The NYC BlackBerry Storm Hunt Begins!

Storm Hunt Begins!
By Kevin Michaluk on 6 Nov 2008 12:15 am EST

Wowza...just received 15 emails in 3 a minute time span from NYC CrackBerry Storm Addicts letting me know the BlackBerry Storm Hunt has begun!

Head on over to and click the "NYC Storm Hunt" link for all of the contest details, fine print and to begin your Hunt. Good Luck!!

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The NYC BlackBerry Storm Hunt Begins!


15 in 3 mins? Looks like I am going to have some competition here in nyc... there's only 2 million residents in manhattan, how many blackberry addicts could there possibly be??

early morning i see.

i'll GLADLY rent a room out to you .

I'm so eager to start the hunt .

Finally some attention paid to NYC , forget that bold .

Finally a hunt worth roaming NYC for .

you dont need a REASON to roam new york... thats what makes it so great.

however, the storms a plus

ironic how its rainy and stormy here huh?

i went to get a few and then i had an extra hour or two so i ended up with like 25 or so, just walked around downtown, not going uptown though, thats a little much. Although, I did meet a guy who was driving around the city with a friend to get them all

Im going over to a spot thats 3 blocks from my office... after that im heading to my fav bar where theres like 5 in acouple of blocks away from each other

can someone please explain to me how to get the keyword? its telling me to get the vzw kiosk, i dont know what the fuck that means. and there not helping much.

when i try to access the map, the button is grayed out like it was earlier this week and its telling me to come back on the 6th. I have tried clearing my history and temp. internet files but its not working. Anyone else having this problem?

I can't view the map
By: Steven Pierce (not verified) | Date: Thu, 11/06/2008 - 09:25
when i try to access the map, the button is grayed out like it was earlier this week and its telling me to come back on the 6th. I have tried clearing my history and temp. internet files but its not working. Anyone else having this problem?

I suggest you to try download abode flash player from

tell me if it not work still

Anyone want to post keywords on here for all of us unlucky CrackBerry addicts that don't live anywhere near NYC?


Maybe the number of the picture that has the keyword?
: )

I'll try all of them till I get one!

I DID find one!!!

I found keyword. It says "congratulation and will email me for confirmation" and then never got email from them. confusing??!!

I haven't gotten mine either.... maybe it takes a while for them to send the email...?

For some odd reason that really wouldn't surprise me.

So if you look at the pics you can get about 5. I just did. It's cool to do a hunt in nyc(from buffalo)

Ya the Buffalo area seems to be lacking on Storm coverage. Have you got any luck at any local verizon stores or bestbuys?

that's my blog and i deleted the comments from "chuck" that gave some of the answers. i did it out of fairness to myself and those i met out there today hauling ass around manhattan in the rain doing this. i'm sure someone else will post the answers in due time somewhere else or call your friends in nyc and have them do it, but i just couldn't do that to all the people i met today doing this. sorry.

its pretty simple, you go on the website, look at the map walk around that street until you find a little sticker on the door of a storm then you go inside and there is either a large or small round verizon thing and you text that code. the kiosks are in the stores, usually the store people are really nice and will help you find it if its not obvious

*Iman101 was talking about me. I was the one in the car with a friend. We both played hooky from work to "Strom Hunt". It was a lot of fun. We started around 1030 and finished around 700. We've txt all of the keywords except 1. The missing keyword was for the south street seaport location. (If anyone has that code please post something lol)

Needless to say, I met some really cool people along the way during my quest to win a storm. Sadly enough, most of them only had a few keywords. On a funnier note, it was histerical to have the business owners who participated in this hunt requesting I give them keywords lol. Since im not a selfish person, anyone who asked, receved. However, it would be foolish of me to give them all the keywords...right?? :-)

After today, hopefully my chances of winning are increased. I guess ill just have to wait and see..

thats what i thought too . But i guess the strategy is to collect all the codes and put one in a day or just type them all in i guess .

you can post once a day from each code. so basically you can enter yourself 45 times a day if you have them all

FYI, I live a few blocks from South Street Seaport and spent a good 45 minutes there last night - couldn't find it. If anybody wants to give a hint. . . .

since you helped me out earlier its the last word in the three word area... i.e. if it was in the east village the code would be village... get it?

Thanks man! I really appreciate it. I txt the keyword and it went thru :-) I kind of assumed the keyword would be that, but at the same time I didnt wanna decrease my chances of winning something..u know?

BTW..where was the keyword at? without giving away 2 much info, was it in a store, somewhere outside or inside "something"?

I was missing 38 and 45 those 2 i never found and i was really thinking they were wrong because i searched all over, if anyone actually has those i would appreciate them, good luck to all who entered

ill help you out but wont give you them... in all honesty, i don't remember. I went through so many that they are all mixed up in my head.

anyway, 45 was the one i recently said was a little off. On the map it said hudson street between christopher and 10th, but it was actually on the corner of christopher and hudson (downtown east corner)

as for 38, greenwich ave and greenwich st are two different places. greenwich ave is just off of 6th ave it bends and becomes 8th st east of 6th ave.

p.s. if anyone I am helping wins a storm, i want some credit!

hey thanks a lot for your help iman, as for the greenwich ave i was thinking about going there but i never did though, thanks for your help and if i win i'll give you all the credit

i was all over new york and on the maps you get at the locations, have duplicate numbers and some of the locations don't exist they say they have 45 but in reality it could be less just to give a heads up about it,

the only one on the map that you got at the kiosk that was nonexistent was number 34 downtown. On the verizon site it is right though.

everything else was good, a couple were half a block off, but for the most part it was fine

there are 45, I know that

just did 2 locations today, #14 and #32

very easy, just walk into the correct retail and there's a big kiosk - can't miss it.

security guard at #14 said to a co-worker "there's another one! if i had a dollar for every time...."

I have been in touch with a verizon guy and he says they should be receiving the storms next thursday or friday :)

Limit one (1) entry per person, per mobile telephone number (“MTN”) and email address per day, regardless of method of entry, and regardless of whether more than one person shares a MTN or e-mail address. Persons are prohibited from participating in the Sweepstakes with multiple email addresses and/or MTNs.

it is a limit of one (1) entry per day for each keyword. Up to 45 entries per day. Trust me, I've been doing them all as well as a bunch of people I've met.

I just got a caLL saying I was one of those that won one of 5 GRAND PRIZES for today. I entered some keywords and they called me at 4:00. The guy said I was one of the 5 names chosen, but the phones wont ship for 4 to 6 weeks.

Hey are you a Verizon Wireless customer? just curios I know some else won and wants to verify something.want to verify something?

any one else read the fine print and notice if you are kept from winning more than once? I didn't see anything that says you can not. And if anyone is still confused, you can enter once per location. I entered 30 something times and was told I won, obviously all the entries did not negate the fact that I was entered in the contest.

does anyone know how u know if u won i got no emails no calls no nothing

and what u enter ur keywords every day the same ones...

also does anyone know when its officially comin out and if there will be a pre ordr or any price frame THANKSS

Please answer all this list.
If you know key word then put keyword and number of question.


We spent allot of time getting key words, if anyone wants to share Im willing, but I wont just give them away:( It's a game, play it! If people put half the thought in to games as they do trying to cheat.... Nevermind, keep doing what your doing, job security....

i go a call that i won i got sooo excited that it was a storm
but it was just a 100 dollar giftcard that wnet to like 100 people of that day

dam i my heart like dropped but ayyy its something!!! WOO and on the last possible day too!!!