BlackBerry Storm Helps You Lose Weight?!

By Kevin Michaluk on 22 Apr 2009 09:31 am EDT

Our pal Brian sent us in the link to this latest Weight Watchers Online commercial and I just couldn't help but post... it gives some solid air time to the BlackBerry Storm and there's just something CrackBerry-esque about that cute orange Hungry Monster!

The Storm was a good choice for the commercial - having used pretty much every BlackBerry I'd argue that Storm users burn more calories in a day thanks to the SurePress technology as compared to traditional BBs. Maybe that's an untapped marketing angle for RIM? ;-)

Reader comments

BlackBerry Storm Helps You Lose Weight?!


I agree, Storm users do burn more calories pressing that screen in. Typing emails has been beneficial to my thumb wrestling training, doubling my productivity.

"I'd argue that Storm users burn more calories in a day thanks to the SurePress technology as compared to traditional BBs"

be forewarned, don't get into a thumb war with us storm users

"The Storm was a good choice for the commercial..."

I agree, it has the best browsing experience of any BB I've used (8830, 8330 running 4.5)

I find the sure press on my storm pleasant, although wouldn't it satisfy pretty much everybody if they just allowed you to turn SurePress off??

I'm surprised no one has brought up that she scrolls down and the page scrolls up (like trackball navigation). If you're going to simulate the images and navigation, at least make sure you've used the device beforehand!

Or you can starve yourself till Verizon releases an official update for the Storm. You will REALLY lose weight then. lol !

I have been using this app on my storm for 2 months and last 30 lbs. They just updated the app and it is very user friendly on the storm.

Congrats! I just re-started WW this week, but haven't been able to locate the app for Storm. Please share where you found it. I receive an error message when using e-tools b/c Flash Player is not supported. Receive an error message for the mobile version as well.

Unfortunately WW mobile site does not work on BB Storm. I've had no success with my Curve (8310) either - HTTP Error 400 on both.

I love that little orange guy! He remind me of one of the looney tunes, can't remember the name of it though...

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My storm isnt that fast!!!! Sheeeesh....but I wouldnt trade it for the world!!! All though an official OS would be nice!!! hahaha