BlackBerry Storm Officially Coming To Telus!

Telus BlackBerry Storm
By Kevin Michaluk on 8 Oct 2008 01:37 am EDT

Back in early August we brought word that Telus would be getting the BlackBerry Storm and today it is official (we originally thought Telus may get an exclusive on it, but that's not the case anymore - think Rogers or Bell as your alternative but we're still waiting on official word). They've now launched a microsite so you can sign-up for updates and catch a glimpse of this beautfy (wallpaper/theme looks soooo goood). T. Telus press release text after the jump!

TELUS first to bring revolutionary touchscreen BlackBerry® StormTM 9530 smartphone to Canada

TELUS is thrilled to announce that it will be the first in Canada to offer consumers the revolutionary BlackBerry Storm 9530 smartphone from Research In Motion. The addition of this world edition smart phone to TELUS' line-up cements TELUS' position as Canada's smartphone leader with the most smartphones on Canada's largest 3G network.

A revolution in the palm of your hands

The revolution begins with the BlackBerry Storm's advanced high resolution (480 x 320) 3.25" touchscreen. This is the first touchscreen on a BlackBerry device and features an innovative clickable surface for precise and responsive text input. The touchscreen is also intelligent enough to present users with a virtual QWERTY or SureType® keyboard depending on the orientation of the device.

The familiar communications experience that clients have grown to love about their BlackBerry smartphones has also been enhanced as e-mails and Internet browsing are rendered in rich HTML format, with embedded images and one-click hyperlinks.

Clients will also appreciate the feature-packed multimedia capabilities of the device including a high resolution 3.2 MP camera to take pictures and videos and 1GB of memory with an expandable micro SD memory slot to store those images. Best of all, those images can be uploaded quickly with high speed access to YouTube streaming videos for mobile devices and one touch access to popular social networking sites like Facebook. And battery life is not an issue as the BlackBerry Storm boasts an extended life battery, which is replaceable.

Chase the storm with TELUS
TELUS will be making the BlackBerry Storm available just in time for the holiday shopping season.

[ press release text via BG ]

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BlackBerry Storm Officially Coming To Telus!


Smart choice by RIM. If RIM give Rogers a run for it at the start, it will make it hard for average consumer to pick Storm over the all famous iPhone when they are place side by side. I hope Telus will have one out on display for people to go play. By giving this to Telus, Telus employees will definitely sell this product hard, as oppose to the iPhone which sells itself.

thank god Telus is getting it, I was tired of holding out for a new phone. I knew if I got a Curve something would have come out right away. Patience is a virtue.

Is Telus GSM or what? I'm just wondering if this phone could be possibly unlocked to run on AT&T in the US when the time comes?

BB Storm with Telus??!!! WoWsers! Telus is the worst company to join. They were my first and found Rogers to be sooo much better.

I doubt it will come out for Rogers i guess ..they have to make money with all carriers!!!

Blackberry is all over!!!

I had bad experiences with Telus in the pass (like 10 years ago)but when earlier this year I could get unlimited everything on my Curve, I switched. So far it's been fine. Glad to hear the Storm is coming our way now.

DISSAPOINTED!! Bell definately dropped the ball with this one, with the lack of new phones coming out (LG WINE?) this would have been an awesome exclusive going into the holidays. Whoever Bell has negotiating for their phones should be straight up fired and burned... what a (*&^%$# dolt

Whatever reports you're reading/hearing/blogging that there is a Canadian exclusive carrier for the STORM...they're wrong. BELL and telus will be carrying the cdma device and most likely will launch it on the same day in late Q4. That is info you can count on :)

telus and bell use the same CDMA system, it is more bell in the east and more Telus in the west. they share network to provide better service

telus and bell will eventually switch to the gsm network, where they plan to work together to cover the high costs of doing this. they plan to do this before the 2010 winter olympics in order to accommodate gsm users from other countries and give rogers/fido some competition. both have the best data and voice plans by far in comparison to rogers.

Anyone know if this will ever come to Rogers or I think I read on another site that the "Thunder" is being made for Rogers???

How much to buy the phone and unlock it? I really need a new BB as I'm using an OLD 7290, but I don't want to buy the Bold if I can get my hands on this.

Telus rocks

Rogers can take a back seat, its time for telus to be in the drivers seat for a change.
The storm loooks great and i can wait to get one in my hands.
Just hoping it is not so HUGE as the iphone. I hate to say this but i did walk into rogers to see the iphone and try it. So sorry telus this won,t happen again .........LOL as i was not to happy with the size of the phone.
If i want to carry something that huge i would join the
Anyways i,m rambling on.
So to all us telus users rise your blackberry and say CHEERS!!!!!

I've been with Bell for about 8 years now and have never ever experienced such horrendous customer service. I'm finally sans contract and have been waiting for this thunder/storm to arrive before jumping ship.

I live a 12 minute commute from the downtown core of Ottawa, and can not use my cell in my home and must go outside in order to receive a bar or two - and even then lucky to make it without call cutting in/out or having call dropped.

A mere 300 meters away I can receive a full 5 bars.. Bell has been aware of this problem for years and haven't invested a penny into their infrastructure to upgrade the crap tower. They are waiting like some welfare recipient, for the Federal Government to provide them with a portion of the proceeds from the recent spectrum auction of $4 billion in order to expand their network.

I've had this crap company change my contract on me without authorization, and then proceeding to charge my CC for 2 cancellation fees totaling $800.. take 6 months to refund it back.. and then renew me on another 3 year contract again without authorization when my former contract had expired.

Most recently, my lovely blackberry of less than a year has all of a sudden decided a full charged battery would last 45 minutes, incoming calls would be directed straight to voice mail and notifications of messages left, not show up.

Needless to say, they won't be providing me with a refurbished one for 4 weeks and expect me to use this useless device as some kind fashion accessory instead of a functional smart phone for that duration of time.

I'm trying to find out from Telus if I would be experiencing these same issues with them before jumping ship, or if the 3g network would provide better coverage. If not, it's wait till Roger's comes out with it.

I recently switched my spouse over to Rogers with a new LG 3g phone, and it works perfectly.. even in the basement. I've been thrilled with their customer service and have switched all other services over to them.. cancelling with them was a breeze too, when I wasn't happy with my internet speeds.. even giving me a credit and making other refunds when they didn't need to (I'm giving credit to the company but realize it was a very nice girl who had done this - most likely looking to get fired), and a big reason I went back (with Bell providing even worse speeds).

Please don't fall into this trap of switching over to Bell just for this awesome phone.

Read the business and financial news and you'll find that Telus and Rogers are the two that experts feel are in the best position to thrive.. with Bell completely out of the picture without a leg to stand on.

Don't believe Bell's false promises..(like when you type in your postal code on their website and they tell you that you are eligible for the latest and greatest technologies to their fullest capacities!!)

Needless to say, Bell did always end up owning up and correcting their mistakes.. it would only take 5 calls for each issue and about an hour of each call being on hold or being hung up on from dudes in India when their propaganda literature deviated from the issue at hand.

They even make it seem like you should be grateful and not disgruntled when they refund money for their own mistake (like having a data plan and then charging you on top of that for usage without having even gone over your limit.. ie. 4mb plan and use only 2mb and charge you for the 4 + 2)

Def not worth my time..

I am sorry to hear about the problems you've had with Bell. As an employee of Telus I can tell you that Telus and Bell share the Towers that supply your phone with signal. So, it will pretty much be the same. Telus and Bell are on CDMA technology where the signal/reception is not (and never will be )as good INDOORS as GSM (Rogers/Fido). Having said that though OUTDOORS is where CDMA has the upper hand by far. As well as a faster, noticeable Data speed if you are using a data device like BB,HTC,Palm etc. I used to work with Rogers and still have a BB in use with them (still stuck in contract). I also have a BB from Telus. I am constantly using both. My biggest frustration with Rogers is when TRYING to make an outgoing call it doesn;t go through a LOT of the time. There saying is the most reliable network....ya maybe once you are connected. That and the slow data speeds. BUT, if the majority of your cell phone use will be indoors then go with Rogers :) If it's 50/50 indoor/outdoor use then you would have to look and ask around (read up on) the customer service aspect. So, the short answer to your question. Yes, Telus will be the same Signal strength as Bell inside your home.

I currently have an old Audiovox phone from Virgin. Where I live, the signal quality is awful. I have to go outside to get one, and if lucky, or two bars. Does Virgin work on the Bell network? Am I getting awful reception because I have a phone using old tech?

If you're living in Canada then Virgin actually IS on Bell's network. So this is CDMA which Telus and Bell share. You would have to get an active phone on either Bell or Telus network in your home to compare it with your Audiovox phone to see if it is the PHONE or the Network. If your phone is really old and only is an Analog phone then it won't work at all. ANYWHERE in Canada. Analog service is shut down. Period. If you are still using ur Audiovox now then I think it's about time to get a new phone. :)

I am a employee of Telus (3 years and running) and also a avid crackberry addict, we are soooo excited to get this device. This phone has been quoted to "blow the iphone out of the water" by some of our RIM reps.
To answer some questions Telus is offering this phone as a dual band GSM/CDMA phone and that makes this phone even more exciting!
Stay tuned to our website as it will be launching very very soon!

There are also some rumors about Telus switching to GSM here.....Well we are hoping so as some of our new phones comming in are dual band GSM/CDMA....Just a note ;)

Telus will be GSM by the 2010 Olympics. If there were any time in the past until now to do the switch, it is NOW. Think about it. The amount of $ that a carrier makes on an average year for other people roaming on their network is 100 Million. So if Telus could even get 20-30% of that pie during the olympics (people outside of North America are on GSM)then it would be stupid NOT to do the switch. That's my two cents on it. I little birdie told me that us (as in the employees of Telus) will be getting a Huge announcement within the next week or two. I tried to probe but all I got was "it will be the biggest news that Telus has ever announced". Hmmmm, I wonder what that could be....? :)

What are you doing with the current CDMA customers? You're changing all their phone for a GSM one? Think about it even if they could do 100M $ with all the roaming, how do you think it will cost to change the towers and the phone to EACH existing user? Are you gonna give $$ to BELL to continue offering service? I don't think it's possible.

That's WHY you're not the TELUS chief :P

It was just anounced this morning that Telus is indeed going to be HSPA which is basically GSM in steriods. By early 2010. And no I am not the cheif. Telus will be supporting CDMA at the same time until all the existing CDMA customers become grandfathered on the new network. Bell will of course be along with us in this journey. Telus wouldn't leave the existing customers on CDMA in the dark and expect them to pay for a new device. This "grandfathering" process will take at least 5 years to complete. Does that make more sense to you?