responding to touches (hardware related problem). He told me that they were about to release the new OS but it failed some kind of VCast test so they held the release. So once that was resolved, they were suppose to be pushing out the release. I assume he wouldn't lie to me, but he seemed to be eagerly anticipating the release of this next OS just as much as we are....

This is Blackberrys first fine of this type.

I am sure and know Verizon is working on getting an upgrade out. you have to remember, they are always 4 to 5 versions ahead of what we know about on this forum.

hang on, I am :)

this is crazy i might just give up on this storm and go back to the curve cant take this shit any more total Bull Sh*t

It seems that either RIM or VZW either has their head up their ^ss, or are bust buying time until V2 hits the shelves. Don't know who is to blame, but DO know this is an awesome device with great potential. So to whom ever's head is up their ^ss, Please remove it, and put out an acceptable OS for the storm!!!

Flame away!

I'm so sick of the freezing. I'm sure Verizon released this to stop people from going to AT+T for the iphone. I thought about it but I'm still a Verizon die hard. I'm thinking of going back to my Palm 650. Everything moved so fast on it - instantly. I have no patience for this Storm. Pulling up a contact is torture. Copy and paste is a joke - impossible. I miss texts. My phone rings for half a ring and goes to VM. Calendar is so damn slow. I'd fire up my Palm but I do like the voice activation (my palm doesn't have it).