BlackBerry Storm II's Popping Up on Ebay

BlackBerry Storm 2 on Ebay
By Kevin Michaluk on 27 Aug 2009 01:15 pm EDT

Itching to get your hands on Research in Motion's next touchscreen BlackBerry Smartphone? A couple of Storm 2's have popped up on ebay recently and as you can tell are generating some bids. Legit or scam? When it comes to pre-release devices on ebay we've seen both happen, but in this case the seller has a solid rating so the odds are good it's legit even though the image used on the auction is one that was previously posted on the web.

Should you try and pick one it up? Having been there and done that, I'd probably recommend waiting for the production units to hit stores if it's something you plan to actually try and use. Though for many the appeal of having that little something you really shouldn't have may justify the cost even if the hardware is wonky, the pin gets killed, and the unit won't take newer software updates (aka... is a paperweight). At the time of this post there is a little over 13 hours left to go on the auction - I'll be curious to see what it goes for. Any bets??



I wouldnt touch that auction. It might be a storm 2 but its alo incomplete and you wont have it for long before its killed and your stuck with a pos

big dawg 23

Not sure why anyone would pay that much for a phone and especially on a pre-release.


How could it have never been opened if the guys is holding it to take a picture of it?


the "SB COMMUNICATIONS" picture could not be any worse.

i wouldn't buy it anyway, but honestly, the guy can't even take a legit picture of the box and it's contents?


i think it just pre sale and it might really be coming out or it like the iphone a knock off model that they are selling


I'm guessing this could reach at least $1300. (Considering what the Onyx is going for...)


if you look in the bottom right corner really closely, you will see the BGR logo...That is for sure a fake..I'd stay away from this thing like Just a heads up everyone!!


considering the storm 1 that i have right now is possibly the worst smartphone ever as far as random things screwing up on it im surprised anyone would bid on that


Would never bid or pay that much, scam alert



gtfoh!!! Even if it is real...which it is porbably not...would never pay that much for a phone, even if it is pre-release!


This is the same pic from the first spy pic of S2. $1000 is too damn much. Whoever pays that kind of moneyto get it is a fool. Either way, I can wait til october when my guys will find a couple of boxes of BB storm2 on the side of the road and give me one $900 cheaper. ;-)


wish I could but too much work on my part to get ya'll an S2. The barbershop is the place to be to get $hit. I can get bold, curve etc. Just not interested. I keep poking the screen on them cause im so used to a touch screen. LOL
Patiently waiting for my S2. Besides ya'll might be FEDs.


So, you might be a THIEF, either way it all comes around in the long run. Enjoy it now.


If someone comes up to you and offer a storm 2 all wrapped up in the in the box unopen for $120, you telling me that you would say no. Come on Mr. Clean. I'm no thief. I know a good deal when I see one. Some people on this site will offer me thier sister for a night to get a storm 2. Just because I don't plan to go the VZW store and wait a year and half for my upgrade doesn't make me a thief. A bargain hunter. That's what you should call me. I just might get 2 of those boxes for the heck of it. At that price..Please..
Patiently waiting for RIM to release my boxes from the warehouse :-)~


I'll play it safe & wait for a release.....never know even with good feedback rating


I'll start building storm 2's if I can sell them on ebay for a grand each.


Wait, people still use Ebay??? What is this, 1999?


As of 2:30 EST, the bid is $1,125.00 with 46 bids. That's a lot for a phone.


I bet its someone who works at RIM. For sure.


I love the New, Never been opened condition when they are holding it up to the camera with finger prints all over the screen. You would think the guy would have taken two seconds to wipe off the screen to make it look a little nicer.


RIM will buy it back, trace it back to the person who sold it and lay down the hammer! THAT would be truely ironic!


It's just hard for me to believe that any MOBILE PHONE, (smart or otherwise) pre-release, post-release, stolen, used, etc... is worth over $1000.00 to anyone. I guess some people have more money than they know what to do with. Of course as I'm typing this I can look to my right at an add banner by Google from were they are offering the Storm for $829.00. Does anyone REALLY pay that!?! I love my storm and I'll probably grab a Storm 2 when it's released (I have an upgrade option available) but I'll NEVER pay more than $200.00 for any cell phone and that's pushing it. Oh well supply & demand baby!


The fist auction is OBVIOUSLY a scam; their main photo is from engadget, it was cropped and badly at that. They didn't even TRY to get rid of the rest of Engadgets logo. That sellers had about as much face time with the S2 as most of the people on this website. The second listing looks to me as its legit though. But its still more than what I would pay with upgrade pricing so :P to that


I'd rather wait and pay my fee for only a year upgrade.. That's just not right!!


I just bought the Blackberry Storm like a month ago,
Now they've already got a new one.
This is exactly what I wanted to avoid.
I hope it's a fake and wont be a major thing.


It is not that serious, I smell BS. Why in the world would I give away $1,000 + dollars for something I can get from Verzion for like $200, when it's available. I ain't just gone give away money...


who ever buys this is gonna feel so stupid when it comes out... cuz of how cheap is gonna be


Sent a question to the Seller yesterday asking "What kind of guarantee they have if the Pin gets killed" as is the case with most Pre Release devices and can you guess what response I got, you guessed it NONE !!!!


As of 3:55 PST I do not see either one anymore... where could they have gone? Anybody else getting a dead link?


Luckily it doesn't appear anyone had their heart set onthis since the auction has been removed, cough, cough RIM I suspect


RIM had the listing removed before it ended. Probably because all pre-release units are their property and not to be sold.


No. 1 was over $1,200 with something like 6 hours to go, but both auctions have since been pulled.


Wonder how fast RIM has this auction pulled (if they haven't already...)

The Antagonist

Looks like they already have...


They don't appear to be there now! Lol. Did they get sold or did they get forced off?????? Anyone know?


This listing (120460235812) has been removed, or this item is not available.

•Please check that you've entered the correct item number

•Listings that have ended 90 or more days ago will not be available for viewing.

I'm shocked and appalled with eBay's actions! The question is WHAT TOOK SO LONG?

They were suspiciously faster in removing all 5 of OctoMom II's RAFFLES (auction???) to name her kid than they were to remove this single auction.

But what I want to know is - who's the bigger LOSER - the dork who posted the Storm II or Mother Hen for thinking some idiot would actually bid AND PAY $20,000.00 for the priviledge of naming her not-born-yet kid? Hell for that kind of cash he should BONER too, don'tyathink.


LMAO. I'll pitch in money to buy her and her litter a one-way trip to Europe. Europe's liberal society loves losers like that. One less dumbed down family to contribute to the downfall... :D


Ebay sucks, they can go F themselves.


I'd rather just buy a brand new laptop and do lots of things with it than buying a $1500 phone. Save your money. RIM keeps making new phones every 3 month. Why won't they just instead improve the OS softwares and the others. RIM I give you 5/5 for new phones quarterly. RIM stands for (RECESSION IN MOTION)