BlackBerry Storm 9570 - Up close and personal pics

BlackBerry Storm 9570
By Bla1ze on 22 Sep 2010 03:46 pm EDT

Last night the next Storm finally appeared touting its numerical designation, 9570. Today, we now get a better look at what, exactly the BlackBerry 9570 is. As noted, the overall look of the device is just that of a BlackBerry Storm2. No physical design changes will be found here and it's certainly not thinner in any way. All changes come internally with the memory upgrade and processor being the most significant. Between the minimal RAM and the slower processor of the original, this refresh was needed in order for the Storm2 form factor and SurePress to remain alive. Judging from the responses on the previous post a lot of you all will still be picking this device up when released. For those who are asking why? it's clear folks like the Storm2 design and SurePress but ultimately, still want to see BlackBerry 6 on it and thus the 9570 exists to fill that void.

Looking at the hardware and device model number, the device definitely feels like a Storm2 refresh or Storm 2.5 if you will more than a Storm3. It'll be interesting to see how RIM and Verizon handle the final branding of the 9570 as they roll it out. More pics after the break.

9570 1
9570 2
9570- 3

Source: BBLeaks

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BlackBerry Storm 9570 - Up close and personal pics


I doubt it'll get a faster CPU.

Knowing RIM, if they left the Bold 9700 CPU unchanged on the 9780, then this will most likely still have the same MSM7600 CPU from the Original Storm 2

i will be jumping ship on the surepress screen and probably go to a droidX or something similar. i thought i would love the clicking screen but after 2+ years i just still can't stand the moving screen. i want a good solid feeling touch screen device without moving parts and RIM isn't giving it to me.

Why am I not surprised by this? Another opportunity missed by RIM to create a Storm3 that would knock everything out of the water. Just a joke that keeps going for the media press to poke fun at...

Hey genius...the Storm 3 is coming. This is the Storm 2 refresh. Do us all a favor and jump ship already as you clearly do not stay current on Blackberry news. you and you alone are the joke

I agree with serpico, refreshed devices are a waste of time, money and resources. If you're going to refresh something, why not just release the next model up?

Then why is everyone referring to this as the Storm 3 Einstein? Why does it have a different model number? What company does a "refresh" in the first place and then give it a new model number?

The real joke is people like you that blindly keep buying a company's products no matter what crap they're selling you.

Last I checked RIM has been known to do a "refresh" on all its devices. Curve 8300, 8320, 8330, 8220,8230,8900, 9300. Bold, 9000, 9700, 9780, 9630...should I go on?? Apple has done the same thing with 4 iPhones now...HTC with the Tilts, and the all talked about Droids. Pretty sure every company does it. Yes I get what your saying, why call this the Storm 2 or 3 or whatever, but frankly we don't know what the official name is so all this is speculation at the present time. I am not a vzw person, and I never have liked the idea of a screen that "clicks" but for all the storm lovers out there, here you go!

I fell for this with the Storm 2, and now I regret ever getting a Blackberry. This is nothing more than an attempt to get Storm 1 & 2 users to "upgrade" to Blackberry 6, and that sucks.

It may work out okay for Storm 1 users, since they more than likely have had their handset for the 2 year contract commitment, but for Storm 2 users it's not worth it. You would need to upgrade out of cycle, and that means full price. Screw that.

Besides since RIM seems to "refresh" their phones every 8 - 12 months, you're better off waiting anyway.

Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me!...however RIM you wont have that second chance.

iPhone 4 delivered today yaaay!

unloved BlackBerry Storm2 for sale any takers lol

Not falling for this gimmick to get me to buy a new phone. Love the features of the Storm2, but the OS is archaic, even with OS 6.0.

I do not think we should have to replace a new phone just to get 6.0.

Its gonna be a droid for me

When RIM was first showing off Blackberry 6, they showed it runnin on what appeared to be a Storm 2 (which was one of the big reasons I got it). Looking at the Storm 3 (or 2.5 if you prefer), it looks like a Storm 2.

Did RIM pull a bait & switch? Did RIM show 6 on a Storm 3 and not say anything about it, leading us to believe it was a Storm 2?

Sure does feel that way.

I don't see why so many are complaining about this. Buying phones isn't that complicated; if you like this "refresh" and you like the whole Storm / Storm2 deal then buy one, and enjoy OS6. If you don't like it as much as you think you should, then just do what I'm doing and wait it out. Its obvious that RIM just wants to give people the option to get OS6 without giving up the full touch screen or picking up a physical keyboard. Like most out there, I'm not that impressed with my Storm 2 so I don't plan on "refreshing" - instead I'll look forward to a new, and preferably, improved version down the road.

Actually the processor in the 9780 and 9800 were not only from the 9700, but the 9000 as well.

The CPU is the same from a phone over two years old. I have no doubts that the 528 Mhz MSM7600 will be in this release..not just from the original Storm2, but from the original storm period.

Looking like exactly what most of us expected. Still excited to see more about it. The Storm 2 wasn't enough to rip my original storm out of my hands. It will be interesting to see what this one has to offer.

Looking forward to the next few weeks of great leaks.

Not looking forward to the next few weeks of premature, juvenile bashing

Unless you are stuck in 2006, ("or excuse 2008 and late") this product is inferior to anything on the market. Forget about the sure press...look at the lousy processor speed, weight, and no innovation to offer something that the others don't. The only people that think that this product is great would be if you were Mike Lazardis' secretary and media staff. Are you and "BerryDiva" on his staff? I'll give them Storm 2 and Torch as a stop gap for a upcoming great new product before the holidays...but this stinks all over. Love BB, but this is pathetic!

I agree... are they so blind to see that competition is not only surpassing the bar of smart phone but pushing to make the standard even greater then before.. and it seems like is putting a blind eye to that... and solely on name and not product..

I love my bb torch 9800, but I think those that are defending RIM are missing the point. RIM needs to understand that marketing is important if they want to be in the consumer market and they are clearly failing to get this. I mean I'd even be happier if they's just altered the design a little bit. Something to show that they get consumers. But "here comes another one just like the other one," is killing the reputation of this firm and it also points to wasted resources. Any resources at all that went into this phone could have been devoted to a new, higher-end phone.

Bringing this phone out would be fine if a cutting edge storm 3 will be announced within the next 2 weeks, but having seen these photos do you really think this will happen.

Like I said I really like Blackberry but I work at a university and I have seen first hand the tremendous shift in the buying preferences of students. Yes they are fickle, but once you acquire a stogy reputation you'll have to work that much harder to win customers like them back. And we've seen this carry over to people at work demanding to use iPhones and Droids.

So does bringing out refresh phones help or hurt RIM? I think it hurts, and could even hurt MORE than bringing out no new phone at all - until their ready to bring out a blockbuster.

Just saying no one is forcing anyone to buy the phone totally misses this point.

I don't have a marketing degree. But I do see that most people who are telling RIM that marketing is important seem to be concentrating only on the first "P" of marketing - Product. There are four more "P's" out there - most importantly Promotion.

I don't even watch a lot of TV, but I've seen several different, well-produced commercials - and I've seen them dozens of times. In these commercials RIM is saying they've teamed up with AT&T (the only US outlet for the much hyped and recently released iPhone 4) to "evolve the smartphone". The last smartphone everyone remembers AT&T releasing is the iPhone. So if the smartphone has evolved, clearly the Torch is superior.

Now it doesn't matter if this is true or not. In fact I think most technologically inclined people - even most people here - will say that the new iPhone is a superior Product. But if the Torch is Promoted in such a way that the general public BELIEVES it is superior, that's all that matters. That's marketing.

Anyone with half a brain for technology knows that the iphone is superior to the Torch. All they have to do is put one in each hand and there decision is made. Without a power up.

@Xeju, I agree with your premise...except that all tech reviews that I have read - and I am also marketing oriented, and NOT technical, in any way - suggests that the iPhone is a far more superior device. So, RIM is not only losing the technical fight, but the promotional/marketing war, as well. Moreover, increasing suggestions are that the Droid is even better than the iPhone. When put in terms of total technical AND marketing positions, BB seems to be in third or even fourth place, virtually side-by-side with Palm, in some views.

Right. RIM could hope marketing would give them an edge over iPhone IF the products were reasonably similar. But you can't rely on marketing your product as better when it's clearly behind.

I mean slap a nice bright screen and a fast processor on this and then use marketing to say you have all the apps anyone would need and that don't need the 20 kazillion apps on iStore or whatever the hell it's called (which is true). But until your product is equal to or close I don't think marketing will work.

My point was really that brining out refresh products is actually bad marketing. it is hurting the company's reputation by giving it the image that it has lost touch.

I think OS6 is fine, there seems to be more apps coming all the time, I'd say bottom line increase the processor get a high res screen and then I'd hire the best industrial designers money can buy and put out a beautiful phone. Then RIM can tell business types, yes you can have this phone but it won't last battery wise like other blackberry's. I think RIM sees lack of battery life as a failure, and in some way I agree, but the market in general is voting for eye candy over battery life. You have to produce what consumers want and not tell them what they need.

Don't get me wrong RIM, I think, knows it business clients well and produces good product for them, but the ability to show that you can produce a WOW product will have positive spill overs across the whole product range.

...if they allowed for some kind of a trade-in discount for current Storm 2 users. What's the incentive for me to buy the SAME phone I currently have but with a different OS?

The same incentive they would feel to appease a customer who isn't willing to fulfill the terms of their contract when the new latest-and-greatest comes out.

They'd love to sell it to you. They'd even love to sell it to you at a one-year upgrade price if you are willing to start the clock over on your contract obligation.

if you call CS and tell them how excited you are about the new device and are nice about it, you'll likely get a nice discount. If you call and complain about how you just got a Storm2 and now there's something better that is out, then they probably won't really care too much about your story.

At least, that's been my experience.

I would also consider upgrading to a refreshed device if there was a heavy discount for existing S2 owners. Even if that means trading in my current Storm.

They can always recycle the parts of the trade-ins to make more refreshed devices which would benefit everyone...

you know when the TORCH came out i was thinking wow finally RIM is stepping it up and coming out with different form factors, but why keep coming out with REFRESH phones? so people gonna have to renew for another 2 years to have a phone that looks exactly the same. smh. im a blackberry loyal user but these refresh products are really starting to tick me off.

I love the refresh concept. Almost everyone is on 2 year contracts, so why make a new "revolutionary" phone that only 50% of your customers are "capable" of buying? It seems to make a lot more sense from a pure profit margin stance.

Different companies, different market and different ways of selling it.
RIM doesn’t want to waste time in creating new things, they are earning more than expected.
Sit quite and let money roll in with very little efforts.
Refresh are the best ways.

I think most of BB are OS6 capable, including storm2. but the amount of money spend to theme OS5 to OS6 should be reimbursed.
And that’s what refresh keeps appearing..
I like BB9700, but I am not a loyal, if RIM want loyalty they can sell BB to dogs. I have ip4 and office 9700. I enjoy my ip4 and rely on 9700 for work. If some one comes with better email solution than RIM. I will buy that service.

Can Rim not make a new phone or something? Why made a phone with the same form factor but just change the OS? It nothing but making the customers mad and getting people for their money...its getting ridiculous!

Refresh devices would be great IF they had STARTED with a leading edge product to begin with (like iPhone)- but they didn't. They STARTED with a "me too" device and have stayed behind with each "new" refresh - including this one.

By the time they come out with the Storm3 NEXT year, to compete with the iPhone4 and Droid X, those phones will have already been replaced with never models and features.

Maybe the Storm5 or Storm6 will be awesome.

Funny how they tried to cover up the branding, but you can see the Verizon stylized V in the wallpaper. You can also see the Verizon branding on the back and VZ Navigator installed if you look at the original pics at BBLeaks.

Where is the branding covered? The Storm has and will probably always be a Verizon exclusive device until its demise; if one doesn't know it's a Verizon device they're probably living under a rock.

What's the splotch of white tape meant to be hiding then?

I only briefly used an unlocked Storm on another network and don't frankly remember where it was branded. I assumed the tape at the bottom was meant to hide something. Can anyone more familiar with the device say what that might be?

is covering the brand....i have a telus storm 1 and it says telus at the phone tape is clear....

That doesn't even make sense. If the branding on the back of the phone is Verizon, the wallpaper clearly have the Verizon "V", and have Verizon specific apps, how can this be a device branded by Teuls on the front at the same time? Please use common sense. There is NO branding on the front of a Storm device operating on Verizon; not the Storm 1 or Storm 2 as I've had both devices.

I dont believe he was saying the device pictured is Telus, only that HE owns a Storm2 branded by Telus, same way like I have a crappy Storm2 branded by Vodafone on the front. Got it?

After the Storm 1 debacle...than to follow up with another loser (Storm 2). Now this? Come on! THIS SUCKS! This is largest waste of time and energy. Those that want to click on something go get a keyboarded BB...for those of us that like a screen....MAKE US A REAL TOUCHSCREEN BB!!!! CATCH UP AND DO BETTER!

Blame it on the SurePress addicts.The rest of the cellular world has advanced to the point where touchscreens can actually work now but this uber-vocal minority has RIM convinced that BB users can only accept a screen that "clicks".

People who are so unhappy with the clicking screen can choose dozens of other devices that have touch screens that do not click.

People who insist on a BB non-clicking touch screen can get a Torch.

But I love the click screen. I love my Storm. I know how to use it and I can type very fast and accuratly when using it.

So please, leave the storm's input methods alone. If you think the rest of the cellular world has mastered the touch screen, then go ahead and use one of their phones. When I'm typing 60-70 wpm on my clicking screen, we'll both be happy.

I feel the same exact way about the clicking screen. ive tried to type on other touchscreen phones that dont click and it doesnt feel the same because im not sure if i actually typed anything or not..i have to continuously check to make sure. but with that wonderful clicking noise i am reassured that im typing a letter.. why is it when products first come out theyre super but the minute someone else makes something similar thats the way company "a" shouldve made it in the beginning. i love typing with the "clicks" and also ad in suretype and im unstoppable

Why don't we all buy the same phone? I like SurePress but you don't, so because of that I'm to blame for RIM refreshing the Storm 2 with no added benefits?

Mike & Jim had better find another job elsewhere for the guy in charge of marketing. This is how a company vanishes into nothingness! Sorry, but this isn't the 90s. New products need to radically improve on the old. Hey, RIM Marketing dude, check out the iPhone 3GS specs compared to the iPhone 4. Forget the refreshing of phones. It isn't a sell.

And sorry, RIM Marketing dude, but a faster processor and more RAM doesn't translate to a BUY for me. SurePress or not, I'm not committing another 2 years to the same phone I have today, whether it has BlackBerry 6 or not. I'm either holding out for a Storm 3 or do the shotgun wedding thing with an Android.

From the number of responses and discussions we've seen on this new Storm 3, RIM has to get the importance of this new Storm device... and we don't want it later. We need it now! The company (RIM) needs it NOW!

So what do you say, RIM Marketing dude? What have you got to lose by rejecting this refresh and bringing out something new? Do you even read what folks are saying about BlackBerrys on BGR or Engadget? Please don't ruin a prestigious brand name with rubbish products! This is a complete fail!

Some people have serious issues. Is anyone forcing you to buy this damn phone? Chill out. Go buy something else.

If employees at RIM believed everything they read on the blogs, no one would work there. Yet they come out making multi-million dollar profits per quarter.

Personally, I think its the peoples fault for hyping up the next BB to blow phones out of the water. RIM is a SAFE company, and I doubt they'll do anything drastic...until its too late.

RIM has offered a real touchscreen BB in the form of the Torch; there exist no need to use the keyboard on the Torch. The consumer has the choice to buy a Torch or not; it's about options and not complaining. I guess if people are used to optionless iPhones as the "standard" it would make sense that having options can be a confusing situation.

It is not the Storm 3, only a "refresh" of the Storm 2.

This should be released later this year, in time for the holiday season. The Storm 3 is supposed to be a completely new device in every way, including a whole new OS. It is said to be releasing sometime in 2011. A lot of unconfirmed rumors about all of this, nothing is certain.

See the post containing pictures of the (supposed) Storm 3 in a post from earlier in the week.

Don’t keep big hopes; you know what happened with torch (hardware).
RIM has a good habit of selling old technologies.
And they repeated it for numerous times.

So keep your fingers cross.

I have the Storm2 and when it comes time to upgrade, I'll be moving in the Droid direction. DroidX unless something better comes out between now and then.

I got my Storm 2 in March and it finally gave out this month. The screen kept freezing/locking and the battery also overheated a lot. I couldn't wait till 2012 for the upgrade, so I just got a Bold 9650 instead & sold the refurbished Storm 2 Verizon sent me to replace the broken one, on eBay. Funny thing is I wanted the Bold 9650, formerly the Tour 2, to begin with but it wasn't out when I went to Verizon. Maybe in March I would have been more excited about this Storm 9570, but I'm not anymore. I think I'm just over RIM SurePress/Touch screen phones. I'll stick with a physical keyboard for awhile.

If you don't like the refresh, then don't buy it. Simple as that. You (darkslim369 and Tee00max)make is seem like RIM is forcing you to buy the phone. All RIM is doing is offering the consumer additional choices.

I couldn't agree with bobaloo more...."Not looking forward to the next few weeks of premature, juvenile bashing"

Far from crying. I wont buy it and im not going to keep bashing the device, its just pointless, that's all im saying. And RIM is not offering different choices, if they were they would design a whole new form factor. Its a forum and its opinionated and its my opinion. end of story

Somebody call the waaahmbulance.

Can't your read? Alot of people like the surepress and Storm2, and this is offering them the same but with OS6 and more memory.

No one's forcing you to do anything..jump ship already and quite your crying

RIM must not realize that a ton of people ARE jumping ship. I own the storm2 and am constantly plagued with the slowness of the device, the constant hourglass graphic, and the irritating battery pulls. God forbid i put a theme on it because it creates even more lag.

What people are frustrated to no end with RIM is that the refresh only BARELY gets you to the minimum requirements, rather than putting in at least what is considered the middle of the road in terms of processor speed and memory. Its not a coincidence that RIM lost so much stock share after the first month the Torch came out. Its almost eerily similar to how Nokia lost so much market share. Without its business model (and even that cant hold on forever if they do not innovate) RIM would be in serious trouble.

so the near 40% drop in stock from March 2010 to now isnt showing concern about RIMs ability to innovate and get ahead of the market? it seems readily apparent that RIM cannot capture the consumer market. i think its safe to say that shipments of phones dont translate into a companys current success. how about actual phones purchased by consumers? and how many of those phones were shipped to corporate accounts? notice i never said their business segment was in trouble.

try harder?

you must really be dense if you are trying to gloss over a 40% drop in equity, something that has never happened before in RIM's history.

Again, what does their Net Revenues as a whole have anything to do with their future potential business? How much of that is from revenues generated from existing contracts, enterprise services, etc? How much growth actually occurred year-over-year? Add on top that most CONSUMERS (not business) users who have been polled say they will switch to an Android/iPhone/Windows 7 Mobile phone on their next device. You keep arguing with useless facts rather than looking forward, its really sad.

Well, you said people are jumping ship. So I reminded you of their shipped devices, of which you said that it doesn't always transfer into sales. To which I stated their rev/profit #'s. At the end of the day, I still don't know why people care about #'s and stock prices. Especially of products they plan on leaving. After I left Nokia for BB, I stopped caring about the status of Nokia in regards to stock price/market share etc. Those that are "leaving" blackberry, should focus on other companies. Leave us "sheep" and "follower" consumers to our refreshed devices. Good day!

Seriously, your counterarguments and points are terrible.

You spit out their Q3 revenues and phone shipments without any comparison. If you showed me these were both IMPROVING and GROWING you make a valid point people aren't leaving. However, when so many other reports exist showing RIM losing market share, polls (understandably not exact) showing many people planning on switching providers, you cannot argue that. You put none of your support in perspective of growth, comparison to previous points, or anything HELPFUL.

So I am not saying you are a "sheep" but you apparently act like one if you pick and choose the stats that sound most appealing to you. I am merely one of the many thousands of Storm2 users tired of this, understandably voicing my frustration with their product as any consumer is allowed to do so, and WILL be leaving RIM.

I have honestly lost count of the various form factors that RIm now offers. I'm pretty sure they have more form factors than Apple, and since every HTC phone is more or less the same to me (either with or without a slide out keyboard), RIM clearly offers the most number of form factors. But that's just my opinion.

Have you seen the new photos of the Storm 4? Are you familiar with this? THAT is your new form factor. This phone is merely here to fill the void between current storm owners and the upcoming 4G Flagship device.

Go away.

this just makes the other spotted touch screen blackberry with touchpad all the more mysterious

if this is the 'odin' or storm 3 refresh

i imagine the touchscreen blackberry with touchpad will probably be an actual new generation device along the lines of the torch

what group are they going after with this? they should be trying to make s2 users upgrade, but who would? I was hoping with the increased competition from droid and the amazing specs and features on the iphone that rim would step it up for the storm 3, guess not.

I'm a Storm 1 user and this isn't the phone that I was looking for. I'll just quote what someone else wrote a few posts up:

snohman said: "What people are frustrated to no end with RIM is that the refresh only BARELY gets you to the minimum requirements, rather than putting in at least what is considered the middle of the road in terms of processor speed and memory."

Would have been nice if RIM scrapped this and pushed ahead with the Storm 3. The Verizon users just want a BB touchscreen that can hold its own in the current market. Sadly, the Storm 2.5 isn't it.

I wasn't referring to Storm 1 users that frequent blogs. I was referring to Storm 1 users that don't know that they can hide icons.

Currently a Storm2 user, and I'll wait for something else (even though I can upgrade in January.) Maybe I'll put my money towards the "blackpad" or whatever their rumored tablet is...

Just go back to sleep. What is up with this weak sauce?
MY 9530 has given up. The speaker on the headset and the loudspeaker has both died. I'm not even going to waste money on the insurance to get another one. Looks like RIM is going to get left behind by HTC and Samsung.

This is a complete failure and nobody is going to buy this phone. When you buy a BB you want to make sure it can run the NEXT OS! This thing will barely run OS6. In 9 months when people are drooling over OS7/LTE handset all the people who buy this are going to be crying "Why dont we get the new OS? Why is our phone already obsolete?" (See the current Storm 2 owners for reference)

RIM you have dropped the ball here bigtime.

This phone is already obsolete, and it hasn't even hit the shelves yet. More memory and a polished up version of OS 5. Thats it. As I said before...

Pathetic, simply pathetic.

Actually, this phone will be released right on time for those who stayed onboard with the 9530. And from there it is a considerable upgrade.

Most storm2 owners have another year to go on their contract. So when they're ready, the offereings will be a considerable upgrade for them.

Seeing the current storm2 owners who came from the Storm1 for reference would for the most part only give me information from people who are only satisfied with the next best thing.

I stayed on board with the 9530 and there's no way I'd take a 2 year contract extension for a warmed over Storm 2.

BTW, successful marketing has little to do with the logic you present. Instead, successful marketing has to do with a sexy look & feel, sparks of excitement, features that promise new opportunities or new and efficient ways of doing things. It must capture my imagination!

RIM can't possibly think that BB6 is that great that I'd keep my current 2 year-old phone just to run it?!?

If the RIM Marketing dude lived in reality, then he/she would realize that while this is a good incremental upgrade for a Storm 1 user, it isn't the first option or the 2nd or 3rd. There is just too much competition now from the iPhone and Android. RIM execs may be blind to it, but their customers certainly aren't.

If I'm buying a new Torch at $199/3-year contract and beside it is an iPhone 4 at $159/3-year contract. The iPhone 4 does HD video, 2 cams, much faster processor, more RAM, larger & sharper display, etc.

Moving in this direction at this snail's pace will only cause RIM to lose more customers. I don't want an incremental upgrade from my next phone. I want it to do new things... to raise the bar! I want to do video calls with my friends in far off places using Skype. No BlackBerry can do that, but there are Androids and iPhones that can!

Wake up, RIM Marketing dude and give your head a shake!

Good luck with the iPhone 4 when you have to make an emergency call and you can't thanks to its innovative new antenna.

Well, half the time I cannot make a call because my BB is still rebooting from the 10th battery pull of the day. Which is worse? Riddle me that.

... will be whatever is released as the Storm 2.5, 3.0, or whatever. I am still in love with my S1 because it still works great, so getting a very similar phone that gives me faster browsing and more memory makes me a happy customer. My friend just got a Droid Incredible and it has icons flying all over the screen and has that annoying vibration when you touch its hardkeys (that can probably be turned off) and I just found it too busy and overly sensitive. It has lots of great features but it made me really appreciate the clean and solid performance of my reliable BB.

I know I'm in the minority in liking the Storm and Surepress, but my contract is up in less that a month, and I'm excited at the prospect of picking up this new Storm soon. To those of you switching, enjoy your new Droids! There are enough models out there now to truly get everything you're looking for in a phone.

Damn, this really bites. I'm among the thousands of other early Storm 1 owners up for a upgrade, and faced with no choices. I'd love to go Android, but my work doesn't support it. I'll be damned if I'm going to waste a New Every Two on a rehashed Storm 2, regardless of how bad my Storm 1 is behaving lately.

Can I pray that eBay/Craigslist Storm2 9550 prices will drop when this 9570 hits the stores? I can wait for the "real" QNX Storm3 with a Storm2 in-hand, but f-me if I've got to kill off another 6 months with my 9530-with-a-bad-attitude living in my back pocket.

Come on, RIM. Treat us like we should give a crap!

Agreed, don't like it? Don't buy it. If you've got a Storm2 and don't feel this is worth buying, don't buy it. Chances are if you're in a Storm2 you should be mid contract anyway. Gotta have the newest stuff every three months? RIM probably didn't have you in mind for this particular phone.

Those of us with Storm 1's still are out of contract or about to be, and this is a real nice upgrade for us, and chances are, RIM had S1 owners in mind with this refresh, since we would be the ones traditionally due for an upgrade.

I'm also so sick of hearing "I'm going droid blah blah". Want a droid, go buy the darn thing, stop wining about it here, just go do it, your threat to do so doesn't mean a whole lot to me. Enjoy your "buggy open source crap shoot what might and might not work on it" phone. We all know how Blackberry works and what to expect from them. Me, I'm happy and plan to stay.

ROFL. Baaaaaaaah...

Thats the sound of sheeple buying this hack of a device. "don't like it don't buy it" " want a droid then go get a droid". Know what sparky thats just what I did and I couldn't be happier. After waiting for years for Research in Slow Motion to get a clue, I gave up on them, and you wanna hear something else? By coming out with the same old crap year after year they have given up on us. If you are lucky, and I mean really lucky they might feel generous and slap a 5mp camera in there, but who knows considering that they stuck a lousy 2mp camera in the Curve 3G. they might just wait until the Storm 3 to shoehorn a 5MP camera in. They know that the Blackberry name still have value and will help them sell their stale ass devices.

As I have said repeatedly this is pathetic.

If its such an entry level device then why even have a camera in it at all. An just have it receive and send email. ROFL. Entry level Android devices, come with at least a 3.2MP camera.

You've "given up on RIM" yet here you are crying..boohoo. If you think Android isn't also pumping out mediocre shit then your fooling yourself as well..ever heard of the Galaxy Apollo?

Now take your lunch money and your piggy bank and GTFOutta here

Ya wanna know why I am still here? Because unlike the Blackberry platform, I still like crackberry. That and places like Android Central are just plain dull.

Mario, it is not an entry level device. If this is like both other Storms and VZW charges $199 for a 2-year agreement, then there is no way it is entry level. That is the same price as all high end smartphones.

It does have 5mp, look at the pics and the whole article before just reading a few sentences and start bashing. Get the hell out of here, go to android central or . At least we don't go to other smartphone websites and bad mouth their products even though we do know their weaknesses(I.e epic poor battery life ,death grip,thousands of useless apps,pseudo push emails,expensive data plan in my country, etc.) Get your ass outta here.

It does have 5mp, look at the pics and the whole article before just reading a few sentences and start bashing. Get the hell out of here, go to android central or . At least we don't go to other smartphone websites and bad mouth their products even though we do know their weaknesses(I.e epic poor battery life ,death grip,thousands of useless apps,pseudo push emails,expensive data plan in my country, etc.) Get your ass outta here. Go to your toys. We only have comprehensif communication devices here.

Again I say baaaaaaahhh...

Ok for starters you nimrod, I don't believe that those pics were even up by the time I posted that comment an even if they were, oh well. Epic poor battery life? Yea when the device does 100x more things than a Blackberry you should expect some decrease in battery life. I have picked up a nice extended battery and my device makes it through the day, something my 9550 couldn't do on some days. As far as being a troll, why don't you graze on into the forums and lookup my name. I am not some random troll you fool, I had been a faithful for years, and you know what I just couldn't take it anymore, and again Android Central's forums are dull

Yeah, we know you from your mindless rants in the forums too.
I've got better things to do than hang out on forums for devices I don't like... apparently you don't.

"I'm also so sick of hearing "I'm going droid blah blah". Want a droid, go buy the darn thing, stop wining about it here, just go do it, your threat to do so doesn't mean a whole lot to me. Enjoy your "buggy open source crap shoot what might and might not work on it" phone. We all know how Blackberry works and what to expect from them. Me, I'm happy and plan to stay."

I could give you a million thumbs up for this

Blackberry Storm 2 9520/9550/9570
Nothing new here!
And REFRESH they are calling it? The F5 key on my keyboard doesnt give me new software or hardware just updates what i already have on my screen before me, RIM SMH! WHY?

As far as I understand - this has the same processor as the S1 & S2. Same screen. Bare minimal memory increase to run another slow and laggy OS (THIS DEVICE IS RELEASING AT THE SAME TIME: )w/o free voice turn by turn or updating weather out of the box. Decent camera upgrade. 8 GB of memory of which you can access 256 Megs after OS install for applications.

No magnometer. NO HD recording. No flash. $10 per month for VZ Navigator. That S4 or whatever it is, better get moving quickly out of M to Z. It is the only sign that RIM has any pride left at all. And if that fails to launch befor Q2 2011 when HTC, Motorola, Samsung and others will be starting to release their 1.2 AND 2.5 Gig dual core processor, 4" super AMOLED screen, LTE, 8 gigs of application storage, 1080i recording, HDMI out devices then RIM should not ask for whom the bell tolls.

When I saw the pictures yesterday of the rumored Storm 3 my hopes were up that I might stay with Blackberry, but this just makes me disappointed. If these are different devices then it makes sense that the rumored Storm 3 is not going to be released soon. I think this goodbye blackberry for me.

It's my guess that this device is intended for people new to Blackberry (or smartphones for that matter). While it won't impress anyone who currently owns a blackberry, it will retain the RIM's flagship touchscreen device without having to design a new device (which RIM needed to do in order to have a full touchscreen phone on OS 6 in such a short period of time).

So yes, its a cost effective, temporary solution to having no touchscreen only OS 6 (not referring to Torch, which includes a keyboard). The fact that it has an improved 5 MP camera means it's not just for OS 6. Why they did that, I don't know, but it's kind of a tease to us Storm 2 owners.

I had my Storm 1 since day one and will NOT upgrade to S3. Just look outdated and not sexy looking. Why can't RIM build a better touch screen device to compete with Android and Apple?

on the other photos at bbleak, we can see there are 274mb free memory.
So technaly OS6 would run on the orginal Storm2.
Are they trying too fool us?
The refresh will be a flop.
I love the surePress and BB but it's like in every love when someone trys to play with you ....

Same old same old. RIM is seriously getting left behind. Look at some of the new Android based devices out there. In the eyes of most consumers, this is the same device they released 2 years ago. Most won't know the difference and won't care that the device has an upgraded processor and memory - they want a new form factor and appearance. And as much as it pains me to say it (very hard to admit this), the iPhone 4 is far ahead of this device (trust me - I've used it). The Verizon exclusive doesn't help matters either. It's a stale product already and it hasn't even been released yet.

Pretty weak update of a phone, but blackberry users as a whole seem pretty complacent with mediocrity

I am still holding a Storm I that worked fine (not all the problems so many had) up until a month or so ago. The screen now has other areas light up when typing, so different letters or numbers come up. I am ready to get a new BlackBerry. That being said, this isn't it and the rest of Verizon's lineup is not it. Hopefully, something else is coming soon.

My BlackBerry for work is the Torch and I am more than happy with it. I bounce back and forth from the physical keyboard to the touchscreen. No complaints on it. Just wish something close is coming to Verizon. I'd take a Storm with a touchscreen like the Torch's. I was ok with the storm's current screen, but I like the one on the Torch better. I'll pass on the Storm 2.5 and limp along with the original Storm as long as I can.

I was satisfied with my 9530 in the early months of owning it. But this was my first smartphone so you could say I didn't know any better almost 2 years ago.

The device has been giving me problems galore. It's the devices random letter/number selecting that has especially been driving me crazy. Sadly, email notifications have been very inconsistent as of late too. Sometimes it takes well over an hour or so before it pops up on my phone... and I've already checked the email on a computer by then.

My contract ends in Nov/Dec and I'm still waiting for RIM to wow me with a Storm worth upgrading to. Have to admit I'd hate to give up BBM, but the Droid X and Samsung Fascinate are looking pretty darn good to me. And word has it that HTC is making a variant of the Evo 4G for Verizon.

Had the Storm 1, and currently use Storm 2. I think the Storm 2 is pretty sexy, but like so many here, I'd love it to do more, be more. Yet, this new version of the Storm (equipped with the not so fabulous OS6) will not get my money.

I'm extremely disappointed with OS6. Its clustered garbage. I spent plenty of time and a bit of cash installing applications to make my Storm 2 run efficiently. Everything opens up with the touch of 1 or 2 buttons. (gotta love Quicklaunch) HOWEVER, if I wanted a device with several home screens and BS to navigate through, I wouldn't have a Blackberry. If I wanted a device with the best hardware and browser and features, I wouldn't have a Blackberry.

Yeah, I can pass on the refresh Storm, but the biggest disappointment is the new webkit will only run on OS6. Now I'm going to not care about my phone a little bit more.

How many times is RIM gonna polish a turd? I am not saying that Blackberry devices are crap but how many time are you gonna sell us the same device? 9700 to 9780 and now with the Storm 2.5 just to name a few. Same phones with a few tweaks. Tweaks do no keep you in the game. I have been a loyal berry user for years but I am getting closer and closer to trying something new and exciting. Time to put up or shut up RIM.

As a Storm 1 user coming up on my NE2 in a few months this falls far short of what I'm looking for.

A statement that kevin made was that RIM may be trying to appeal to the masses and put a smartphone in the hands of former dumbphone users and this is why products have not been cutting edge/expensive for a while. Well...the numbers are in RIM android is stealing the masses and you are losing market share even though you are making cheaper devices. No excuse for not having a benchmark device. Kia makes cheap cars and sells a lot of them to make money. RIM had now tried this but their sales figures are that of a rolls royce with a kia price tag. Hello android and droidx

Not sure why you all are here QQ'ing about "WHY RIM WHY". This has been in the talks forever. If any of you actually would take the time to read anything beyond the front page you'd know this was is a newer generation phone. So why you feel the need to come here and cry about it is beyond me.

Put down the video games, crawl out of the basement, and actually look around at what's available and what's on the horizon before getting your panties in a bunch

Valace admitted on page 1 that Android central is boring. So they come here to troll. I guess it's entertaining for them.

This compliments the other Verizon Blackberry devices perfectly for the holiday season.

9330 with OS6, 9650 with OS6, and now the Storm 2.5 (?) with OS6.

Will be good sales for Verizon this season. Customers love the large screen, and I can't wait to see what OS6 looks like on it, especially the browser.

I could use an updated phone with lots of memory and Wi-fi. Since i have a Storm 9530, I'll be watching this one closely.

You people whine like the fat kid runnin after the ice cream truck.....don't like it then don't buy it......and for the people who have bought other brands.....please go whine on those forums.....thank you.......
I'm Soulsurvives and I approved this message.

You people whine like the fat kid runnin after the ice cream truck.....don't like it then don't buy it......and for the people who have bought other brands.....please go whine on those forums.....thank you.......
I'm Soulsurvives and I approved this message.

talk about laughing in everyones face............ i think ive been super patient with rim for the past 2 years. as a consumer that pays all his phones fully since im never due for an upgrade. i refuse to continue buying this crap.................... enough is enough after a while...................... seriously................................... ill stick to my 9700 till they decide to get serious and build real phones..........

Okay. This may sound stupid.

But BBM says 3.7mb, it's only 2.9mb on the S2 right now.

ANY IDEAS, or just a fluke?

RIM's products are fine. They take certain design decisions that mean their products maintain a smaller form factor, and long battery life.

The price for this is smaller screens and processors.

As for the OS. It's really about look and feel. I like BlackBerry, and would prefer it to stay as it is, but then I'm not into games.

RIM could easily build a bigger phone, up the screen size add a new processor and your battery life would be the same as the iPhone. i.e. crap.

The problem RIM has marketing wise is that the major options traders are shorting their stock and ensuring that pretty well all the press on RIM product announcements is poor.

When the iPhone was first announced hardly a word was said about the products numerous deficencies; no removable battery, no SD card, limited battery life, no multi-tasking. All very important factors for many.

RIMs products on the other hand invariably meet all those requirements but tend not to be as leading edge in the style department.

It's like having two prospective life mates. One is attractive and great fun at parties, but really rather dumb, and liable to run out on you; the other is not as good looking but is a steady constant companion who'll be with you for the long haul.

I guess it depends what you want out of life.

Agreed. It's interesting that the non-productivity customer expects the BB (a device geared towards the productivity customer) to be the iPhone or Droid, both which are aimed to satisfy entertainment/social needs. It seems as if it just can't be enough for some people to accept that if they want Droid/iPhone functionality, that they should probably get the device that better suits their needs as opposed to complaining that RIMs products do not meet their needs.

If RIMs goal IS to brand consumer and business products they would be better off having two distinct dedicated business units (if they don't already): one geared towards consumer products and one geared to B2B products with a development/R&D group serving both providing them with the best of both worlds. Giving them the opportunity to grow a segment where they are falling behing and diversify into new spaces using their advantage in the corporate space. Consumers want flashy regardless if they can't copy/paste so why not give them what they want. I suspect however that there are some very smart people working at RIM so I doubt I saying anything unheard of there despite what the complainers believe.

My Storm 1 is "adequate" for now, but I am really suffering from some major phone envy. I like RIM and I'm sure there's something in the pipeline that will be a true Storm 4. Now if they gave me a Storm 2.5 or whatever they're calling it, I wouldn't say no. Buying one is out of the question. Let's see what Q2 2011 brings.

Well now we know for sure that OS 6 WOULD fit on the S2, and if it were shrunk a bit there would still be room for a reasonable amount of apps. When I say "reasonable amount" I mean similar to what you could put on the S1 after it went to OS 5.

And I'm not buying this one unless VZW and RIM make me an offer I can't refuse or they want to give me one as a warranty replacement if my S2 craps out.

My Ne2 is up, and I really want a new phone. The torch was interesting but not Verizon. This phone seems like a bandaid. Unless the CPU is drastically better... Not sure if I'll move away from my Storm and just hold out for whatever comes next :(

And I'm really looking forward to a new phone!

i thank god every day i went to android...especially after seeing this "refresh".

i held on to switching for sooo long just bc of bbm...i got over it in 60 minutes

Former Storm 1 user now on Storm 2, My biggest complaint about my Storm 2 is the browser, I am fine with os5 it works period. I get my emails, I make phone calls, my calender does what it is supposed to do. Right before Verizon started selling the Storm 2 Rim updated the Storm 1 to os5 which we never thought would happen. Will I buy the new 2.5 Storm....NO But I would hope that Rim throws us a bone and gives us Storm 2 users a better browser. Maybe the Storm is going to become Rim's version of the razr.

Whole new OS? What are they THINKING?! ...

Jeez dude, I remember the 4.0 days, then OS 5 coming out like was a pretty big deal, and now OS 6 is out.

RIM needs to chillout with the jumps in OS and just stable thier software and optimize it better.

A week ago today I'm left the blackberry storm2 for the samsung fascinate. Now here comes the storm 2 refresh. If they were just a little bit quicker, I would have stayed with the storm 2. But nooooooo, they are dragging ass on this device. The fascinate aint perfect but its leaps an bounds better than my storm 2 was. I was worried about push mail and it works just fine on the fascinate for my corporate exchange server and guess what, I don't have to pay that extra fee for having BES.
If there was any phone that blackberry could have made significant updates to and not worry about alienating their base users, it should have been the storm. The storm is not as traditional as the other phones that their customer base is used to. It will take a hell of a blackberry phone to get me back on their devices...

So what was the photo we saw earlier in the week with the trackpad? I quite like the idea of a touch with the trackpad, it would make brickbreaker a much enjoyable experience.

See, now THAT device is what RIM should be working to get released.I love the whole REAL touchscreen + trackpad combo. I wish the screen was at least 4" instead of 3.7" but otherwise it's the direction RIM needs to be focusing it's energy on, not "refreshes".No reason that device couldn't be out by Q1 2011.

If you want a device with a touch screen and track pad, head on over to att. Deal with thr svs and get a torch. Save our ears (or eyes) from having to listen to u while ur cry.

Hardware looks like what my storm2 SHOULD have had a year ago. RIM keeping themselves behind the times as usual hardware-wise. Come upgrade time next summer fully expect to jump ship to android or palm (if they get their act together under HP--in other words I expect to be getting an android device).

Apple been refreshing the iphone since 2007, until this past june when they finally redesigned it. It's not like rim is the only one.

Apple has been about one of the worst when it comes to being behind the times. Lets look back. Couldnt use a landscape keyboard for texting to start. No video recording. Nor MMSing. WTF. They slowly upgraded some of the stupidest things that should have been a given from the beginning. And here we have people whimpering about BB only giving a new OS and more memory. Among other things... At least the Storm has a flippin flash. Ha ha.

They should have saved their time and effort with this lil upgrade and made the few of us poor people that still have the outdated storm 2 to wait until the storm 3 makes its debut. Im excited for the storm 3 to drop, but this 9570 business is like a slap in the face if they really expect people to upgrade and sign a new contract for it. They should just send these out to pacify us until the 3 comes out!!

I am one of those losers keeping the SurePress around I guess. I think the Storm 2's design and looks are awesome... I love the look, feel, and function of this phone. The upgrades they are making to it are just magnify this phone. I will be the first to admit that I get frustrated at the slowness of the one I have now. But that isnt enuf to make me change. Long live Touchy McClickit Berry..!

This is an absolute disappointment I thought that they where going to do something great with the storm and all they did was an internal upgrade.. this is sad... I am starting to think that they do not understand that the competition is stepping up there game and they are going down hill... I have had the storm 1 and 2. I loved when the torch came with the whole touch screen but... I held back for the storm three thinking they where going to blow it out of the park... well its a bust... I am not ready to jump ship because I still love RIM but for me storm 3 or "2.5" is not what I was expecting... sure press was cool at first but after a while it really got old. Let us have the option to activate it or turn it off... I love the fact that on opera mini I don't need to click just touch.. so for me it's torch time

Anything new with less than a 1Ghz processor from RIM is considered a "FAILURE" at this point. WTF RIM, GET WITH THE PROGRAM!!! How could anyone think about purchasing something like this when for the same money they could get something far more advanced on an Android phone.

I think the big question is: Will it have multi-sound technology? In other words, play two sounds at the same time :O)

I have a 9700 from T-mobile. And I will be getting this device and the reasons behind this is that I like the fact that RIM does what its supposed to do "well" which is send and receive emails, keep me organized with their calendar notepad etc, and also the BBM and browsing. Sure some of the features are not exactly matching the iPhone (screen res. web browsing etc) BUT RIM still puts out great devices that give the user the freedom to perform their tasks their ways.
(w/o spending all their time searching iTunes for apps lol)

I've been for years and you won't catch me getting a Droid with its horrible battery life.
Or with AT&T iPhone with their good phone but horrible reception and only 32GBs when I'm using 80GB on my classic.

Its just a phone people its not your computer. Excuse my rant.

if its just a phone then why are you doing emailing, organizing, calendar, notepad and IMing (BBM)...? sounds like features you'd find on a computer. Sorry step out of the 90's a phone is not just a phone anymore.

As for your App rant, itunes would 100times better than BB Appworld. And also keep in mind the Game section on App world is the 3rd biggest section. So if anyone starts to bring up the iphone is a toy for games is just searching for excuses. All i'm trying to point out is a phone is no longer a phone no matter who makes it. RIM has decided they do not want to bother with trying to keep up with technology. You know what thats fine for some of the loyal BB owners... but don't say phones are just phones when clearly mobile phones are not smartphones packed with features.

And also people have to remember that Blackberry has the business market so they cannot change their devices too much or they may risk losing them.
Many of their users are "stick-to-what-you-know" users so change is not always easily accepted.

If I'm going to spend $150 to $200 on a smart phone than you better bet I'm going to try and get the most for my money. Rite now RIM is putting out Inferior products when you compare them to the Android line of phones that are hitting the market. Every new Android phone that keeps coming out is getting better and better while RIM is sitting around with their thumbs in there asses putting out crap like this "storm refresh" or the "torch". Imagine how more appealing the torch would have been if its processor was comparable to the Androids.

As big of a blackberry fan that I am I have to say this is quite underwhelming. In an age where devices are pushing out 1GHz processors, 8+ MP cameras, HD Video, Hot Spot capability RIM is being left in the dust.

I have a Bold 9650 but just recently added another line to mess around with Android. Now while some organizational things are not there that BlackBerry offers the OS itself blows BB out of the water. Not once have I been downloading about 7-8 different apps from app world and still been using my phone with zero lag. NEVER.

And it's not just the OS its the hardware. I really think RIM should have bought Palm and utilized their OS and just stepped up their hardware because right now they are making phones that would have been good 2 years ago. This should have been the original Storm.

Am I the only one that thinks that we seem to be stupid? Does RIM seem to be selling OS6 or mobile phones? Do they really think that people are stupid enough to go and spend money on the same phone only different OS? Looks like it....

I was honestly waiting for a kick ass device, but .... I'm disappointed. I'm moving to another phone. I had the iphone 4 for a few days, and I LOVED IT, but battery life was lame. Not that the storm2 had stellar battery life, but I'm debating now just ditching blackberry. I'm going to wait until october (right around the corner) and I'm not going to pay premium for the same device...

Seems like a perfectly good phone to me. I really don't care too much about the specs as long as the phone runs well. The screen seems sufficient. I have always liked the Storm screen. Surepress is still cool to me even though I have never owned a Storm. My only issue with the Storm series is that it has never been released on AT&T. This device with OS 6 should be a winner. I wish they would refresh the original Bold 9000 in this way. I would buy it today.

Your hilarious.....Thats a good one!!!! O my god stop your killing side hurts from laughing. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

I still have the storm one. My contract is up in november, so I'm kind of looking. I actually like the form of the storm. Phones that are getting the 4" screens are bigger than I think I would want.

I think rim could have done alot better job with the specs of the phone, The processor and ram chould have been at 1 gig. Doesn't the new curve have 512 ram and that is a entry level device.

I'm going to play around with some phones when my contract is finally up and see what I like. I would get the iphone if it came to verizon.

But Storm 2.5 not for me. (Storm 1 & liking it mostly...)
I’ll wait for the true Storm 3 in 2011; if it’s not out by early June I’ll be going Android.

Makes me laugh at the people crying and bitching about RIM products...seriously if it bothers you that much then go buy another device..Android isnt all that to be fair, ive had quite a few of them and none of them have lasted as long as my BB 9700....i always end up selling the damn things because they bore me to hell and back.

Hell i have a iphone4 and even that cant replace my BB.

To all the bitchers and whiners...please go buy another device...RIM isnt going to miss you as they are doing very well even though they are behind Android when it comes to specs.

Long live RIM and their phones...

Can someone call the waaaaaaaaaammmmmmmbulance for all these pathetic bitchers??.

Some of you guys are missing one important point, this refresh could be brought out to sell in countries Rim hasn't sold any blackberrys yet or at least not the Storm2, in such cases it will not be a refresh but a new model. From a business point of view it's a brilliant idea, probably it will cost Rim nothing to change the production line.

are you blind...? its VERIZON USA did you now so the logo in the picture. RIM is doing what they always do, nothing has changed in RIM marketing. they just want to keep releasing something so they refresh.

I am an early adopter of the storm 1 and for 2 years have put up with glitchiness. (black spinning clock has caused me to miss calls, limited app memory, slow processor, etc, etc). I think if they had waited and put this out back in 2008 they would have had a hit. I'm thinking about jumping ship to Droid...

Then go to droid! I have had both storms, 1 was fuzzy when it first came out but after a few updates it smoothed out. It is still in service now as my daughters phone and she loves it, She will get my storm 2 when I get the 2 1/2 when it arrives. That phone has been around the world with me (Iraq, qatar,kuwait, germany and canada) and has performed flawlessly. My friends (Military) with the Droids and IPhones did not feel the same way about their phones and envied me at times. I dont have to do batter pulls, I dont miss calls with spinning wheels, my phone is not slow. if yours is like that maybe you should take some time to find out why your phone is doing that. Software can be complicated at times and sometimes the apps you are running may have a corrupted file. Computers have these problems and so do these phones. Rim puts out a decent product for 260. a year (I do 1 year contracts, maybe you should to. After the year you can sell it and upgrade to a new phone. it works)thats 21.60 a month befor you sell it!!! Please enough with the whining!

OMG, finally... The way everything is moving i hope this is released soon. Cant wait to pick it up. Still have the original storm. FYI, SUREPRESS is absolutely amazing. All the haters out there please feel free to go suck on a droid or iphone...

Just had a storm 1 since just after release. Contract is up and this upgrade benefits me. Do you have a problem with that?


I currently have a 9700, a Bb Torch, a Storm 2 and an iPhone 4. For me the best all round handset is the 9700. I am telling you this so you don't think that I am just an Apple fan boy.

In my view if RIM made a phone the same size and thickness as the iPhone, without the signal issues, but with the full Blackberry experience it would out sell everything. (Think of iPhone 4 but made by Blackberry)

Surepress on Storm 2 is so much better than the first Storm but a standard touch screen would be even better in a smaller more compact format.

It looks like this year we are just going to get updated versions of the 9700 and Storm 2 with little major changes.


As a storm 2 owner I am just happy RIM hasnt abandon the Storm platform all together. My S2 is fine, and maybe by the time the new design S3 comes out Ill be ready to upgrade

That's the question RIM should be asking when they put out a new phone. Does this phone, in the market place it's competing in... pull people to the phone (new signups) and prompt people to upgrade (thus extending their contract)?

If the answer is no, to either case... don't put the phone on the market.

The answer here is no, for certain, in the upgrade case. I went with the Storm2 from my original Storm because it was significantly better in hardware implementation. I will not upgrade to this new phone unless:

1) The "vibrate" mode vibrates and doesn't broadcast across the room to everyone that I apparently have an adult toy on my hip.

2) Provides a significant upgrade in usability, be it new features (wi-fi hot spot), or efficiency in use (same processor isn't going to cut it... I get the stupid ticking watch as it is now, and huge delays when going into BBM's).

This phone comes with what... a new camera, and a new OS (which is a free upgrade, isn't it?), and some RAM?

You mean to tell me that a year ago RIM didn't understand what the requirements for OS6 were? They couldn't start to upgrade RAM (the only reason apparently the Storm 2 can't run OS6 since that's the only hardware upgrade) at the point of Storm2 introduction? The cost of putting the RAM in the Storm2 seems less than testing and development of the new phone.

While product refresh cycles are ever shortening, customers what something in that refresh. This phone does not make me want to upgrade, but instead pushes me further from BB. I'm leaning more towards an Android phone next year when my upgrade is available from Verizon. At least my Gmail will sync properly, and I can use the web browser without shame.

I still have my trusty S1. Didnt jump on the S2, since I was not available for an upgrade. Not that I am available, I thought for sure I would jump on the Droid X. Now that I am faced with leaving RIM...I am finding excuses to stay with RIM, but want the X. My main two complains with my S1 is memory and screen size. I really want a bigger screen, and I am sick and tired of having to delete good apps, just to try new ones!!! that is why I wanted the S2, to get the room for more apps.
So, I sit on the fence, available for an upgrade for the last few months, wanting to stay with RIM, since email is critical to me, but just not very interested in the torch or the new offerings in the storm. I am really hoping the storm3 will have a bigger screen, like the EVO or X...then I will have my big screen, room for apps, and my speedy email delivery..but that aint gonna happen. :(

This isn't no Blackberry Storm 3, it's just a slightly upgraded software version Storm 2. I don't understand the purpose of releasing this device - RIM just need to develop a completely new version of the Storm hardware.

I doubt this smart phone sell well on the market, consumers want fresh new products (not some upgraded software).

no suprize at all. :( i jumped ship
in July to the Droid X and I have to tell u
its night and day with BB.... I said i would never
leave but im so glad i did... If you can live without
BBM go now... Sure I do miss my Bold keyboard
but eveything else makes up for it..
Come on RIM, its not 2003 your heading to
be the next Palm :(

I am a Storm 1 owner and I like it, but I don't love it. I am coming up on two years but I assume Verizon's version of 4G will be coming out next year. Is there any talk of the Storm 3 being 4G capable?

Storm1 here. Next month I'm Due for upgrade but I will not be buying this phone. I for some reason had high hopes for a great phone coming out from RIM. Ya sure mid next year storm3 might finally be out. I'm not dealing with a shrunk OS which I have to rate my apps because anything more that 10 I'm left with 15mbs of memory after a reboot for that long. Browser is horrible!!!! pretty sad when a third party browser is my default one. Email is the only plus n i think the only thing stopping me from going DROID

And for the first time, I'm looking at Droid devices...I'm going to see what this fall/winter '10 has to offer but if its nothing new, I might jump ship. I just hate anything Google because I don't trust them and their big brother thing they have going on. I'm on verizon so and iPhone is out of the guestion. But, spec-wise This is just unimpressive. Then again, I can't even call it that because it doesn't seem as if they're trying to impress. AND for all of you pathetic idiots who act like you're on RIM's payroll by acting hurt at the mention of another phone....GET A LIFE. It's just a phone and you don't work for RIM...or Apple or Google.

Unfortunately, RIM, this will put the headstone on SurePress not because people don't like it but because you will interpret the response to this device as a failure.

Bla1se says that:

"Judging from the responses on the previous post a lot of you all will still be picking this device up when released. For those who are asking why? it's clear folks like the Storm2 design and SurePress but ultimately, still want to see BlackBerry 6 on it and thus the 9570 exists to fill that void."

I wouldn't be so sure about that. While I love my Storm and SurePress, I'm not buying no 2 year old device and committing 2 years more years to it. In 6 months, we'll likely see a Storm 3 and many new iPhones and Droids. I'm either holding out for something better from RIM or living on the wild side.

-- My Storm is showing its age. The screen no longer floats/clicks in two corners, and it's losing sensitivity. The battery is failing. And the reception/call quality is deteriorating.
-- I've been "New Every Two" eligible with Verizon since early August. I'm definitely not interested in upgrading to the Storm 2 when it's already on Verizon's EOL list, so I've been waiting to see what new Storms might be coming and when.
-- Until this week, rumors about the 9570 were only that, and we still don't know when it will be available. Compared to the competition, the "refresh" looks good but not great, and I'm not enthusiastic about going with what is clearly a stop-gap device.
-- Based on the rumors, the Storm3 will bring the BlackBerry up to the specs of the current competition (next May?)
-- My Company has found the current version of BlackBerry server difficult to install, update, and maintain.

So I'm jumping ship...

Last night I ordered the DroidX. Monthly fees are comparable. "Touchdown" ($19.99) offers excellent Outlook/Exchange integration, Google Nav (free) is clearly superior to VZ Navigator, it will work with my Volvo/Motorola bluetooth handsfree setup and, unlike the BlackBerry, there are a LOT of 3rd party apps available -- like an HP17BII+ financial calculator emulator ($14.99) The only downside I can see is that the DroidX itself is bigger (thinner, but longer and wider).

While I understand RIMs necessity to keep the Odin product line fresh and "current", they have missed the boat in terms of really distinguishing the Storm from its competitors. Processor, memory, and even upgraded camera can be construed as a "better" phone over the current Storm2; there is however no "WOW" factor to it. Reading other comments, there is very little motivation if any to upgrade to the refresh and extending contracts for a phone that could see its EOL within 9-12 months of its introduction.

If RIM really wants to listen to their loyal customer base, drop the refresh concept and release a phone that can truly compete in the market space and not just a step improvement over its predecessor. Till that day... I'll continue to use the Storm2 that I've been accustomed too...

So..... i'm probably not saying anything that hasn't been said a million times already but i was a little disappointed by the Torch and probably will feel the same way about the Storm # mainly due to browser speed and the screen resolution. Most reviews have attributed the browser to the processor but everytime i take a sec to think it through i come up with the following;

1. it is primarily a phone and how well can you perform the basic function of making and receiving calls(without having to plug in the charger every hour or so or worry bout dropped calls) on a blackberry vs its competition?

2.How well can you receive and send messages on the blackberry compared to the competition?

3. As a smartphone (ie data,multimedia, apps etc) are there really any apps to die for on the competition that you can't get on a blackberry(besides knocking on the iphone it's a big blah blah blah)

4. Most importantly, what is the sense in having a super fast processor when it's only gonna make the phone heat up ridiculously and render it useless for a few hours.

5. Security is a big issue for me in the line of work i'm into so the blackberry clearly cuts it for me.

Overall, the blackberry is optimized for what i need it for. 4 seconds isn't gonna make me switch over from a blackberry and if the Storm can perform all these functions i would get it if i was on a CMDA network

They could definitely do better with screen resolution

I always love reading the bashing here when something like this happens. Here's my more moderate and non-commital position as a S1 owner and user:

- Will certainly look at the Android line this December when my new/2 is officially up. Brother loves his Droid1. Plus, I love all of the free Google crap...but do get a bit nervous sometimes thinking about how Google is creeping into my life with all of its free software (Email, calendar, Docs, Picassa, Maps, etc). Big Brother? Left Behind series?

- Tested an iPhone v2 before buying the S1. Liked it but didn't love it enough to break from VZW a year early, and not a fan of ATT in my area. If the CDMA version of the i4 hits VZW, will have to give it a look.

- Personally, I kind of like the click screen. Never used the S2 so I'll have to trust others that it's better than on the S1. My S1 is for light to moderate personal use. May not feel the same way if I was a power-user.

If what we are seeing is 2.5, I personally won't bother. S2 seemed like a good and necessary refresh, but not enough to cause me to upgrade early. Can't see committing to another 2-year contract on the refresh of a refresh. I'll wait for S3 and/or look hard at one of the other platforms.

Seriously? That's it? Such a huge disappointment! I love my storm 2 and was hoping to upgrade to the storm 3 but I'm definately gonna hold off now. Maybe I will drop Verizon all together and go with the torch.

I am looking forward to storm 3! Honestly, this device would have been perfect if there is a radio included.

Anyway, I think RIM could have upgraded to a 1 GB processor to compete with other models..But then again, if the battery life sucks like Iphone, then I rather they be safe and give us a working device than a fanciful one with constant battery drains!

Storm 3 ! Yay, come to Singapore soon!!!!!

I don't know how much longer I can wait on RIM to bring out a device worth buying/locking myself in a 3 year contract for. I like their systems, the OS, the productivity of it all but their devices.. come on! Someone needs to tell whoever is in charge of overseeing new devices that their sauce is weak, very weak...

Now that I've had a chance to digest this recent move by RIM, I can now see the following advantages for RIM:

1. Get BlackBerry 6 on another BlackBerry device (Storm 2) and another carrier (Verizon) in the short term... especially since some don't like AT&T.

2. Leverage the existing BlackBerry Storm platform (touchscreen, SurePress, CDMA support).

I just hope this effort doesn't slow down the Storm 3 in any way! I'll just ignore this... and I am curious to see how many people jump at this refreshed S2 on Verizon.

Businesses gobbling up Google Android smartphones


RIM keeps going for incremental stuff like this, when the mobile market is moving at light speed, providing better functions and more utility to devices w/ better hardware & software than RIM is doing so.

I had a Blackberry Storm, and I have to say, now that I have a Droid X, I don't think I can ever go back to Blackberry. I keep hoping RIM's new devices can compete, mostly b/c competition helps push technology forward, and that ultimately means better devices for us, the consumers, but RIM keeps disappointing. First it was that non-attempt with the Torch, and now this.

At my job, once everyone saw my Droid X, and everything it could do, they all wanted one. This week, two of my co workers are upgrading from their old Blackberries to Droid 2 and Droid X. Among my friends, when I'm asked for advice on smartphones, before I even say anything, they tell me, "tell me about anything but a Blackberry, had one, don't want another." Obviously, this is my personal experience, but it's beginning to feel the way it did, when people would ask and preface it by saying, "anything but Windows Mobile."

RIM needs to step it up a notch. This Storm 2 refresh won't cut it. It may keep some customers content, but even as the comments above note, many more will be jumping ship to OSes & manufacturers that are innovating.

Since you recently moved from BB to droid, I would like to ask you how droid handles e-mail and how it compares to BB. I have storm 1 and had 3 e-mail accounts come to it. It worked beautifully and I was able to have 2 of those accounts go to Outlook on my PC at home (I had BIS). How does that function compare? Thanks in advance.

My company is small so we just use pop3 to Outlook and BBs/Droids/iPhone


I do know that prior to the release to Android 2.2 some Droid X users were having trouble w/ Exchange accounts, and Motorola had to given them all free licenses to use a program called Touchdown, which addressed these issues. Despite this, many still wanted Android 2.2 to fix the problem. From what I have heard, it has for a few, but not others, and there seems to be an issue w/ Exchange 2003 & 2007, and account verification. So far, Motorola is asking for more information from users to tackle the problem, but as I am not a heavy user of this either, I haven't really followed it closely.

Push e-mail in the Droid X is better than in past Android devices from what I've heard, but some people are still having issues w/ latency. Again, I'm not away from the office enough to really worry about it, and a syncing of 5 min is fine for my use. With Outlook, I have my Droid X set up to sync not w/ Outlook, but w/ the server but still leave messages there so that they also download to Outlook before being deleted.

You can probably find more info here:


Seems like a lot of people are upset about this release... However, I am not one of them. I am a satisfied user of the original storm. If the Torch were offered by Verizon, I would really ponder between the two, but that is not the case. Several things... I'm not a fan of touch screens and I think most blackberry users aren't either and yet I find the surepress screen a very acceptable compromise. I have to admit I am a big fan of surepress technology and I would have actually switched phones if the new storm did not have it. I use outlook and need complete syncing compatibility out of the box. I know BB has this and android is not quite there yet. I don't want to sync everything with google first and then since with my outlook... sorry. Second, I need my phone to last all day with heavy use. Battery life is where I feel blackberry beats most other smartphones hands down. My storm lasts about 10 hours of heavy use before turning to that last orange bar. And since I have extra batteries for my storm 1 already, this storm 2.5 fits the bill well. Is it the best smartphone out there for everyone? Surely not, but a lot of storm 1 users, myself included, have been waiting for this phone. I don't know what LTE will cost and what kind of plans will be available with the storm 3. For my purposes, 1XEV suits me fine.

Leave the iphone fight to the Droids.

I understand why Rim is releasing this, it buys them some time to develop the Storm 3. However, I just can't imagine anyone with a choice would buy this under a two year contract, as 4G is around the corner, and the specs are already outdated as I am typing this. Plus, I am sure this will not be released until November or December, which will make it look even worse once all the new models (not from RIM) come out around black Friday.

I agree, IF I get this refresh (I have the Storm) I hope they have a one year deal. I have been back and forth about the Droid X, refresh - or just keeping my Storm for a THIRD year and wait for the Storm3.

My Storm still works fine for work and personal use, but would like to have some of the newer features and OS.

I noticed a lot of people don't use their own brain or make their own choices... Jumpin' the bandwagon proves it. I love blackberry and until they shut the company down or I grow tired of it, I'm good.

I'm happy with my Storm 2. It does everything I need for both personal and business. As far as the OS6 upgrade, the only thing I would like is the browser.
If the S2 is unable to be fully upgraded to OS6, then at least give S2 users the option to upgrade the browser.

I hung around for almost a year waiting for RIM to do something to keep up with Android or iphone.. I'm not here to start a debate about the 3 but I switched to Android and for the first couple of days I really missed my storm-2. but now I will not go back to BB.

Android OS is so far ahead in so many ways.. The only issue I had was my Droid2 wont connect to my company email other than that its like the Jetson's vs. the Flintstones!

I enjoyed the BB/RIM experience but it just to outdated for me IMHO.

I love my Storm 1 have had it since it came out! However, I wish it had more memory and possibly the OS 6. But this device looks exactly like the Storm 2 which I am not a fan of. I've toyed with the idea of getting one when I get my upgrade but the one's at the store on display always look so worn out and what it up with the screen sticking when you push it? My Storm 1 has taken more beating from my 3 yr. old and it still clicks and releases like new (once you get used to the clicking sound its not so bad :) But I am disappointed with this "refresh" so I think I'll wait to see what the Storm 3 will have if it exists by the time my upgrade comes around!

I'm a current storm 2 owner and have been researching new and upcoming phones. With my experiences of my phone freezing, web super slow to load and and screen sometimes stuck physically, i wont be getting another blackberry to do the same thing, especially not this new storm. I started with a curve 8330 from sprint and switched to verizon to get the 9550 storm 2. Wanted more info on Storm 3 but NO WAY!! Its like RIM isnt concerned with the competition or there main focus has switched to getting people to buy entry to mid level BB's (new curve 29.99 w/contract etc). C'mon RIM fight back. BB Tour 2 was a miss. The BB Torch was just a succesful jab. But your gonna need more than that to win the fight. OS 6 was well overated and really isnt no big deal. People are leaving and if stuff like this keeps happening they won't be back.

Another 1 lost RIM.... getting a Droid X or HTC MERGE when it comes out if I can wait that long.

You alienated some existing customers, damaged your reputation for innovation further, prompted more doubt about the logic of your management and bought more time for competitors o catch up with their rival enterprise offerings. I'd say that's got worth another $5 off the share price. Congratulations! A good job well done. Please keep doing what you do so well.

You alienated some existing customers, damaged your reputation for innovation further, prompted more doubt about the logic of your management and bought more time for competitors to catch up with their rival enterprise offerings. I'd say that's got to be worth another $5 off the share price. Congratulations! A good job well done. Please keep doing what you do so well.

You can call me a half-wit, say I have half a brain, rode the short bus, or live in the previous moment...but I greatly prefer this phone to the Torch. I don't know that RIM really is all that far behind the others. Their product(s) are really for different users, even though everyone is invited to the party, so I'm not sure why some people want them to make iPhone wannabes.

The Storm 2 is a legitimately good smartphone. A slight refresh so it can run the latest software is welcomed by me.

Rumors from DevCon seem to indicate that Rim is no way near ready to deliver a new os for a tablet or the storm/torch. It looks like os 6 will be here for a while and this refresh will be the new storm for the foreseeable future. With how slowly RIM moves I think people who hold off on this refresh thinking the real storm 3 will be released in March or even the spring will be waiting longer than expected. I think summer 2011 will be the earliest a true storm 3 would be released and fall 2011 is more reasonable. I also think Verizon will offer it at $200 at initial release and then drop the price to $100 after a month or so and possibly offer free mobile hot spot (if this refresh has it like the training slide indicated) when it does not sell well just like they did with the palm pre plus. I would consider it if it came with free mobile hot spot for the life of the device given that I get a yearly upgrade. Without a yearly upgrade, I would probably pass.