BlackBerry Storm Bumpy Typing Test!

Typing on the Storm in a Bumpy Taxi Cab Ride!
By Kevin Michaluk on 20 Nov 2008 12:01 am EST

Think back to my Pre-Release BlackBerry Storm Review and I made the hypothesis and drew the conclusion that a major benefit of the SurePress keyboard featured on the BlackBerry Storm is that it doesn't sacrifice on the ability to type in a bumpy environment...

When do you need to type in a bumpy enivornment? How about being a passenger in the backseat of a NYC taxi cab weaving in and out of traffic taking you from the airport to a meeting. One of the best traits of a BlackBerry with a physical keyboard is the ability to slow-type messages in conditions that are less than ideal - and the Storm does not sacrifice that ability at all. 

When I was heading back to LaGuardia in the back of a cab to catch my flight home, the above statements flew into my head. I grabbed my video camera, held it in my left hand, and pounded out the message you see above with the Storm in my right. First cut, No excuses. Video after the jump. Try doing that with any other touchscreen smartphone. I wish you luck. :-)

Typing on a BlackBerry Storm in a Bumpy NYC Taxi Cab Ride

Youtube kills the video quality, so I uploaded a slightly more clear version here (.mov, 5 megs). I have it recorded in high def - if you really want to see this in clear action let me know and I'll get it uploaded to a file sharing site.

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BlackBerry Storm Bumpy Typing Test!


Kevin, people were asking if typing speed would be at risk when buying this phone... It looked like to me you were typing at a decent speed with only on hand, it was impressive.

It looks to me that we have nothing to worry about.

Nothing funnier then the person who thinks they are first, only to find out they come late to the party :P

AAHHHHH...Verizon still has the 160 text limit on their blackberrys. you think they wuldve changed it for the storm. Now im considering to get the iphone?


There's no comparison between the BB and the iPhone. BB is better than an iPhone any day. Who cares about the 160 character limit, just send a text where you left off. Also VZW's network is a shit ton more reliable than AT&T, especially when it comes to 3G.

Your pain with the 160 text limit.

After owning a Voyager for a while, and having the 1280 text limit they put on their regular cell phones, this really blows.

Maybe they will change it one day in the near future.

I have 2 things to say about the 160 character text limit.

#1 if you are sending an SMS (text) to another Verizon user the limit doesnt apply. You can send a message as long as you want and the other person will get the entire thing without it being broken off.

#2 If you aren't sending a text to a Verizon user, simply send an MMS instead of SMS because the MMS have 1000 character limit. You dont have to put multimedia in an MMS to send it, so all you have to do is type up to the 1000 characters that you want.

I hope that information will help all of you people with 160 character problems!

I have the same limit of 160 characters on my BB Curve 8330 yet when I tried the xv6800 running WM6.1, the Windows OS automatically begins a new message as you continue to type. To be a bit clearer it states message 1/1 then as you pass 160 characters it changes to message 2/2 etc.

kevin you are blazing fast on that sure type! i'm glad to finally see a blackberry user type on the keyboard rather than some idiot making it look like a bad phone but typing slower than a 2 year old!

exactly why blackberry is by far the best smartphone out there. not only can they bring fun to your day, but you get stuff done! you get it done efficiently.

if i were verizon or blackberry, i would somehow make this into a commercial. take that iphone!

great video!

two thoughts to the guy asking about the iphone. 1, it is and never will have the business savvy that the blackberry has. 2, att service does not compare to verizon. if you are really going to base your choice off 160 character text limit, you should just buy a regular phone. why not shoot an email or shorten your text. all the blackberries i have had and do have (multiple on my acct) have never let me down. iphone is a great product (love apple), but its not business, its an ipod touch. i dont need games, i need quality and great service business phone.

I've both used the Storm (albeit a while back) and I've just read most of the reviews that just went online, and I have to say - they're right.

Storm = slower Bold with a touchscreen. That's it.

Kevin, could you comment on the ease of pressing the screen? Reviews that are out already are staying "how strenuous" is it to press the screen, primarily on the outer edge. To me it looks like you had no problems whatsoever typing out that message.

I cannot wait to pick mine up tomorrow!!

I can't comment for people who have weak thumbs. That's not me. I've had no issues with the amount of pressure required to click.

Sounds good. Thanks for the info. Based on a quick glimpse at BGR's review, it appears they are some of those with weak thumbs.

Well, maybe I spoke to soon. It's not that I found the pressure on the thumb to be an issue, but typing full qwerty gave my left hand a cramp today like nothing I have ever felt before. Ouch!!

I went into a Circuit City which is an authorized dealer for Verizon and i tested the Storm and on one ocassion while checking it out i did have trouble with the screen and it was non-responsive. Maybe it was just a fluke situation, but that did not impress me. But the look of it is very nice. I myself bought the Bold a few days ago and I love It!!

Dang Kevin, I told myself I was waiting for the Curve 8900, but your bits here are starting to make me want the Storm!

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