BlackBerry Storm Commercial Airs on CBS!

By Kevin Michaluk on 6 Oct 2008 11:19 pm EDT

OMG... this is honestly getting ridiculous...but who cares.. it's AWESOME.

[ via Engadget ]

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BlackBerry Storm Commercial Airs on CBS!


That doesn't even look like a Storm, it looks like the BB flip. Was this commercial from the US?

I said that they would push this thing before the release. I dunno who said that most carriers don't push new releases until they are out, but I KNEW IT! Thinkin 2 weeks folks. The Storm is comin and it looks ready.

Kev where did you find this? I dunno man it looks kinda hoaxy. But I trust ya man. Love this site. BG rocks too.

posted by Engadget via another site...recorded live from tv. It's legit. Been getting emails from people this evening who have also seen it live.

and rocks too.

I have to frickin be up for work in 4 an a half hours, but I am so juiced right now. Seems like everytime I come back here there is somethin new up. thanks for the reply Kev. BG is good, but he doesn't have shiiit on crackberry.

The last three videos posted on here=awesome!!
: )

But, can we please get a price, i mean we have, in a round about way gotten the price RANGE but no actual pricing... come on!

Maybe the EXACT due date?

Or is that too much to ask?
: )

I was selfishly hoping they wouldn't push this too hard until after release -- so that I won't have to wait as long in line to get mine on the first day it hits the market.

I seen the question asked once and no response, but yea the phone in the commercial doesn't even look like the Storm lol! Maybe it's the video quality

I actually recorded that video and posted it first within the Crackberry forums because I knew that was the only place it would truly be appreciated :-) Looks like I was right!

Sorry the quality was so crappy...that's why I can't wait to get rid of the MotoQ I'm using...