BlackBerry Storm Coming to India on Vodafone Jan. 15th

By James Falconer on 12 Jan 2009 11:37 am EST

BlackBerry Storm in IndiaWith news of the BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 coming to India, I knew it was only a matter of time before we heard more Bold or Storm news within the country. Sure enough, I noticed not long ago that the BlackBerry Storm is due out in India on January 15th. The Storm will be offered via Vodafone Essar, and will fetchRs. 27,990 (around $580 USD).

Spokesman for Vodafone Essar, Harit Nagpal commented on the release:

'The BlackBerry Storm offers our customers easy access to voice and e-mail, a range of social media applications, multimedia content, satellite navigation and many other services on the move in a single device.'

You're darn right, Harit.

Congratulations to all of our Indian friends... I hope then enjoy and embrace the BlackBerry Storm when it comes out. I'm sure we'll have about 5 more unofficial OS updates before then... right? :P

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BlackBerry Storm Coming to India on Vodafone Jan. 15th


I'm with you on that one. I can't wait to go to India this summer and PRAY I don't have to come back.

And I would love to have that it available?

I sure do feel sorry for india since the storm is by far the worst blackberry ever offered. I am not bad mouthing anyone who likes the device but compared to their other devices this is the worst launch and customer service I have ever seen. And I have had 5 other blackberries so I am not a newbie.

The background in that image is the Indian flag in a pastel paint-like format. Just google "Indian flag in paint" > go to images > see the second image in the first can download that on your computer and then transfer it to your BB.

Now when I call any electronics tech support hotline, I get to hear:
"Wait, sorry, my screen isn't clicking. There, crap wait, I accidentally tilted it, this may take a while....... Sorry about that pause sir, I muted the phone with my cheek. Can you spell your name please? Wait, my E on the keyboard doesn't click. Can I just call you Rob instead of Robert?"

I am visiting from the States...sorry I cheated :-). It's working like a champ. It hasn't skipped a beat since I left. SMS, MMS, Facebook, E-Mails, Web, etc. Before leaving the US, I called Verizon and activated the SIM card for the unlimited data plan ($65 pro rated).

It's roaming on both CDMA and GSM with no issues. Data is connecting at 2G/EDGE speeds...decent enough.

The market here is flooded with so many new phones. RIM is going to have to duke it out against Nokia and other brands.

Amazing that they are getting the "Storm" yet there are child beggars on every corner in thousands and child prostitution everywhere yet the news for the country is "Whooo Hoo The storm is coming to india" Pretty sad.

I'm surprised the Indian government didn't ban the device in order to try and come up with their own. Who thinks they'll beg for email encryption codes again?

I was told that there will be software for macs..I was wondering if anyone had more info on this for me.

In the post its mentioned that "I knew it was only a matter of time before we heard more Bold or Storm news within the country". Well considering the Bold had been launched in India around October/November (before the US by about a month), its really doubtful you will be hearing any sort of news.

im gonna be picking one uf these up for sure .... the only reason i was holding back from buying a storm is warranty.... now since its officially launching i just cant wait :D

I am from India and everytime I see someone passing comments like rmstudio it just makes me smirk at them. What do they think? Come on people stop saying dumb things like that and making yourself look stupid.

Getting back to topic am currently on my 6th Storm, finally would be able to keep it and use it as all the ones I got from abroad were sold off before I got a time to use them as my friends would mooch them off me. I have the Verizon version in my hand (the one with the fixed click issue) and am very happy the Storm got launched at a more or less decent price. Just the point is what will they be offering along with it? The 8GB card? The Holster? Because usually carriers here are big crooks in terms of freebis or advantages. Congrats to all berry addicts. Now to get my greasy palms on a Javelin hmmm eBay ;)