BlackBerry Storm Contest Winning Entry - Paintball STORM!!

By Kevin Michaluk on 17 Nov 2008 01:02 am EST

Another Winning Entry in our
What Would You Do for a BlackBerry Storm? Contest!

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WARNING: The video above is actually kinda violent! Think CrackBerry meets Fear Factor meets Jackass the Movie. Don't watch it unless you're ok with those of kinds of things. Seriously. There, you've been warned. Now enjoy the show! **

Before we began revealing the winners of the What Would You Do for a BlackBerry Storm? Contest last week I wrote a blog post letting everyone know just how TOUGH a task it was for the judging team to narrow over 3,000 entries down to just ten winners (and remember, we didn't order the top ten - they're all winners and once we've posted on every Storm-earning entry you'll be able to vote for your favorite). In the end, we split the entries up into five categories of themes to ensure variety and a fair chance for all types of entries to win, and then picked the top two from each category that really caught our attention. We already showed you one winning entry that fell under the heading of embarrasment and torture via Kevin Vlk's 20 Mile CrackBerry Gump Run through Chicago. Today's video brings forth the second winner in this category, with an emphasis on the torture side of the equation. Enter Travis Carrol's contest submission:

What would I do to win a BlackBerry Storm? I would get tied up with arms and legs extended wearing only small shorts and let 10 people, each with 10 paintballs shoot at me all at the same time for 10 seconds with written across my chest!! That's 100 paintballs!!!! For safety reasons (besides the wearing a cup) I will have on paintball certified goggles that protect my eyes nose mouth and ears. (the only real way to get hurt by a paintball is to be shot in the eye) it's totally safe and very exciting for people to see!! Thanks for taking the time to read my submission and I look forward to reading EVERY SINGLE DAY. 

Believe it or not, Travis wasn't the only contestant to volunteer getting shot by a proverbial storm of paintballs. But the little details in Travis' entry sold the judges (plus he convinced us this craziness would be safe), and well... we just really wanted to see what this would look like when all was said and done. Watch the video. It all went down Thursday evening, November 13th. And it is INSANE.

Well Deserved Travis! You have earned your free BlackBerry Storm. You are nuts! I'm not sure anybody after watching this video would even consider doing what you just did in that video. Ouch!

Travis had a big crew on hand to help him carry out his To Do, and even had his video guy help edit things up for public consumption. BIG THANKS go to everyone who participated and helped Travis win his Storm. 

So what do you think CrackBerry Nation? Is the craziest entry yet? The voting will come at the end, but be sure to post your thoughts in the comments (KEEP THE COMMENTS CLEAN AND FRIENDLY FOLKS!).

Reader comments

BlackBerry Storm Contest Winning Entry - Paintball STORM!!


pain is temporary... your new blackberry storm lasts forever -or at least for the next one or two years before its out of date... but hey at least he won, the only thing funnier than this would have been if he had not won the contest and been stuck with a hundred paintball bruises and no Storm for it hahaha

He only followed through with what he had pledged to do once Kevin notified him that his submission had won.

We did this to my boss. I work a sales job with a office of around 30 people and he gave the 3 people he gives the hardest time to have a free shot 10 feet away and everyone ended up shooting him with at least 3 paintball's and he went down for about 10-15 minute's. Travis u took that like a champ and without any coveralls well deserved!!! send this man a bb storm Kevin

HOLY sh!t.. you def deserve a free storm, but seriously i am okay spending money on a phone and not get f*cked up like that... i guess luxury has its price that i don't mind paying, especially when i can make $200 an hour!

I don't think these winning videos are about saving the money of buying a storm. It's about the glory of winning. Crazy video man! You deserve it!

This is the best entry yet, and one that would stand up next to what I would have done, had I my entry been chosen. Some of the first five seemed pretty lame, NOT THIS ONE! You deserve a Storm and a years worth of unlimited service.

That is crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! did you take a pic the next 2 days? I can imagine how bruised up you were then.

Travis your a goon man! " i cant feel my hands!" This video absolutly cracked me up. Well deserved win brotha. Have fun with your Storm.

I felt like I watched an execution...

Anyone notice the neurological response he had? Watch his hands after he falls to the ground. Brutal.

Congrats from a fellow winner. I chose to hurt my phone. You chose to hurt yourself.... ouch! Pretty brave! Hope you are healing OK. Enjoy the storm.

Out of all the winners so far, you seem the most deserving. But it feels kinda stupid as you have options there to get it so cheap on contract.

Dude, you rock. I wonder if you can tell us if all those spots turned black and blue? You're certifiably nuts! I bet your friends are still trying to figure out who shot you in the nuts, thank god for the cup dude. Enjoy the Storm!!

That looked a bit too painful for me! Well done Travis you definitely deserve to win the Storm... and more

That's crazy. My friends and I play a couple times a month, and I could not imagine that. I got hit on the back of my hand once (no gloves) from 10-15 yards at ~320 FPS (way too fast) and there is a large permanent scar. You are crazy man, congrats on the Storm!

Deservedly due for a Storm - crazy stuff.
However, I am a little confuzzled - I was under the impression by the contest entry rules, that things involving people hurting themselves/ exposure to danger, etc. were not going to be open for consideration.

Granted, it isn't like the guy decided to eat a bucket of razor blades followed by a nice Chianti - but kind of painful to watch never the less. Kids, don't try this at home!
Hope those welts heal proper - meanwhile, enjoy the Storm, you crazy crazy person, you. :)

All I have to say is WOW, that tops it all!! Even the tattoo...

I'd rate it:
1) Paintball!!!
2) Tattoo
3) Runner
4) Pudding wrestling (even though this should be in last place...not CB specific IMHO...they could do the same to win i.e. concert tickets, etc.
5) Palm sawed in half

Peace all!!

props to travis man
i go paintballing and now how that can hurt..esp with bare skin hah. kevin send him a cookie with the storm =p

That is amazing. I hope the phone is equally as amazing! I play paintball and it sucks to get shot once on bare skin much less 100! Great job!

Give that man 2 for the pain he went threw. That is so crazy. The best one so far. He had to go threw alot of pain for it.

good one travis! this dude has been playing paintball for who knows how long and has accomplished quite a bit...getting railed in a game is one thing...but taking 100 shots from people who actually know how to aim...that sucks...have fun with the sure you'll have it in tow this AXBL season...

Liked it so much I posted the thing on my myspace...
Im buying my Storm on friday morning but this guy was so hardcore he took shots to get one free. Check out the video...painfully awesome!

that was just to much he fell and i think went numb for a
minute .......
well atleast he can watch himself getting hit with all the paint balls on youtube on the STORM

First off, anyone who plays paintball will agree.

Secondly. This is garbage, I know a lot of people on here haven't played paintball ever, or not in a very long time, but they do not hurt that bad, especially when you play more than a few times, yeah he got picked good job, but everyone is wayyyyy too over hyped by this it is definitely not that impressive, I know the contest is over, but I'm not trying to get a free one, I'll just pay for mine I already planned on it, but I'd take 500 paintballs, have them counted out in front of the camera and placed into hoppers, and get shot in nothing but a jock strap and a safe, comfortable pair of goggles (preferably Profilers) =). That's my rant.

ha...jelous much? 500. i bet you couldnt take 5. if your so brave...why didnt you tell them you would do it with 500. and if you were to busy to was going with the theme of the contest 10 people 10 balls 10 seconds...they gave out 10 storms. nice try though

Not bad. Bare skin is always a bit more painful.

I offered, as I played tourney ball for a long time, to let 5 tournament seasoned ballers shoot me each with a full hopper for 10 seconds. That'd equate to a possible 750'ish shots that could hit me. Anyone who has played, or watched, speedball can equate these seasoned players could easily empty their hoppers in 10 seconds at me. So it would jsut depend on where they were

None the less... it was still amusing to watch, and yeah bare skin at 300fps does leave a nice welt, or cut. I have a noticeable scar on my right bicep from where I was playing recball (yeah, after all that tourney play Recball caused my scars) with some friends and got shot 6 times in the arm from 3 feet away by a trigger happy kid. Left a nice tangle of flesh

All in all congrats!

loser huh? well hes got a 500$ phone for free and you dont. looks like he just won.

watch his arm twich after...hahaha...i watched a few times. must of hurt but im sure he would say it was worth it. nice job travis.

I think you mis-read it. Kevin said he was giving away PORN, not a storm! Hey did you have a cup on? Did you tell your buddies you would kill them if they shot low?

I have to say, I'm not impressed w/ any of these so far. In fact, the only one that came close was the 20 mi run.

Pudding wrestling? really? uncreative, and pandered to guys...albeit a little entertaining to watch.

100 paintballs? okay, fine, i'll admit it most likely hurt a lot, but thats it.

I'm jealous they got their storm's for such measly promises. I which I'd have entered. Alas, I didn't and will be whining about it the more lame vid's I see.

The only thing that would make that better is if I could have shot him myself :D

Way to go Travis!!!

Hey Kevin, you've got to get us some pictures from the next day because there isn't anything like those next day bruises when they are all purple and fugly.

Good Job Bro! You deserve your Storm!

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