April Fools: BlackBerry Storm Officially Discontinued!!!

BlackBerry Storm Officially Discontinued?
By Bla1ze on 1 Apr 2009 08:57 am EDT

* Update from Kevin: Sorrrry Guys. Ya know, we talked about doing up an April Fool's joke a couple weeks back and decided we weren't going to do one. Then this sort of just happened spur of the moment and well... it turned out to be a good one. A little too good maybe?? Be sure to read through the comments for page after page of hilarity and frustrations...and if we nearly gave you a coronary from the original post or caused you grief at your job today (sorry VZW call center peeps), our sincerest apologies... you'll know for next year to read past the headline! We added 'April Fools' to the title (and this update now) so hopefully you're all good to go from here out. Keep Crack'n Storm owners!! *  

Honestly, I can't really say I'm surprised at this one little bit, although the timing really does seem obscene to me. But at the same time maybe not so much. I was kind of curious as to why there were very little applications in the BlackBerry App World designed for the Storm, when one would have thought RIM would be wanting to push as many applications as they could out for their latest and freshest device.

But alas, we got the confirmation not too long ago from Kevin down in Vegas for CTIA who overheard some RIM employees talking about why there are so little apps there. The answer? Basically because well, the Storm will not be around for that much longer. All stores were told to clear out their inventory as soon as possible and the only information given is that device will shortly be discontinued to make way for a new and (hopefully) much improved touch screen BlackBerry, but the Storm will still have support from RIM for at least a few more months. Best yet, K-Dawg managed to snap some photos of the replacement device!!

We got the photos folks to prove it, so hit this link to see for yourselves!!

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April Fools: BlackBerry Storm Officially Discontinued!!!



Yeah, I was just about seriously pissed. Until I realized it was april 1st, then had it confirmed by clicking their picture link. Nice one guys!! The best pranks are the ones that affect our fears.

I was ready to take mine back since it is two weeks old. I love it, but didnt want a unsupported phone. Lol. this was a good prank!

this is a bad atheist's holiday joke. the joke would have been better had the link to the replacement phone been a picture of an Iphone.

Support for a few more months? WTF!? I think they took advantage of us and they are leaving us to fend for ourselves.


For any of you who didn't anticipate a joke like this on April Fools.... that is just plain sad.

Good Joke. The sad part is I wouldn't care much if they had. Verizon is on the back nine now and they are playing a crappy round. Unless they are extremely tight lipped I don't see anything at all significant with their phone lineup.

I am a cool 75 years old and love my Storm it has taken me all this time (since it came out) to learn how to use it and I am still learning.

You scared the SH(^*^t out of me!!!!!!!!!

LOL Happy April Fools Day

Didn't expect that one when I opened Crackberry this morning! My heart sank at first! Got me good!

That was awesome. I was already thinking to myself that my Verizon Contract comes up for an upgrade in September and I was ready to look for the new BB!

That was a good joke. I was reading that I was like WHAT? Now I have to take this phone and use it as a door stop? hahahhahaah that was a good one though!

Not only did I fall for it hook, line & sinker, I was ready to fly over to the Verizon Store to put up STORM (pun intended). Thank you for the heart attack, I hope never to be so gullible again. CB you rock!

You guys had me. No doubt about it. Hook Line and Sinker. Wasn't exactly the best way to wake up in the morning but I must say that this was the best April Fools joke ever played on me.
Whew.... you are fiendish!!!

holy crap! I was about to throw my phone since it was discontinued... I forgot today's date... damn u all!

oh crap here I was gonna rant and rave. Jesus almost looked like an adiot
Thats why I miss this place.

I was just getting ready to call Verizon when I saw this. I hate April Fools! Thanks for the good laugh though. Cheers P-)

I was like DAMN, then my mind slapped some sense into me, and I was like aww this a April fools prank, LOL

I was wondering what trickery yall had behind the link LOL

I would have shat my pants if yall said that FB 1.5 dropped and it was a joke, then I'd be ready to fight LOL

I must admit, reading through the article, my veins began bulging as I was ready to choke out the employees at the nearest verizon wireless. But as I clicked to see the picture, I was like "I bet this is some sick and disgusting April Fools Joke". Mind you as I'm saying it, I didn't believe myself....it was more of me comforting myself, but it worked. Good one. I'm sure plenty of people will read the article and before looking into it, chuck their storm out of the nearest window......GAMEOVER

now is this a april fools joke
or a very good marketing move
or makeing room for the 9630 "niagra"
or is that bad ? poor storm

hahahaha i was about go to vzw to give it back.. by the way GO FUCK YOuRSELF hahahaha good one

After reading the storm was discontinued, I went into a tantrum fit and started to stump on my storm until it was smashed to little pieces. Man, I was pissed!!! It wasn’t until I clicked on the link to find out that this was a joke. Needless to say, I then went bonkers. I now have an improvised Storm wrapped with duck tape with only 10 percent of the display visible. I now use it as a flash light. April Fools, I still have my storm and loving it.

HA HA! I knew something like this was going to be on the blog!

It was only a matter of time today!

Wow, I honestly didn't expect ANYBODY to fall for this......Figured there would be 50 comments saying "nice try", but instead find that over half are people getting mad! LOL

Happy April first. I feel so alive now after recovering from what I thought for sure was both a stroke or heart attack at the same time. You got me. I hope everyone else is OK.

so is it an April Fool's joke just about the pics of the new blackberry or was the whole joke about the storm being discontinued haha?

Ha-ha...not funny!!! LOL

(April Fools joke)

I was about to get heated up with Verizon and tell them to get me another phone! LMAO!!!!!

Though...I am having issues with my Storm....
1. from portrait to landscape...it's slow
2. have to litterally "bang" not "press hard" on the screen when typing
3. Not enough apps!
4. OMG!!! It REBOOTS itself like 8 times a day!!
(Don't worrry- going to see Verizon..TODAY!)
5. I heard that the Storm DOES ACTUALLY have 'bugs' in its system! (NOT GOOD AT ALL!!)

If it can't be fixed...the above problems...may have to find another smart phone. :O(

I almost had a heart attack. I was going to call Verizon like a raving lunatic. Considering I am on my 3rd one ... when I saw "support for a few more months" I almost lost my mind.

That being said ... Good work guys ... :)

You guys went for the lowest hanging fruit on this day of fools... and I saw some guy in the forums going ape 'sheet' over the discontinuation.

If you had gone "no more OS builds"... I probably would have gotten reeled in.

there are going to be sites all over the internet broadcasting this ruomer due to people not clicking on the link, lol

hahahahahahaha.. DUDE.. you dont know how pissed i got when i read that..

that's really messed up.. i cant believe i fell for that..

just for the record.. i hate you.com

not really.. but sitll.. that's eff'd up

im an aide for a teacher in my school and one of the students saw the picture and it started a class frenzy. thanks you guys

What immediately comes to mind is Farva from Super Troopers

"Ohhh I got you good you f#cker!"

Good one guys...good one...

I am wondering how many did not click on the link (I did!!) and think this is for real!! Bla1ze, you definitely April fooled me!

At least one CB'er clutched their chest and fell to the ground after seeing that. Very good April Fool's joke.

I got up for my morning bathroom trip. I carried my lap top in to read the latest on crackberry. When I saw this I lost 5 pounds. I was getting ready to go to the local VZW store and have a talk with them.

Berry Funny! I was one of those idiots that waited in line for hours for the storm. Little did i know i had to wait much longer for the freaking thing to work. The apps store is said to be available today....hoping that the new OS will be also!

Wow my heart dropped. What a day to start the morning with a REAL good April Fools joke. The Gmail Autoreply goof made me chuckle and those are the only kinds of jokes I can take nowadays =)

i was so p****d then, then i clicked the link and was even more p****d! but now im laughing at myself for being so stupid

for completely taking the bait and breaking out the flame thrower over in the forums based on this joke. Something...anything to ease my humilation.

I was over here gearing up for the trash talking that was to inevitably insue at the hands of my iphone friends. i will say this, i was fully prepared to defend the storm to the death.

I was over here gearing up for the trash talking that was to inevitably insue at the hands of my iphone friends. i will say this, i was fully prepared to defend the storm to the death.

As I was reading, I thought this is a April fools joke. But then you had a link to the picture of the new phone and thought oh crap! Thanks for the laugh.

I sent out texts and everything BEFORE I clicked to the joke!! Now I have to resend my daggone texts!! LOLOLOLOLOL!!!

When I seen this I was like wtf?? Because I just got my storm a couple days ago, I would of been upset, but thank god its not true, but great april fools joke!!!!!

I was thinking of buying storm but when i saw its discontinued i was so happy. but you guys caught me on the link!!!!! nice!!!

You bastages!!!! My jaw just about dropped to the ground and I was picking up my phone to call Verizon to summon up the biggest scream session I could muster as I read this message. This was probably the best April fools joke that I have ever been taken by. Funny stuff!

Too bad they hadn't really abandoned this project. Storm is such a POS! Can't wait for December so I can trade it in for a device that actually works.

I honestly was about to get furious and start writing hate mail to RIM demanding I get my money back! :)

I thought it was weird seeing I just heard a commercial on the radio on the way into work!

holy crap that was a good one you really had me going for a sec and what really made it believeable is verizions bogo offer like they are trying to get rid of them

Okay so it was funny after I realized it was an april fools joke. Up until that point... wow was I pissed for about a few minutes. Was trying to think of ways to break my storm in a few months to get whatever new one they had lol.

I was this close to selling my Storm on eBay! You guys made me pissed for few minutes, but now I can laugh about it. ;-)

you sons of ------ u got me, u guys suck! I was about to go off!!!!! lol

That made too much sense for me to question and link it to what day it is. Good morning, and good job. I totally fell for it...

You had me foold the whole time. I was about to start freaking out and jumping for joy all at the same time.

I have to say that, as I was reading this, I could feel my blood pressure rise. I love this phone, and I was about to jump out a window.

Why to get my morning started!!!


I wonder how many folks were typing bitter messages before they realized this! LMFAO!!!!

Well done Crackberry. I really dont think any april fools jokes wil live up to this one. I almost started throwing things.

I'm 25 and years of emotional April Fool's abuse from my mother (anyone else's mom go out to mow the lawn and come in with a bloody rag yelling CALL 911, I CUT MY HAND ON THE BLADE when they were 12?), I came into work ready for someone to pull a prank. No fake spiders on my chair, no fake mice in my desk...but my beloved Crackberry??? You got me and I was pissed! I've only had my Storm for a month and am literally 1 day over on being able to exchange it... Oh man you got me...

But I will make sure to forward this to my non-Crackberry addicted fiance who got his Storm at the same time.

I did my routine morning dose of crackberry, looking for the latest new OS rumor and I get this punch in the gut! LOL!

nice one, you guys got me so good, im acctually editing my old post at which i had written and angry comment about this rubbish. lol i didnt finish reading the story before i replied, then seen everyones post and thought..you crackberry fools did it again, thanks alot! i bought my storm off of craigslist! i was sad!

I'm one of those people that worry about everything and when I read the headline, my heart sort of dropped. I immediately thought about how will I afford a new phone - - of the same caliber, about how I had a hard time selecting the Storm - - I tried the Omnia first and didn't like the tiny QWERTY keyboard on the screen. I thought about all the problems the Storms had, the learning curve I had and how amazingly I stuck it out and still like the phone ;-) I thought about what a shame it was that they abandoned the phone so quickly. Anyway, you get the idea ... all of these thoughts went racing through my head as I quickly scanned the article. When I clicked the link and the only thought in my head was SCREW YOU! After my anxiety level came down a bit, I had to admit I fell for it hook, line and sinker. One of the first comments had it right when they said the best pranks are ones that play on your fears. Good one, but in the future, be nice to the worry warts out there.


90 seconds of angst and frustration that instantly gave way to an entire day of hilarity and humiliation.

Got me. Got me good... It was a sick, twisted, awful joke to play on a person and I loved every second of it :) (forwarding the link to every Storm owner I know)

I hate you guys! I was seriously worried and pissed, then looked over to my phone while listening to TCPJ podcast and realized the date. Damn you! : )!

oooooohhhhhh!!! that got me soooo mad!! whhheeeww! so glad it's not true! love my storm!

Good thing I clicked the link .. I was loading up to head down to the local Verizon .. I have plenty of ammo ..

I saw this hit my inbox via Yatca from Crackberry's Twitter feed. It took me about 10 seconds to realize what day it was. You got me Bla1ze!

eff you, LOLS...my heart skipped a beat...i was seriously considering canceling my service with verizon...that was before i clicked on the link...

I woke up this morning knowing that App World went live last night and hoping that there would be official release for the storm OS but i saw DISCONTINUED instead. I almost died. Good one though you got me.

You guys are jerks... I started having heart palpitations when I read this post. I guess it was kind of funny in a sick demented way

YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Actually, the joke worked as my heart dropped upon 1st look at the "headline". It took my brain a little time to catch up and realize the date.

Thanks a lot :-)

lmao wooooow you guys really suck. I was like shocked because the scenerio really did add up. So half of me is like WTF but the other half is like "YES I can get the Bold!!" Damn it lol. But, on the real, I love my phone to death and im glad this is false. LOl good one Crackberry, thats why I love this site and recomend it to all my customers who purchases a blackberry.

I almost died. Had already opened up craigslist to ditch my phone. On the verge of crying. Ridiculous. You guys are sick.


My friend sent this to me.... I can't believe i fall for this crap every year. Nice one Crackberry.. I am a Fool..lol..

I was mad too, not that the storm was going bye bye, but that I'd have to come up with something to convince my wife to buy yet another blackberry!

I actually thought it was funny that this phone was discontinued because of how popular it is and I really want this phone. Then I clicked on the link...I had forgotten that it was April Fool's Day...you got me good.

I was just building up the rage for my next visit to Vodafone, didn't actually work it out until I clicked on the link - 'new device eh?'. Just before it came up I was crossing my fingers for Rick Astley. Not done that before.
Thanks a bunch, CB.